Shattered Panes
was to be possibly the largest fan fiction on Fantendo, with writers such as Exotoro, Halfblood2000, Cobweb, Jeeseroo, RushingZ, Heartphilia, MidnightYoshi, Stelios7, and many more. Practically every single Fantendo character was meant to be in it.

This fan-fiction was supposed to be notable for resetting the Fantendoverse continuity. The fic's first chapter was released on March 17, 2012. The last chapter was expected to be done near the end of 2012.

Elements of this project were repurposed into One Last FINAL: One Over and Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered.


The plot was that time travel has caused time to tear apart, and that the time rip becomes a sentient being named Clockwharx who can basically can rip through time and space without even breaking a sweat. He challenges the Golden Age heroes on a patchwork planet, and there they attempt to stop him.


Here is a list of chapters that were released before the fan fiction was canceled.

Next Chapters

Characters introduced in Shattered Panes

The story would have introduced all of the following characters, some of which have been repurposed for other projects.

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