Shantae: Scuttle Mystics
Developer(s) WayForward Technologies
Lone Planet Productions
Publisher(s) WayForward Technologies
Platform(s) Pharo
The V²
TimeStrike Falcon
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo DSGo
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Shantae
Predecessor Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Release Date(s) Q3 2018

Shantae: Scuttle Mystics is the fifth video game in the Shantae series. It has been set for a summer 2018 release, and will be devloped by Lone Planet Productions in cooperation with WayForward Technologies.


After the events of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, Mayor Scuttlebutt sends Shantae on a mission to an abandoned palace, where Risky Boots and her minions are searching for valuable gems and metals. Shantae comes across an old journal, which turns out to be her lost father's -- but even more surprising is the fact that she is the heir to a once prosperous dynasty that has fallen to pieces since her father mysteriously vanished.

Her excitement is short-lived, though, as she soon finds out that Princess Irene, the ruler of a mighty empire, plans to extend her anti-magic laws around the world. Shantae must unite with her allies -- and a reluctant Risky Boots -- to uncover her royal past and stop Irene.


For the most part, gameplay of Scuttle Mystics is similar to gameplay in past installments of the Shantae series. Players take control of a character and guide them through 2D levels where they must fight enemies, gather enemies, and handle sidequests.

There are four playable characters in the game: Shantae, Sky, Bolo, and Risky Boots. Each character has their own skill -- Shantae can transform into a variety of animals via dancing; Sky can summon her pet bird Wrench to attack for her or act as a mode of transportation; Bolo can pick up weapons like maces, bows, etc. and use them against enemies; and Risky Boots uses sword-based combat similar to that in The Pirate's Curse.

A new feature in this game is Imperial Strategies. Shantae can gather allies spread throughout the game to join her army, and she can have up to three soldiers guide her through levels.

In Shantae's Palace, the game's hub world, Shantae, Sky, Bolo, and Risky Boots can talk to Rottytops and upgrade their skills, access different levels via ships, and ask Mayor Scuttlebutt about the army's progress in each area.



Character Description
Shantae HGH artwork

Shantae has defended Scuttle Town and its inhabitants for years, but she has never been quite sure who her father is exactly... until now. After realizing she is in fact the modern princess of an ancient kingdom, Shantae sets out to gather up her subjects and fight back against Irene's conquistadors.

Sky is Shantae's closest friend, and will always give her advice if needed. When she finds out about this whole "dynasty" stuff, she offers to be Shantae's advisor and assist her with making decisions for her empire.

While he can be gullible -- and thus easy to seduce -- Bolo is an excellent fighter and a faithful member of Shantae's team. Shantae sees him as a good friend, but throughout the game it is shown that he wants to be something more to her.

She's Shantae's chief enemy and the self-proclaimed queen of the seven seas. Princess Irene intends to crack down on piracy, and Risky Boots isn't exactly willing to give up her lifestyle so easily. She reluctantly joins forces with Shantae, but secretly plans to steal her royal status and take over the world before Irene does.
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