Shadowcalypse: Master of the Eclipse is an action-adventure 3D platformer originally created by Lone Planet Productions to be released in November 2015 for the Wii U. Development was then handed to Pyro Enterprises, who began developing the game for the Nintendo Switch.


It is the year 7895. Umbra, a teenager living in a moon colony, has a mysterious past, not knowing anything about a family other than an uncle who leads said colony. He is teased by other kids, and he is usually under great depression.

But all of that is about to change.

A distress signal from Earth, now one enormous city, arrives at the moon's databases. A mysterious criminal is wreaking havoc in this mechapolis, and they need help from the interstellar oligarchy's Cosmic Military of Elite Forces. The three rulers of the galaxy -- King Cosmicus, Queen Nebula, and Prime Minister Meteoron -- call upon the help of one young man who has full potential to protect the universe -- Umbra.

They lend him the Scythe of Shadows, which is not quite legendary, but gives him the power to control darkness. Thus, Umbra goes off on a mission to find the criminal, as well as his parents.

Umbra travels to Earth and realizes that a copy of himself named Penumbra is messing things up in New York. He battles him, but Penumbra escapes.

Umbra goes to the Galactic Tower at the Sun to find out what he should do to stop Penumbra and find out the identities of his parents. King Cosmicus and Prime Minister Meteoron suggest visiting Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, to search for hints. They explain how his parents weren't very wealthy and needed water to survive. Queen Nebula, however, tells Umbra that she had already sent some Cosmotroops to take care of the situation, and he should go to Venus because she knows Penumbra is there. Umbra decides to do so, but he is suspicious of Queen Nebula and her suggestion.

On Venus, Umbra (who is wearing heat-proof armor in order to survive) encounters Upside, a girl who can control gravity. After her battle, Umbra asks her where his copy Penumbra is. Upside explains that she saw a grey-headed boy with a white coat tearing apart the nuclear factory in Neo Francisco. Umbra and Upside travel to said factory, where they battle a fire-upgraded Penumbra. Upon defeating him, Umbra gets a message from Queen Nebula, who tells him to go to Mars. She describes a wave of "brainwashed" Cosmotroops who were invading Sabadones, a small town on the countryside.

In Sabadones, Umbra and Upside visit Sheriff Reverse, who can send foes in... well, reverse, making them go backwards and such. He joins them to stop the Cosmotroops. However, Admiral GOK-849 approaches Umbra, wanting the Scythe of Shadows. But Reverse reveals that he knows who Nebula really is -- a corrupt ruler who desires to take absolute power for herself. He tells him that if he wants the scythe, he'll have to go through him. GOK-849 leaves without another word.

On Europa, Umbra, Upside, and Reverse look around for Umbra's parents, but there is no sign of them. Finally, Umbra checks the Neo European Research Facility to look up their files He enters his name and clicks "Parents"; nothing. He realizes that Cosmicus and Meteoron had lied to him, and his parents are nowhere to be found in this universe. Nebula teleports behind him, and the two have a long fight. She grabs Umbra and teleports back to the Galactic Tower.

In Umbra's prison cell, Nebula reveals her plan: to obliterate the universe and reconstruct it so that humans are more efficient. She says she has already destroyed Cosmicus and Meteoron, and is now a wealthy tyrant. Fortunately for Umbra, Reverse and Upside return to break him out, and the three of them fight Nebula side by side. Nebula gets back up, apparently unharmed, and opens a portal. Before she leaves, she tells Umbra that she knows what happened to his parents...

Umbra, Upside, and Reverse start a resistance against Queen Nebula. They know that there are still a lot of battles to be fought before Umbra's parents are found.


Gameplay of Shadowcalypse is very similar to a combination of games like the Kingdom Hearts and Pac-Man World. You control Umbra in a 3D environment. Pressing the A Button makes him jump; you can perform a second jump in midair. Shadow Orbs can be thrown by pressing B; they can be used to extinguish flames or lure foes (not including bosses).

After finishing each stage, Umbra unlocks a new ability.

  • Atlanta Moon Colony: Scythe of Shadows - To swing the Scythe of Shadows, you press L or R; you can use it to slice ropes/wires, pull combo attacks on enemies, and activate darkness-powered doors.
  • New York: Meteor Shower - Pressing the Right Stick down allows you to send a meteorite crashing into an enemy. Holding it down for up to five seconds charges the attack, giving you more meteorites to use.
  • Neo Francisco: Gravity Slam - This works kind of like the Force in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Holding X while facing an object or enemy makes Umbra lift it telekinetically; you can use the Left Stick to move it around, and letting go of X causes it to fly into other objects/enemies.
  • Sabadones: Rewind - If you press Y while facing something, you can make it go backwards. This works for some puzzles throughout the game.
  • Europa: White Out - Defeating enemies charges the White Out meter. If you manage to fill it up, you can hold down ZL and ZR to release a blinding white light, knocking out every enemy in the area.


Character Name Description
YEumbraYE Umbra A cunning fighter who frequently looks for trouble. But deep inside, he has a big heart for his allies. He uses his Scythe of Darkness in battle, and can perform several moves based around light and darkness, including the legendary White Out technique.

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