Shadow Mario
Shadow Mario, Bowser Jr.'s alter-ego.
Full Name Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Class Koopa Prince
Mario Imposter
Family and Relations
Bowser Jr. (alter-ego)
Professor E. Gadd (see left)
Main Weapon(s) Paint Brush

Shadow Mario (also known as ?) is Bowser Jr.'s alternate form he can transform into when he has the Magic Paintbrush. As Shadow Mario, he usually causes chaos and gets Mario himself in trouble, usually causing a chase scene[1]. He first appears in Super Mario Sunshine.

Bowser Jr.'s paint brush was created by Professor E. Gadd, a professor who previously helped the Mario Bros. out at the Thwomp Volcano, and helped Luigi in his quest to save his brother from a giant boo.


Shadow in Goomsday

Shadow Mario is one of the second-player characters in Goomsday Wii. There does not appear to be anyone wearing the disguise, as it can apparently now live on its own. Since he has no Magic Paintbrush, Shadow Mario instead uses the projectiles known as Shadow Balls. These turn their target good for five seconds before they self-destruct. This is especially useful if the enemy in question is acting as a road block. When an enemy infected by a Shadow Ball self-destructs, they will often drop any object which is not a specific part of them: for example, Scoombas may drop their snorkel, allowing Bowser Jr. or Shadow Mario to swim as fast as Waluigi.

The Bowser Jr's Revenge.

In the game, Super Mario World 3: A Galaxy QuestShadow Mario is the boss of the Onefarious planet, in the intro cutscene, Bowser Jr. appears and transform into Shadow Mario, Shadow Mario can do everything he does in Super Mario Sunshine, he's weakness is the Superball Mario.

Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel

Shadow Mario has been announced to be an unlockable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel. He uses his paintbrush for all of his attack. He transforms into Bowser Jr by doing his Down Special. Bowser Jr.'s attacks uses his paintbrush and fire.

  • B: Paint Shoot
  • B Side: Paintbrush Tackle
  • B Up: Paintbrush Spin
  • B Down: Transform
  • Final Smash: Graffiti Party

Mario Kart: Turbo Circuit

Shadow Mario is going to appear in a Mario Kart game for the first time. Although, he and Bowser Jr. are going to be separate characters in the game.

  • Special Item: Graffiti Fire Ball



  1. Youtube video showing a Shadow Mario chase scene.