Shade. (I want better artwork of him)
AGE 14
BIRTHDAY March 3, 1999
ZODIAC ♒ Aquarius
Lumin (brother, deceased?), Feu (sister), Akua (brother, deceased), Thamnos (mother, deceased), Dentro (father)
WEAPONS Darkness Blade, Darkness Bow

Shade is a fan character made by Goomy the Mighty.


Shade is yet to appear in anything, but he will make his debut sooner or later.


Shade was born on March 3, 1999. His home set on fire when he was 3, which resulted in the death of his mother and brother. A few days later, Shade's father moved him over to a home on the Sutori Islands. Shade lived a normal life until he was eight, when he went exploring, and found a mystical looking lake. He found a sword and a bow and arrow, and when he touched them, everything went black, and a voice told him that he was destined to take these weapons. When he brought these home, his father kept them in case if anything happens. Around a year later, Shade's hometown was attacked by a horde of mysterious masked soldiers. His father took the Darkness Blade, and Shade's brother, Lumin, took the Darkness Bow. They attacked the soldiers, but the weapons had no effect, as only Shade can use them. The soldiers captured all of Shade's family, and forced them all to join their army, despite Feu (Shade's sister) being only 6 and Shade being almost 9. They forced Shade's father and brother to fight against "evil" soldiers, but it was all a trick. They were actually the evil ones and their opponents were the good ones. Shade eavesdropped on a conversation between the general and another soldier, and realized that they were actually evil. Shade told his father and brother that they were actually evil, but they didn't believe Shade. A few days later, Lumin got captured by some of the soldiers and he got brainwashed. Shade fled the soldier's HQ along with Feu and his dad, Dentro. They did get chased, but Shade had the Darkness Blade in his hand. His world went completely black again, but this time, the voice told him about the powers he gets whenever he holds one of the Darkness weapons. He took away the soldiers' vision for a few seconds, and then escaped. A few months after Shade's escape, they struck again, and this time, Shade had to face off against his brother, who recently got the Light Blade, the complete opposite of Shade's weapon. They clashed, and Shade barely won. Shade continues to defend the Sutori Islands from any possible threats with his darkness powers and his weapons.


Despite Shade's villainous appearance and use of darkness, he is actually a hero. Shade has fairly average-length black hair. Shade usually wears a dark blue shirt with brown pants. He also has a long, gray cape, which he can use to fly short distances or can shroud himself in to teleport. Shade also usually wears green shoes with long laces and brown soles.


Shade has several abilities which he can use with his darkness powers.

  • He can use his sword for melee combat and his bow for long-range combat
  • He can teleport using his cape
  • He can take away his foe's vision for a few seconds.
  • He can control darkness and can use certain darkness-related attacks
  • He can fly for short distances, using his cape and wind powers
  • He can create darkness portals which damage his opponents
  • He also has wind powers, which can enhance a few of his moves


Shade is calm and mature due to all of the tragic things that have happened to him, and sometimes he ends up getting greatly depressed due to this. Shade is also very quiet and rarely ever talks.


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