Serina (MainFrame)
Gender Male
Age 16
Personality Calm, uncaring
Alignment Hero
Class Warrior
Weapon Bow
Username PsychoSnipe16

Serina is one of the nine characters of MainFrame to join Zelix on his quest. She wields a Bow and Arrow in battle and quite psychotic most of the time. She is very friendly, so much so that she will hold a casual conversation with a villain.



Serina is an overly joyous and psychotic characters. She is very strange in many of her abilities and skills, even giggling at times when fighting. As well as this, she has a strange personality, going as far as to talk to strangers and even villains casually.


  • Zelix: Serina gains a crush on Zelix almost immediately, but he seems completely oblivious. She only acts awkward while she is around him. He is completely oblivious to her feelings.
  • Beth: The two don't interact much, but when the do, it generally involves Beth taunting both Serina and Zelix for their rather awkward relationship.
  • Lisa: Lisa looks up to Serina, almost idolizing her. The two are quite close, considering each other best friends forever.
  • Alex: Alex constantly hits on Serina, and he is the only person she considers annoying. The two have a rather bad relationship, and Alex does little improve it.
  • Kristy: Serina and Kristy do not interact much, but when they do, it is rather awkward. Kristy's calm and cool personality is unaffected by Serina's hyper, psychotic mood.
  • Chris: Serina and Chris get along very well, and are pretty much best friends. Together, with Lisa, they form a trio of intersting and unique people.
  • Brian: Serina is Brian's younger sister, the only two of their family left. Their parents died in a car accident, and they were lucky to land a high-paying job as beta testers.
  • Azure: Serina finds Azure funny and intersting, becuase of his speeches on the mind and nature. She has a much deeper understanding of the human conscious than any of the others would expect.
  • Yuri: Serina, as well as Azure, are the only people not to fear Yuri. Rather, she seems to enjoy her company, unaware of what many of the things she says actually mean.


Serina does not join the party until later in the game, but her starting weapon is a rather powerful Bow of the Metal element.


In terms of stats, Serina is very balanced and his stats are the basis for other characters, with slight modifications made. The Base Values apply when Serina is level 0 with no equipment, and they increase with every level by a static amount. While only Zelix, Beth, and Lisa can be obtained at level 0, these base stats still exist for other characters. The End Values are what that stat is at level 100 with no equipment.

Stat Base Value End Value
GPU (Health) 4,000 29,000
RAM (Skill Points) 600 3,100
Raw Power 300 1,800
Skill Power 300 1,800
Physical Defense 80 1,080
Mental Defense 120 1,120
Accuracy 99% 104%
Evasion 4% 6%
Limit Charge 3.5 sec 1.5 sec


Attack RAM Element Type

Short Range Long Range

Normal Attacks

Arrow Shot 0 Weapon's Stab Stab the enemy with an arrow Carefully aim at the enemy and fire an arrow
Bow Sweep 0 Weapon's Slash Swing the Bow similarly to a blade in an arc Throw the Bow similarly to a boomerang

Special Attacks

Power Shot Weapon's Stab Kick enemy to the ground while charging a shot Charge the arrow and spin around before shooting
Multi Shot Weapon's Stab Shoots three arrows at a single target in a single draw of the bowstring
Burst Shot Weapon's Bash Launch a black arrow that gets wedged in the target before exploding
Air Striker Weapon's Stab Shoot three arrows in an upward direction which split into many, smaller arrows that rain back down
Hook Shot Weapon's Bash Shoot a grappling hook in place of an arrow that pulls the target closer before kicking them away
Poison Barb Poison Stab Ram a poison dart into the target Launch an arrow charged with poison
Vitality Sap Poison Stab Launch a single arrow that saps the enemy's health
Drill Run Earth Bash Slam the Bow into target with an downward swing Shoot arrow into ground, which spikes up beneath target
Quake Arrow Earth Bash Launch an arrow upward that grows in size before falling back down and creating an earthquake
Piercing Shot Wind Stab Shoot a wind-charged arrow that flies at a much higher speed and pierces the target
Gale Force Wind Slash Lift the bow before slashing in a wide, horizontal arc to send out a shockwave of wind
Bow & Error Techno Stab Launch an odd arrow that disappears before the target before reappearing with a few clones which stab
Flame Tip Fire Slash Slash the target with a flaming arrow Launch an arrow whose tip is on fire
Freeze Tip Ice Stab Stab the target with a frozen arrow Shoot an arrow whose tip has been frozen
Charge Tip Thunder Bash Slam the target with an electrocuted arrow Fire an arrow charged with electricity

Epic Attacks

Kamikaze N/A Weapon's Bash Jump back before mounting self inside the bow, launching at the target with tremendous force
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