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Seraphina Azaia
SPECIES Artizzian
AGE 17
Paintverse - Seraphina
Paintverse - Into the Spirit Realm

Seraphina (shortened as "Sera") is a character in the Paintverse franchise introduced in Paintverse - Seraphina.


Seraphina is an Artizzian, meaning that she looks strikingly similar to a normal human with few differences, she's usually seen wearing a black and blue long jacket with armour below it, with a strap where she keeps her weapon, the ZoomShot.


Seraphina is very loyal to her cause, never leaving their side no matter how things turn out, she's also very competitive, always making a competition out of almost everything.

After the events of Paintverse - Seraphina, Seraphina was named part of the royal guard to defend the Princess of Krayllion, she was known to put the princess' safety over her own life many times and barely surviving, as she respected the princess a lot.



Sera is Sketch's rival and she knew that they both hated each other in a way, but they weren't exactly "enemies", as they would be both there for the other whenever they needed.

Princess Kayla

Sera hanged out with Kayla when they both were very young and the two became friends quickly, Seraphina respects Kayla a lot and would cross every crossable line to make sure she would be safe, but Seraphina is not one to admit that she feels more than just respect for the princess, and the strength of that feeling is what compells her to keep protecting the princess.


Seraphina is highly acrobatic in terms of physical skills and can do well on her own in a fight but she mostly prefers to use her weapon, the"ZoomShot", a light blue shotgun that even with its moderate size can be grabbed in one hand due to a part in its shape especially for that purpose, it can fire normal projectiles but its most important feature is the "VarWheel", a small wheel located on one of the sides that can be spun around to change the type of projectile fired by the gun, the most used projectiles by Sera are:

  • Ice Blast: Fires a ball of light blue energy that, when in contact with a surface, freezes almost anything in its radius.
  • Napalm Shot: Fires a small iron capsule that, when in contact with a surface, explodes into a big fireball.
  • Break Ball: Fires a heavy iron ball at high speeds, allowing it to roll through the ground.
  • Lightbulb Flare: Fires a ball of yellow energy that explodes into a bright light, temporarily lighting up dark areas and blinding opponents.

The ZoomShot can be transformed into a meelee weapon by pressing a small button on the upper part of the weapon and then swinging it with force, transforming it into a club-like weapon.


Paintverse - Seraphina

The game in which Seraphina debuts in, she uses her ZoomShot to stop the Goblin Army from taking over Krayllion, the game is separated in a linear level-to-level form likePaintverse - Just the start!

Paintverse - Into the Spirit Realm

Seraphina appears once again in the sequel to the original Paintverse as a playable character again, with the player getting the choice to play as either Seraphina or Sketch starting from Chapter 3, Seraphina's playing style has new additions but is mostly similar to the one in Seraphina.