These are just your Run-Of-The Mill, everyday Raven Drone. It's pretty much equal in all areas and is as basic as a stick nowdays.
Rebel Datalog, ???

Sentinel Drones are Raven Drones from The Factor. They were the first proper Raven Industries Security Drone as they were based off a project done by Malcolm Leychester 2 years before Raven was formed. Sentinel Drones have balanced stats and are the most common drone in the entire game.


Sentinel Drones are humanoid shaped drones, Which are usually equipped with armor plates on their shoulders. They have legs which are more similar to that of a rabbit to be able to jump more higher than an average human. There heads also differ from humans as Sentinel drone heads are similar to that of a Rugby Ball placed on it's side.


Sentinel Drones act more Human-like that any other drone, As they are armed with guns used by rebels and battle in the same way. They also have a tendancy to go on heights to shoot the player from those areas.

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