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Sentelenium is a rare, 'magical' mineral that has many properties and while very rare, there is thousands of pounds of it, covered by the Mist, yet to be uncovered. It has forcefield-like properties, able to ricochet bullets, but the forcefield can only withstand so much until it shatters, and has to regenerate. It is commonly used in technology aswell, mostly used in chips of electronics to boost the power of it. It comes in various different colors, the most common being a light blue.


Sentelenium is most commonly found shaped into various cubes that seemed fused together, it also seems to emit a glow, having a different color depending on the color of the Sentilenium. It is very mystical, seeming to be somewhat transparent, with a lighter color being seen inside of it. When hit it will quickly flicker 'off and on'. It can also be found in a pyramid shape, though not as common as the usual cubes.


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  • Sentelenium is one of the vital 'ingredients' used to form a Magma Sentinel, and the color of the sentelenium will be the same color as the Magma Sentinel's lava.
  • There's a dragon made entirely of Sentelenium.
  • Sentelenium is used in Aran's robot arm in many places, including the chip.