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Sengoku Basara Legends: Kojuro Katakura
Developer(s) Hiro Games
Publisher(s) Capcom, Sega
Platform(s) Wii


Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Hack and Slash, Beat 'em Up, Rail Shooter (some levels)
Release Date(s) Japan: November 21, 2010

United States: December 9, 2010 United Kingdom: February 15, 2011

Mode(s) Story Mode (Single and Co-Op)

Free Mode Versus Mode Survival Dojo

Age Rating(s) T
Media Included Wii Disk

3DS Game

Sengoku Basara Legends: Kojuro Katakura is an action game for the Nintendo Wii. It is 3D fighting, with some shooter situations. The main protagonists are Kojuro (of Sengoku Basara fame) and Amy Rose (of Sonic fame).


After the battle of Sekigahara, Mitsunari was vanquished. When he was admitting his feelings for his master Masamune, Kojuro suddenly lays eyes on a pink hedgehog named Amy Rose. Kojuro first thought of Amy as Hisahide Matsunaga, but then a Date officer breaks up the fight and gives a letter saying Matsunaga might be alive. Kojuro now with determination to end Matsunaga, brings Amy along with.


The gameplay is the same as Sengoku Basara, with the skills and Basara attacks. Like in Sengoku Basara 3, players can bring more than 2 skills out to battle. Like the player, enemy generals can use Basara moves. You can also enter arcade shooter-type situations where you can use a gun in battle to fight to victory. Another feature is the Interactive cutscenes, sometimes to defuse a bomb, or button mash to stop an officer from killing you (for example, Kanetsugu will try to kill while claiming he's invincible).


Only Kojuro and Amy are available from the beginning. You unlock more characters as you help them out or defeat them in the story.

  • Kojuro Katakura - Main Hero of the story. Guards Masamune with his life. (playable in all modes)
  • Amy Rose - Main Heroine. Fights alongside Kojuro then in the end, finally accepts Kojuro as her new lover. (playable in all modes)
  • Hisahide Matsunaga - Main Villain of the story. Gave a letter to Kojuro of his reappearance. (not playable in story)
  • Masamune Date - Ally of Kojuro. Can use more than 1 sword if he has to. (Not playable in story)
  • Yoshiaki Mogami - Ally of Kojuro. After Sekigahara, he and Masamune put aside their differences and work together. The noble Fox of Dewa is sometimes clumsy yet fast. (Not playable in story)
  • Yukimura Sanada - Enemy of Kojuro. Succeeded his lord Shingen as leader of the Takeda field army. Fights with 2 spears. (Not playable in story)
  • Motonari Mori - Enemy of Kojuro. After Sekigahara, Motonari had been sending death threats to Date, ordering they don't come into Chugoku or face the sun. (Not playable in Story)
  • Keiji Maeda - Enemy of Kojuro. Keiji began to dislike his uncle Toshiie and aunt Matsu after Sekigahara was won by Ieyasu. (Not playable in Story)
  • Kanetsugu Naoe - Enemy of Kojuro. Claims to be invincible and uses a sword. The fight with him is an interactive cutscene. (Not playable in Story)