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Selvaria Bles
Selvaria Bles (IDOLA Phantasy Star).png
Selvaria as she appears in Phantasy Star Online 2
SPECIES Valkyria
BIRTHDAY c.1913 (Aged 22 by 1935)
Maximilian (Boss)
Radi Jaeger (Partner)
Berthold Gregor (Partner)
Crymaria Levin (Partner)
Forseti (Partner)
Heinrich Belgar (Partner)
Chiara Rocino (Partner)
Nikola Graf (Partner)
Klaus Walz (Partner)
Alicia Melchiott (Rival and nemesis)
Welkin Gunther (Nemesis)
Kurt Irving (Nemesis)
Riela Marcellis (Nemesis)
Imca (Nemesis)
Claude Wallace (Nemesis)
Riley Miller (Nemesis)
Raz (Nemesis)
Valkyria Chronicles (2008)
Sayaka Ohara (Japanese)
April Stewart (VC1)
Carrie Keranen (VC4)

General Selvaria Bles is one of the main antagonists in Valkyria Chronicles franchise, as well as the series' mascot alongside Alicia Melchiott.

She is a member of the East Europan Imperial Alliance.



Selvaria was one of a number of test subjects for Imperial research into Valkyria powers, and spent her youth undergoing cruel experiments in a lab. One of her fellow test subjects was Crymaria Levin. While the latter had more raw power, Selvaria proved more stable, and caught the eye of the young Maximilian during a visit to the labs.

Selvaria is known to have been on speaking terms with Klaus Walz while the two were both Majors, and to have met the Ausbruch commander again in 1933 EC, when Walz was touring the partially-completed Siegval Line. She rebuffed Walz's attempts to woo her and rejected his offer of dinner to celebrate her promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.

She was actually present at Siegval to evaluate Crymaria's performance: Crymaria soon took offence to her words, having always resented that Selvaria was the one "chosen," and the evaluation became a pitched battle between the two Valkyria. Following this, Selvaria delivered her report on Crymaria to Heinrich Belgar, recommending that she was ready for combat. In private, she tried to console the unstable Valkyria, telling her that someday she would find someone who loved her, as Selvaria believed she had with Maximilian. Crymaria dismissed this as fairytale nonsense, but privately wondered if perhaps it could be true.

Valkyria Chronicles

By the time of the invasion of Gallia, Selvaria's meteoric rise through the ranks had made her one of Maximilian's three most trusted generals, Drei Stern. She led the Imperial Infantry formations during the invasion and occupation of Gallia and was a direct subordinate of Prince Maximilian. Selvaria is first encountered inside the ruins in the Barious Desert, escorting Maximilian into the unexplored depths of the hidden sanctuary. She later comes into direct conflict with Squad 7 as a Valkyria when she leads the Imperial forces to rescue the prince following the Batomys' demise, during the Battle of Barious Desert.

Selvaria later leads the Imperial forces at Naggiar once again as a Valkyria but is defeated by an awakened Valkyria Alicia, retreating with the remaining Imperials back to the Citadel of Ghirlandaio where she is finally defeated during a desperate last stand. Captured and with the Imperial forces in full retreat, Selvaria is brought before Georg von Damon, the supreme commander of the Gallian forces, who has taken up residence within the Citadel. In a final act of mercy, she requests that the militia escort the captured Imperial troops back to the capital where they are to be held as prisoners of war.

Von Damon, amused at the idea of "Rats leading rats" agrees and unwittingly saves Squad 7 from certain destruction. While being held and mocked within Ghirlandaio, Selvaria decides to reveal to Damon her final act bestowed upon her by her beloved Commander Maximillian, to destroy Ghirlandaio using the Valkyria's Final Flame, considered to be the ultimate weapon in the Valkyrur's arsenal. Selvaria sheds a tear as she unleashes fiery destruction upon the Citadel, annihilating the structure, its surrounding areas, the Gallian soldiers stationed within and ultimately vaporizing Von Damon himself with her blue flames.

Selvaria's Mission: Behind Her Blue Flame

In Selvaria's Mission: Behind Her Blue Flame downloadable content, Selvaria commands the original assault on the Ghirlandaio Citadel at the behest of the supreme commander of Imperial forces, Maximilian against the Gallian Army garrison led by General Georg von Damon.

She is assisted by an Engineer, Johann Oswald Eisen who is assigned to the force to assist Selvaria after the loss of her squadron's previous engineer in unspecified circumstances.

In spite of artillery bombardments and poisonous gas attacks ordered by Georg von Damon Selvaria (armed with the Ruhm) and her squad push the Gallian forces from their defensive positions inside the citadel in a well coordinated assault and then in further actions drive them from the surrounding areas, destroying their armoured support and wiping out Gallia's military presence in the area, allowing Imperial reinforcements to pour unhindered into the country and beginning the war against Gallia.

Behind Her Blue Flame contains an interesting insight to Selvaria's past when she reveals to Johann that she doesn't carry Ragnaid canisters as their blue phosphorescent glow brings back unpleasant memories of her childhood spent in an imperial research facility and the ragnite she was exposed to there.

Valkyria Chronicles III

In the midst of the Imperial Invasion of Gallia, Selvaria destroyed a hometown which set about the motivations behind Imca's revenge. She encounters Imca at Ghirlandaio prior to the arrival of Squad 7 and confronts the vengeful youth in battle.

Fanon Appearances

Game Ideas

Project X Zone 3: Sacred Destinies

Selvaria appears as a Boss Unit.

Guilty Gear vs BlazBlue: Multiversal Cross Assault

Selvaria appears as a DLC guest character, her moveset is based in the one she has in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax.

PlayStation All-Stars: Round 2 - Extra Edition

Selvaria is one of the newcomers in this upgraded version, her rival is Yuna from Final Fantasy.

Project X World

She is one of the Bosses of the game.

Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Fate

Selvaria is one of the SEGA newcomers.

Persona Q3: Cybernetic Labyrinth

Selvaria appears as a Boss character in the Valkyria Chronicles Room of the SEGA All-Stars Challenge attraction.

Joke Games

YouTube Parody Mayhem

The TheGamerLover's Mematic Universe version of Selvaria appears in this game as the main antagonist.

YouTube Parody Mayhem 2

TGLMU Selvaria returns as the main antagonist.

Cameo Appearances


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