Selene is a character who first appeared in "Suffering in Silence", before making her main appearance in Tessellate: Bad Luck. She is a journalist who reported on the antics of the gang while in Pader City, and without their permission she sold the story, and made a fortune. She later returns in Tessellate: Mind Games as a playable character alongside Tess and co.


Suffering in Silence

Selene was the main character of Suffering in Silence, a small story about Selene trying to find one of long lost friends. After countless weeks of searching, she followed a lead which led her to an army base in Pader City, where she learned that her childhood friend fled the country after being threatened by aliens. She later learned that these same aliens were after a martian called Tess, which led her to meet Tiffany and the rest of the cast.


Selene has short black hair in a bob hairstyle. She wears glasses, and has a small tattoo on her wrist of a ink splatter. She wears a black tank top underneath a pale orange jacket, complete with blue jeans. She also wears a camera around her neck and is never seen without a pen and a notebook to write down her thoughts.


Selene is a kleptomaniac, which means that she often forgets where she leaves things and may accidentally steal things from others without realising. She also struggles with executive functioning and organisation, which made her seem laughable to other journalists in her field. Despite this, she is very hard working and always tries her best. She often puts herself down because of her organisational setbacks, and finds it hard to accept that she's good at things. She also finds it hard to accept compliments, and often disregards them or takes them as a negative, fuelling her desire to work harder.


Tessellate: Bad Luck

Selene debuts in the Tessellate series in the second title, Bad Luck.

Tessellate: Mind Games

Selene returns in the third title, Mind Games. It is revealed that she has since sold the story of Tess and Tiffany and made a fortune off of it. She decides to return to them to help when she learns about the hunting scenario, and uses her money to help them anyway she can.






  • Her name was taken as the direct opposite of Helios, as she was intended to be an antagonist in the Hymns of Helios series, however, she was later ported to the Tessellate series instead.
  • It is also highly likely that she suffers from Autistic Spectrum Disorder, however, this hasn't been confirmed.
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