Does to their nature and their influence of the Secretverse, the species is not free-to-use, and only Samtendo09 (tbc) is allowed to make a new one with special exceptions. Please ask him for permission before using any of them.
Secretverse God
Secretverse Tomelle
Tomelle, an example of a Secretverse God.
Species Origin Various
Rarity Extremely sparce
Alignment Varied, mostly Neutral

Secretverse Gods are gods that lives in the Secretverse, fulfilling various roles in order to maintain the universe without overdoing it and while avoiding being enemy of the mortals, with Motheuni leading the charge, although a very few gods are independent that make them do whatever the heck they want, at the cost of potential irresponsibly and causing large-scale damage.

General Description

Their physical appearance is the most inconsistent detail about them, as their skin tone, body shape, and even size varies greatly between them. Although more humanoid gods exist like Gigantin, others take a more outlandish appearance, and sometimes even outright bizarre look. One truth is that none of them have an appearance of a normal human, hair color aside.

The skin tone comes in rainbow color, regardless of the species they look like. It can comes from red to purple, to brown, to gray, and even more than one skin tone such as blue with green stripes. This also applies to feathers and scales, as well as all parts of the eyes, including irises.

The size between them is also extremely fluctuating; one can be much smaller than a human while another can be much more massive than even a giant. So far none of them matches the size of any human-sized mortals. In fact, Motheuni herself is bigger than the Secretverse itself, which easily made her the largest Secretverse Goddess of them all.

One thing they all have in common is that they have pointy fangs, usually just to fangs like a traditional vampire, or more depending on a god or another.


The behavior of the Secretverse Gods are extremely various, but most gods follow their leader Motheuni to protect the Secretverse, either out of loyalty or out of fear to be banished.

That said, most have a common hatred toward anyone who intended to make large-scale or even universal destruction, regardless if they are a god or not. Whenever they see such destructive person again, they either try to banish them from the Secretverse, destroy them if keeping them around would be too dangerous, or if too powerful, calls Motheuni to seal them away. They also tend to be unhappy toward hypocrisy, and most will feel guilty when accused of doing genuine hypocrisy.

They also do not appreciate universe-hoppers if they brought direct or indirect destruction, calling them as intruders and would drop their duty to stop them unless if their current duty would be too important to drop. They tend to be extremely weary of Heralds for the selfish actions some ancient Heralds had committed toward the Secretverse, especially the more selfish ones, though they will only attack them if they present a genuine danger, which is why Morus Glirfum was still around the universe does to never going too far with his own Herald power.

When it comes to eldritch abominations, they will only directly confront them if they know about their weakness, have them weakened and changed by Motheuni, or in purely rare cases, if they have someone on their side that have EX Energy which is very strong against eldritch abominations regardless of their power.

That said, several gods who knows about EX Energy tend to be fearful toward that for good reasons, and those who do not may make themselves a fool of themselves by mocking it, making themselves more prone to be attacked by those who uses EX Energy. Only Motheuni is able to withstand EX Energy attacks, but only because of her immeasurable size.

The Secretverse Gods seems to have no limitation of what food do they like to eat and tend to become predators in that they are not afraid of eating mortals, preferably sentient beings, although they eat them up quickly and out of civilization's sight to avoid causing mass panic and paranoia.


Their habitation tend to varies to extreme degree; one may be found in a forest, another in a volcano, another in a dark castle, and even in a mundane house, making it difficult to predict where could a Secretverse God could be found. That said, multiple Secretverse Gods prefer places that suit to their power, such as Silvees preferring to live into a very deep woods, while Tomelle (Secretverse) lives at a huge library-like palace, but at a unknown location at the moment.

Some Secretverse Gods prefer to travel planet to planet, and those who are very large, such as Gigantin, prefers to travel far more often rather than staying at the same place for too long. Motheuni obviously resides outside of the Secretverse's boundary does to her immense size, but can shrunk down herself and be found on a planet she is extremely curious about it, or to meet certain heroes (and sometimes even low-scale villains).

Powers and Abilities

Like their physique and habitation, their powers and even power level varies greatly, but they do have common power which is reviving a mortal and even each others, but reviving a fellow god requires one full minute of ritual.

The Secretverse Gods tend to be truly specialized at their role. For instance, Tomelle is able to quickly master almost any kind of magic and spells, and Remeste is capable of modifying the mind of a person to mild or moderate degree in order to not make that person too gentle or too evil regardless of their power level.

However, while most are also expert of fighting and generally superbly powerful, they tend to be crippled when using abilities they are not a specialist, possibly to prevent them from being too good at everything, and need practice in order to master another specialty.

Although invulnerable to anything that kills mortal, a Secretverse God can still be killed by a very few curses, other Gods and EX Energy. They will be revived in up to a month depended on how powerful was their source of death is, or earlier by fellow Secretverse Gods. The intrinsic revival will be removed if Descension were used against them, but they can still be revived by Secretverse Gods without the need to take a full minute.

They are also immune to natural poisoning from blood and foods, unless if the foods in question had gotten spoiled and rotten, thus able to eat almost anything. They do fall sick when ended up eating garbage or other elements with horrid smell and taste, but at worst they only get a mild illness for a day.

Notable Gods


  • Although most of them were original characters, two of them so far were pre-existing characters, which are Gigantin and Tomelle.
    • Gigantin debuted in Conatus as a giant player character, but had lost his power does to a certain god. Here in Secretverse, he kept his power.
    • Tomelle comes from the Kirby series as a character created by Samtendo09 (tbc). In this universe, she is the Goddess of All Magic, and take cues of the other Draculock Mages, Morgen and Tachi.
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