The Secretverse is a hidden universe where only people of there and a few people from outside know its existence. It is considered as lighter and softer than the Fantendoverse and familiar universes for being almost non-explicit but denser than a similar universe does to the amount of violence that is almost comparable to the Golden Age of Cartoon. It is home of the Meta-Form series and the Art Battle, as well as some more unknown worlds.

Since it is seperated from the Fantendoverse, anything that happens in the Secretverse will not take effect of the Fantendoverse and vice versa, unless if there is any crossover. However, some Fantendo characters may discover this universe and find a portal that gods cannot go through, probably for protection against tyrannic and destructive gods like The Threat.


The Beginning of Meta-Form

It take place before Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, where Meta-Form and Cubey had appeared as playable characters.

Game Important Events
Meta-Form (Game)
  • Start of all adventures inside the Secretverse.
  • KiloBot attempted to conquer Nadian City and eventually the entire Tobor, but Meta-Form stopped him.
Art Battle
  • Skar is defeated by Prince Paint and Princess Pencil, and the two had rescued King Artenium.
Meta-Form: Stelog's Betrayal
  • Mr. Stelog, who relucantly helped Meta-Form in the first game, had betrayed him and attempted to steal his ability for his own gain.
  • KiloBot is shown to be more than just a bad guy, and is displeased that Stelog betrayed him too.
Meta-Form 2: KiloBot's Revenge
  • KiloBot managed to get help from "someone" (Lily) and even get an upperhand on Meta-Form and friends, but the latter group had eventually prevailed.

The Development

This phase explores more about the characters, their flaws becoming more evident, and the fact that not everyday is a shiny sunny day. It also introduces the Greater World series.

Game Important Events
Meta-Form: Common Force
  • Start of all adventures inside the Secretverse.
  • KiloBot attempted to conquer Nadian City and eventually the entire Tobor, but Meta-Form stopped him.
Greater World
  • Vale and the other heroes, with the help of two allied Giants, had stopped Demisa and the Banished Giants from making the law of nature more unlivable.
  • Versapex is released from her capsule, helping out eleven mercenaries to take out a dark god, with an insane freak tying to hide and send out the Madnessins.


Characters that serves as a protagonist or antagonist, and deals at least some impact throughout the universe, as well as gods who have an important role to maintain the universe.


Name + Species Description
The heroic but short-tempered robot, who have a heart of gold with robots and humans alike. He is a shiftshaper who can becomes any sort of things and creatures. In Meta-Form: Common Force, he had discovered that he is made of a special molecule made of water, iron and a mysterious material called the Metawater.
Meta-Form's most trusty friend, and an intellectual robot who actually need to be careful on his decisions. He stared as his partner before being capable to hold of his own, and uses Psychic power for multiple purposes. 
Meta-Form's younger sister, who is hot-headed but actually softer and will only attack if she or her friends are harmed or in a death threat. She uses a combination of martial art and Air Power as her main option to attack, and she is more agile than the titular shapeshifter.
Prince Paint
The Prince of Artinia, and the more optimistic but also pompous and sarcastic of the two young royalties. He uses his painting power for multiple purposes, such as to make a temporary hole with the color black. He likes to hang around with commoners, except a few who are not taking hygiene at all.
Princess Pencil
The Princess of Artinia, and the more shy but selfless of the two young royalties. She uses her pencil to draw lines to make a barrier or a ladder, as well as other purposes. Unlike Paint, she prefers to stay in her castle for her safety, unless if she is with her faithful brother or had crooks to deal with.
A cynical mage who is clearly bigoted toward other species than human, and even so he keep being noble and not let his negative thoughts get the best of him ever since working with his friends to save the Earth from Banished Giants.


Name + Place Type Description
King Cube KiloBot
The rude and rough King of the Bad Bots. While being a bit childish, a huge glutton and loves to fight very much, he cares deeply to his robot-henchmen, hence qualifying him as a "father-to-his-robots". He highly detest humans, with one exception, for their misuses of robots and most kind of aliens does to his worries that they could to the same thing like the humans does, and will not hesitate to capture them. He become Kaptain Cube KiloBot as of Meta-Form: Common Force, but his old self is occasionally referred in a few times.
Mr. Stelog
The traitorous human who was responsible to turned KiloBot into sentient and then attempt to trash him away. He is indeed extremely egoistical and is one of the most wanted being to arrest of the planet, if not the most. His ambitions is even worse than Kube's; trash every single robots away and enslave the aliens. He is dead after the last battle in Meta-Form: Common Force.
Dr. Lily Kunzite
Lily is a soft-speaking woman who focus on following the plan, and have fairly high regard to KiloBot, albeit she usually hides it. Having respect to genuine heroes, Lily nevertheless proves herself to be almost as much a threat as KiloBot himself.
The sissy but dangerous bird-like wizard of Artinia. His goal is not to conquer Artinia, but to reimage them into less black and more white, despite being master of both White and Black Magics. In fact, he is even immune to his own and almost every black and white magics, thus requiring another magic or weapon to fight him.
Demisa Devasta
A woman human(?) with an extremely dangerous ambition. Managed to master the power of nature after intense training with Mother Nature Silvees, she become paranoid after learning about the "law of the natures", wrongly believing that the weak dies and the strong will dominate. Not wanted to have Mother Nature to make species that exclusively hunt her species (which would never happens, but Silvees never warned her before it is too late) and decided to give help to the Banished Giants, who wanted to dominate Earth, in order to become the top of the survival chain.
Although she is highly positive and optimistic, she ended up becoming a threat to almost everyone does how well she is able to use EX Energy with high efficiency. Although her goal is stop simply defeat the strongest beings on a rampage, and that she have very good self-control, she is above the "good guy, bad guy" morality and thus not getting on either side unless if one of them have something that will greatly help her, and even so it would be temporary.


See also Secretverse God (Species).

There are only seven gods throughout the entire Secretverse (discounting anyone Exa-fied does to being counted to a different group) thus far, but all of them serves an unusual but still important role to the universe.

Name Description
Motherly Creator
Creator of the Secretverse and ultra-massive motherly guardian of it, being much taller than an universe. Although she is more often than not asleep, she will wake up to destroy a planet with negative influence with her much smaller copies, when her husband want to see her, or if someone is threatening her little universe. Although if she decided to take cares of thing by herself, she usually need to shrink down, and she is not invincible, as her only defense are her skill with her two tachis and her gravity power.
Observer of Morality
Remeste is the little husband of Motheuni (and smaller than average human), with his duty to balance someone's mind in order to not make him or her too gentle nor too evil. Although pretty strong on his own, he prefer to stay out of fight out of fear of jeopardizing the civilization unless if their leader were too soft or too strong. His other abilities are spatial sight (allowing him to see up to 50 light years away) and body control (controlling someone else's entire body, but not their mind).
Nature Mistress
Also known as Mother Nature herself, Silvees prefer to let both nature and civilization develop and only intervene if either side had gone out of control or had damaged each others (including themselves). Silvees can get a tree-like armor on the spot in order to make camouflage, but if someone is playing with fire or if an enemy had found her, she will attack at all her might. She can also calm down anybody with her calm aroma.
Planetary Destuctor
A gigantic god (not as huge as the bigger-than-universe Motheuni, but still) who destroys planet that have a civilization or climate too unstable. Although sadistic and destructive, he also prefer not to overdo his work and will more than likely obey Remeste or Motheuni. He is also a light god, being capable of penetrating even the densest darkness, and his strength is spectacular.
Bringer of Consequence
Although not too much of a fighter, Aravesti is more than capable to punish the worst evilness, even those who are dead, in unusual yet painful manners. She is also the daughter of Motheuni and Remeste, and she still have a few things to learn from her parents (mostly her father). Although despite her job, she is a softie at heart and will console anyone who had been victim of injustice, hateful behaviors, or evil villains.
Reckless God of Decay
A foolish jerk and god of darkness who take his job to make sure that no mortals live for too long way too seriously. He believes that all mortals and even fellow gods shall perish as soon as he wants, which makes him an enemy to all of the six other gods, with Gigatin chasing him to make sure Decayon will fail. Although he is dead at the hand of Versapex, his minions the Barbarks can revive him, although his pain and fear of EX Energy makes him not wanting to violate his responsibilities anymore.
Goddess of All Magic
The massive Secretverse version of Tomelle is known to be smug, but vigorously studious and refrain herself from fighting in a mortal world unless if threatened or if the world she is currently in is in deep trouble. Goddess of all magic, she is able to adapt a new type of magic with enough practice, as well as being immune of power sealing (the most powerful ones can only hold her magic power for up to an hour), although she mainly focus on water magic as she believe that it is the most versatile and practical.

Universal Details

The Secretverse had little to no regard to most of the real life physics, such as death being easily reversed with revival magic and technology (although it take a few seconds to fully revive), pain and scars are never permanent but instead takes up to ten full years to fully recover from it, and only one ill is seen to be incurable, but not all that crippling in long term.

Anyone born in this universe will have their physical laws defying perk, even when going outside, although unless they got someone who can revive them, revival is much more difficult depended on how difficult revival from death is in another universe.

Another major difference is that no element is stronger than another outside of effectiveness against each others, have no influence on the user, and their individual power will be instead depended on how powerful one user is. For instance, a water user have an upper hand against a fire user but get into trouble against an electric user. However, if the fire user in question is stronger, then skill will be more into factor.

As shown prominently in Greater World, but also in other series to lesser extent, there is no definite moral for every species, and instead have different beliefs that while a few are religious or political, they are often minor and that with the exception of Tobor, monarchy takes priority before democracy. Orcs are the most surreal among them; they often give surreal belief such as "when we see the sky falling, a traitor is among us", which can be used to multiple context but is generally a sign that someone is being traitorous among the group.

Religion or politic as minor aspect are beneficial for a small group, but going to greater extent to the point of being major is often a sign of danger, as the most frequent results are paranoia, wars or even hypocritical murders, and is best to be only minor and in control. That said, openly demonizing either aspects are also an offense, as they are still necessary for a few but important situations, such as prediction for possible outcomes.

The exact amount of species remains to be unspecified as of this writing, as there are so many type of creatures in multiple worlds that it is difficult to pinpoint and remember every of them without relying on a universe-wide dictionary.

Unlike real life and other universes, this universe had more emphasis on "size matter" expression; the bigger, the stronger, more resilient but also easier to avoid when foresighted earlier. Smaller ones are generally weaker but often work together to take down a normal-size person and even up to an adult elephant.

Giant creatures are rarer (with the exception of giant humanoids simply named "Giants", which are fairly more common, especially in Granturn) but tend to be the strongest. That said, one smaller being can go toe to toe with them with enough years of rigorous training. This aspect and the aspect above are retained for the creatures born in this universe, even when they moved to another universe.

The universe is generally more medieval and fantasy like, but there are also trace of futuristic aspects and even sci-fi places. It is possible to have a planet that is mainly fantasy-like but have several aspects of sci-fi, and vice versa. Other genre-like aspects such as supernatural are also present but not as prominent as even sci-fi.

The most standout example is that light is often believed to be a dangerous element, while darkness is only seen as threatening when used by rogues. This is because stars, the huge ball of burning spheres like in real life, are in fact known to be dangerous to get close and since most light users relies on a planet's sun to power themselves up, they become much stronger for 24 hours before returning to normal. It also had something to do with the recently discovered EX Energy that started to appear in the universe.

Major Planets

Planets where most important events of this universe take place.

Planet Information
Tobor Civilization Type: Futuristic | Population: 2,9 billion | General Ideal: Idealistic
A planet where humans, aliens and robots live in harmony (for the most part). Climate is generally Earth-like, but the winter seasons only last for up to five months to regions that sits in the Eastern Pole or Western Pole. Humans and robots are the most numerous species.
Coloris Civilization Type: Various | Population: 3,23 billion | General Ideal: Idealistic
A planet where colors have various power, especially by people who mastered them. Climate is generally rainy, but this is because water is needed to keep the paint from drying. There is no definite dominant species but the most human-like species are the Artinians.
Earth Civilization Type: Medieval | Population: 5,6 billion | General Ideal: Neutral/Cynical, depended on various regions
A fairly struggling planet in term of socialization, because of various species being scarred by hypocritical bigotry and the two Great Wars. That said, it slowly lean to Neutral-Idealistic in some regions' case. The climate varies between region, but usually the skies are clear. Connects with the Greater World, Granturn, via the Great Gate.
Granturn Civilization Type: Medieval | Population: 1,9 billion | General Ideal: Neutral
A planet where powerful Giants, one of the most numerous species, lives, with the rest of the species having trouble to adapt when running risk to cross path with them. While the Giants are generally gentle, their strength, resilience and speed make them deadly even for the deadliest smaller individuals. The climate varies, but the environment are generally lush outside of civilization.
Stalequal Civilization Type: Modern | Population: 7,3 billion | General Ideal: Cynical
A planet with unstable biome shifts that despite the numerous species being able to fully adapt, the constant conflict between many regions and even between citizens had caused a rift, making it difficult to truly trust anybody in this planet. Despite the god of darkness of Secretverse being perished and the King of Madness vanquished, the people hadn't learned a lot from the incidents...

Unique Resources

Those resources are much more common in here than on the other universes.

Name + Type Description
Metallic Liquid
The heroic but short-tempered robot, who have a heart of gold with robots and humans alike. He is a shiftshaper who can becomes any sort of things and creatures. In Meta-Form: Common Force, he had discovered that he is made of a special molecule made of water, iron and a mysterious material called the Monaro.
Elemental Jewels
There are multiple kind of elemental crystals that gives out a different element, and are generally safe for any creature to use. It can be used for a weapon, magical attacks, or even imbue itself into the respective element and become immune to it. One crystal can run out of power before recharging and can revive itself upon breaking, but can explode if overcharged.
EX Energy
Anti-God Energy
Said to be from an universe where a pink puff and an extremely fierce space dragon lives, several mist of EX Energy had been self-teleported into one universe or another. While only a very few are aware where this came from, many people had discovered its devastating effects and even insane people will avoid using them out of fear of getting killed by misuse. That said, a few persons that studied on their full effects had another idea in mind...

Ancient History

Although when exactly the Secretverse was born, it is said to be born ten thousand years after Motheuni had settled in the white void and found her place to stay, and performed a big bang in order to create her own universe, and goes in a sleep to telepathically see the universe's slow but sure development.

As the big bang stopped and the Secretverse soon to have planets developed, a flew of eldritch abominations are lurking around, attempting to eat fabric of space either out of hunger or pure malice, but were quickly annihilated by Motheuni. While an extremely few abominations had survived the strife, they had felt fear, even the emotionless ones, so much that they traveled out of the universe.

As the first planets started to develop, the primitive critters had already been born, and there were a billions of different species across the multiple planets. However, most of them were proven to be too primitive, too violent, too ruthless, too lustful or even too stupid to keep their species intact, and soon, a few by a few, multiple species were either extincted or developed into an entirely different species. Only the species that managed to become smart enough to avoid the non-environmental reasons for extinction managed to survive without becoming another species, and developed much better in civilization than other species.

As hundred of millions years passed, the civilization had started to develop, and intellectual evolution went so fast that it went nearly unnoticed by descendants, and unlike the universe we call "real life", the modern civilization tend to be consistent and thus preventing further development aside of morality and safety for the most part. However, one planet have a medieval-fantasy setting, which is the most present but not too dominating, and another planet have a sci-fi setting, and the list of different settings goes on.

There are also two elder gods, Remeste and Gigantin, that had been abandoned from their universe or moved away from it and settled down in this universe without being aware of Motheuni's presence. Later gods like Silvees and Tomelle were created by different circumstances, such as a tree taking so much energy for the former, and Motheuni giving so much energy to a spellbook that it indirectly created the latter. Almost all of later gods eventually follows Motheuni's order to protect the universe from threats, but not all of them, as those who do not rebelled and a fewer even have their more selfish gains.

A few species, be it ancient or modern, have shared one trait or another with the prime goddess of the universe, such as the huge size of the giants and the point fangs of several species that are not known to have pointy teeth in real life. This make Motheuni's "mother of the universe" title a bit more logical in this fashion.

But it wasn't until Remeste had noticed Motheuni's presence, astonished by not only her beauty but also her competency as the creator of the universe, that the two become friends, and as a thousand year passed, they eventually fall in love despite a few conflicts, and thus the year of their wedding become the first day of the first Mothes (Motheuni + Remeste) Year, also known as P.N. (Post Nuptias, "after wedding"). It was not until a hundred years that they give birth to Aravesti.

That is to say, the first conflict between two gods, Gigantin and Decayon, had begun, the latter becoming arrogant of his power of darkness and attempted to destroy planets that Motheuni did not ordered him to take down, but Gigantin intervened as he remains loyal to the prime goddess. The prior had won does to elemental upper hand, but Decayon retreated and swore revenge. This caused Motheuni to be more cautious and would intervene shall another war between gods happens again.


  • This is one of the few universes that gods from outside of this universe usually cannot have access does to the power of the Secret Portal.
  • The Secretverse was intended to be purely original, with nothing based of pre-existing characters, but eventually changed with very different counterparts of the pre-existing characters, called the Secretverse Counterparts.
    • This is largely does to the success of Tomelle (Secretverse) and Valerie Vexdom Heartgold, the first two characters being intended to be Secretverse Counterparts of the original characters.
    • However, Samtendo09 (tbc) confirmed that not everything from outside universes would exist in the Secretverse, and that the Beorns never existed in this universe, with only universe-travelers from outside universes being pure exceptions.
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