The Last Resort
GENDER Programed to be male.
AGE Programed to behave like an 18 year old.
BIRTHPLACE Unknown (born in a lab)
WEAPONS Various elemental powers, robot abilities
Scyplo is a robot created by Elfain Seaside and White Goddess using the blueprints from Edmund, Pieralki, Elfain, Terraq, and Lance. He was built off the Beorn Androids and was meant to be the "final" version of the androids. He was outfitted with a Emotional Matrix and a Hammerspace Matrix, albeit White Goddess was unaware of his Emotional Matrix when she introduced it. Elfain had planted the Emotional Matrix in a gambit to make Scyplo turn against White Goddess. He later joins with everyone else to fight against White Goddess and the Beorn Androids.

He was introduced during the events of Fantendo Sports Resort and is a secret playable character. He is one of the more powerful characters in the Fantendoverse due to his wide array of abilities such as flight, hammerspace, energy blasting and Descension. This is somewhat negated by his Three Hit Rule, which will cause him to shut down if he takes three registered hits of any kind.

He is seen as the composite of Unten, Cura, DREW and The Beorn Androids.


His personality takes cues from Cura and DREW due to Elfain programming her Emotional Matrix's based off Cura's circuit board and using some of DREW's brainwaves while both were asleep. Scyplo is shown to be kind and strong, but also extremely shy. He is also somewhat bipolar, sometimes very chipper and acting similar to Cura but sometimes going extremely silent like DREW. His Emotional Matrix was rushed and filled with errors, which Elfain is still trying to figure out, so sometimes his emotions run high.

Some of his personality is his own though. Scyplo will only attack when threatened, which he resolved to do when he found out White Goddess was his enemy and vowed never to be controlled again. He values all forms of life as well and will not kill unless it is within complete and unbiased reason.

Scyplo is very intelligent, mostly because he has automatic access to all networks, and can get information in seconds. He is a reliable source of information about everything, and manages to solve hard problems easily. In addition, he may also think about things more than he should, even searching if someone has been in the same trouble as him to analyze their mode of solving it and correcting the errors for his own use.



Scyplo was "born" during the events of Fantendo Sports Resort, created by White Goddess and Elfain Seaside during days 6 & 7. Scyplo was originally going to be the fourth version of the Beorn Androids, with a revised design to fit The Hammerspace Matrix. During development Elfain sneaked in the Emotional Matrix (based off Cura's circuit boards which she had studied in the nights before) that would activate during battle and make him realize that White Goddess was his enemy. Due to the fact he was working off the Beorn Android framework, he has the power of Descension as well as Unten's blood inside of him. After defeating White Goddess, Scyplo set out to discover the world on his own.


Fantendo Sports Resort

Scyplo appears as part of the Red Team as a secret character unlocked on Day 7.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hammerspace - Scyplo's most unique ability is Hammerspace, which allows him to pull limbs, weapons and items out from another dimension. He can store anything and pull anything out of Hammerspace due to the Hammerspace Matrix, even if he seemingly doesn't have any limbs. However, he can only use five Hammerspace connections at a time, these connections having colored portals.
  • Energy Blasts - Scyplo can shoot energy from his hands or face and have it focused into a beam.
    • Elemental Channeling - Scyplo can change his energy to be several kinds of different energy, such as Earth, Water, Ice, Fire, Air, Darkness, or Light. By default, it is thunder.
  • Three Hit Rule - Scyplo can only endure three hits of any kind of nature before forcibly shutting down. However, he takes all hits equally which allows him to endure incredibly dangerous blasts.
  • Descension - Scyplo can demote/depower gods due to having Unten's blood within his system.
  • Flight - Scyplo can minimize his density to its lowest point in order to hover above the ground, granting him the power of flight. He can control his own motion-based force to move through the air at great speeds and instantly stop moving while in the air by completely stopping his kinetic energy and motion. This takes a lot of energy.


White Goddess

Elfain Seaside



Beorn Androids




  • Scyplo is based off the original Scyplo created by Stelios07 and Halfblood2000 with a somewhat revised origin and buffed a bit from his original version. He also has more ties to the Fantendoverse as a whole.
  • Scyplo's original incarntion had several scientists behind his creation, whereas in the New Fantendoverse he was mostly created by Elfain and White Goddess with some of his programming based off other characters. Likewise, he is the only one of his kind as opposed to the numerous amount of robots in the original.
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