A Scuttlebug.

Scuttle Bugs (also spelled Scuttlebugs) are round striped spider-like bugs that have appeared as semi-recurring enemies in the Mario series. It is not to be confused with the enemies Skeeter, Pider, and Arantulas.


Super Mario 3DS World

Scuttlebugs appear here. They also have a subspecies called Scuttlepions.

Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest

Scuttlebugs appear in Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest, found in Plumdrop Rainforest and battled alongside Snifits, Poison Bloopers, Spear Guys, and Fuzzies. They attack by creating a strand of web, attaching it from the top of the screen, and swinging on it towards one of the bros. They also attack by ensnaring a bros' feet with web and tackling them afterwards.


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