Scratch Kat
Scratch kat2018
Full Name Scratch Kat
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Species Fake
Location Seattle
Align Chaotic Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Weird
Sexuality All
First Appearance Fantendo Users Battle Royal
Latest Appearance SCRATCH KAT (Comic)
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Scratch Kat

General Information

This is Scratch Kat! He's ADD-riddled, excitable, and overtly silly. He was created artificially on a planet populated by anthropomorphic animals that was later burned to a crisp by an army of killer robots. Thing is, after he crash-landed on Earth, he completely forgot everything that happened before! Oh well.
Scratch Kat loves his friends, and his brother Dawg. Actually, he kind of loves everyone? He's a friendly guy.
He's not particularly strong, but he's slippery! He can hold his own without having much in the way of a physical upper hand.


Fantendo Users Battle Royale

Scratch Kat appears as a default character.

Fantendo Users Mega Rumble

He again appears as a default character.

Fantendo Basketball League

Scratch Kat appears as a playable character on Team Dimension.

Fantendo Ultimate Alliance

He appears as an unlockable character.

Fantendo Mayhem

Scratch appears as a default character.

Fantendo the Animated Series

Major character on the show, typically comic relief.

Overclocked (2015)

Finally getting his own series, Scratch Kat is a starting character here.

Crisis On Infinite Scratch Kats

Scratch stars in a game about his extended multiverse. Not only is he pointedly the main character, but several alternate versions of himself are also playable.


The only one that matters.