The scorpion (サソリ, Sasori?) is a rare bug that lives on the ground during summer nights. It can be detected by the sound of its movement, which is lighter and more rattling compared to the tarantula. If the player is bitten by the scorpion, they will pass out and wake up in front of their home. He is often seen as the secondary antagonist of the Nintendo franchise, Animal Crossing.

It behaves similarly to the tarantula, but unlike that bug, scorpions cannot jump over low inclines. They are one of the few bugs that villagers will note the presence of nearby.


Scorpions are initially docile creatures that wander around the town, travelling away from the player if approached without a net. In NL a docile scorpion will disappear after a while. However, if approached while holding a net, they become aggressive and freeze. If the player then misses with the net, runs, or jogs, the scorpion will charge. Scorpions in pursuit will not stop until they have attacked the player or fallen in water. Putting away the net mid-chase has no effect on an already aggressive scorpion.

A "glitch" is known where digging up a fossil during a chase will "freeze" the scorpion. After enough time has passed, the scorpion will stop chasing and resume wandering around.

Donation to the museum

In Wild World

Upon donation to the museum, Blathers the curator will say;

"I've heard that a scorpion can be affected by its own poison, you know. If so, why carry around such dangerous material? Blech! Foolish wretch... If I walked around with a piano above my head, I'd expect to be squashed, wot!"

The scorpion can be found in the second room of the bug exhibit. If donated with the tarantula, the two will engage in battle. However, if just the scorpion is donated, it will follow the player's movements with its eyes.

In City Folk

Upon donation to the Museum, Blathers the curator will say,

"...Scorpions are assuredly attention getters. They've got those colors that say, "Stay back! I'm poisonous!" However, it seems only a tiny group of scorpions have venom lethal enough to off you with one sting. Mischievous scorpions that look like highly poisonous ones probably fooled folks into thinking otherwise."

The scorpion and tarantula can be seen battling with each other when both have been donated. They will circle each other, and eventually both jump into the air and collide, then begin their battle again. If only one has been donated, the respective bug will stare down the player instead.

In New Leaf

Since Blathers does not talk about the bug, the exhibit provides the information as follows:

"Scorpions resemble crabs and are in the class arachnida, though they aren't aquatic. Most species possess venom, but of the 1,000 or more species, only 25 are deadly to humans. Scorpion eggs hatch inside the female's abdomen, and the young spend time on her back after birth."

The scorpion will wander in its confined area alone. If approached by a player, it will turn around to look at them, rattling its tail. If a tarantula is donated, the scorpion will instead fight with the tarantula.

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