What a fantastic cheer~ I'll do free autographs for anyone who begs...
Satan's Daughter, occasionally before a match begins

AGE Unknown
HEIGHT 6'04"
BIRTHPLACE Quebec City, Canada (IMMORTALS universe)
WEAPONS Kissing Baton
Arachne the Demon, better known by her stage name Satan's Daughter, is one of the multiple playable characters in IMMORTALS and a sultry powerhouse to behold. She desires to one day overthrow her father, though he means much to her, and become the almighty ruler of Hell once all her secretary work is finally over with! She is a very organized lady that knows all the rules and standards, but knows just how to warp her way around them and punish rulebreakers that try and get around her father's ruleset. Whoever this succubus finds will become her servant for all eternity; however, those that refuse to obey her will become eaten by her instead! She is currently looking for a date...

Satan's Daughter is one of two mascots for IMMORTALS, having this special role alongside Grimm Menace.


Here's someone that you really don't want to mess with! Living in an isolated slaughterhouse in Quebec City, Satan's Daughter is a well-trained demonic secretary that's responsible for dealing with records relating to her father. In her little office, she keeps everything as neat and tidy as possible, with everything properly organized and in order, though blood smears here and there indicate that she kills and eats up whoever displeases her. Additionally managing the Rules of Hell, she often calls upon rulebreakers from the underworld or from around the Quebec area and immediately sends them into her inescapable room, where she will feed on as much information out of them as possible before either: 1) releasing them after they apologize and take any downgrading insults from her, 2) keeping them as cabin slaves where they help her do her dirty work and do her shopping and chores while she keeps working like normal, or 3) pinning them, scratching them up, and eating them soon afterwards.

Satan's Daughter utilizes the abandoned slaughterhouse as a kitchen to cook rulebreakers on, consuming their souls in the slowest and most painful way possible if they have done very dastardly bad crimes indeed. She's not just a secretary, however: she is also a painfully sweet middle-aged-esque woman that very much gets her way with anybody, flirting with and dazzling individuals. Fools who don't succumb to her become her snack! She wears a really tight business suit and winks at anybody that shows even remote interest in her, though she doesn't actually care about most people. She just wants all the attention to be thrown onto her!... as long as her dad doesn't get in the way.



IMMORTALS has Arachne utilize a patient fighting style, proving to be a surprisingly effective fighter with her Kissing Baton tool. By slamming the heart-shaped end of the baton into an enemy, she can sap away at their health and then grab them by the neck to perform a series of torturous attacks headed their way! She can also breathe fire, form circles of flames, and spew lasers out from her hollow eyes, in addition to throwing office equipment like cubicles. Her most proficient weapon asides from her baton happens to be her razor-sharp nails, which can easily cut through skin. Her glasses let her reflect projectiles back at her enemies, simply because they are extremely reflective.


Awww, how cute that you think you can possibly beat Satan's secretary~
Satan's Daughter, taunting her opponent in IMMORTALS

Gloves are off now, now I'll show you all my naughty little tricks~!
Satan's Daughter, when at 50% health in IMMORTALS

Maybe I should be the new Queen of Hell now, mother Victoria!
Satan's Daughter, 2nd victory quote in IMMORTALS


  • It is occasionally tossed back and forth that Grimm Menace used to be her lovely husband, but they had apparently separated before the events of IMMORTALS. What happened between them is unknown.
    • However, if two players beat the game as the two of them, they are shown married again in the shower.
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