Current Capital Chai Kingdom
Current Ruler Princess Daisy

Sarasaland is a desert nation that is ruled by a king and queen and the Princess Daisy and Prince Daisley the only known heirs to the throne. It was first featured in Super Mario Land and again featured as a stage in Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty.

Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty

Sarasaland is a peacful land that was taken over by the alien Tatanga under the command of King Koopa. This is his first attempt to conquer the land.

In this stage there are Goombas, Koopas, Paratroopas, Boomerang Bros. and Dry Bones. There are five levels in this stage.

  • Level 1 - Muda
  • Level 2 - Easton
  • Level 3 - Birabuto
  • Level 4 - Chai
  • Level 5 - Sarasa Castle

Mario 3D World U

Sarasaland is the first world of the third game in the Mario 3D World Series. It has nine courses.

  • Red Coins in the Desert - You can use anyone for this course, though you start out with Mario. Eight red coins are scattered throughout Sarasaland. The following list shows their locations.
    1. On top of a Sphinx.
    2. In the river next to the Sphinx where #1 is.
    3. Also in the river.
    4. On top of a tree nearby a springy cloud.
    5. High above the springy cloud.
    6. In the cloud area above the springy cloud.
    7. In the warp pipe leading down from the cloud area.
    8. Also in the warp pipe.
    9. The Golden Shroom appears on top of the same Sphinx from earlier.
  • The Secret of the Cage - You require Luigi for this course. Using Luigi, you have to rocket up to a catwalk, where six Silver Shrooms are. However, you need seven. Once you've gotten the six, a switch appears even higher up on the catwalk. You must rocket to the highest part of the catwalk, where several Foos are. You have to avoid getting blown away whiler hitting a switch, which opens the cage and allows you to collect the final Silver Shroom. The Silver Shrooms then form into the Golden Shroom.
  • Water Tower Rush - You can use anyone for this course except Toad, though it's easier if you use Gina. Once you enter the area, you discover it flooded, because several Pokeys have poked holes in the water tower. By jumping on scattered Toads and using your hover/rocket nozzle, you must reach the water tower and kill the Pokeys. You can use Gina to broil the water into steam, allowing you to walk on the ground. Once the Pokeys are dead, the Golden Shroom appears.
  • Enter Mummipokey's Tomb - You can use anyone for this course. Once you enter the course, you're told by a Toad that a strange hole has opened up by the Sphinx. If you go to the Sphinx, a stairway will lead you underneath, to a different area (like the Hotel on Sirena Beach in Sunshine). Once inside of the tomb, you will see four paths. Each path can only be accessed by one character- one has a large pit you must hover across, one is straight above you so you have to rocket up it, one has a door you have to turbo through, and one has ice you have to melt with your fire. Down the paths, you will find more puzzles that must be solved with your character, but they all eventually lead to a large room with several Pokeys. You must defeat the Pokeys before the Golden Shroom will appear.
  • Mind Your Mummy - You can use anyone for this course. The course starts in the same area the last one left off. The Pokeys are back- this time, when you kill them, Mummipokey will rise from the ground. You must defeat him. If you're playing as Mario, you must squirt his different segments, destroying them, until you can reach the top of his head, which you must ground pound on. If you're playing as Luigi, you must rocket up to his head and ground pound it. If you're playing as Toad, you have to turbo into his segments, knocking them away, until you can reach the top of his head, which you must ground pound. If you're playing as Gina, you have to roast off his bandages, turning him into a big Pokey. You must then defeat him like any other Pokey.
Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty
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