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Sarah Leona Needlenam
Sarah Needlenam, the multiverse's most devoted avenger.
AGE 26
BIRTHDAY September 7th, 1799
WEIGHT 129 lbs
Memories of her old life, alcohol, violence, cows
Primus and the Doomsayers, sobriety, people that talk too much
WEAPONS Crossbow
Forming needles out of liquids

Sarah Needlenam is a wandering vigilante of sorts that uses the powers of her Standing Ripple, Comfortably Numb, to aid her in her quest to find and kill the Doomsayer named Primus.

She is the Wallverse's version of Sarah Auvic.


(Sarah's appearance TBA!)

Sarah's Standing Ripple, Comfortably Numb, appears as a large web of violet vein-like tendrils that wrap around her body. She usually keeps her Standing Ripple manifested at all times and hidden under her clothes, but the tips of some of its veins can usually be seen running along the back of her hands and down to her fingertips.


Sarah was always a bit devil-may-care, but originally it was in a way that was more friendly than hostile. Most of the insults directed to her friends were accompanied by a warm smile that made it clear that she didn't actually mean what she said. Most importantly, she cared about others, and would often protect them even when they probably didn't deserve protecting. After Monica's death, though, the positives of her personality were driven to the background by her desire for revenge, leaving only the negatives behind. Her current cynical, crass, and apathetic exterior is a reflection of her own feelings rather than just a lighthearted joke. Though hints of the generosity Monica loved her for are still present, it takes a life-or-death encounter to bring them out. Her sense of humor consists mostly of barbed comments towards others. She is fueled by bloody vengeance, and won't hesitate to take the life of anyone she deems truly guilty. However, out of memory of Monica, she keeps her bar for "true guilt" rather high, and will usually just try to incapacitate anyone else that picks a fight with her using a literal shot of alcohol directly into their veins or a quick beating.

Sarah has two main "modes." While sober, her more grim and serious side takes over, and she tends towards cold sarcasm. Once she's sufficiently drunk, however, she is more prone to actual humor and showing emotions other than disdain.

Outside of seeking revenge and picking fights, Sarah's favorite ways of passing time usually involve sharpshooting. She regularly hunts, does skeet shooting, practices archery, and even plays darts, all with the grim satisfaction that can only come from imagining that one's skewering a nemesis rather than an inanimate object or a wild animal. She also enjoys poetry and theater. She is an alcoholic to a fault, and uses her liquid-based powers as an excuse to carry an obscene number of flasks containing various drinks on her person at all times. She has sometimes been known to inject the alcohol directly into her veins when she starts feeling a little too sober. She gets along unusually well with cows, perhaps because she respects their contributions to society as a source of food, but doesn't let her attachment to them stop her from enjoying a good steak or burger when the option presents itself.


Sarah's main source of power comes in the form of her Standing Ripple. Comfortably Numb possesses the ability to transform any liquid or semisolid it touches into a spike, similar in shape to a sewing needle. The substance will retain this form until Sarah wills it to return to its liquid form, or until it is broken. Additionally, when the needle is stabbed into an object, Sarah can choose to "inject" it into the object, causing the liquid to merge harmlessly with the affected target. In most cases, the object that she injects it into will just become saturated with the liquid the needle was made out of, but if the object is hollow on the inside (bottles and cans, piping, blood veins, etc.) she can also inject the liquid into that hollow space.

What makes Sarah particularly dangerous is her use of Comfortably Numb's ability. Her weapon of choice is a crossbow, designed with the explicit purpose of firing the needles she creates. In melee range, she will often use a pair of her needles as impromptu daggers. She also carries multiple flasks of alcoholic drinks on her person, which she uses to create needles that she uses either to put people to sleep with a shot of alcohol directly into their bloodstream, or to saturate objects with the stuff to essentially turn them into explosives. She also carries a few lighters on her person to ignite said improvised explosives.

Sarah will also sometimes extend Comfortably Numb's vein-like body to subtly manipulate her surroundings in various ways, like probing through pockets and bags or using its needle creation ability on a source of liquids that would otherwise be out of her reach, and it can move quickly enough to dart out of others' line of sight when needed. However, she prefers to keep the Standing Ripple's body hidden under her clothes, since it has neither the physical strength to lift most objects nor the durability to withstand a direct hit.

Hyper Mode

Using a Hyper Orb allows Sarah to transform into her Hyper Mode, in which her Standing Ripple temporarily evolves into Comfortably Numb (Hey You). Unlike other Standing Ripple users' Hyper Modes, which replace their old abilities with totally new ones, Sarah's directly enhances Comfortably Numb's original ability by allowing her to create needles out of seemingly anything she can touch. However, unlike in her base form, Sarah herself has to make contact with what she wants to transform into a needle, which reduces the range of her powers significantly. Comfortably Numb's strength and durability is also drastically enhanced, which lets Sarah use it in combat without fear of it getting damaged or even killed.

This form has yet to make a canon appearance, since Sarah doesn't currently have a Hyper Orb she can use.


Prior History

Sarah Leona Needlenam was born in Seattle, Washington, in the year 1799. She lived there for twenty-three years, during which she married a woman named Monica Salvirr and began studying to become a doctor. Their peaceful life was disrupted, though, when they were both captured seemingly at random by the Doomsayers - a small yet dangerous group of cultists who worshiped an omnipotent being supposedly locked inside of the planet's core, rumored to have been driven insane by a life spent in the deepest and darkest tunnels. Monica was brutally slaughtered by a Doomsayer named Primus, while Sarah was to be taken to the core and thrown in by another.

How exactly Sarah escaped was a fuzzy memory for her. One moment, Sarah was about to be thrown down a chute into the planet's molten Ripplite core. The next, the Doomsayer who was supposed to be sacrificing her was dead, and she was covered in purple veins. While trying to make her way back to the surface, she worked out the specifics of her supernatural ability, which she quickly identified as a Standing Ripple from the stories she had heard about them.

With nothing else to do with her life now that she was hundreds of miles away from her home and completely alone, Sarah vowed to destroy the Doomsayers and avenge Monica and everyone else they heartlessly slaughtered. She spent a year gathering experience with her abilities and resources. Then, she set off across the globe in a search for Primus.


  • Primus: Sarah wants to kill Primus, the man who killed her wife. And Primus wants to kill Sarah, an incredibly dangerous woman with an impressive Standing Ripple who seeks to topple his entire empire out of vengeance. The two are nemeses in every sense of the word, and every encounter between the two is guaranteed to end in bloodshed, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Zephon: Sarah admittedly only keeps Zephon around because he's useful and wants to help. If it weren't for that fact alone, she would've ditched the skull a long time ago. His greed and ego makes him a pain to put up with, while his fragility makes transportation more of a hassle than it really ought to be.

With characters outside of the Wallverse

  • Mynis: Mynis and Sarah are a very strange duo. While one is all about protecting the innocent and saving lives, the other is focused on vengeance and sees saving lives as an afterthought. One is prone to insulting others, and the other is very, very insultable in his incompetent. However, since they are both technically "good people" underneath all their flaws, it's entirely possible and actually incredibly feasible for them to unite behind a common goal.


  • Sarah's behavior is heavily inspired by Gyro Zeppeli (while she's intoxicated) and Johnny Joestar (while she's clear-headed) from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run.
  • Comfortably Numb is named after the Pink Floyd song of the same name.
    • The song in question is from the album The Wall, which served as the namesake for the Wallverse.
    • Comfortably Numb's Hyper Mode is also named after a song from this album, Hey You.
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