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Sarah Auvic Female
130 lbs
27 years old Human

Sarah Auvic, the reborn
FULL NAME Sarah Auvic
BIRTHDAY September 8
ALIGNMENT Fantendo Firehouse
OCCUPATION(S) Doctor (formerly)



X-Ray (ex-girlfriend)
Mingyu Li (boss)
Susan Syringe (adoptive mother)
Unten Bluzen (friend)
Rachel Harel (friend)
Strafe (friend)
Sakeena Kamel (friend)
Zerita (friend)
Obena (friend)
Nycho Invalidez (friend)
Guadalupe Invalidez (friend)
Sia (friend)
Nion Exothermia (friend, roommate)
Quartz (friend)
Beth Operatino (complicated)
Alexandria Earhart (complicated)
Lexi Larsen (complicated)
Xerox (complicated af, ex-girlfriend)
Reese (acquaintance)

BIRTH LOCATION Fantendo Firehouse
CURRENT LOCATION Fantendo Firehouse

Girls, being snarky, coming up with nicknames, nano construction, mad science, burritos, electronic music, Neon Genesis Evangelion, her job


Her past, being reminded of her past, sleep, eating, being out of control in a situation, voidouts, panic attacks, anxiety, her dissociative identity disorder



Sarah Auvic (previously known as Leah Needlenam) is nanosurgeon that is the "reborn" version of Leah Needlenam after spending 6 months inside the void that Querius attempted to finish off everyone on Svarga with. She now is attempting to re-enter society, having picked up a job at the start up company NanoSolutions and now resides in the Fantendo Firehouse as one of the people that live there, alongside Nion Exothermia. She finds it hard to move on in a world where she's known as the more confident and mean Leah Needlenam, although she's taking steps to move on and forgive herself for her mistakes.

Formerly known as Leah Needlenam, Sarah Auvic is the real identity that was repressed after her experiences in The Twisted Cross- as explained in Days of Victory, Sarah took on the identity of Leah Needlenam to better cope with her scenario as the experience was heavily traumatic for her and she had to invent a personality she soon got lost in for the better part of her life. Puzzling over where to take her original identity now that Leah is gone, "killed" by Sarah, Sarah rejoins back with Unten Bluzen and the rest of the Fantendo Firehouse to get some direction with her life now that X-Ray is no longer there to support her.

Due to her exposure in the void dimension created by Querius, Sarah suffers from a mind virus that is known as Void-Outs. When thinking too hard to "escape" reality, she conks out and finds herself reliving past moments she might find painful or pleasing. The only other victim of this virus is Netnu. During World Tournament, she took on a job offer from Mingyu Li, which was continued in U-Day!. She becomes a nano-surgeon working in the field of creating bacteriophages to battle diseases.


Sarah Auvic is a purple haired woman with purple eyes. Although she had no bags under her eyes during Dissecting Sarah and U-Day!, they began coming back starting with Fantendo - Doomed. She obscures her sleepless pain with sunglasses to cover this. These glasses have a gold frame and are circular with a pink tint. Sarah's hair has grown since her time in the void, so she keeps it up in a bun. Beginning with Doomed, she also began wearing hair pins. She has two ear piercings on her left ear. She previously had a needle that replaced her pinkie, although after the events of Dissecting Sarah this became a mechanical finger as the glasses could harm her if she cracked it during a void out.

Sarah's wardrobe seems to lean more towards purples and greens/yellows than her wardobe of blues and reds previously. Although she wears a colorful blue jacket in Dissecting Sarah, this also featured yellow. Her new nanosuit features prominent greens which are continued with her outfit from Doomed which features an Evangelion themed tracksuit with green-yellow lining and shoes. She also carries a green purse with the NanoSolutions logo on it.


Sarah Auvic is fairly similar to her old personality of Leah Needlenam on the surface. She still makes playful jabs towards her friends and likes to drop snarky lines on her enemies. She seems to be more mellowed out in this respect though- she seems to know where the line is more often, and tries not to let things bother her too much. She finds herself attracted to people with kind hearts that mean well and have a nurturing nature, although Sarah herself is rather abrasive often.

Sarah is more so confused on her place in everything in earlier stories, although around Doomed it would appear she has a grasp on what she wants to do with her life. She is a bit more willing to follow along to orders and others, but will call out people if she feels they're in the wrong. She makes hasty decisions, choosing to peruse Erin Coldwell romantically after a couple hours and agreeing to take on Mingyu's job offer after being confronted but knowing next to nothing about the job or what it entails.

Interestingly, Sarah seems to have a complete aversion to the idea she should take up a serious doctor role again. While she possesses medical knowledge, she seems comfortable with the idea of Lucille Graves taking her hospital to run her business and being treated by her. She also seems to like the idea of being a super star like she was before, but wants nothing to do with her original identity, which her PR agency seems to dislike the idea of.


Dissecting Sarah


World Tournament




Fantendo - Doomed


Powers and Abilities

Sarah Auvic has no particular abilities of her own yet beyond her medical expertise, which she refuses to use because of her trauma. She has been outfitted with a NanoSuit that is powered by Ripplite and the particles of Mingyu Li, which allows her to shrink and grow with discs containing Mingyu's particles. The suit is very unwieldy, requiting controls to be inputted through buttons hidden in the neck of the suit.



Sarah is no longer on good terms with X-Ray, as her time in the void seemed to be the breaking point for X-Ray, who found her difficult to communicate with and had to bottle her feelings up around. The end of Dissecting Sarah shows that X-Ray is with another woman. Sarah gave X-Ray medical advice during the events of Fantendo - Zenith, although this was shown off screen in another story entirely. Sarah was not informed of the break-up and still pines for X-Ray.

Nion Exothermia

After World Tournament, Sarah and Nion are considered "room mates", sleeping and living in the Fantendo Firehouse together. They generally just hang out together- Nion doesn't really seem to have much romantic interest in Sarah and Sarah tends to find her off-putting. They watched Neon Genesis Evangelion together after Nycho recommended it, with Sarah getting really into it.


Sarah feels deep shame for teaching Obena how to dab and misrepresenting it as a symbol for peace.