Sarah's Color Swaps is a set of 8 color swaps of Sarah West, based on the real person.

Color Swaps

  1. Default-Her default appearance is based on her white and green dress
  2. Red and Blue-Her 2nd costume is based on Fievel from An American Tail
  3. Purple and Lilac-Her 3rd costume is based on Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn
  4. Blue and Orange-Her 4th costume is based on the early design of Woody Woodpecker from 1940
  5. Pink and Rose-Her 5th costume is based on Glinda, the good witch of the north from the Wizard of Oz
  6. Yellow and Aqua-Her 6th costume is based on Anastasia's Once Upon a December dress
  7. Green and Yellow-Her 7th costume is based on Princess Fiona from Shrek
  8. Black and Red-Her final costume is based on Princess Odette's fake dress from The Swan Princess


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