Sapphire Speedy
Sapphire Speedy in iPenguin RPG.
CLASS Villain

Sapphire Speedy is a character in the iPenguin series, making it's first appearance in iPenguin Adventure. He is a clone of Speedy made by Agent P. to defeat Speedy so he can turn it into his own empire of darkness. Sapphire Speedy is first fought in Aeru's Land after Speedy, Climber, Petunia, and Nile come across a strange blue rock, which turns out to be Sapphire Speedy.


Sapphire Speedy was created by Agent P. a while before iPenguin Adventure as a stronger clone of Speedy. He was constructed using stone, ice, sapphire, and a bit of Speedy's DNA. He was sent out to Aeru's Land and waited for Speedy to show up. They were a good match, but Speedy proved to be too much for him. Ever since, Sapphire Speedy has had a grudge on Speedy, and vows to one day defeat him once and for all.


Whilst being merely a sentient stone version of Speedy, Sapphire Speedy has been shown to have a slight personality of his own. In iPenguin Adventure, he is shown to have some remorse for Agent P. when tying him up. He is also shown to be fearful before being destroyed by Phantos. Furthermore, each time he is defeated, he is shown to be quite angry.


iPenguin Adventure

Sapphire Speedy was created by Agent P. shortly before the events of iPenguin Adventure. He first appears in Aeru's Land in Act Three, where Speedy and co. come across him in gem form. He then reveals himself, and fights them. After being easily defeated, Sapphire Speedy later appears in Yen's Palace in Act Five where he once again deceives the gang into thinking he was a gem, and engages them in battle. He is defeated once again, offering more struggle than last time, but is relentless. He appears for the last time in the Frozen Lake in Act Seven, where he pretends to be an ice sculpture. This time, he defeats the heroes, but is then attacked, and beat, by Iceberg. Sapphire Speedy appears in Act Nine, but isn't battled, he instead attacks Agent P. and ties him up, and confronts the heroes with Phantos, only to be shattered by him, being called a "useless toy".

iPenguin Adventure: The Legend of Tumah

Sapphire Speedy is set to be a boss in iPenguin Adventure: The Legend of Tumah. It is unknown when or where he will be fought, all that is known is that he was recreated by Agent P. and is back on his side. There is also a slight chance that he will be a playable character in multiplayer.


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