Sanguine Uprising
Request20-Sanguine Uprising
Logo by Eximius Max.
Developer(s) TimeStrike
Illusion Works
Sora Ltd.
Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) TimeStrike
Illusion Works
Platform(s) Pacifico
The V²
Release Date(s)
2020 (Worldwide)
Age Rating(s)
M (Mature)
16 (PEGI)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series None
Predecessor Sanguine Bloodshed (Spiritual predecessor)
Media Included Optical disc
Available Input Custom plug-in controller
Sanguine Uprising, also known in other territories as Crimson Ascension, is the spiritual successor to Sanguine Bloodshed, being a diverse umbrella with many characters from all over the universe, and not just specifically gaming. The game has been developed by TimeStrike (and later Illusion Works), as with the other game, but also has been developed by Sora Ltd., Atlus, Intelligent Systems, and Capcom, each using their experiences from building Super Smash Bros., Persona, Fire Emblem, and Street Fighter, respectively. It stars only the characters that the creator loves and cares for, and is completely oblivious to other people's opinions on those characters.

Uprising features a cast of one hundred and sixty characters, nearly double the amount Sanguine Bloodshed had. These characters come from various different franchises, from the critically acclaimed to the critically panned, and come from only those franchises that the creator has enjoyed playing / watching. A new rule is that a series can only have one or two representatives, as to prevent over-representing a franchise.

Unlike its spiritual predecessor, gameplay is not like Super Smash Bros.; rather it is a mixture of Persona, Fire Emblem, and Street Fighter, and rotates between different elements of those franchises to prevent them from colliding together too badly. However, like in Smash Bros. you can customize moves and special attacks and do heavy customization, including how your character looks using the "train customization" set up featured in Pokémon X & Y.


Gameplay is a heavy mixture of Persona, Fire Emblem, and Street Fighter.

The Fight - Normal Gameplay

Players can select a character - including the avatar if one is set up in the Uprising - and battle whatever opponents they choose. Players will be dropped into a top down perspective in the battlefield they chose against the opponents they chose. If three or more characters are on each side, they will go into a Fire Emblem strategy and hunt opponents down, and encounter them in one minute Street Fighter matches upon contact. If only one or two people are on opposing sides, the gameplay will skip the Fire Emblem perspective and go directly into a timeless Street Fighter like match.

Players can choose to make gameplay into Survival or Timed. In Survival, last team standing wins. In Timed, for every hit gained on an opponent, a player gains points, and the team with the most points by the time the time runs out is the victor.

The Uprising - Story Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, the player can choose what university they want to go to, each labelled with "Red", "Blue", and "Green", the primary colors. Once a university is chosen, thirty characters will be randomly selected and pulled into your university while thirty each go into the other two. From there, players have the freedom to do whatever.

The university system is somewhat like Persona's school system. Studying is rather simple and tests are usually trivial questions about franchises from across the world, although the player doesn't necessarily have to do studying - but studying can reward the player with new moves, money, etc. Players can also build relationships with other people.

Players can also go outside and challenge characters from other universities, and fight them. Gameplay will go into Fire Emblem's top down view with movements and actions almost identical to those from Awakening, although coming into contact with characters will result in Street Fighter like gameplay that lasts for a full minute. If neither player is knocked out within the minute, which is unlikely, the gameplay will return to the overworld.

Players can also team up with one another and travel together, and fight teams of foes with one another in a long dungeon, known as the "Endus". Here, players can fight many different enemies, enemies from various franchises, and can gain experience points to strengthen themselves against opponents later and future shadows.

As the days go by, the story progresses, and some things appear to go wrong. Every end of the week, you fight a boss, which either interferes with your university, your life, your friends, or your battles, and it must die / surrender before it deals any extra damage.


There will be a total of one hundred and sixty characters within the game.  Characters with red backgrounds are unlockable.

Icon / Name Description Series
SU Icon Batman

Anyway Batman is an air fighter, and attacks from above, although can go to the ground and fight hand to hand.

He is unlocked by clearing 50 trivia questions.

SU Icon Benson
Benson is usually angry during the fight, which makes him actually pretty powerful.  His rage enables his gumballs to deal large damage when thrown, and he can also summon his workers. Regular Show
SU Icon Bowser
Bowser is a tough guy known for his brute strength, fiery breath, and princess-grabbing usual formula.  He's a tough guy with a difficult defense to shatter. Super Mario
SU Icon Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch

A powerhouse who attacks with surprisingly heavy sugar cereal berries as well as sharp utinsels, the kind you'd see people eat with.  Not great on defense.

SU Icon Carl

Carl is a slow character but can reflect attacks well with his cane and can use balloons to lift himself out of the enemy's reach.  Can use tennis balls to attack.

He is unlocked by clearing 100 matches.

SU Icon Cloud
Cloud plays very similarly to his Smash incarnation - able to use Limit Breaks as well as his Buster Sword which deals massive damage on foes.  Lacks good recovery. Final Fantasy
SU Icon Corrin
Corrin has dragon like attacks as demonstrated in Smash, and can fly for a small ways around the battlefield.  He's pretty frail however and cannot take hits well.  He has a female alternative. Fire Emblem
SU Icon Count Cannoli
Count Cannoli

Count Cannoli enters the battle in his Mad Hat Mk. II, which can sprout bombs in this guy's image, and he can spike through enemies with his machine's mace arms.

SU Icon Count Olaf
Count Olaf

Count Olaf isn't a great person sure, but his comrades can help him gang up on foes and brutally punish them.  He can go under his different alter egos to use different attacks.

He is unlocked by defeating him in Story Mode.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
SU Icon Creeper
The Creeper doesn't look like it could be much of a fighter, but it's quite fast and blows up for great damage - although it damages itself in the process.  It can call upon other mobs to help it. Minecraft
SU Icon Dark Meta Knight
D. Meta Knight
Dark Meta Knight is very agile and while being really frail he makes up for it in sheer power and nearly blinding speed.  He's an air fighter and usually holds himself up in the air to battle. Kirby
SU Icon Egoraptor
Egoraptor doesn't actually do the fighting as his Pokémon abominations from his Pokérap do it for him instead.  They use warped and distorted versions of existing Pokémon moves. Game Grumps
SU Icon Freddy
Freddy Fazbear is built on defense and power while having good speed.  The downside?  He cannot jump and recovery is almost impossible.  He attacks with his hat and screeches. Five Nights at Freddy's
SU Icon Ganondorf

Ganondorf plays much like his Smash incarnation - slow but obscenely powerful.  He can do the infamous Ganoncide, Warlock Punch, and uniquely hold foes in his cape and beat 'em up.

He is unlocked by beating Boss Rush.

The Legend of Zelda
SU Icon Giegue
Giegue uses incomprehensible attacks in the form of PSI and is an attacker who blasts from the distance.  He can transform into his broken form and engulf foes in darkness. Mother / Earthbound
SU Icon Happy
Happy can be considered a joke character if not used right - he's very light, very floaty, and hard to attack with.  However, his combos are definite killing moves. Fairy Tail
SU Icon Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson is a fighter mostly dependent on luck, tossing projectiles from donuts to cars at foes.  He's pretty fast and when his attacks can't be relied on, he can punch things or throw beer. The Simpsons
SU Icon Ike
Ike plays like his Smash incarnation, using the Aether and attacks of blue fire to attack.  He's kind of slow but he's got a lot of power.  Powerful physical attacks can be punished with a counter. Fire Emblem
SU Icon Inuyasha

Inuyasha is an expert hand-to-hand combatant who can use immense power from his bare hands to kill foes.  He can even heal himself or use his sword techniques.

He is unlocked by defeating him in story mode.

SU Icon King Hippo
King Hippo

King Hippo is super slow but he's brutally powerful and high in defense, being tough to knock down.  His punches are some of the strongest in the game.

He is unlocked by defeating one hundred and fifty opponents overall.

SU Icon King K Rool
King K. Rool
King K. Rool is a varied fighter who uses his crown to attack, but if you thought that's puny, he can use attacks from his various appearances in the Donkey Kong Country series.  Powerful, too. Donkey Kong
SU Icon Leah Needlenam
Leah N.

Leah Needlenam is quite the fighter, having a solid defense for a lightweight and having a powerful arsenal of attacks, from her needles to weapons.

She is unlocked by defeating her in Story Mode.

SU Icon Lorde

Lorde isn't as weak as P!nk but her defense is somewhat lower.  She can dance to swiftly dodge enemies and kick out with a yellow flicker beat to damage those from afar.

She is unlocked by playing two matches as every default character.

SU Icon Metal Man
Metal Man
Metal Man is a quick man who tosses the ever feared metal blade as well as weapons from other robot masters in the series.  His defense is weak and his own weapon is powerful against him. Mega Man
SU Icon Mettaton
Mettaton attacks with graceful movements and attacks with explosives, and the better he performs, the stronger he gets, as his ratings will go higher. Undertale
SU Icon Mr Krabs
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs likes money, so he can't use it against foes.  But if he's hit, he loses money - and becomes enraged.  Use his enragement to boost his stats and power and lay an assault on foes. Spongebob Squarepants
SU Icon Nicole
Nicole teleports around the room and uses long distance attacks for the most part.  She can lock opponents in digital jail cells and trap them.  She's rather speedy. Sonic the Hedgehog
SU Icon Nigel Thornberry
Nigel T.
Nigel Thornberry sadly is one of those people who became disgusting internet memes.  He attacks with SMASHING! moves and can use simple weapons like slingshots to hit foes. Wild Thornberries
SU Icon Oswald
The lucky rabbit gets to utilize his cartoon style to go into the background and back, or toss globs of ink to hit opponents.  Mickey Mouse can come and back up Oswald as an ally. Disney
SU Icon Papyrus

Papyrus is a skeleton - a humerus skeleton.  He attacks with bad jokes, sure, but he can also be a goof and spill spaghetti in places to ensure opponents fall into his traps.

He is unlocked by playing a match as every default character.

SU Icon P!nk

P!nk uses her microphone to sing music and keep opponents away from her, and she can attack foes by throwing her mic.  She can also utilize karate moves to attack.

She is unlocked by clearing 200 matches.

SU Icon Polygon Man
Polygon Man
Who even cared about Polygon Man?  Be honest here, guys.  He attacks with mascots from all over the Playstation franchise, from Spyro're the Playstation 3 mascots? Playstation
SU Icon Professor Fiendish
Prof. Fiendish
Professor Fiendish gets around in a small mobile car and launches math problems and basic things like ropes to attack opponents.  He can also gloat and brag to annoy opponents. Murderous Maths
SU Icon Rick
Rick and Mor- er I mean just Rick attacks using Morty.  There are many ways he can attack opponents using Morty, usually in the form of combos. Rick and Morty

R.O.B. plays much like his Smash incarnation, using his tops, lasers, and jet accelerators to keep himself on the stage.  If paired with Samus, R.O.B. is even stronger.

He is unlocked by winning 20 matches as male characters.

SU Icon Robot Jones
Robot Jones
Ah, Robot Jones!  Whatever happened to Robot Jones?  He's an average character in all stats and is a good one to start out with.  He can utilize electricity to paralyze foes. Whatever Happened to...Robot Jones?
SU Icon Roserade
Roserade can attack with sharp leaves and use different types of powder to cause different status effects on opponents.  Her speed is also great to help her get around the battlefield. Pokémon
SU Icon Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose is both quick and nimble, and can hit hard with her weapons.  Her friends from RWBY can be summoned to help and fight, too.  She is good at combos. RWBY
SU Icon Samus

Samus plays much like her Smash incarnation, firing missiles, plasma shots, and even using her morph ball form to lay bombs.  When paired with R.O.B., she is even stronger.

She is unlocked by winning 20 matches as female characters.

SU Icon Sanji
Sanji is a unique fighter that he almost always uses his legs for his attacks - he can stretch his legs long distances and attack foes.  Otherwise, he can utilize cooking and burn foes. One Piece
SU Icon Shade Man
Shade Man
Shade Man is an air fighter and hangs above the battlefield and stalks helpless opponents and drains their very blood.  He can also use the Noise Crush to attack. Mega Man
SU Icon Shadow
Shadow is a very quick character who doesn't have much power, but can teleport around the battlefield and use Chaos Blast when he becomes impatient. Sonic the Hedgehog
SU Icon Shinjiro
Shinjiro is pretty tall so he can be hit easily, but he is really quick, and his Persona, Castor, can do all kinds of things - from regeneration of health to the Blade of Fury to Akasha Arts. Persona
SU Icon Shrek

Shrek is an all star character who attacks with sheer power and...unfortunately, internet memes because whoever made that one 4chan story helped make him into a meme.  Ugggh.

He is unlocked by completing All Star mode.

SU Icon Sid

Sid is a terrible fighter at first but the longer he endures a fight, the more likely Manny and Diego will show up to help Sid tear apart his opponents.  He can attack with his claws.  And third eye.

He is unlocked by beating Boss Rush on Hard.

Ice Age
SU Icon Slender Man
Slender Man

Slender Man is a not scary creepypasta he just looks cool.  He uses his tentacle appendages to attack foes and can go into the background and strike characters who aren't looking.

He is unlocked by clearing 300 matches.

SU Icon Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg is like a joke character, although plays like a real one - he moves like any human, but he can toss lots of weed to tear through foes and toss cigarettes at foes to light them on fire. Reality
SU Icon Sr.Wario
Sr.Wario looks like an absolute joke, but to be completely honest he's Wario with double the power.  He attacks with great WAA's and administrative capabilities. Fantendo
SU Icon Swiper
Swiper is one of the fastest characters, yet he's the game's most fragile...characters from three year old's shows aren't meant to last long.  He can steal projectiles and items from others. Dora the Explorer
SU Icon Syi
A lonely scarecrow who attacks with nature powers and vines, and also can control opponents by piercing her command vine into them, making them attack themselves. Syi-Fi
SU Icon Taokaka
Taokaka has wide range in her attacks and can actually hit pretty hard.  She's also pretty quick, has a reliable recovery move, and has good combos.  Unfortunately, she has little to no bulk. BlazBlue
SU Icon Tommy Pickles
Tommy Pickles
Tommy Pickles?  How dumb is snicks by this point?  Tommy Pickles can toss milk to trip opponents and grab opponents in a spare diaper and swnig them away from him.  He's fast, too! Rugrats
SU Icon Tow Mater
Tow Mater
Tow Mater is a really fast fighter who gets around on the ground and picks up oppponents with his crane.  Doesn't sound intimidating but you don't want a car to run over you, right? Cars
SU Icon Unipon
Unipon is a unique fighter; he can change his appearance and abilities at will, although he doesn't have as many attacks as usual in each form.  Weaknesses vary on form. UNiPON
SU Icon Volt
Volt isn't really bulky but he's one of the fastest characters in the game and can slow opponents down with shocking jolts of electricity.  He can also summon other Sparklings to help out. Fantendoverse
SU Icon Yoshi

Yoshi plays like his Smash incarnation, with his tongue, eggs, stomp all being part of his moveset.  Of course, he can also turn foes into eggs and shoot them at other opponents.  Ouch.

He is unlocked by playing on half the default stages at least once.


Character Guessing

Garnet Scout Hades Valentine
Rawk Hawk Patrick Star Moneybags Donald Drumpf
Silverfish Puyo Bean Kirby Bubsy
Alyssa Wenn Master Chief CDI Ganon Guinea Pig
Sniper Garfield Sinistar Avast!
Harry Potter GaMetal Weird Al Ozzy Osbourne


  • The game was originally a reboot / sequel to Sanguine Bloodshed, but was formed into an entirely new umbrella with double the characters and a fully new gameplay concept inspired by non fighting games.
  • Sanguine Uprising features Captain Crunch as a top tier character, just like in Bloodshed.
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