Cropped map (team-annotated)
Sonic Heroes 2 locations
Team name Member 1: Member 2: Member 3: Member 4:
Team Sonic Sonic Shadow Silver Scourge
Team Rose Amy Blaze Cream Vanilla
Team Underground Tails Cosmo Manic Sonia
Team Knuckles Knuckles Shade Mighty Ray
Team Archaic Mina Max Mach Sharps
Team Big Big Honey Marine Tikal
Team Chaotix Espio Charmy Vector Saffron
Team Covert Ashura Wechnia Nazo Covert
Team Dark Rouge Fang Bark Bean
Team Babylon Jet Wave Storm Hurricane
Team Badnik Scratch Grounder Coconuts Metal Sonic
Team Eggman Eggman Eggman Nega Chaos Emerl Metal Sonic II
Miscellaneous Tiara Froggy Fiona Fox Egg Pawn
Nic Tempest Megatox Guidashir

Sandopolis Zone is a location in the Sonic series. It made an appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Sonic Heroes 2

Sandopolis Zone makes an appearance in Sonic Heroes 2. Knuckles and Shade of Team Knuckles play Sandopolis to collect Master Emerald shards. Tiara Boobowski inhabits the place and can frequently be found sunbathing and burnt to a crisp. In fact, when in Team Archaic's storyline they attempt to barricade themselves there with the intention of playing in solitude, Tiara emerges and talks to them. They get acquainted, and she shows them her patch, as well as some of the artefacts she's acquired such as the shrinking technology used by Naughty Nack in the Sonic the Comic Knuckles Knock-Out Special story "Traitor of the Lost Pyramid", which later proves critical right at the end of the game. Team Eggman collect their fourth Chaos Emerald here.

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