ROBSSB4Zero Suit Samus SSB4

Samus & R.O.B are the fourth character in Battle Theater, and default characters. They play the role of a duo, being opposities of each other. They were revealed on February 3.


Up Side Down Standard Best Action Best Drama Best Comeback

Bug Lift

R.O.B turns into Shadow Bugs and stacks up in ladder formation to lift him and Samus up.

Paralyzer Attack

Samus shoots her Paralzyer. If it hits the opponent, they'll be frozen, and R.O.B will swoop in to do a powerful attack.

Gyro Spin

R.O.B sends out a giant Gyro that Samus hops on. It'll spin around and damage anyone who touches it. It's hard to control though.

Plasma Toss

Samus picks up R.O.B with the Plasma Whip and chucks him as projectile. It's slow but powerful.

Duo Beam

Samus picks up R.O.B, who fires a Diffusion Beam. Samus can slowly walk around and aim R.O.B for maximum damage.

The Girl and The Robot

Samus pecks R.O.B on the head, earning an "AWW" from the crowd. Hopeless romantics.

Armor Up

Samus puts on her armor, increasing her attack and defense until the armor is destroyed.


The two are a duo who attack and are controlled together. R.O.B is a slow bruiser and Samus is a quick character who isn't that strong.

Alternate Costumes

  • Swapped Colors
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Dark
  • Lucina & Palutena
  • Yellow

Trophy Description

"The two make a surprisingly cute couple. One is a robot and the other wears high-tech armor, so it just makes sense. Don't tell the other Smashers though. They make a good pair in battle, each using their unique skills. R.O.B is perfect for laying down damage, and Samus is quite athletic.

N/A - N/A"


  • Series:
  • Entrance: The duo are dropped onto the stage as trophies by Master Hand.
  • Victory: The duo turn their backs to the camera and walk away.
  • Theme Song: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Theme
  • Taunts:
    • The duo open a letter with the Smash icon on it.
    • The duo hold up a toy dolphin.
    • R.O.B pulls out a random Smash item that Samus throws away.
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