Samurai Shogun is a boss, and holder of a Star Sprite and Compass Piece in the game Paper Luigi. He was first introduced at the end of Chapter 4, where Minister Crepe is worried that Luigi will make it to the princess. A samurai then jumps into the window, and introuduces himself as Samurai Shogun. He said that he heard the minister mumbling, and that he is able to help. The Samurai tries to slow down Luigi's progress, but failed. Luigi then got to where the samurai rested. The samurai was ready for Luigi, and attacked with no problem. After 40 damage was dealt to him, he was defeated. However, he used the Star Sprite to summon Daimyo Dragon to attack Luigi. However, Luigi defeated this threat as well.

He later appears in Chapter 6 in Fort Feudal allied by the Yoshiraptors. The Jam Blobs' and Luigi's forces attacked the fort in a seige. After a long battle, he was defeated once again by Luigi, even when he used his special attacks. After his defeat, he is revealed to be one of the Luff people. He returns at the end of the game to serve his master, Crepe. Once again, he lost to none other than the man in green, Luigi.