Samuel Think
Samuel Think.
CLASS Scientist, Inventor
Samuel Think is the main anti-hero in the Ella-Metals series, who makes his debut in the series for it's first game Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life!.


Samuel has a very dry sense of humour, he is very sarcastic and quick-witted but doesn't know/want to stop. He normally doesn't get along with new people as of Think's 'mean' insults upon greeting. He is slightly evil, and is greedy. He is known for his constant mood swings and being indecisive. He is very spiteful and old fashioned, and disapproves of the kids new "hip" technology. He is shown to do anything for money, as in EM1 when he helped activate the burglaring plans. .


Think wears circle-shaped glasses and has grey hair, but is balding. Although a inventor in his artwork he is wearing a lab coat, but he only wears it in the lab on the games.


Samuel is extremely smart, he can read peoples minds and imprint tasks into others minds by controlling it with a specieal part of his brain. He used to study psychology to help him use his power effectively. He is a cranky insecure genius, and goes out of control lots.

Role in the series

Think is a mysterious character he is classed as a Anti-Hero, after short of money for his new inventions he was on the Burgulars side in Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life!, in a bid to get quick cash. Betrayl of Ella and co., considers Samuel to retire and take life in the slow lane. Giving them a top secret 'SilentSeeker3000', with his few remaining savings, at the end, he is shown ringing up for jobs. Yet in Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack He is on Ella and Co's Side, fighting with his bare hands and mind after discovering the secrets of the factory. He is the strongest of the group, and is very accurate.

Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life!

Samuel was a near-bankrupt failed inventor who befriended Ella and co. after a fight. He then betrayed the group for money to motivate Rob Ber's robbery plots to invent a menacing robot and security devices, unaware of how big the extent of the plans were. In the epilouge after Rob Ber is defeated, Samuel declares a public state of apology and isn't arrested as feared due to Ella and co. with a honourable speech saving him.

Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack

Think is shown to find many ways of repaying Ella and co by earning their trust and helping then stop Raven Industries. But when he finds out that his rival, Nicholas Steel has been kidnapped, he must make a desicon if he wants to help or not. Samuel learns how to invent more and creates the Metal Shaper for Ella, which can move larger pieces of metal. Ella then tells Samuel after using it to take down Raven that he doesn't need it anymore so he tries to invent again.

Ella-Metals 3

In the third game, Think only appears in the EM3 training battle where he teaches the games controls and physics. He appears in a few missions after, and accidentally creates The Detonator boss when Kaisser activates it. A bot planned to be unleashed from EM1 which Raven planned to unleash in the previous game.

Ella-Metals vs Battle of Bracelets

Samuel is a default character.

Stelios Scramble

Samuel is a unlockable character in Stelios Scramble.


Jump -

Speed -

Protect -

Combat -

Finesher -

Machine Attack and Fantendo Civil War

Think joins Ella and co. to battle robots converted by workers for a company and made insane. In Fantendo Civil War he abandoned Ella and co. to be the final member of The Masters of Evil. (which happened before Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack).

Hark & Flame

Along with Smile and Bonehead he hosted Hark & Flame. He is the most serious of the 3 hosts.


  • He looks very similar to a Kanto Gym Leader (Blaine).
    • Thus, it is yet known if they are related.
      • Many have question Think's age. He is 39, but looks in his 60's. He claims to of had a 'hard' life which shows his 'real age'. By Ella-Metals 3, he has been confirmed to be in His early Fourties now. It is a running gag to qustion his age in the series.
  • In Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life! everytime he meets Andy Pasta he laughs, and Pasta shouts. "IT'S A FAMILY NAME"!
  • Although a inventor in his artwork he is wearing a lab coat, but he only wears it in the lab on the games!
  • He has a fierce rivalry with Nicholas Steel, but he agrees to save him in Machine Attack.


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