Samuel: Sin of Life (Samueru: Seimei no Tsumi サムエル:生命の罪?) is the 1999 action-adventure monster-taming and fighting hybrid game released on April 20, 1999 in Japan, but it was released too early in March 20, 1999 in North America. This game set before Lightspeed Rescue/Rescuger's true final episode/movie due to references to Saki and learning the secret about BEASTs' genetic-engineering procession.



During the time after Diabolical's second defeats, the another world called Earth World who originally populated by humans only due to food shortage problem. Scientists creates a new species for food and placing the herd in northen Japan, but the mutants called Ruffians attack the people. The boy named Saki Amamiya and his love interest Airan Jo joined together called Savior Group.

To coexist with humans and Ruffians, Joe Swanson informs Samuel Nakaoka to head towards Earth World and need to encounters humans and the kind Ruffians and begins to journey with his newly modified Arwing.

When Samuel Nakaoka saved Saki from his falling, Saki begins to flirts Samuel Nakaoka much as his dismay.



  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second (Samuel Dragon)
  • Saki Amamiya (Saki Warbeast)
  • Kachua (Kachua Devast)

Unlockable Playables

  • Achi (Achi Destroyer)


  • Joe Swanson
  • Baed
  • Mandy


  • North City


  • This game was less polygon model, instead used more complex model.
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