Sammy, as she appears in Danny's Adventure.
AGE 12
ZODIAC Unknown
BIRTHPLACE Golden Empire
Danny (brother)
Danny's Adventure (2015)Danny's Adventure (2015)
I... don't know. Maybe you shouldn't be doing that, honestly...
Sammy, Danny's Adventure: Concord

Sammy is a young girl who lives in the Golden Empire, and the secondary protagonist of the Danny's Adventure series. She is the sister of Danny, but ends off being very unlike him at first: while Danny is overly optimistic, Sammy prefers to be alone and doesn't enjoy her time with Danny. Over time, however, the two became very close partners.


Sammy was born a little under 2 years after Danny was. Sammy wasn't nearly as adventurous as Danny was, preferring to play by her self. In an attempt to settle down the young Danny, he was often forced to watch over his younger sibling to make sure nothing bad happened. This limitation on exploration bored Danny, and as a result he grew tired of spending so much time with his sister.

As Sammy grew up, she slowly began to realize Danny's ill feelings about having to take care of her, and grew distant from people. Often wondering whether it was worth even living due to supposedly causing frustration in her family, she often seemed depressed about spending time with people. It wasn't until her and Danny set out together to save the Golden Empire when Danny admitted the real reason he resented babysitting, and the two have restarted their good relationship since then.


Even though the two are siblings, there's nearly nothing in terms of personality that would make you connect Danny to Sammy. Sammy is very frightened of many things and easily grows depressed if something goes wrong. She's generally the first one to back out of any sort of event and doesn't enjoy some of the crazy places that adventures may take her. It usually takes some encouragement from Danny to get her to continue on, likely a remnant of her lonely personality.

Due to her former disappointment in herself, Sammy actually enjoys having company that seems attached to her because they raise her spirits. Sammy is also very determined and does not let up easily when she is trying to do something. Between her and Danny, she is slightly more of the "brains", often helping Danny realize simple solutions to his complicated worries. She never seems to rush into action, and often gets lost in thought, tuning out the people that talk to her.


Danny's Adventure

Sammy makes her first appearance in Danny's Adventure. She is the secondary protagonist who unwillingly tags along during the adventure to save the Golden Empire. She is at first playable for second-fourth players only, but eventually the first player will be able to play as her too. In game, she has the highest jumps out of any character, but her non-ability attacks are weaker than normal.

Danny's Adventure: Concord

Sammy retains her role from Danny's Adventure in Concord. She is the second of four characters available, and features higher overall jump height but weaker regular combat. Her story role is also slightly diminished, with her only being brought along during the ambassador mission due to lots of begging from Danny.



Although Sammy was initially distant towards Danny, in reality she hopes that she will be able to love him as family one day and have her existence be appreciated. This is addressed towards the end of Danny's Adventure, and the two have become much closer since them. Although they still bicker occasionally due to being foils of each other, they have no problem teaming up when the threat is serious.


Sammy is often intrigued by Seam's philosophical questions and tendency to think rather than fight. It often makes her question the morality of the people around her, which often troubles Danny when Seam and his ideals are meant to be on the antagonistic side, not the side that he supports.


He's pretty ugly.


Unlike her brother, Sammy doesn't seem to have much respect for Kaine, believing that her family has trouble ruling. She considers the princess to be a serene and ethereal ruler and yet one that is very naive and pathetic. Sammy doesn't care how much she has to break the fourth wall in order to get across the point that Kaine is nothing more than a generic princess personality in a husk; nothing will stop her!

...she's actually jealous that her family isn't royalty anymore. Don't tell her I said that!


While Sammy does appreciate all the gizmos and gadgets that Mitch seems to come up with, on the inside she finds him rather awkward and is slightly disgusted by how much time he spends cramped up in his room. Sammy's mischievious side often comes out around Mitch due to his inexperience in talk with others.


Sammy was very wary of Chelsea when she first showed up, like the rest of the empire, but nowadays the two have a generally friendly relationship. They enjoy talking about....certain subjects, and share many of the same interests. Chelsea is one of the few people who can always perk up Sammy, and when she's around, Sammy is almost never seen with a negative attitude.


As the person who is training Danny to become a knight-in-training, Sammy has some form of respect for Anton. Although she likes the fact that he helps Danny follow his dream, it's obvious to her that Anton needs to learn to loosen up sometimes. For Sammy, hanging around Anton for too long can be stressful.


Alfonzo certainly has a knack for picking things up, and Sammy recognizes this right away. However, she often likes purchasing things more because of how they look and sound, instead of focusing on their usage value like Danny does. It doesn't matter much to Alfonzo in the end, because any purchase helps him out.



  • The main developer of the game, Dylan, stated that while Sammy is inspired design-wise by her sister, her personality was shaped into Danny.
  • Similarly to Danny, Sammy had undergone multiple name changes before her current name was chosen.
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