Sailed and Sunk
Developer(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) RPG/Survival
Mode(s) Single Player, Online Multiplayer
Available Input Nintendo Gem

Sailed and Sunk is a RPG/survival game for the Nintendo Gem. It is inspired by games like Minecraft, and Earthbound. It uses an 16-bit style of art, just like shovel knight, and is played like classic RPGs.


A huge ship sinks in the middle of the ocean on a trip to an unexplored island, with 100 sailors aboard, including a young boy named Espen. The ship was deemed with no survivors, until one day Espen washed up on the shore of the mystery island. Espen, while knocked out after conking his head on an end of the boat, had been shocked multiple times by electric eels, waking him up right when he washed up. He finds a seaside town named "Starfish Harbor", and then moves in with the Pmaithnex family, a 4 person family. They realize that Espen has electric powers when he is injured, and Espen goes on a quest to survive in this world.

Instead of having a real goal, it is more of an RPG version of Minecraft or Terraria. I mean, you can beat bosses and whatnot, and explore various kingdoms, but really there is no "get back home" or "save the princess".

The World Map

The map is randomly generated, except for the "Starfish Harbor" spawn area, but the town itself has randomly placed buildings, even though the shops are the same. You move around the world map like any other game. Trees, caves and other structures can spawn on the map. Instead of random encounters, most monsters can be seen on the World Map. However, some, such as Ninjaxs, can't be seen on the world map.


Battle works similarily to other games, such as Mario & Luigi. You can choose an attack from a list, of course, and weapons and clothing can improve your stats (and your looks). Each party member can have 4 abilities, not including the weapon and clothing abilities. They also have the normal regular punch/kick when they are out of Charged Energy. When players run out of HP, which, by default is 10, but can be extended through clothing and weapons, they die, relying on the 2 other party members to go without them, or potentially revive them. If everyone dies, they fail and have to use a continue.

Charged Energy is a gimmick similiar to the "Flower Power" in the Paper Mario games. It limits the amount of special moves you can use. Each move uses a certain amount of CE, and the stronger the ability is, the more CE it uses.

Items can be chosen from a bar in the middle of the battle. These can be food to recover health, different clothing to change in battle, weapons and others. When you win a battle, you'll get a reward based on the monster you killed.


Like every other rpg, characters can level up by beating enemies and improve their stats. You can improve stats by wearing clothing and other accesories, as well as holding weapons or wearing charms. The stats are:


Attack. Controls how much damage you do overall. The higher the level ATK is, the more damage you do.


Defense. Controls how much damage you take. The higher this number is, the more hits you can take


Agility. Controls how fast you are on the World Map and in battle. The higher the number, the faster you go and the more chance you have of dodging (not taking damage in battle).


Accuracy. Controls what chances the opponent has of dodging. The higher the number, the less the opponent can dodge from your attacks.


Maximum Health. Controls how many health points you can have. The maximum is 100, but this takes a while to level up after you get experienced.


Experience Points. Shows how much points you have towards leveling up. Leveling up takes more XP the higher the level you are.


Like other games, there is a day/night cycle. In the day, no monsters spawn, and only friendly animals. At night, all of the monsters spawn, but then go away at daybreak. Every Day/Night cycle lasts about 30 minutes, with 15 minutes for the day and night to pass through.



Character Description Passive Ability Moves
Espen Espen is a 15-year old boy who was knocked out in a shipwreck on the way to an unexplored island, which he just so happens to wash up on. He was shocked by eels, which somehow gave him a great swimming ability and the power to create electrical currents around his body, when he's angry, and/or in pain.

He starts out with a green sailor outfit with tears in it, and blue, torn jeans, and wearing sandals. He has black hair which is in the typical "I've shocked myself and my air is now spiky and wavy" cartoon style, refrencing how he pretty much shocks himself alot, but is immune to the feeling of it due to it coming from his own body. When asked about what the electricity feels like to him, he says "It kinda feels like static. You know, that stuff that surrounds balloons when you rub them on your head? that." He is very aggressive but a great friend to those who are willing to be his friend. He seems to jump to conclusions. He can be sarcastic at times but is pretty gullible too.

When hit by a melee attack, in precise timing he can counterattack and shock the foe by pressing A right when they hit Espen, making Espen take half the damage that the attacker would do and recoil the other half back to them. Of course, he can only have 4 abilities out at a time, but has many abilities he can learn.

  • Zap Punch (Learned at Level 1)- Espen jumps out and punches an enemy with an electrocharged fist, zapping the opponent with a 50% chance of paralyzing. When holding a weapon, he can charge the weapon to give it a "shocking" trait too.
  • Flash (Learned at Level 1)- 50% chance of applying blindness to victims.
  • Thunder Coord (Learned at Level 1)- Grabs a string and ties an enemy with it, and then zaps the string, damaging the opponent.
  • Shock Slam (Learned at Level 2)- Punches the ground, sending electricity in a line towards a chosen opponent to harm them and potentially paralyze them.


Monsters are the enemies of the game. Monsters aren't exactly "Monsters", but more of enemies, but some are still monster-ish. They have different stats and can drop rewards.

Monster Description Abilities Attacks Rewards
Zombie The most common monster, found frequently at all night, and especially in abandoned graveyards. They have an average attack, and no special moves, other then a bite, which is basically the same as a punch. When killed someone, the victim turns into a Zombie for the rest of the fight None- just a bite, punch and a kick. 0-1 Tattered Shirt (medium), 1-2 Moldy Brain(common), 0-1 Zombie Head(rare), 0-1 Tooth of the Undead (rare)
Skeleton Another common monster, stronger than a Zombie, but can wield weapons. They also spawn frequently in abandoned graveyards. They have an attack stronger than a Zombie's, in trade to lower defense. The moves they have depend on their weapon. Has a 30% chance to dodge range attacks and world map attacks by detaching from itself- however, this paralyses it for one turn. Depends on weapon. 3-5 Bones (common), a broken version of the weapon holding (Depends on weapon), 0-1 Skeleton Skull(rare).
Ninjax An uncommon monster that looks like a midget ninja. These guys are extremely strong for their size and carry a battleaxe. They have an extremely strong attack, but are slow, but this is bypassed thanks to their ninja tools, like smoke bombs. Aren't seen on world map.
  • Shuriken Throw- Throws 3 Shurikens which go at extremely fast, you're almost unable to dodge them.
  • Smoke Bomb- Covers the arena with smoke, making it hard to see where they are and make you lose your chance of hitting them by 60% for one turn.
  • Battleaxe Bonk- Slowly walks towards you and whacks you with a battleaxe. Extremely easy-to-dodge but extremely powerful.
  • Backstab- Seemingly teleports behind someone and releases a powerful whack with a battleaxe. Not very powerful but no gimmicks involved/
0-4 Shurikens (Common), 0-1 Ninja Cloaks (Uncommon), 0-1 Smoke Bomb (Rare), 0-1 Broken Battleaxe (Rare)

Non-Agressive Animals




There are many types of weapons, and subtypes. These weapon types classify what the weapon does. Stats and attacks may vary, but the main basis stays the same.

  • Melee- Close-Range weapons. Some can be used on the world map to solve puzzles and hit enemies for an advantage in battle.
  • Ranged- Far-Range weapons. Some can hit enemies on the world map from afar and kill them without going into battle.
  • Explosive- Weapons that explode to solve puzzles and hit a wide range of wweapons
    • Ranged Explosive- Ranged weapons that explode. Just a mix of the two.
  • Epic- Rare weapons. It's not really a type, but more of a prefix signifying that the item is rare. These items also are more powerful than their normal counterparts. These weapons shine at a hot pink tint.
  • Legendary- Rarer weapons. They are like epic weapons, but are even more powerful than the epic weapons. They shine at a violet tint, with sparkles surrounding it.
Weapon Description Abilities Attack Power
Steel sword.pngSteel Sword


The Standard Sword, and usually the first weapon to get. You find it commonly in Loot Chests, and as rewards. This sword, like every other sword, can hit monsters on the world map by pressing B to start the fight with their attack. None 2 HP (regular hit), 4 HP (critical hit)


The bow can hit faraway enemies on the world map to possibly kill them without starting a battle, but it needs arrows as ammo. It also can be used in battle, and is more effective on the monster the farthest away from the user. None Depends on arrow.
Throwing Bomb

Ranged Explosive

This bomb can be thrown at enemies, and explodes on impact. Can destroy many enemies at once, and can solve puzzles. However, its explosion isn't very strong. Explodes on impact 5 HP (bomb target), 1-2 HP (bomb bystanders)





Areas are like the biomes of this game. They randomly generate, and they have specific objects which make them special.

Area Description Kingdom
Forest A place with many trees. There are many types of trees in here, and they can be cut down with an axe to get wood, which can be used as a template for your home's flooring. A common biome with varying sizes. Apple-Tree Realm
Desert TBA TBA


Kingdoms spawn in specific biomes, and only one of each can generate per world. There is not a 100% chance that you will find a kingdom in specific biomes, more like a 50% chance.

Kingdom Description
Apple-Tree Realm TBA


These status effects can be summoned by certain attacks, lowering or buffing certain attacks.



Most Amiibo can be used to unlock special outfits for your characters. Sailed and Sunk series amiibo will also be hitting the shelves.

Amiibo Description
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