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Sabrine Lee Female
111 lbs
21 years old Human
Sabrine Lee, with her Standing Ripple Alien Ant Farm
FULL NAME Sabrine Lee
POWERS Creating altered clones of the original victim

Bites that implant malicious computer code

BIRTHDAY March 8th
ALIGNMENT Self interest
OCCUPATION(S) On-the-run
BIRTH LOCATION Seattle, Washington

Super powers, calzones, Unten Bluzen, Leah Needlenam


CHELPRO, Doomuli, Cold showers


Sabrine Lee is a young asian woman that lives in Seattle, Washington, aided by her Standing Ripple known as Alien Ant Farm. Wanting to gain super powers, she was approached by CHELPRO in an experimental program that brought a mental projection of her fighting spirit, which called itself Alien Ant Farm. The two escaped from the clutches of CHELPRO and are now on the run, often going on bizarre adventures. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) for two express purposes: to further the CHELPRO storyline and give them a reason to go to Seattle, and another secret reason that has yet to be made public.

Sabrine Lee is a brash and free-spirited woman on the run from CHELPRO, who activated her powers in the form of a fighting spirit known as Alien Ant Farm. Together, they go through bizarre adventures and utilize an unusual set of powers and abilities.


Sabrine Lee Description

Sabrine Lee is a red haired asian woman with green eyes. Her eyes often have bags under them as she suffers from insomnia. Fashioned around her neck is a small string of red metallic kibble that is supposedly fashioned out of broken Transformer toys. She wears a orange fur coat with a Beorn patterning, with this coat originating from the con man Bee Horn, who sells items that are supposedly made out of Beorn fur, but is nothing more than a hoax. Under this jacket she typically wears a pop art t-shirt- in her artwork above, it is of the late Leah Needlenam. She wears brown pants with jean cuts around the bottom of the pants and blue shoes. She has a tattoo on her back that is a rather explicit picture of Princess Peach and Starscream consummating, which she claims she got when she was drunk, but that doesn't line up with how back tattoos are actually done.

Alien Ant Farm Description

Alien Ant Farm is a strange being that resembles a human skeleton with some bug and demon features, as well as a mask. Their body is split down the middle and separated into a green and blue color, appearing almost jester-like in appearance.


Sabrine Lee is a delinquent and can act rather brash to authority figures. She wanted to gain super powers to be more along the lines of her own heroes, although admired Leah Needlenam for her ability to keep up with the others even without powers or real equipment. Since Unten and the others typically only go after bigger threats and would never needed to interact with her as authority figures, Sabrine didn't see them as authority figures.

Her rebellious nature also has made her a free spirit. She doesn't really live anywhere, instead crashing at apartments or sleeping in stores that were unable to find her. Being a free spirit, her will is incredibly strong and has led her to be rather determined, which served her well against the CHELPRO experiments she was subjected to. Her free spirit nature allows her to befriend many characters, including ones of morally dubious nature, although she is not willing to bite time or health for anyone for any particular reason, citing that her own well-being is more important than anyone else's. As such, she can come off a bit egotistical in this sense.

She is also rather inappropriate. She has a rather explict tattoo on her back that she claims she got while drunk, although this is unlikely as tattoos of this nature would require hours under the needle and multiple trips to a tattoo parlor. She often over-shares and doesn't care who is disgusted. She seems to have no sense of shame as well. She is also an insomniac, being vulnerable only in dreams and is haunted by a strange creature heavily implied to be a form of Oober Nightmarecoat.

Her Standing Ripple, Alien Ant Farm, has no real will of it's own, but has a studious personality and has been described as fighting "as if they were looking for books at Barnes and Noble". Alien Ant Farm can usually be seen reading a book of some kind. It cannot speak or seemingly react to anything that is not a fight.


Stand Out Stories


Powers and Abilities

Sabrine Lee's powers and abilities come mostly from her Standing Ripple, Alien Ant Farm. Alien Ant Farm allows Sabrine Lee to create "Doppelclones", a clone of the victim that focuses on one facet of their personality, often twisted in some way. These Doppelclones are usually hostile to the victim but cannot kill. Sabrine Lee has no power over these clones, but can use them to overwhelm her opponent in the heat of battle. These Doppelclones can only appear for an upwards of 24 hours before disappearing or can be merged back at a temporary increase in a specific trait that the Doppelclone focused on. Sabrine or the Doppelclone can do this merging.

Additionally, Alien Ant Farm can bite opponents to infect them with malicious computer code. This is most effective on characters that are heavily attached to technology or are technology, but the malicious computer code can be passed on contact with a device. When this computer code is passed onto a electronic device, it leaves the victim. This malicious computer code is a virus known as "Bug Bytes" and spreads over time, creating "egg" files that hatch into more viruses.

Sabrine Lee is also well trained in Zui Quan, a Chinese martial art that imitates the movement of drunk people. She can only do this when completely sober, ironically enough. She cannot hold her booze very well, so even being slightly drunk will throw her off. Too bad she likes to drink a lot!

Sabrine Lee is also talented in the instrument of the synthesizer.

Specific Abilities

  • Slick Thief - Alien Ant Farm's primary ability. Alien Ant Farm thrusts their hands out in the general direction of his victim and then spreads them apart to separate out a trait of the victim and create a Doppelclone. Alien Ant Farm is currently only limited to only one Doppelclone of a character at a time. The Doppelclone cannot be controlled by Sabrine Lee or Alien Ant Farm, but generally dislike the victim they came from to begin with. They cannot kill the victim and replace them. In the event of the victim dying, the Doppelclone disappears.
    • Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm separates one of Sabrine Lee's personality traits and has them fight alongside her. If Sabrine Lee is drunk, the Doopelclone is sober and can fight. The hatred towards the original does not seem to occur with Sabrine Lee. However, the single Doppelclone per person limit still applies to this variant of the ability.
  • Bug Bytes - Alien Ant Farm lurches forward or launches forward and bites with their massive jaw hidden underneath their mask. This infects the victim with malicious computer code. This works best with mechanical or computer code-generated characters. If injected into a human host, it will seem to have no effect on them until they touch an electronic device, in which it will pass the malicious computer code into the device and infect it with viruses. Laying "egg" files that hatch into further viruses, the virus is able to overload a system with malicious data in about a hour.
  • Zui Quan - When completely sober, Sabrine Lee is able to utilize the Chinese martial art known as Zui Quan. This martial art imitates the motions of a drunken person and can be difficult to fight against due to it's unique motions. If Sabrine Lee is drunk in any way, her movement will be thrown off.
    • Lu Dongbin Back - Sabrine Lee attacks with a knife attached to her back, swaying back and forth to confuse her opponent.
    • Li Tieguai Kick - Sabrine Lee pretends to crumple onto her left side before swinging her right leg forward, slamming hard with a strong leg attack.
    • Han Zhongli Tackle - Sabrine Lee tackles the opponent with just her strength and can even ride them briefly by grabbing their head and kicking into their side.
      • Han Zhongli Jockey - Sabrine Lee can wrest control over her opponent while riding them if she focuses, having trained on a mechanical bull when she was younger. She can use the belt on her waist as a leash and exert further control. If her opponent is more of a submissive type, they may allow her to ride on them for extended periods of time.


Hyper Mode


Hyper Form Sabrine Lee and Alien Ant Farm (Always and Forever) (Alien Ant Farm AAF for short) was the full name of Sabrine Lee and Alien Ant Farm's Hyper Mode forms. While it has yet to appear in canon currently, it works completely differently than any previously seen Hyper Form, instead only being by Alien Ant Farm who supplies Sabrine Lee with her powers, which allows them to both transform with the Hyper Mode Orb. This gives Alien Ant Farm two brand new abilities in the place of Slick Thief and Bug Bytes.

The first new ability is Yellow Pages. Teleporting in a giant yellow pages directory of every person that Sabrine Lee has ever crossed paths with, Sabrine Lee is able to look through it and find the name of any person she's looking for- although if Sabrine Lee has never seen or met this person, they will not be in her yellow pages book. By cutting her finger on the pages, she can then point a bleeding finger to the name of the person she wishes to either teleport to or bring to her.

The second new ability is Godlike, which vastly improves Sabrine Lee's movement abilities by introducing spatial bending. Sabrine Lee is able to warp the space around her to jump high into the air and able to extend her horizontal and vertical distance to whatever she pleases. As she gains more speed in the air, Alien Ant Farm is able to protect her from shattering on impact or the g-forces crushing her body. This allows her to make herself become a human bullet of sorts.

It should be noted however, that she looses both Slick Thief and Bug Bytes as abilities and needs to exit the form to use them. Sabrine Lee gains relatively little in this new form aside from a new outfit where her Beorn coat becomes blue like Unten Bluzen and her shirt becomes a illustration of Hyper Mode Leah Needlenam. Additionally, Sabrine Lee gain claw weapons that are made of hardened volcano rock, allowing her to shred through opponents. Her pants change into shorts and she gains a sake bottle that is filled with ale, which beyond allowing her to drink while on the go, also act as a lighting fluid.

Alien Ant Farm undergoes some changes as it becomes Alien Ant Farm AAF. It's arms become dislocated, allowing individual body parts to interact with the environment without making the entire body tangible. It's colors become different, being a dark blue and sand red as it's body is bent and contorted, with the bottom of it's torso resembling the infinity sign. It's mask and eye colors are also slightly altered.

Personality changes for Sabrine are rather minimal, mostly changing her snarky attitude towards her opponents to be slightly more obnoxious. Alien Ant Farm AAF can also act as a fighter of it's own alongside Sabrine, mostly following her commands. While not a particularly strong fighter on it's own, it still can act as quite a helpful ally.


Juliani Crimsoze

When Sabrine Lee and Juliani Crimsoze first met, they had a tense relationship almost entirely from Juliani's feelings towards her. While Sabrine Lee thought nothing much of Juliani's insults and visible disgust towards her, Juliani seems to be very much against her from the moment she sees her, seeing her as dirty and gross due to her homeless condition. This attitude seems to surprise Robert. Sabrine thinks she's cute and even seems to hit on her on occasion.


  • Sabrine Lee was obviously inspired by the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, with her Standing Ripple being a direct reference to Stands from the series.
  • Alien Ant Farm is named after the band. Their abilities are named after the songs "Smooth Criminal" and "Bug Bytes". "Smooth Criminal" is a cover of another song and has a more nu metal sound to it, hence the ability. Bug Bytes is merely informed by the name of the song. "Slick Thief" is the original name of their version of "Smooth Criminal", as titled in the 1999 album "Greatest Hits".
    • Additionally "Smooth Criminal" ends up being foreshadowing for Sabrine Lee taking a bullet into the shoulder from Juliani Crimsoze, a smooth criminal.
  • Sabrine Lee's jacket is from a character named Bee Horn, an obscure character concept that made their way into Fantendo Smash Bros. Alpha and was created by Drackula (tbc). The character is a con salesman that sells fake Beorn merchandise.
  • Sabrine Lee's design was partially inspired by Hide, a late Japanese musician known for their eccentric outfits.



Standing Ripple is a concept in the New Fantendoverse used to refer to projections of fighting spirits created by contact with the metal Ripplite. These fighting spirits are created from the hosts' Aura and general will to fight and host incredible but bizarre abilities. These Standing Ripples name themselves, usually off musical artists, and often do not speak or act on their own, but do follow their host everywhere. They have an arguable consciousness; while they can act on their own when not in combat, they do not seem to be consciously aware of their own actions.

Ripplite is a mineral/metal alloy that can phase light through it to alter it's properties. It is key to being able to produce Standing Ripples. It comes from Vokkskar-created Catalyst Comets that crash into planets. Ripplite can also inversely be used to cut through Standing Ripples. Given it's weak resistance to force, crushing similar to quartzine mineral, it is not good for weapons.
  • Ocean 11's leader Hammerhead, who has the largest fragment recovered, has used it for monetary gain and on every member of his mob gang.
  • CHELPRO as corporation has a smaller fragment that they are experimenting with.
  • Trent Corona has a very small fragment that he uses in the blade of a laser sword known as the Ripple Ripper.
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  • Standing Ripples are inspired by the concept of Stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The name of the concept is even a reference to both the shorthand (Stand) and it's meaning (Ghostly Ripple).
    • One key difference is that if Standing Ripples interact with the environment, they can be hurt and attacked like a normal character. Additionally, they can be seen by anyone.
  • Standing Ripples could possibly be seen as a new extension of the music numbers that have been present in both the original Fantendoverse and the new Fantendoverse- where as music punctuated pivotal moments in past stories, now they are literally powering characters.
  • Coincidentally, Standing Ripples and Stands were both introduced in the third "part" of their respective series' on going narratives- Standing Ripples in Phase 3 of the New Fantendoverse and Stands in Part 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.