Sabrina (CR)
Sabrina the cat.
AGE 3,000
BIRTHPLACE Unknown, presumably Velo City
CLASS Villain (first game only)

Sabrina is a cat who is a character in the City Rush series. She first appeared in the game City Rush. She had been in a deep slumber for thousands of years when the White Lord awakened her. The White Lord tricked her into turning against Striko.


Sabrina's height is 5'02". Her fur is a sky blue color, as well as her dress. She wears red shoes and white gloves. A red, mysterious jewel is also placed on her head. Although she is 3,00 years old, her physical appearance looks the same age as most of the characters in the series.


Sabrina has a nasty dark side. When he White Lord awakened her, she threatened to kill it if it gave her "the wrong answer". She aso has no fear, as she was undeterred when the White Lord replied by saying, "I will have destroyed you by the time you had begun to move."

Sabrina has a bad temper, and this is dangerous. Her psychic powers increase dramatically when she is angered. It is easy to make her mad. However, she is very hard on herself when she calms down. She shows lots of remorse for anything she had done (especially when she figured out that the White Lord had tricked her into trying to kill Striko).

Sabrina is also shown to be very gullible. The White Lord easily manipulated her by saying only she had the strength to stop Striko from destroying the city. However, after she was yet again defeated in the Sewers, Striko easily convinced her that what the White Lord had said was a lie.


Nothing is known about Sabrina's early life. She had been in a deep slumber for thousands of years somewhere near Velo City, but for reasons unknown. It is a mystery what the jewel on her head is for, or how she got her psychic abilities.

Powers and Abilities

Game Appearances

  • City Rush — Sabrina is one of the villains of the game. She tries to kill Striko afterbeing tricked by the White Lord.


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