SUPREMACY: Shadowcalypse 3 is the third installment of Lone Planet's Shadowcalypse series, and the final entry of its original story arc.


Shadowcalypse 3 is a hack-and-slash character action game set in a 3D environment, similar to such series as Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. The main playable character, Umbra Shader, wields a powerful Galvan Artifact known as the Shadow Scythe, which serves as his main weapon. Umbra can use dark energy to string together several types of attacks in combos, which is strongly reccomended in combat as there will be tons of enemies in most battle sequences. Aside from darkness, Umbra can also control gravity and, to an extent, time. He can flip the gravitational pull on objects and enemies or reverse their path of movement.



Six months after the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, Umbra Shader and his girlfriend Andromeda have gotten married and adopted their own son, Apollo. Together, they live pleasantly in the present time... aside from Umbra's recurring nightmares of Queen Nebula and Apollo's occasional outbursts where he nearly causes destruction.

A visit from Penumbra prompts the family to find a way to return to the late 79th century and reunite with their old friends, Becky "Upside" Polonium and Reverse, so they can finally overthrow Nebula and set things right. Doing so will also reveal the truth about Umbra's parents and why they sent him into the future.


Umbra jolts awake in a sweat, finding himself in a surreal wasteland blanketed with an eerie purple fog. He doesn't know what this place is or why he's here -- all he knows is that he must fight. This is the same dream he's been having at LEAST twice a week since that Beorn descended The Threat...

and The Fan...

and The Enemy.

He can already see whatever those creatures are coming his way. He is ready.

Wake to see
Your true emancipation is a fantasy

Umbra swipes out his Shadow Scythe, giving those monsters a determined glare.

Have risen up and overcome the brave

Whatever the hell those things are, he will wipe them off the face of this universe.

Greatness dies
Unsung and lost, invisible to history

Who could be trusted in this world anymore? It was all gone and he didn't know why.

Embedded spies
Brainwashing our children to be mean

Nebula did this. He just knows it. But why would she?

It doesn't matter right now. He has to fight.

You don't have long
I am on to you

Umbra can barely even feel his own legs as he marches towards those strange things. It's all pure instinct by now.

The time, it has come
To destroy...

The monsters just keep running. Looking for a fight, it seems.



Umbra slashes his scythe at the first creature to lunge at him, as the cutscene transitions into a massive arena battle where the player learns the basic mechanics of combat, as the wasteland around him begins to tear itself apart. Eventually, he finds himself on a single stone platform with several mystic scriptures encarved in the stone itself, and more monsters of various shapes and sizes swarm him as the music playing reaches its climax, all within a swirling violet tornado where he can see visions of other worlds he can't describe very easily as they all zoom past him.

After a long fight against those things, he dashes towards the edge of the platform and leaps off, free falling to whatever might be at the bottom of the vortex -- but a sudden stab from behind stops him in his tracks as his vision blacks out.



Character Description

Umbra Shader lived in the distant 79th century for all of his childhood and teenage years, and from the very beginning he has resisted Nebula's authority with help from his friends. Even after settling down with his wife Andromeda in 2019, he's had recurring nightmares involving Nebula and his unanswered questions about his life. Now that he's been called into action once again, he's confident he can defeat his nemesis once and for all.

Andromeda is now Umbra's wife, and always tries to comfort him whenever he questions the life they are living. Compassionate but naïve, she is content with being far away from whatever Nebula's been planning. However, after realizing what the queen's quest for supremacy could mean for Umbra, she ultimately decides to rejoin the resistance and fight for her family.

Penumbra is one of Nebula's several clones created to form a potential army for universal domination. He was put to good use when Umbra started to fight back against her reign, but he began to question her motives and left her army. Now, as Nebula's plans go into full speed and force, Penumbra knows he has to bring Umbra back to the future or risk annihilation.

Queen Nebula, the ruler of the entire universe as society approaches the 80th century, has had enough of the people using loopholes to escape her wrath, and is totally cracking down on all who resist. This is even reaching the point where she couldn't care less if her soldiers are lost as long as it means her eternal slaves are kept in line. She is this close to becoming the mistress of all that exists, and this time she will not let anyone stop her... especially not Umbra.
RinMiu DigitalArt

Original drawing by DoodleFox (tbc); digital version by me.
Rin Miu is the daughter of an ice god, often taking on her superhero alter-ego, the Ice Queen, to fight crime. However, this persona is essentially a coverup for her autism, which affects her daily life in unwanted ways. She joins Umbra's group to help them find a way to stop Nebula, but on this journey, she'll also learn what it truly means to be a hero -- and how it will change her life forever.

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