Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Apple Smart Fridge

Switch Steam IOS Android Amazon Kindle

Release Date(s)
TBA 2020

"Well, mostly Everything..."

SMASH BROS. EVERYTHING!!! is the sequel to the game SMASH BROS: EVERYONE!!!. This time, however, the rules are more strict.

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(Add gameplay mechanics here! [Just be serious, okay?])

Whats super smash brothers without gameplay, down here i'm showcasing the new ideas your's trully came up with, the gameplay features shown are ment to be fun and exciting because the last smash bros game to really contribute to smash bros melee and no final smashes dont count because, final smashes are finishers for each character and that didn't contribute as much as Side Specials, Spot dodging, air dodging 4 different grabs and charging up smash attacks and yes i do understand the importance of final smashes to but that was pretty much the only gameplay change in brawl that i can recall. I hope you like my ideas 'cause i worked really hard on them and i know you people might think differently but please be respectful.

Circular Air-Dodging: New in this game is circular air dodging, while in the air press the ZR or ZL button and then rotate the control stick to do a circular air dodge this will help with attacks with wide range and will help with heavy characters because this type of dodge is momentum based so you can spam it but only with right timing and coordination to send characters flying up to help with recovery.

Zig-Zag Air-Dodging: Also new in this game is Zig-Zag Air-Dodging by pressing the ZL or ZR button and quickly flicking the control stick in a direction you will be able to zig-zag out of the way of hard to dodge attacks or to space out opponents if they get to close.

100 Player Smash: along with having 8 player smash back we now have 100 player smash to have truly chaotic battles trully wonderful.

Footstool Damage: now when players perform footstools they will deal a small amount of chip damage to the opponent but at high enough percentages they can spike.

Sliding: by dashing and holding down on the control stick fighters can perform slides to dodge attacks and final smashes and they can also act out of it with no end lag what so ever so they can perform easy combos.

Windbox Spot Dodge: press the ZL and ZR button and rotate the control stick the player can generate a small windbox to blow opponents back while on the ground.

Sweep Kick Roll: double tap the control stick while rolling to do a sweep kick to trip opponents the heavy/taller the opponent is the greater the damage.

Smash Attack Chain: with good timing you can keep your opponent in a chain of smash attacks with no end lag as long as your fast enough and time your button presses right but your attacks still stale if you use the same attack 2 times or more in a row.

Item Snatch: if you perform a smash attack on someone with a item equiped or if they are holding one you can snatch it away from them just like with the Dragoon/Day Break Parts but it works with every item.

Neutral Throw: if an opponent is grabbed and the player only uses pummels after the pummel time is up they will perform a neutral throw it deal less damage than a normal throw but it still knock opponents away.

Grab Block: if 2 opponents try to grab each other at the same time they will recieve some small chip damage and will fail to execute the grab.

Pivot Grab and Pivot Throw: a pivot grab is if a player grabs an opponent just as there about to turn the opposite direction and a pivot throw is if you perform a pivot grab then immediately throw them its hard to pull of but it does more damage than a normal throw.

Rocket Footstool: when performing a footstool press and hold up on the control stick to gain more hight than a normal footstool jump but its hard to time but will pay off when you do.

Aerial Grab and Aerial Throw: you now have the option of grabing and throwing in the air by pressing the L or R button in the air with an opponent next to them they will pause in the air before slowly decending they can pummel or perform a Back, Down, Up, Forward or Neutral Throw and each throw will be unique too.

Ledge Break: if a player is hanging on to a ledge walk on their hands/stubs ect. to knock them off the ledge you can also attack people holding on to a ledge.

Shield Throw: while shielding flick the control stick to throw your shield at an opponent that will turn into a burst of energy to hurt opponents the bigger the character = the more damage the burst will do.

Final Smash Disrupt and Final Smash Retry: you can disrupt a final smash by attacking the opponent the second there about to release their final smash if you do that their final smash will be gone but final smash canceling is only when you have the smash meter on if you fail to connect the final smash, before the animation is finished press the b button with the right timing to re-gain your final smash to try again you can do it as long as you want but its very hard to pull of and wont work with a smash ball.

Shield Break Cancel: just as your shield breaks press up b at the right time to get your shield back and to avoid a shield break useful for attacks with shield killer properties.

True Stun Lock: by alternating A and B attacks with proper timing you can perform a chain of attack opponents cant even dodge out of but only on the ground.

Storing Items: while your holding an item you can spot dodge to save that item for later but it only works with held items not equipable items.

Stylish Moves and Stylish Meter: by playing a normal smash match and performing combos or successfully pull off hard to do techniques a little stylish meter will fill up over time and you can stack it up with 10 charges with each one giving you more power-ups with the 10th charge activating all of them by pressing the b button when the meter is full.

  • Charge 1: Speed, raises the players speed
  • Charge 2: Power, raises the damage of attacks
  • Charge 3: Jump, raises the jump hight of players
  • Charge 4: Knockback, raises the knockback power of players
  • Charge 5: Super Armor, gives the player Super Armor
  • Charge 6: Shield, raises the durability of shields and gives shield throw more power
  • Charge 7: Instant Perfect Shield, makes every shield perform perfect shielding
  • Charge 8: No End Lag, all ending lag on moves is gone.
  • Charge 9: Electric Shields, gives players electric shields that damage opponents when they touch it.
  • Charge 10: Gradual Healing, gives players gradual healing and activates all other powers.

Combo Meter: When performing a Combo if you can Keep the opponent off the ground You do More Damage

Exclusive Passives: Passives from character.

Space Time: Real time tournament.

Ranked PVP: The ranked PVP of this game.



  • Number 1: No Real Life People that includes Youtubers, Celeberties and any one that isn't fictional
  • Number 2: No Memes or Meme characters
  • Number 3: if your going to put in a joke character it has to have a moveset or else, its getting deleted.
  • Number 4: The image of the character has to be transparent so it can look consistant with the rest of the page
  • Number 5: If Your Going To Put A Cartoon Character Make sure It Has A Moveset If Not It's Geting Deleted

Rules where all Made By Gold sans mobile. i was just re-writing them to look cleaner (dont add any more rules)


Image Franchise Name Moveset
90px|center Mario

Neutral B: Fireball Shot

Side B: Cape Fether

Up B: Super Jump Punch

Down B: F.L.U.D.D

Final Smash: Mario Finale

90px|center Luigi

Neutral B: Green Fireball

Side B: Green Missile

Up B: Super Jump Punch

Down B: Luigi Cyclone

Final Smash: Polterguist 9000

90px|center Peach

Neutral B: Psych Bomb

Side B: Yoshi Cookie

Down B: Mute

Up B: Calm Breeze

Final Smash: Fiery Rage

90px|center Bowser

Neutral B: Fire Breath

Side B: Flying Slam

Down B: Bowser Bomb

Up B: Whirling Fortress

Final Smash: Bowser's Army 

Donkey Kong Clear SSBB
90px|center Donkey Kong

Neutral B: Barrel Throw

Side B: Head-Butt

Up B: Spinning Kong

Down B: Hand-Slam

Final Smash: Kongo Bongo

90px|center Yoshi

Neutral B: Tonge

Side B: Egg Roll

Down B: Ground Pound

Up B: Egg Throw

Final Smash Stampede!

OoT Link Artwork
90px|center Link

Neutral B: Sword Beam

Side B: Gale Boomerang

Down B: Bomb Flowers

Up B: Spin Attack

Final Smash: Triforce of Courage

Kirby SSBU
90px|center Kirby

Neutral B: Inhale

Side B: Hammer

Down B: Stone

Up B: Final Cutter

Final Smash: Ultra Sword

Samus SSBUltimate
90px|center Samus

Neutral B: Charge Shot

Side B: Grapple Beam

Down B: Super Bomb

Up B: Shine Spark

Final Smash: Zero Lasor

90px|center Fox McCloud

Neutral B: Blaster

Side B: Fox Ilusion

Down B; Reflector

Up B: Fire Fox

Final Smash: Team Star Fox

Pikachu SSBUltimate
90px|center Pikachu

Neutral B: Thunder Jolt

Side B: Skull Bash

Down B: Thunder

Up B: Quick Attack

Final Smash: Volt Tackle

Jigglypuff SSBUltimate
90px|center Jigglypuff

Neutral B: Rollout

Side B: Pound

Down B: Sing

Up B: Play Rough

Final Smash: Puff Up

SSB F-Zero Series
Captain Falcon

Neutral B: Falcon Punch

Side B: Falcon Dive

Down B: Falcon Kick

Up B: Raptor Boost

Final Smash: Blue Falcon

SSB EarthBound Series

Neutral B: PK Flash

Side B: PK Fire

Down B: PSI Magnet

Up B: PK Thunder

Final Smash: PK Starstorm

SSB DragonBallZ
Son Goku Neutral B: Ki Blast

Side B: Nimbus

Up B: After Image

Down B: Power Pole

Final Smash: Kamehameha

SSB Undertale Series

Neutral B: Empty Gun

Side B: Soul Shield

Down B: Soul Blaster

Up B: Bounding Soul

Final Smash: Determination

Batman - Brave and the Bold

Neutral B: Batrang

Side B: Bat Bombs

Up B: Grappling Hook

Down B: Dark Knight Counter

Final Smash: Bat-Mech

SSB Bomberman Series

B: Bomb

Side B: Line Bomb

Up B: Bomber Jet

Down B: Time Bomb

Final Smash: Giga Bomb

Mii Brawler SSBUlt
SSB Mii Series
Mii Brawler

Neutral B: Bowling Ball

Side B: Uppercut

Up B: Helicopter Kick

Down B: Headlong Charge

SSB Mario Series

B: Tackle

Side B: Spin Tackle

Up B: Air Tackle

Down B: Drill Tackle

Final Smash: Big Goomba Tackle

Mr. Game & Watch SSBU
Game and watch logo.svg
Mr. Game & Watch

Neutral B: Chef

Side B: Judge

Up B: Fire

Down B: Oil Panic

Final Smash: Octopus

SSB FaceRaiders
Face Raider

Neutral B: Ball Shoot!

Side B: Kiss

Up B: Fly

Down B: Reflector

Final Smash: Background Break

Minion Pig

Neutral B: TNT

Side B: Ram

Up B: Bottle Rocket

Down B: Mechanic

Final Smash: Super Magnet

18-180111 fear-clipart-insane-person-plants-vs-zombies-2
38-386375 plants-vs-zombies-png-transparent-image-plants-vs
Crazy Dave

Neutral B: Peashooter

Side B: Walnut Bowling

Up B: Penny

Down B: Spikeweed

Final Smash: Time Rifts



Image Franchise Name Moveset
Super Mario Motley Bossblob Neutral B: Blob Launch

Side B: Blobby Faceplant

Down B: Bossblob Shield

Up B: Blob Line

Final Smash: Blob Colossus

loony toons big chungus

neutral b: chungus roll-out!

side b: chungy slam

up b: small chungus puff

down b: big chungus' trapdoor slam and lock


King Wart
Super Mario Wart

Neutral B: Bubble Breath

Side B: Ostro

Down B: Wart Slam

Up B: Fly Guy

Final Smash: Subcon Destruction

Super Mario Hammer Bro

Neutral B: Hammer Throw

Side B: Boomerang Throw

Down B: Sledge Hammer

Up B: Amazing Flying Hammer Bro

Final Smash: Hammer Storm

KSA Bandana Dee
Kirby Bandana Waddle Dee

Neutral B: Spear Throw

Side B: Bubble Parasol

Up B: Spear Copter

Down B: Megaton Punch

Final Smash : Waddle Dee Army

Meta Knight SSBL
Kirby Meta Knight

Neutral B: Mach Tornado

Side B: Drill Rush

Up B: Shuttle Loop

Down B: Dimensional Cape

Final Smash : Darkness Illusion

King Dedede SSBU
Kirby King Dedede

Neutral B: Inhale:

Side B: Gordo Throw

Up B: Super Dedede Jump

Down B: Jet Hammer

Final Smash: Masked Dedede

Sans by flintofmother3-d9dl8qh
Undertale Sans

Neutral B: Gaster Blaster

Side B: Blue Attack

Down B: Spare Ribs

Up B: Offscreen Teleport

Final Smash: Ultimate Attack

340px-Jet Rio2016
Sonic the Hedgehog Jet

Neutral B: Windy Homing Attack

Side B: Jet Ilusion

Down B: Bluster Spin Dash

Up B: Extreme Updraft

Final Smash: Extreme Gear Blitz

Ristar art
Ristar Ristar

Neutral B: Stellar Headbutt

Side B: Comet Dash

Down B: Meteor Stomp

Up B: Shooting Star

Final Smash: Bonus Room Mayhem

TSR Sonic
Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic

Neutral B: Homing Attack

Side B: Light Speed Dash

Down B: Flame Somersault

Up B: Spring

Final Smash: Super Sonic

Pokemon Gardevoir

Neutral B: Psychic

Side B: Confusion

Down B: Magical Leaf

Up B: Teleport

Final Smash: Mega Gardevoir

Kaiser greedy by megadrivesonic-d3466zh
Ristar Kaiser Greedy

Neutral B: Cape Fare

Side B: Kaiser Black Hole

Down B: Death Spark

Up B: After Image

Final Smash: Space City Destruction
De Blob Blob

Neutral B: Lock on and Slam

Side B: Paint Ram

Down B: Color Swap

Up B: Air Canon

Final Smash: Transform Generator

Kalimba DSSB
Donkey Kong Kalimba

Neutral B: Krazy Eyes

Side B: Elephant Assist

Down B: Stone Tiki Pillar

Up B: Tiki Rise

Final Smash: Field Control

A Hat in Time Hat Kid

Neutral B: Umbrella Lasor

Side B: Sprint Scooter

Down B: Ice Hat

Up B: Dwellers Mask

Final Smash: Time Piece Bomb

Banjo Kazooie Gruntilda

Neutral B: Wicked Magic

Side B: Fire Magic Blast

Down B: Dinkpot

Up B: Spitfire

Final Smash: B.O.B

Shyguy 2D
Yoshi's Island Shy Guy

Neutral B: Glum Reaper

Side B: Spear Guy

Down B: Mask Shield

Up B: Fire Guy

Final Smash: Gourmet Guy

Pokemon Sceptile

Neutral B: Leaf Blade

Side B: Leaf Blade Rush

Down B: Dragon Pulse

Up B: Aerial Ace

Final Smash: Mega Sceptile

Mega Man Mega Man

Neutral B: Metal Blade

Side B: Crash Bomber

Down B: Leaf Shield

Up B: Rush Coil

Final Smash: Mega Man Legends

CronoSmashified SizeEdit
Chrono Trigger Crono

Neutral B: Cleave Counter

Side B: Dashing Slash

Down B: Cyclone

Up B: Rising Cyclone

Final Smash: Luminare

Banjo & Kazooie SSBU
Banjo Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie Neutral B: Breegull Blaster

Side B: Wonder Wing

Down B: Grenade Eggs

Up B: Shock Jump

Final Smash: The Jinjonator

Hero SSBUltimate
Dragon Quest The Hero

Neutral B: Frizz

Side B: Zap

Down B: Command Selection

Up B: Woosh

Final Smash: Gigaslash

KTD Taranza Artwork
Kirby Taranza

Neutral B: Taranza Ball

Side B: Taranza Web

Down B: Dreamstalk

Up B: Taranza Web Bounce

Final Smash: Queen's Phantom

Spongebob Nickelodeon
SpongeBob Spongebob

Neutral B: Bubble Missile

Side B: Bubble Bowl

Down B: Karate Gear

Up B: Viking Helmet

Final Smash: Fry Cook Spongebob

Kamek 2D shaded
Yoshi's Island Kamek

Neutral B: Polygon Blast

Side B: Flip-Flop Sticker

Down B: White Magikoopa Heal

Up B: Magikoopa Warp

Final Smash: Rainbow Bob-Omb

Chameleo Arm
Kirby Chameleo Arm

Neutral B: Paint Spit

Side B: Chameleo Roll

Down B: Phase Out

Up B: Chameleo Tounge

Final Smash: Bursting Color Change

Zelda 3 hyrule warriors render hd by xxtremorxx d7qpz81-pre
The Legend of Zelda Zelda

Neutral B: Nayrus Love

Side B: Dins Fire

Down B: Phantom Slash

Up B: Farores Wind

Final Smash: Triforce of Wisdom

Papyrus from undertale render by nibroc rock-d9c1tak
Undertale Papyrus

Neutral B: Blue Attack

Side B: Bone Hill

Down B: Giant Bone

Up B: Rapid Kick Flutter

Final Smash: Super Cool Regular Attack

Freezeflame Galaxy model
Super Mario Freezeflame Galaxy

Neutral B: Icy Shot

Side B: Lava Filled Moon

Down B: FrostBurn Shield

Up B: Sheer Cold Updraft

Final Smash: Hot and Cold Colide

Super Mario Toad

Neutral B: Spore Spit

Side B: Triple Mushroom Dive

Down B: Light Block

Up B: Propeller Hat

Final Smash: Earth Shattering P.O.W Block

Cuphead Render
Cuphead Cuphead

Neutral B: Peashooter

Side B: Charge Shot

Down B: Chaos Orbit

Up B: Parry Slap

Final Smash: Energy Beam

Villager SSBUltimate
Animal Crossing Villager

Neutral B: Pocket

Side B: Lloid Rocket

Down B: Tree Sprout

Up B: Balloon Trip

Final Smash: Dream Home

Ganondorf SSBU Artwork
The Legend of Zelda Ganondorf

Neutral B: Warlock Punch

Side B: Wizard Choke

Down B: Wizards Foot

Up B: Warlock Rise

Final Smash: Beast Ganon

SSBU Shiek

The Legend of Zelda


Neutral B: Needle Storm

Side B: Burst Grenade

Down B: Bouncing Fish

Up B: Vanish

Final Smash: Sheikah Dance

The Legend of Zelda Mipha

Neutral B: Lightscale Trident

Side B: 

Down B: Mipha's Grace

Up B: Waterfall Ascend

Final Smash: Divine Beast Vah Ruta

The Legend of Zelda Daruk

Neutral B: 

Side B: Boulder Breaker

Down B: Daruk's Protection

Up B: Cannon

Final Smash: Divine Beast Vah Rudania

The Legend of Zelda Revali

Neutral B: Great Eagle Bow

Side B: 

Down B:

Up B: Revali's Gale

Final Smash: Divine Beast Vah Medoh

The Legend of Zelda Urbosa

Neutral B: 

Side B: Scimitar of the Seven

Down B: Urbosa's Fury

Up B: 

Final Smash: Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Ridley SSBDiscord
Metroid Ridley

Neutral B: Plasma Breath

Side B: Space Pirate Rush

Down B: Skewer

Up B: Wing Blitz

Final Smash: Plasma Scream

NSM InklingGirl
Splatoon Inkling

Neutral B: Splatter Shot

Side B: Splat Roller

Down B: Splat Bombs

Up B: Squid Jump

Final Smash: Killer Wail

KingKrool SSBDiscord
Donkey Kong King K. Rool

Neutral B: Blunderbuss

Side B: Crown Toss

Down B: Gut Check

Up B: Helipack

Final Smash: Blast-o-Matic

Diddy Kong (Fighter)
Donkey Kong Diddy Kong

Neutral B: Peanut Pop Gun

Side B: Monkey Flip

Down B: Bananna Peel

Up B: Rocket Barrel Pack

Final Smash: Hyper Rocketbarrel

Waluigi SMP
Super Mario Waluigi

Neutral B: Item Box

Side B: Tennis Serve

Down B: Curve Stomp

Up B: Warp Box

Final Smash: Open Court

Wario SMP
Wario Land Wario

Neutral B: Coin Chomp

Side B: Shoulder Crash

Down B: Wario Slammer

Up B: Corkscrew Conk

Final Smash: Heavy Wallop

PSSB Isabelle
Animal Crossing Isabelle

Neutral B: Pocket

Side B: Fishing Pole

Down B: Lloid Trap

Up B: Balloon Swing

Final Smash: Dream Town Hall

Tumblr mbyqug9Law1r19apuDarkmatter
Kirby Dark Matter

Neutral B: Lense Flare

Side B: Rainbow Blade

Down B: Dark Bolt

Up B: Dark Hover

Final Smash: Hyperzone

Wii Fit Wii Fit Trainer

Neutral B: Sun Salutation

Side B: Soccer Header

Down B: Deep Breathing

Up B: Superhoop

Final Smash: Wii Fit Barrage

250px-Pit SSBU
Kid Icarus Pit

Neutral B: Palutena's Bow

Side B: Upperdash Arm

Down B: Guardian Orbitars 

Up B: Power of Flight

Final Smash: Lightning Chariot

Baldi's Basics Baldi

Neutral B: Quarter Throw

Side Special: Gotta Sweep!

Up Special: Teleportion Teleporter

Down Special: Alarm Clock

Final Smash: CAMPING!

Bendy and The Ink Machine Bendy

Neutral B: Ink Blob

Side B: Boris Summon

Down B: Cardboard Cutout

Up B: Alice Summon

Final Smash: Inked Bendy 

Star Fox Falco

Neutral B: Falco Blaster

Side B: Illusion Bird

Down B: Reflector

Up B: Fire Bird

Final Smash: Team Star Fox

Plants vs. Zombies Iron Citron

Neutral B: Mech Breaker

Side B: EMPeach

Up B: Citron Ball

Down B: Peel Shield

Final Smash: Iron Mode

Geolyte Meteos DSSB
Meteos Geolyte

Neutral B: Meteos Launch

Side B: Drill Bomb

Down B: WarAxe

Up B: Super Rocket

Final Smash Gambit

Donkey Kong Lord Fredrik

Neutral B: Blunderhorn

Side B: Helmetrang

Down B: Gut Check

Up B: Super Fredrik Jump

Final Smash: Snowmad Invasion

Shovel Knight Shovel Knight

Neutral B: Flare Wand

Side B: Propeller Dagger

Up B: Fishing Rood (grapple)

Down B: Mobile Gear

Final Smash: War Horn

Pokemon Weezing

Neutral B: Psybeam

Side B: Smog

Up B: Self Destruct

Down B: Sludge Bomb

Final Smash: Screech

Pooka by dillanmurillo-d93wkp2
Dig Dug Pooka

Neutral B: Pooka Spin

Side B: Boulder

Up B: Inflate

Down B: Air Pump

Final Smash: Explosion

Mario Party MC Ballyhoo

Neutral B: Cashap Candy

Side B: Power Trip

Up B: Propeller

Down B: Bowlo Bounce

Final Smash: Sick and Twisted

Metroid Diggernaut

Neutral B: Digger Laser

Side B: Digger Vacuum

Up B: Digger Leap

Down B: Digger Smash

Final Smash: Purple Blob Rain

KSA Magolor artwork
Kirby Magolor

Neutral B: Cosmic Enemies

Side B: Cosmic Energy

Up B: Cosmic Teleport

Down B: Cosmic Vines

Final Smash: Lor Starcutter

Pokemon Dragonite

Neutral B: Dragon Rage

Side B: Thunder Punch and Fire Punch (alternates)

Up B: Agility

Down B: Thunder Wave

Smite Bellona

Neutral B: Scourge

Side B: Shield Bash

Up B: Bludgeon

Down B: Counter

Final Smash: Eagle's Rally

KSA Gooey
Kirby Gooey

Neutral B: Slurp

Side B: Gooey Fire

Down B: Gooey Stone

Up B: Gooey Matter

Final Smash: Love-Love Stick

Super Mario Monty Mole

Neutral B: Rock Toss

Side B: Monty Mole Mallet

Down B: Burrow and Pop Out

Up B: Burrowing Jump

Final Smash: Mega Monty Mole

RosalinaandLuma SSBUltimate
Super Mario Rosalina and Luma

Neutral B: Luma Launch

Side B: Star Bits

Down B: Gravitate

Up B: Launch Star

Final Smash: Grand Star

Gordon freeman
Half-Life Gordan Freeman

Neutral B: Gravity Gun

Side B: Antlion Call

Down B: Sticky Grenade

Up B: Plasma Rifle

Final Smash: Powered Up Gravity Gun

BowserJr SSBUltimate
Super Mario Bowser Jr.

Neutral B: Canonball

Side B: Clown Car Dash

Down B: Mechakoopa

Up B: Abandon Ship

Final Smash: Mega Spike Bomb

PiranhaPlant SSBUltimate
Super Mario Piranha Plant

Neutral B: Ptooie

Side B: Poison Breath

Down B: Long Stem Strike

Up B: Piranhacopter

Final Smash: Pewee Piranha

Shantae Trigger
Shantae Shantae

Neutral B: Storm Puff

Side B: Hair Whip

Down B: Mirror Bubble

Up B: Harpy

Final Smash: Dance Through The Danger

Team Fortress Pyro

Neutral B: Flamethrower

Side B: Air Blast

Down B: Gas Passer

Up B: Thermal Thruster

Final Smash: Pyroland

Wii Party Party Phil

Neutral B: Jangle Wranglers

Side B: Tornado Space

Down B: Barrel Daredevil

Up B: Dinosaur Space

Final Smash: Skull Space

The Neverhood Klaymen

Neutral B: Heat Seaking Mouth Bird

Side B: T.N.T Dummy

Down B: Gas Clone

Up B: Klaymen Panic Jump

Final Smash: Weasle Chase

KSA Marx artwork transparent
Kirby Marx

Neutral B: Jester Ball Ride

Side B: Arrows

Down B: Vine

Up B: Radiant Flight

Final Smash: Marx Soul

Joker SSBUltimate
Persona Joker

Neutral B: Gun

Side B: Eiga

Down B: Rebel's Guard

Up B: Grappling Hook

Final Smash: All-Out Attack

Pokémon Eevee

Neutral B: Evolution

Side B: Swift

Down B: Double-Edge

Up B: Quick Attack

Final Smash: Extreme Evobeam

Green Koopa New
Super Mario Koopa Troopa

Neutral B: Remove Shell

Side B: Shell Tackle

Down B: Hide

Up B: Paratroopa Punch

Final Smash: Giant Koopa Shell

Adeleine- Star Allies
JSSB Kirby series white ver

Neutral B: Painter

Side B: Ribbon's Crystal

Down B: Al Fresco

Up B: Fairy Dance

Final Smash: Painted Kracko

Rhythm Heaven Karate Joe

Neutral B: Pot Punch

Side B: Punch-Kick!

Down B: Bomb Toss

Up B: Combo!

Final Smash: Father & Son

Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan

Neutral B: Blaze

Side B: Inspirit

Down B: Adrenaline

Up B: Summon

Final Smash: Paws Of Fury

Super Mario Boom Boom / Pom Pom

Neutral B: Switch

Side B: Arm Swing / Boomerang

Down B: Spiky Shell / Teleport Downwards

Up B: Flying Ground Pound / Teleport Upwards

Final Smash: Kamek's Magic / Clone Clash

9-Volt - WarioWare Gold
Wario Ware 9-Volt

Neutral B: Super Scope

Side B: Math Quest

Up B: Copy R.O.B.

Down B: Joy-Cons

Final Smash: Game On!

Marvel Comics Spider-Man

Neutral B: Web Shot

Side B: Web Catapult

Up B: Last Swing

Down B: Spider Sense

Olimar SSBUltimate
Pikmin Olimar

Neutral B: Pikmin Pluck

Side B: Throw Pikmin

Up B: Winged Pikmin

Down B: Whistle

Final Smash: End Of Day

Pikmin Louie

Neutral B: Pikmin Pluck

Side B: Throw Pikmin

Up B: Winged Pikmin

Down B: Whistle

Final Smash: End Of Day

TSR Tails
Sonic The Hedgehog Tails

Neutral B: Homming Attack

Side B: Spin Dash

Up B: Spring Jump

Down B: Spin Charge

Final Smash: Super Tails

Alph Pikmin 3 (no shadow)
Pikmin Alph

Neutral B: Pikmin Pluck

Side B: Throw Pikmin

Up B: Winged Pikmin

Down B: Whistle

Final Smash: End Of Day

Character-portrait Rayman
Rayman Rayman

Neutral B: Plunger Shoot

Side B: Rabbid Throw

Up B: Hover

Down B: Cow Race

Final Smash: Dance!

Moose A Moose and Zee transparent
Noggin Moose A. Moose & Zee

Neutral B: Uppercut

Side B: Horn Dash

Up B: Zee

Down B: Pancake Splat!

Final Smash: Welcome Neighbor!

Roman Reigns png render by
WWE Immortals Roman Reigns

Neutral B: Punch

Side B: Big Boot

Up B: High Kick

Down B: Boot Stomp

Final Smash: Spear

Snakeman transparent
Mega Man Snake Man

Neutral B : Search Snake

Side B : Serpent Grapple

Up B : Boss Jump

Down B : Venom Bite 

Final Smash : Big Snakey

600px-R.O.B. SSBU
R.O.B. R.O.B.

Neutral B: Robo Beam

Side B: R.O.B Lariat

Up B: Robot Burner

Down B: Gyro

Final Smash: Super Diffusion Beam

Charlie - Pikmin 3
Pikmin Charlie

Neutral B: Pluck Pikmin

Side B: Throw Pikmin

Up B: Winged Pikmin

Down B: Whistle

Final Smash: End of Day

Beady Long Legs
Pikmin Beady Long Legs

Neutral B: Wrecking Ball

Side B: Torrential Trample

Down B: Long-Legs Earthquake

Up B: Super Beady Jump

Final Smash: Beadly Long Legs Mega Stomp

Mario Mr.M

Neutral B: Lightning Ball

Side B: Red Lightning Strike

Up B: Lighting recover

Down B: Strike-Down

Mr.LSprite copy
Mario Mr.L Neutral B: Green Fire-Lightning

Up B: Spring Jump

Side B: Lightning Rocket

Down B: Strike-Down

Tingle DS
The Legend Of Zelda Tingle

Neutral B: Tingle's Tuner

Side B: Barkle

Up B: Baloon

Down B: Kooloo-Limpah

Final Smash: Uncle Rupee

Numberlemon Threeten

Neutral B: Peanut Gun

Side B: Golf Ball in Eye

Down B: Table Flip

Up B: Bomb Throw

Final Smash: Extra Long Ruler Smack

DuckTales Scrooge McDuck

Neutral B: Cane Swing

Side B: Security Mallet

Up B: Copter Rope

Down B: Pogo-Jump

Final Smash: Un-Safe Landing

Yellow Toad....
Super Mario Bros. Ala-Gold

Neutral B: Fire Flower

Side B: Baseball Bat

Down B: Ground Pound

Up B: Flying Squirrel

Final Smash: Mario Team Up!



Deltarune Jevil

Neutral B: The DevilsKnife

Side B: Carousel Game

Down B: Chaos Chaos


Final Smash: Do Anything

Super Mario Bros Z Mario

Neutral B: Hammer Strike

Side B: Spin Attack

Down B: Medic

Up B: Cape Feather

Final Smash: Mario Finale Z

26-260288 super-mario-bros-cartoon-characters-vector-mario-and
Paper Mario Paper Mario

Neutral B: Hammer

Side B: Koops

Down B: Bobbery

Up B: Paper Plane

Final Smash: Paper Book

Octodad- Dadliest Catch
Octodad Octodad

Neutral B: Flail

Side B: Item Toss

Down B: Hide

Up B: No Gravity

Final Smash: The Chef

Devil Mario
Power Star Devil Mario

Neutral B: Sword

Side B: Power Star Laser

Down B: Neck Punch

Up B: Lightspeed Kick

Final Smash: The Destruction of all Creation mkbim
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Captain Toad

Neutral B: Captain's Pickaxe

Side B: Movin' Minecart

Down B: Turnip

Up B: Double Cherry Cannon

Final Smash: Toad Brigade Super Strike!

Mario luigi dream team conceptart 8iXAV
Mario and Luigi Dreamy Luigi

Neutral B: Luiginary Flame

Side B: Luiginary Ball

Down B: Luiginary Hammer

Up B: Luiginary Typhoon

Final Smash: Giant Dreamy Luigi

Red Angry Birds

Neutral B: Anger Fist

Side B: Tiny Birds

Down B: Anger Fist

Up B: TNT Smash!

Final Smash: Birds ATTACK!!!

Patrick Spongebob Squarepants

Neutral B: Ice Cream

Side B: Tiny Rock

Down B: Krabby Patty Feet

Up B: Ice Cream Sunday

Final Smash: Mr. Superawesomeness

Sandy stock art
Sandy Spongebob Squarepants

Neatural B: Acorn Throw

Side B: Sandy's Necces 

Down B: Karate Kick

Up B: Karrate Hand

Final Smash: The Rodent

Ace of Spades
Solitaire Card Solitaire

Neutral B: Change Suite

Side B: Suite Throw

Up B: Card Toss

Down B: Card House

Final Smash: You Win

Poppy Bro Jr KSA
Poppy Bro Jr. Kirby

Neutral B: Bomb Toss

Side B: Bomb Slide

Up B: Bomb Dunk

Down B: Bomb Ride

Final Smash: Crash

Comfy NEW
Comfort King Comfort King Mattress factory

neutral B: mattress slap

side B: sllliiidddee

up B: mattress spin

down B: fall over

final smash: everyone sleeps on  a high quality comofrt King Mattress factory official mattress. mmm comfy

IMG 1571354712018I
Jacob Jacob Slade

Nutrail B: Rainbow Gun

Side B: Super Slice

Recovery: ASPLODING Jetpack

Down B: The Greatest Lunch Ever!

Final SMASH: The Dancing Kug Army!

Angry Birds King Pig

Neutral B: TNT

Side B: Pig Throw

Up B: Rocket Missle

Down B: Pig Shield

Final Smash: TNT Storm 

그랜드체이스 for kakao Rin Chibi
Grand Chase  Rin

Neutral B: Fan Tornado

Side B: Twilight Blast

Up B: Upward Twirl

Down B: Shield of Souls

Final Smash: Unstoppable Strength

Unlock Criteria

Character Method 1 (matches) Method 2 (unique)
Motley Bossblob 10 Play As Toad In Homerun Contest And Get A Score Of 20.13ms
Wart 15 Play As Peach And Complete Classic Mode With Peach’s Neutral Special Move
Hammer Bro 20 Play As Rayman And Use The Plunger Flower On Goomba
Bandana Dee 25 Play As King Dedede And Try To Defeat The Blocky Assist
Meta Knight 30 Use Kirby And Inhale Link
King Dedede 35 Use Kirby And Inhale Donkey Kong
Sans 40 Use Frisk And Defeat The Spring Man Assist
Jet 45 Get The Jet Mii Outfit
Ristar 50 Use Jet To Defeat Sonic In A Stock Battle
Sonic 55 Use Meta Knights Up Special Move In A Stock Battle
Gardevoir 60
Kaiser Greedy 65
Hat Kid
Shy Guy
Mega Man
Banjo Kazooie
Hero Beat Mario Sonic And Pacmans Classic Modes
Spongebob Use Peach’s Neutral Special Move Until You Use The Frying Pan
Kamek Beat Classic Mode With Bowser
Chamelo Arm
Papyrus Beat Classic Mode as Sans
Freezeflame Glaxay
King K. Rool
Diddy Kong
Dark Matter
Wii Fit Trainer
Iron Citron
Lord Fredrick
Shovel Knight
MC Ballyhoo
Monty Mole
Rosalina and Luma
Gordon Freeman
Bowser Jr.
Piranha Plant
Party Phil
Koopa Troopa Use the Green Koopa Shell 20 times.
Boom Boom / Pom Pom Use the Red Koopa Shell 20 times as Bowser or Bowser Junior.
Karate Joe Win a Stock Battle by using King K. Rool's Side Smash attack.
Spider-Man beat Every Villain Character As Hero
Snake Man Beat Mega Man and Koopa Troopa's Classic Modes
Tingle 75 Blow up Tingle's baloon in Great Bay with Link
Mr.M 75 Beat Mario as Mr.L
Threeten 75 As Baldi, KO at least 3 opponents with the Final Smash.
Scrooge McDuck 100 KO Duck Hunt with Bowser’s Spinning Fortress at the top of the screen.
Ala-Gold 150 KO Bowser as Toad with a non-Special attack
Jevil 175 KO Sans, Baldi, and Bendy as Marx
SMBZ Mario 180 KO Bowser with the Metal Effect Using Mario Finale
Paper Mario 200 KO Every Villain with a Mario Character
Octodad 15 KO an Indie Game Character
Devil Mario 500 KO Luigi 200 Times
Captain Toad 50 Win 15 Matches as Toad or Ala-Gold

Dreamy Luigi




Complete Classic Mode as Luigi

Summon Prof. MacEvil.


Image Franchise Name Moveset Cost
Minecraft-steve 12
Minecraft Steve?

Neutral B: Place TNT / Set off TNT

Side B: Diamond Sword

Down B: Bow

Up B: Eat Food

Final Smash: Creative Mode

Raving Rabbids Rabbid

Neutral B: Plunger Shoot!

Side B: Rabbid Mole

Up B: Winged Rabbid

Down B: Bumper Car

Final Smash: Rabbid Parade

Roblox Robloxian

Neutral B: Hammer

Side B: Throw Brick

Down B: Build Brick

Up B: Sword Jump

Final Smash: Bomb Rain

Superhot Player

Neutral B: Bottle toss

Side B: Shotgun

Down B: Time Freeze

Up B: Shotgun Bounce

Final Smash: Game Shutdown

1200px-Question Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Mario Question Block

Neutral B: Fire Flower

Side B: Gold Rush

Down B: Block Buster

Up B: Fly

Final Smash: Vol-coin-o

Flower BFDI
Battle for Dream Island Flower

Neutral B: Something to Bowl You Over

Side B: Need My Space

Down B: Personal Speaker

Up B: Bubble, Get Me to the Top!

Final Smash: I'll Crush You!




Image Franchise Name Description/Mechanics
Battlefield SSBU
Super Smash Bros Battlefield
BigBattlefield SSBU
Super Smash Bros Big Battlefield
Mushroom Kingdom U (Ultimate)
Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom U All Players Will Start On The Ground Zone. Kamek Might Fly Over Changing The Ground Zone To The Rocky Zone Or The Clouds Zone
Mario Circuit SSBU
Mario Kart Mario Circuit
Figure-8 Circuit
Mario Kart Mario Circuit (Brawl)
KongoJungle SSBU
Donkey Kong Country Kongo Jungle
Donkey Kong Country Jungle Hijinks
LuigisMansion SSBU
Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion
Noggin Noggin City
PacMaze SSB
GreenHillZone SSBU
Sonic The Hedgehog Green Hill Zone
WindyHillZone SSBU
Sonic The Hedgehog Windy Hill Zone
WilyCastle SSBU
Mega Man Wily Castle
Miiplaza ssbustage
Mii Mii Plaza
2412014-nintendoland scene 4 1
Nintendo Land Nintendo Land
DistantPlanet SSBU
Pikmin Distant Planet
TownAndCity SSBU
Animal Crossing Town and City
Spongebob Squarepants Bikini Bottom
Miitopia map
Miitopia Miitopia
Spongebob Squarepants The Krusty Krab
Temple SSBU
The Legend of Zelda Temple
TomodachiLife SSBU
Tomodachi Life Tomodachi Life
Kirby Lor Starcutter
Dr. Mario (Stage)
Doctor Mario Doctor Mario
Tingle criteria
The Legend Of Zelda Great Bay
Game & Watch Flat Zone
FlatZone2 SSB
Game & Watch Flat Zone 2
Game & Watch Flat Zone
Super Mario Bros. Meta Crystal Crystals fall from the sky working as a Sword and Front Facing Shield
SpiralMountain SSBU
Banjo-Kazzoie Spiral Mountain


Image Franchise Name Description/Mechanics Unlock Criteria
BigBattlefieldWiiU SSB
Super Smash Bros Huge Battlefield Play 25 Games on Battlefield or Big Battlefield
FinalDestinationWiiU SSB
Super Smash Bros Final Destination Beat Classic Mode
MushroomKingdom SSBU
Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom Play A Match With All Mario Series Characters
Living Room SSB stage
Nintendogs Living Room Unlock Ren and Stimpy
WuhuIsland SSBU
Wii Sports Wuhu Island Create A Mii Fighter
Smashville SSBU
Animal Crossing Smashville Unlock Villager
GardenOfHope SSBU
Pikmin Garden Of Hope Play All Star For The First Time
PeachsCastle SSBU
Super Mario Peach's Castle (64) Play 5 Matches In Mushroom Kingdom
SuperHappyTree SSBU
Yoshi's Island Super Happy Tree Win 3 Matches As Yoshi
Raving Rabbids Rabbids Colosseum Unlock Every Character
Nintendo Badge Arcade Badge Arcade Machine The Badge Arcade Machine stage is the same as the Nintendo Badge Arcade game but without the badges. The stage is also different when loaded and has 7 possible appearances. Play on 30 different stages
Pokémon PokéFloats 2 All fighters start off on Avalugg. A Combee platform may fly down from the top of the stage and hover next to Electrode before flying off. A Tyanmo platform floats from the right blast zone to the left blast zone every minute. Play as 5 different Pokémon characters
Pictochat ssbustage
Nintendo DS Pictochat Unlock R.O.B.
250px-PIK ForestofHope
Pikmin Forest Of Hope Unlock Olimar
Nicktoons Advance GBA screenshot 1
NickToons NickToons Universes Unlock SpongeBob, Rocko, Invader Zim, And Ren and Stimpy
DuckTales The Moon Gravity is reduced, so players can jump higher. A random enemy from the moon stage in DuckTales Remastered will appear. The alien (left) deals 17% of damage while the Robo-Duck (right) deals 28%. Unlock Scrooge McDuck
Find Mii SSBU
Streetpass Mii Plaza Find Mii Collect Every Mii Outfit And Headgear
Mario Party Bowser's Pinball Machine The Flippers will randomly activate and knock those hit by it into a bumper on a platform near the top of the stage KO Bowser as Waluigi
The Circus
Jevils Freedom KO Sans with Jevil
Mushroomy Kingdom
Mushroomy Kingdom Unlock Devil Mario
Kindergarten 2 Schoolyard Lightning Strikes the Stage Dealing 20% Win a Match with a Small Mii Fighter
Blizzard on the Star Express
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Blizzard on the Star Express the Fighters Goes Inside the Train Occasionally Win a match with Captain Toad
Bad Piggies Field of Dreams Random Machines are Built Complete Minion Pig's Classic Mode Route
Plants vs Zombies Giddy Park Plants and Zombies fight in the Background Complete Crazy Dave's Classic Mode


Image Franchise Name Description/Mechanics Cost
Angry Birds Angry Birds $3
Miitopia Dark Lord's Castle $2.50
Super Smash Bros Stage Builder Free
New Donk City Hall (Ultimate)
Super Mario New Donk City Hall $9
Mushroom Kingdom II Melee
Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom II $7
Great Cave Offensive SSBU
Kirby The Great Cave Offensive $3
Hyrule Castle SSBU
The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Castle (64) €2
Pokémon Poké-Floats $6
Raving Rabbids Rabbids Junkyard Included With The Rabbid DLC
Roblox Robloxia Included with the Robloxian DLC
Star Fox Sector Z $10
EDA483FC-CC1E-4094-ADFE-C49461FC0E7E Marvel New York City $5
Virtual World
Superhot Virtual World Included with Player (Superhot) DLC
Dream Island


Jacob Slade

Dream Island

The Death Rectangle

Included with Flower DLC





Image Franchise Name Effect
Smash Ball WSSB
Super Smash Bros Smash Ball Activates the user's final smash.
Super Smash Bros Fake Smash Ball Creates a large explosion, damaging the user.
Fig 20 assistfigure
Super Smash Bros Assist Trophy Summons a character to help the user in the fight.
Pokémon PokéBall Summons a character from the Pokémon series to help the user in the fight.
Mario Kart Green Shell When used, zooms off in the direction it was thrown, affected by gravity, and damages any fighters that touch it.
Mario Kart Red Shell Similar to the Green Shell, but locks on to the nearest fighter (excepting the user) and chases them.
Plunger Flower
Super Mario Plunger Flower When Used It’s Pedals On The Flower Will Come Off So You Can Use It It’s A Lot Stronger Than Raymans Plunger Shoot And Rabbids Plunger Shoot
Roblox Ice Dagger Pick it up and swing it and anybody hit will turn to ice for a few seconds. Can only be swung 5 times, before it can only be thrown.
Mega Man E-Tank it can be carried and used when needed, it heals 50% of damage. you can throw it away pressing ZR and ZL simultaneously. while carring this item you can shield and use neutral attacks.
Nintendo NES Zapper Once Picked Up You Can Shoot It 13 Times Once It Deals 2.3%
DuckTales Rock When destroyed, drops random item or nothing at all. Also can be thrown, dealing 20% of damage on the opponent it hits.
Undertale Annoying Dog The Dog runs away from fighters until eventually dropping the bone in it's mouth. Throwing the bone KOs anything hit by it instantly (It it Papyrus' Special attack after all)
2nd-Best Taco of All Time
Plants vs Zombies 2nd-Best Taco of all time Heals 40% of Damage
Battle for Dream Island Yoylecake Heals a fighter by 30%. After a while, the consumer will turn metal and is immune to freezing for the time being. The metal effect will only wear off once the consumer is KO'd.

Assist Trophy Summons

Image Franchise Name Effect Defeatable?
Super Mario Thwomp Appears at the top of the screen, and stays there until a fighter, except the user, walks under it. Then, it shoots downwards until it hits a platform, damaging anyone in its way. It then breaks. No
Missile Bill SMWU
Super Mario Bullseye Bill Locks onto the closest fighter (other than the user) and follows them. They explode, dealing damage to all nearby, when they hit a player or after a certain amount of time. No
Kirby Blocky Walks around the arena, jumping above players and attempting to ground pound them. Can be defeated by falling off a cliff, being KO'd, or being inhaled by Kirby. Yes
Spike NSMBWii
Super Mario Spike Vomits up spike balls, then hurls them towards the nearest character. The assist trophy will continue to do this until it is KO'd. Yes
Circling Boo Buddies 3D
Super Mario Boo Buddies They circle around the point at which they were summoned, damaging fighters on contact. The Boos slowly drift apart, making the circle bigger, until no more Boos are visible. No
Spring Man (ARMS)
ARMS Spring Man Jumps around and attacks with extended punches. He can also activate Rush, dealing rapid pummels before finishing with an uppercut. No
ASTRAL CHAIN Akira Howard Until ASTRAL CHAIN releases! No
Coming Soon! Pikmin Empress Blublax Empress Blublax Will Roll In The Stage Squishing Fighters Except The User No Unless You’re Olimar Louie Alph Brittany Or Charlie
Neopolitan RWBY
RWBY Neopolitan She will attack with her parasol. Yes
Chameleon Twist Davy When he's summoned, he immidiately teleports to the player who sommoned him, then he gets out his tungue and start chasing an opponent with it. when he gets an opponent with his tongue, he brings it to the player. No
Adventure Time Ice King Ice King Will Freeze All Players Except The User No Unless You’re Finn & Jake
DuckTales Huey, Dewey, and Louie When summoned, will head toward the nearest opponent, force the opponent in a chair, light firecrackers underneath the chair, and run back to the summoner, looking at the chaired opponent when they return. This attack does 46% of damage, 70% if they use Oswald’s Firecrackers (normal firecrackers are just red, while Oswald’s are magenta with lime green stripes and lime green with magenta stripes). No
Paper Mario Shadoo When Summoned Shadoo Runs and will either Jump on the foe Heal the Summoner give the Summoner another jump or Breath Fire on the foe No Unless you're Mr. M or Mr. L
Deltarune Rouxls Kaard When Summoned He spawns lots of Boxes Ended by him Winking at The Camera and disappearing No Due to Him being in the Background
Plants vs Zombies Foot Soldier Shoots at Opponents With Blaster Yes
Bubble BFDI
Battle for Dream Island Bubble Runs away from opponents. Dies if anything (even her summoner) comes in contact with or attacks her. Yes

PokéBall Summons

Image Name Effect
Caterpie Caterpie uses String Shot. This slows down the opponent's speed.
Sandshrew Sandshrew uses Rollout. Sandshrew will curl into a ball and then spin around on the stage from left to right.
Porygon2 Porygon2 uses Tackle. Porygon2 lunges immediately forward horizontally, knocking opponents in the opposite direction it hit them from.
Magby Magby uses Lava Plume. Magby shoots liquid lava from its mouth. Any opponents hit by this are sent upwards.
Flareon Flareon uses Fire Blitz. Flareon runs around the stage with a flame barrier surrounding it. when an opponent gets in his way it rapidly does little damage, like Ness's Forward B or Falco's Up B


  • Mii Costumes
  • Stadium, Home Run Contest Target Blast Target Smash Multi Man Smash Boss Battles
  • Events
  • Story Mode
  • Classic
  • All-Star
  • Vault
  • Masterpieces
  • Coin Launcher
  • Music
  • Settings


  • In Kongo Jungle (64) There’s A Barrel Cannon That Can Take You Back On The Stage Just Like In Donkey Kong Country
  • In Dr. Mario (Stage) The Phil’s And The Viruses Are Organized By Dr. Mario
  • New Donk City Hall Is Based On World 7 On Super Mario Odyssey
  • In Flat Zone If You Look On The Top Right Corner On The Game & Watch You See A Smash Bros. Logo It’s A Trivia To This Game! SMASH BROS: EVERYTHING
  • SMASH BROS: EVERYTHING!!! Is Called Super Smash Bros. Go For Nintendo DSGO The Other Versions Are Just Called Smash Bros: Everything
  • In Robloxia, different events happen randomly.
    • The tower in the back will eventually collapse and smash onto the stage, flinging any fighters that get hit by it.
    • Telemon will appear in the background and throw fried chicken, aiming for fighters. If you press B on chicken that has landed on the floor, you can eat it to restore health.
    • A group of Guests will run onto the bottom platform, and trample over fighters,
  • When you summon Huey, Dewey, and Louie with Scrooge McDuck, they’ll say “C’mon, Unca Scrooge!” instead of their normal intro (being “C’mon [summoner name]”). This is a reference to how Huey, Dewey, and Louie refer to Scrooge as their uncle.
  • Ala-Gold goes down a Flagpole for his win pose if he won on a Mario stage
  • When you hit Sandbag into space, you can see the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyessy, hitting the Monolith will unlock the HAL 9000 spirit.
  • Rayman Catches A Rabbid For His Win Pose If He Catches Rabbid In His Final Smash

Moveset Wanted

  • Tracer
  • Knuckles
  • Lanky Kong
  • Mallo
  • Fidget Spinner Bro.
  • AiAi
  • MeeMee
  • GonGon
  • K.K.
  • Shrek
  • Cloud
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Dimentio
  • Brittany
  • Finn & Jake
  • Cooking Mama
  • Dr. Hammer Bro.
  • Rocko
  • Whisper
  • Duck Hunt
  • Invader Zim
  • Ren and Stimpy
  • Wiggler
  • Wonder Red
  • Solid Snake
  • Count Bleck
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Conker
  • Master Hand
  • Crazy Hand
  • Dr. Mario
  • Toadette
  • Red Bird
  • Ms. PAC-MAN
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Tom Nook
  • Spyro
  • Woody
  • Sol Badguy
  • Beady Long Legs
  • Digby
  • Globox
  • Dixie Kong
  • Patrick
  • Cranky Kong
  • Metal Mario
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Hinata
  • Sakura
  • Naruto
  • Sasuke
  • Rock Lee
  • Might Guy
  • Kakashi
  • Bane
  • Soiree Meira
  • Alba Meira
  • Zabuza
  • Haku
  • Mizuki
  • Neji
  • Sub Zero
  • Scorpion
  • Kitana
  • Mileena
  • Luise Meyrink
  • Mai Shiranui
  • Iori Yagami
  • Kyo Kusanagi
  • Terry Bogard
  • Jin Kazama
  • Nina Williams
  • Toffee
  • Tenten
  • Shikamaru
  • Gaara
  • Orochimaru
  • Ino
  • Jiraiya
  • Tsunade
  • Temari
  • Kankuro
  • Kurenai
  • Anko
  • Athena Asamiya
  • Yuri Sakazaki
  • Kiba
  • Shino
  • Choji
  • Asuma
  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Nami
  • Poison
  • Lucia
  • Haohmaru
  • Nakoruru
  • Ukyo Tachibana
  • Madara Uchiha
  • Itachi Uchiha
  • Boruto
  • Jade
  • Liu Kang
  • Ash Crimson

Exclusive Passives

  • Tenten has chance to steal your weapons while attacking foe. 
  • Minion Pig is Immune to The Capsule Exploding
  • Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s assist has no affect on Scrooge McDuck, even though the animation will play.
  • Scorpion, Sub Zero, Kitana, Jade, Liu Kang and Mileena can use Breaker to counterattack foes.
  • Itachi, Kurenai and Sakura can reflect DEBUFFs after Super Smash.
  • Crazy Dave is immune to all Plant Based Items
  • Jade is immune to all item based projectiles
  • If Threeten spawns in a Thwomp assist, it will always be a gold Thwomp.
  • Mileena recovers HP when attacking.
  • King Pig Is Immune To Reds Attacks
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