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SHIFT is an umbrella fighting game developed by Pyro Enterprises, and is a launch title for the Onyx console. Originally a part of the Super Smash Bros. series, the title evolved into a more unique series over time, and can be considered a spiritual successor to the company's previous umbrella VORTEX despite the changes to gameplay. Inspiration has also been taken from the stories and settings of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and the Kingdoms of Fighters series, showcasing a hybridized crossover of franchises rather than having characters be more separate in concept.


The main gameplay of SHIFT remains true to the Smash Bros. inspiration; players traverse 2D battlefields while attacking your opponents, racking up their damage percent to increase the knockback they suffer and eventually launching them out of the stage to kill them. Controls are similarly simplified, which each character having attacks and special moves dependent on directional inputs and simple button presses.

SHIFT's gameplay style has been designed to feel more aggressive than standard Smash Bros. titles, rewarding offensive play while attempting to de-emphasize defensive play. The game has a built-in combo system, in which juggling or comboing an opponent before they can land on the ground again or retaliate deals 1.2x damage on each successive hit, making high combos an easy way to obtain finishing blows as well. This multiplier also extends to throws and grabs, meaning that chaingrabbing is not possible within the engine's limitations.

In order to keep the action tight and focused, the player is given a dedicated Dash button alongside their Shield button. Dashing effectively replaces the dodge maneuver from Smash Bros. and is designed to emulate the dash found in Hollow Knight, as well as the dodge roll technique found in Enter the Gungeon. Dashing moves the character forward in the direction they were moving; dashes are refreshed upon touching the ground, meaning it can be done almost infinitely on the ground but only once in the air. Both Dashes and Shields share energy from the Shield Meter, denoted by a blue circle around the player's icon. This gauge depletes as the player takes shield damage or uses dashes; dashing resets the meter entirely, but causes the gauge to refill very quickly. While the gauge is refilling, the player can still dash, but it will only grant i-frames while the meter is somewhat full, with the amount of remaining energy determining the i-frame count.


Another new mechanic introduced to the gameplay is Drifting, which is performed by running or dashing in a certain direction before turning around and holding down either the attack or special button. This will cause the character to turn around and charge an attack in the other direction, while still sliding in the direction they were initially heading; releasing the button launches them in the new direction as they unleash their attack. Holding for longer increases distance and power, with sparks at the player's feet showing the charge level. These sparks progress from red to blue to magenta.

Null Meter

An additional yellow meter is placed under the percentage of each player, which slowly builds up as players take and deal damage. This is known as the Null Meter, and when the player uses either of their triggers mid-attack animation, they can perform a technique called a Null. Nulls effectively cancel out the rest of the move's animation, enabling them to immediately follow up with another attack of the player's choice or get out of a punishment for missing a move. The Null Meter also governs as a method of tracking which frames of an animation function as hitboxes or what frames render a character immovable, letting players track what the ideal point to cancel is. The more frames are left in the animation, the more meter a Null consumes.

If the player fills up the Null Meter to max and presses both triggers, they can enter Turbo Mode. This is a temporary power-up state in which all endlag of attacks is cancelled, meaning the player can chain any move into any other move infinitely for as long as the state is active. When Turbo Mode wears off, the player's Null Meter is set to 0.


  • Left Stick- Move/Jump if Tap Jump on
  • Right Stick- Charged Strike
  • D-Pad- Swap characters (if enabled)
  • X- Attack
  • Y- Attack/Jump if Tap Jump off
  • A/B- Special
  • L- Dash
  • R- Shield
  • ZL/ZR- Null if meter is available
  • ZL+ZR- Activate Turbo Mode if meter is available



Group Modes

Modes built around multiplayer. Can have anywhere between two and eight players.


The standard gameplay mode that everything is centered around, this is the predominant multiplayer attraction. Select a ruleset, a stage, and your characters, and head off into battle! A variety of win conditions can be selected from, some familiar to Smash Bros. veterans while others are completely new.

  • Time- A timed match with a variable time limit. The goal is simply to attain the highest KO-death ratio possible; opponent KOs add a point, while deaths and self-destructs subtract a point. Highest number of points wins!
  • Stock- Each player has a stock count, which act as lives. Death removes a stock, as expected, and the last player standing is the winner.
  • Stamina- Replaces the player's damage percentage with an HP number, which goes down rather than up when taking damage. Hitting 0 HP counts as a death, and either Time or Stock rules can be implemented.
  • Cash- A mode comparable to Coin Smash in which the arena is littered with batches of golden coins, which reset in varying patterns at certain time stamps or when all coins in a batch are collected. While opponents can be attacked to force them to drop coins, the player is incentivized to platform across the stage and focus on collecting rather than direct combat.
  • Footbrawl- A large bouncy soccer ball is placed in center stage, and can be launched with direct attacks. While the ball deals some damage on contact, the goal is to force the ball into one of the blast zones on the side of the stage, which scores a point. The person with the most goals wins!

Tag Battle

Tag battles are centered around swapping between multiple characters, which can be done at any time via the use of the D-pad. Swapping is instantaneous, which means the player can construct elaborate combos by swapping between characters, but also means that players only receive a single stock per character- lose all your characters, and you're out of the match.

Tag Battles come in both 2v2 and 3v3 varieties; these notate the amount of characters that the player is allowed to switch between. By pressing the XL or XR buttons as opposed to using the D-pad, the player can call out their next character in an attack rather than a simple switch; this is known as an Assist, and tends to have longer cooldown between switching than normal switches, but can be used to catch an opponent off guard.


SHIFT's take on the multi-man mode, Outpost places multiple players on any stage while also setting a large crystal in the very center. After a few seconds, hostile AI Exvitas will begin converging on the crystal, aiming to attack it and eventually destroy it. It is the player's job to defend the crystal for as long as possible by slaying the Exvita. The enemy Ai and skill will slowly get higher as time goes on, so be wary!

Occasionally, large bosses or copies of the player characters may appear; when beaten, these elite unites drop green orbs called Restorum. Restorum can be thrown into the crystal to heal it, prolonging the mode and healing players as well. If a player dies, their corpse spawns on the stage, and they can be revived by another player. Larger stages will grant a crystal more health, as that means there are more routes for Exvita to take and the crystal itself will be larger.

Items do not spawn normally in Outpost mode, instead dropping by on drones that appear at the top of the stage and fly by at set time points. The drones must be attacked for the items to be dropped. The crystal is immune to friendly fire, so it will not take accidental damage from explosives; if need be, chuck a bomb at it to clear Exvita away!


TetraLink is an competitive mode that acts as a combination of base control and the famed Smash Run mode from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Each player spawns in the corner of a large map, placed inside a small base filled with triangular objects called Tetra. The object of the game is to obtain the most Tetra and place it in your base; the player with the most Tetra at the game's end wins.

By exploring the labyrinth and slaying enemies, players can obtain more Tetra as well as tiny items called Stat Gummies, which raise each corresponding stat by a small amount. These enable players to become more powerful and take down their opponents with ease, further enabling them to steal enemy Tetra. They are also able to obtain special powerups by defeating stronger enemies, enabling them to traverse the arena in different ways.

Chained Conquest

A unique variety of battle that exclusively applied to 2v2 fights, this mode is inspired by a fusion of Knuckles' Chaotix, ARMS and Super Mario Party's Partner Party mode. This mode takes place in large labyrinthine maps, similar to that of TetraLink mode, and both team members start in a singular spawn area. Both teammates are connected by a phantasmic chain, and if they so desire, they may press the character switch button to Snap the chain and warp to their ally. Each map has a unique goal, but they ultimately revolve around beating enemies that spawn around the map, earning Coins in the process. Coins can also be earned by performing certain map-specific objectives, or various achievements along the way.

The purpose of Chained Conquest is to find the Star Space located within the labyrinth and buy a Star for 15 coins; if both players on a team arrive at once, they can purchase 2 Stars for 30 coins, though this limits preemptive mobility options to find the next Star spawn. The team with the most Stars at the end of the match wins. Be careful, as dying causes both team members to respawn at their starting point, dropping coins- and perhaps even Stars- at the location of their death.

Chained Conquest also features various Event/Item Crystals, floating green diamonds that can be shattered by attacks and take double damage if both players are within range of it. Event Crystals can cause various positive and negative events to occur within the map, while Item Crystals instead grant the team powerful 1-use items that they can only use by holding both the attack and special buttons at the same time.

Splat League

An unlockable mode which acts as a fusion of Lethal League and Splatoon. In this mode, players cannot damage each other with standard attacks, instead fighting over a large ball that bounces around the stage similar to that of Lethal League. Attacking the ball causes it to build up speed and change to the color of the player who hit it, which renders that player immune from contact damage with the ball. Unlike the aforementioned game, if the ball rams into a surface, it will coat the stage in colored ink that acts as the same color as the player who hit it. The faster the ball is going, the bigger bursts of ink it lets loose.

If a player is hit by the ricocheting ink ball, they take damage and let loose a burst of ink. The same rules apply to this; the faster the ball is moving, the bigger ink bursts it emits when a player takes damage, and the more damage it deals. If a player is killed, a massive fountain of ink bursts from offscreen where they die. The ultimate objective of this mode is to have the most ground covered in your own color of ink when time runs out.

Special Battle

Setup a standard battle mode while customizing physics elements such as gravity, traction, and overall weight. Items can also be applied to characters, making them act differently than usual or having them spawn with weapons attached.


Customize a ruleset and create a competitive bracket for up to 32 people at once, with local and online play being supported! Multiple types of brackets are available to choose, including single-elimination, double-elimination, tournament style, Australian Football League style, Round Robin style, and Compass Draw style. Rulesets can be freely adjusted before setting up a tourney.


Adventure Mode is, in essence, the story mode of SHIFT. Gameplay changes to take on a more sidescroller beat-em-up style tone similar to that of Subspace Emmisary, though gameplay is intended to be more in line with the modern style of Kirby platformers with more of an emphasis on secrets and minor puzzle solving with each character's abilities.

Instead of standard stock rules, players utilize a special rule in Adventure Mode called Encore Stock. Inspired by Sonic Mania's Encore Mode, the player is given one life for each character in their current party- up to 5 at once- and once that character is slain, the player must find a Stock Icon to be able to play as them. Swapping characters can be done at will with the Assist button, and each character retains the percent they were at, allowing defensive swaps to be possible. In addition, bottomless pits are no longer instant-death on lower difficulties, instead dealing damage and respawning the player.

In co-op play, each player takes control of a character in the party at once, being able to swap between the remaining three characters as normal. While two players can allow for greater offensive potential, it also allows for lives to be eaten up faster than usual.

Adventure Mode actually consists of several mini-stories, akin to a traditional Arcade mode. Each story represents one of the playable factions or kingdoms found in SHIFT, and features characters tied to each kingdom. As such, playing a kingdom's Adventure may unlock characters associated with it. Every Adventure has four stages, followed by a final boss. Each non-boss stage also contains three X Sigils, with 120 in all; collecting 60 X Sigils unlocks the Final Story.

Solo Modes

Modes built around singleplayer content, though two-player co-op is usually allowed.

Difficulty Settings


Most solo modes rely on a 5-stage difficulty slider to determine how difficult the challenge will be. These difficulty levels are shown via multiple icons, representing various threats and hazards in forms of media; the higher the icon's threat level, the higher the difficulty. Of course, higher difficulty brings higher rewards.

Level 1
Represented by a Slime from Dragon Quest.
Easy is the ultimate beginner difficulty for all solo modes, packing the least challenge and being used as an effective tutorial level for each mode. Often times, Easy difficulty will not feature any final bosses, having the final confrontations being with standard enemies.
Level 2
Represented by a Phanto from Super Mario Bros. 2.
The easiest "standard" difficulty, in which final bosses begin to appear and more complex facets of the modes emerge at a simple difficulty. Recommended for people somewhat comfortable with the game.
Level 3
Represented by the Snatcher from A Hat In Time.
A simple difficulty increase, enemies gain an AI upgrade and tend to think at somewhat higher levels, using more advanced tactics. Still fairly easy, though, and fairly balanced for both veterans and newcomers.
Level 4
Very Hard
Represented by Drawcia Soul from Kirby Canvas Curse.
Level 4 is the dividing line between semi-standard difficulty and true difficulty, with opponents typically gaining minor stat boosts as well as acting even smarter than Level 3 AI. Items become rarer.
Level 5
Represented by 02 from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
The most difficult standard difficulty level, Level 5 is what separates seasoned pros from the rest of the pack. The AI in this level is some of the game's smartest, and items become even rarer, putting even more dependence on the player's skill and knowledge of how the game works. Not recommended for newcomers!
Level 6
Represented by Ouroboros from Bravely Default.
A secret difficulty option only hinted at in loading screen tips. To unlock Almighty difficulty, the player must hold right on the difficulty slider while repeatedly mashing buttons in order to "break" the slider, revealing this secret setting.
Almighty difficulty is no joke, and is home to some of the strongest AI competitors in the game with some additional stat buffs, as well as a complete absence of items and decreased opportunities to heal. Some secret bosses may even show up depending on the mode! Almighty is only for the best of the best; can you take on the ultimate challenge?


Comparable to a classic or arcade mode found in other fighting games, Ascendant mode places the player at the bottom of a large mountain, with a map consisting of a multitude of points connected by paths. Each point acts as a different event, which offers different challenges and alters the randomized path. The ultimate goal is to make it to the summit, where the Final Boss event is guaranteed to take place. Difficulty slowly scales based on the player's selected difficulty as they ascend the mountain.

An event list is as follows.

Battle A standard battle against an enemy. Gets more challenging based on starting difficulty and how far up the mountain the player is.
Elite Battle Elite Battles are standard battles but with a greater level of challenge, and often unique rules or stipulations akin to Smash Bros. event matches. Give more rewards than normal battles.
Subgame Play a round of Target Rush or Ring Race for rewards. Difficulty/time limit scales with player-chosen difficulty level.
Field Event Come across a friendly NPC who can impact the run in positive or negative ways in exchange for rewards. Positive influences can be bought for rewards, while negative ones can be activated for greater rewards.
Final Boss (Easy) The mountain's summit. Battle against three slightly stronger opponents. Items off. Guaranteed to be played on Argent Light.
If played on Easy difficulty, the run ends after the completion of this round.
Final Boss The final battle against Judgement Oasis on Argent Light, with the entity gaining more forms based on how high the difficulty is.
If played on Normal, the player will fight the boss in Hex form only.
If played on Hard, the player must face Hex and Gyro form.
If played on Very Hard, the player must face Hex, Gyro, and Swordswoman form.
If played on Intense or Almighty, the player must face Hex, Gyro, Swordswoman, and Titan form.
Ouroboros A round only available on Almighty difficulty after beating the Final Boss, this is a battle against bonus boss Ouroboros at max strength. Initially fought on Argent Light, though a forced Stage Morph occurs at half boss HP changing the arena to Via Infernum. Items off for the first stage, though they turn on in low supply in the second stage.


Master Mode is a gameplay mode comparable to All-Star Mode from Smash Bros. being unlocked upon completing the roster and unlocking every character. This mode pits the player against every foe in the game, dividing them up between the kingdoms that each fighter is associated with and having them face one kingdom's fighters all at once. In between rounds, the player is able to recuperate by eating some provided food; however, the food does not reset between rounds, and higher difficulties reduce the food available. Difficulty settings also adjust the AI and durability of the fighters; opponents will be downed easily on low difficulty, have defenses on par with the player on Intense difficulty, and have greater survivability than the player on Almighty difficulty.

Round list TBA.


Pantheon Mode, in contrast to Master Mode, is a boss rush-like mode in which players face off against the various non-playable bosses found in each kingdom's Adventure mode. Though the concept remains generally the same as in Master Mode, pitting the player against an onslaught of foes while giving them breaks to potentially recuperate, Pantheon Mode adds a break between every boss, spreading resources more thinly. Also in contrast to Master Mode is the ability for players to have more control over the bosses they face; at every resting point, players may choose from one of two bosses to face, unless only one boss remains.

As well as difficulty setting, which impacts the speed and power of each boss, the player is also able to adjust the number of bosses they wish to face prior to entering the challenge. Higher boss count leads to an increase of the rewards players receive, as well as difficulty.

Pantheon Mode also allows the player to choose Bindings for an additional challenge. Bindings act as restrictions on the player's ability, reducing their capacity to perform an action in exchange for some form of buff.

  • The Heart Binding causes the player to have a permanent minimum health of 30%; nothing will ever allow this to be changed, and they will always remain at 30% health even when consuming healing items. Using the Heart Binding enables players to recover 1.3x more health with healing items and provides a slight boost in damage.
  • The Null Binding completely blocks off the player's Null Meter, preventing them from performing any techniques that require use of the meter. Using the Null Binding provides a slight defense and damage boost to the player.
  • The Shield Binding places a blockade on 66% of the player's Shield Meter, vastly decreasing their ability to guard and lowering the invulnerability period on their dashes significantly. Using the Shield Binding grants the player a boost in their speed and buffs their recovery techniques slightly.
  • The Speed Binding prevents the player from performing a Drift maneuver, lowering their mobility and reducing their options. Using the Speed Binding provides a slight range increase to hitboxes as well as an increase in defensive stats.

Stadium Modes

Two minigame-like modes dedicated towards training player skill in a character's mobility and abilities. These modes appear in Ascendant mode on Subgame events but can also be freely chosen in the Solo Modes menu. Both modes rely on character-specific stages, each of which is designed to teach a player said character's strengths and weaknesses.

Target Rush

A variant on the Smash Bros. game of Break the Targets, Target Rush puts the player in a miniature Metroidvania-style map designed specifically for each character, with targets scattered about. The player is put on an timer that counts down- if the time hits zero, the player fails. Every broken target adds time to the clock, so the mode becomes devoted to time management and how to best use the character's skills to minimize the time it takes to break every target.

Ring Rush

Ring Rush takes place within long, linear challenge stages uniquely designed for each character, and is intended to test their mobility. Scattered throughout the course are large rings, which must be Dashed through in order to collect it and activate the next ring on the path. Final score is based on time and the number of rings collected- quickly collecting a ring after going through one provides a multiplier bonus, so go as fast as possible!

Online Group

This menu offers all of the same modes found in Group, but enables the player to search for battles and battle partners online as well. The player can also divide their search into three categories to reflect their playstyle.

For Honor

A competitively oriented mode that turns off items and limits the match to a 1-on-1 bout against the opponent. Multiple stages can be selected, but only certain ones are selectable, these matches being deemed not fit for competitive play. Instead of selecting a stage, players will instead select two stages to block, which prevents them from being selected in the randomized selection to follow.


A less competitively oriented designed for quicker bouts. All items are on, all stages are available, and the chaos is in full force. Unlike standard local matches, the blocking system is re-implemented from For Honor.

Custom Match

Create a free-to-access room in which you can customize rulesets, item drops, banned stages, banned characters, and more, as well as editing the stats of specific characters in order to rebalance things. Can be locked behind a password to ensure only certain people can enter the room.


Watch online battles and gamble on who you think will win! You could lose it all, or make bank with a massive jackpot!


The game's world takes place in an alternate plane of reality referred to only as the Shifted Tides, primarily being located on the realm's version of Earth. The Shifted Tides is home to a myriad bounty of people from other realities and timelines, all brought together by a mysterious cosmic force. Those who now live in this world believe they have always done so, and their roles and purposes have changed as cultures and realities merge. Despite the conflict, the world is largely peaceful, with many people brought to the Shifted Tides having made themselves comfortable and happy. Of course, one of the most popular sporting events in the world has become legally-sanctioned SHIFT tournaments, a fighting style with endless variety and splendor, so combat and conflict takes on a different role in the eyes of the public.

However, not all is right in the Shifted Tides. A mysterious coalition- Organization X- seeks to disrupt the balance of this realm by harnessing the power of its strongest warriors. Will the fighters of SHIFT be able to take down the evil organization and their malevolent desires?


The myriad kingdoms that exist on Earth within the confines of the Shifted Tides.

New Urbia City
A modern-day city, gleaming bright with the light of hope, prosperity, and massive glass-covered skyscrapers. Underneath the glitz, glamour, and fusion of cultures is a thriving yet somehow positive vibe of conflict; the city is one of the biggest capitals in the world for fully-sanctioned SHIFT tournaments. Both Mike Haggar and Max Brass, friends and alternative mayors of the city, are active combatants in the ring as well as the political field, but despite the massive overtones of violence, it's a positive and triumphant atmosphere. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!
Kingdom of Feyte
Feyte is almost a land of myth. Inhabited by monsters and magitek, Feyte is a rather medieval-inspired land, home to heroes and brave tales the world over. It's ruled by King Asgore, who governs with an overly compassionate fist and tends to leave any sort of fisticuffs to his elite Royal Guard. It's a peaceful and prosperous kingdom... despite attacks from Propeller Knight, a shifty vagabond aiming to steal the kingdom's riches.
Electra City
Electra City is known for its nightlife, advanced technology, and its shockingly high crime rate. Home to CYoR-Life, the planet's biggest robotics manufacturer, the city's advanced status has nevertheless become a magnet to thieves and supervillains alike. Despite efforts of Mayor Coyle to keep things down, vigilantes on both sides of the moral spectrum are incredibly active, leading to the deployment of android mercenaries across the city. It's exciting, yes, but also quite dangerous...
Despite the harsh desert environment in which this city was built, Al-Kharr is a thriving center of commerce and knowledge, effectively an oasis of life in an unforgiving landscape. Al-Kharr is ruled over by the Seedling tribe, masters of the life-giving tree the kingdom is centered around, though much of the populace is based in the library capital of Al-Khampis. Despite the idyllic life the city leads, night has begun to bring strange nightmarish creatures from the depths of the sands, leading an intrepid crew of beast hunters to fend off the threat and hunt down its source.
The Undernull
The location of the Undernull is unknown; the only way to truly access it is to die. An afterlife where the souls of all who perish converge, those who enter are judged by the Undernull's goddess, Pandora, in an effort to determine who is reincarnated and who is worthy of residing in her paradise. It's not all fun and games in the Undernull, though, as evil souls get thrown into the dark depths, hopefully to never escape. It's not like they haven't before, though...
Kingdom of Paylrule
Once the prosperous kingdom of Hyrule, Paylrule is a nation firmly under the almost religious control of an insect known only as the Pale King. Having had much of the original culture and people swept away, Paylrule now exists almost entirely as an insectoid kingdom, with the few remaining Hylians having had their past unlearned. Now seeking to envelop the nearby kingdom of Anor Londo into its fold, Paylrule's only threat to complete dominance could be the mythical artifact thought lost to time- the Triforce.
Ultra Moonopolis
Not really a kingdom so much as a flying fortress, Ultra Moonopolis is the floating, heavily armed domain of Lusamine. Crafted as a perfect utopia for herself and her Ultra Beast "children", she's since expanded her domain by beginning to drain energy from the planet's moon. Not only has this caused Moon Rocks to rain down across the planet, threatening people's livelihood, but it could also lead to the death of the Lunarian civilization already on the moon... Though Lusamine hardly seems to care.
Prison Kingdom Onikuda
An island nation surrounded by jagged coral reefs, almost impossible to escape or enter by sea. Onikuda is, in fact, a prison island, though one so vast and inescapable that even the rulers and guardsmen have effectively become prisoners to Onikuda as well. Though thought inescapable, some intrepid prisoners have recently bonded together in an attempt to earn their way out through the SHIFT tournaments.
Shell Kingdom
A kingdom built around a relic of a bygone past- the Gungeon, an infinitely vast domain home to millions of guns from eras and worlds most cannot even decipher. The kingdom's ruler is Bowser, a titanic beast who has built a formidable army around the Gungeon's offerings as well as augmenting himself with ammomantic powers. Though his army remains at bay for now, only time will tell if Bowser desires conquest. After all, he certainly has the arsenal to back it up.
Organization X
A mysterious cult-like organization headed by Xemnas and Hyness, seemingly dedicated towards unlocking the mystery and potential of the soul. Organization X has kidnapped hundreds of people, removing their souls for research and turning the empty husks into Nobody warriors who serve the organization. While their motive for collecting the souls is unknown, they are among the gravest threats to the world, and it is said that they are planning on building something massive with which to conquer the Shifted Tides. If you find them, stop them at all costs!



Choose a fighter icon to view their entry on the page!

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Starting Roster

Gravity-Rush-2 09-21-15 Chara Kat
Origin: Gravity Rush
Kat's an amnesiac- technically double amnesiac, now- with the miraculous ability to shift gravity to her whims and wishes. With the help of her faithful cat friend, Dusty, she's taken on somewhat of a superheroine role in New Urbia City, using her gravity powers to fight crime and bring about justice in a city built around the concept. She has no clue about her past, the source of her abilities, or even where Dusty came from... but if she can help people with them, does it matter?
Kat has a very basic moveset, and her placement as the first character on the roster symbolizes her status as a simple newcomer starting point. Her moveset relies on her gravity manipulation, utilizing skills found in her original games.
Neutral Special: Gravity Kick
Kat summons a field of energy around her as she floats into the air, which lasts for as long as the button is held. She can then launch herself forward with a kick by putting any directional input. Opponents who touch the field will begin floating helplessly, leaving them free targets for a kick. The field can also be cancelled by Dashing or Shielding.
Side Special: Gravity Typhoon
Kat summons a ball of gravitational energy and launches it forward in a subtle arc. Can be Drifted to increase the ball's speed.
Up Special: Spiraling Claw
Kat darts upward with a spinning kick, dealing multiple strikes. The attack has a sweetspot when Kat extends her foot that has far more knockback, but prevents the target from getting hit by the full number of hits.
Down Special: Micro Black Hole
Kat summons a black hole in front of her, which deals multiple rapid hits of damage to people trapped within before launching them slightly away. If the black hole is hit by a projectile, it gets absorbed and Kat becomes healed by however much damage the projectile would do.
Infinity Finale: Gravity Panther
Fusing with Dusty, Kat enters Panther Mode, causing gravity to turn off for the entire stage and leaving opponents helpless for a few seconds. Kat then lunges forward at maximum power, dealing heavy damage to whoever is in front of her. After the initial dash, Kat can dash two more times, which can be directed by the player. After the third dash, gravity resets and Kat returns to normal.
Mike Haggar
UMvC3 Haggar
Origin: Final Fight
A former pro wrestler, Haggar has always had a passion for the good fight, even after hanging up his belt and becoming mayor of New Urbia City. Despite his positive reception among the populace and general skill at political work, Haggar still seems to be a little hot-blooded and battle-ready. Perhaps that's why he turned the underground fight clubs of the city into full, legally sanctioned tournaments... And why he himself has been known to participate in a few bouts.
As can be expected, Mike's fighting style is very wrestling-inspired. He's a bit of a heavyweight, meaning that while he's a tad slow and his Dashes may not cover much distance, he's able to muscle his way through plenty of hits to rush down his opponent and launch them far away. His strength is undeniable, and skilled players will be able to make the best of him by trucking through barrages of attacks like they're nothing!
Neutral Special: Double Lariat
Mike spins forward with his arms outstretched, performing two rotations before ending the attack. Contact with his arms deals heavy damage, and Mike receives superarmor during the animation.
Side Special: Hoodlum Launcher
Haggar rushes forward and tosses an opponent into the air on contact, leaving them vulnerable for followup strikes. Drifting lets the move cover more distance. If Mike misses a target, he will use a whiff animation and be unable to interact for a few frames.
Up Special: Head Butt
Mike leaps up in the air and slams his head downward. The attack can spike opponents in midair and bury them if they are on the ground. Not the best height when used on the ground, but performs a little better off-stage.
Down Special: Steel Pipe
Haggar swings forward with a steel pipe in his hand, which deals exceptional damage but has long wind-up time. Mike has superarmor while winding up. If the button is held, Mike will throw the pipe mid-swing, which deals less damage but has longer range.
Infinity Finale: Giant Haggar Press
Mike flexes vigorously before leaping high into the air, charged with energy. He then crashes down immediately in front of where he was when the move was triggered, releasing an explosion that deals massive damage. As Haggar descends, he also deals damage, as well as being able to phase through surfaces in order to make it to his initial point.
Origin: Skullgirls
Molly is a faithful secretary to the mayoral office of New Urbia City, having dedicated her life to doing the best possible job she can of helping everyone out. She's worked for plenty of mayors before- including the current mayor, Mike Haggar- but she's content with staying a secretary and not running for the office of mayor herself. She prefers staying in the sidelines and cheering on! That said, she's recently decided to give the fighting world of SHIFT a shot, and with her exceptional knowledge of all things electrical and phone-like, her combat style is sure to throw even experienced fighters off their game.
Molly's moveset is rather strange, and almost more support-based than anything else. She has a barrage of weird and quirky moves designed around disrupting and disorienting the opponent, as well as taking control of the stage and spawning hazards. She's not very strong, but it's easy to trap foes in deadly combos using her myriad skills. Molly's true potential actually comes from the sidelines in 2v2 and 3v3 matches, in which she has unique special attacks she can dial up only when she is not the active character. Simply input a quick 3-button combo and hit the special button, and watch her call in airstrikes, medkit drops, and more!
Gimmick: Support Line
In 2v2 or 3v3 Tag Battles, Molly can call in various support moves when she is not the active character, designed to aid the active character in combat. These support skills can be triggered by having the player input a 3-button combo string and then hitting the special button.
An XXB-B combo string summons an mini airstrike in front of the user, dealing heavy damage. The missile can collide with terrain above the player, meaning the target is missed.
A XBX-B combo calls down a medkit on a parachute, which restores 30% damage if contacted. The medkit can be broken by enemy attacks.
A BXX-B combo calls down a series of tiny landmines, which remain inactive for a few seconds before becoming motion activated, exploding on contact.
Molly's support runs on a cooldown, with the airstrike taking the least time to recover and the medkit taking the most.
Neutral Special: Dial-a-Combo
Molly inputs a number on her large rotary dial, holding it vertically while doing so. This causes the dial to spin around her rapidly, dealing repeated close-up damage strikes. The attack can be charged to dial a higher number, which results in a longer and faster combo. Molly can also place the combo on hold by Dashing or Shielding, letting her unleash it later with a simple button tap.
Side Special: Radio Wave
A simple arc-shaped projectile launched forward from Molly's position. Pierces through enemies to deal damage. When Drifted, the projectile moves faster.
Up Special: Telegraph
Using the power of radio transmission, Molly teleports upward a fair distance, phasing through attacks. At the site of her reappearance, a large electrical burst is released, which has high kill power. After this, Molly enters special fall.
Down Special: Hotline
Molly places a small electrical device on the ground, which occasionally gives off sparks every few seconds that deal minimal damage. If a second device is placed, a line is spawned connecting the two, with large electrical sparks traveling from the first device to the second. These sparks can be sent in the opposite direction if Molly hits them, making for unpredictable attacks. The devices do not despawn unless Molly is killed, but they can be broken by enemy attacks, and if the move is used a third time, the first device is removed and the second device acts as the first in the chain.
Infinity Finale: Graham-o-Tron
With a quick dial, Molly calls up the fearsome mecha known as the Graham-o-Tron, which begins firing a highly destructive beam of pure electricity. Eventually, the mech explodes, depositing Molly safely while damaging enemies around her. The beam can be angled up or down while firing.
Fight Knight
Origin: Fight Knight
A warrior from the kingdom of Feyte and a former member of King Asgore's elite guard, this once proud knight was cursed by a rival- the source of the foul magic was unknown, but the knight could no longer bear any weapon lest it shatter in his hands. Disgraced, he left the guard; instead of seeking vengeance or justice on his rival, however, he decided to vent his anger by participating in the SHIFT fights of New Urbia City, brutalizing hundreds of opponents in a near-perfect win streak. He's even stood toe to toe with Mayor Haggar himself!
Fight Knight is another heavyweight character, but rather than playing defensively and using superarmor to tank through attacks, Fight Knight goes 100% offensive! Much like his home game, this hulking knight is highly kinetic and fast-paced in his movements, capable of lunging rapidly to assault his opponents. He almost plays like a freight train- once you see him coming, he's almost impossible to stop! His recovery is mediocre, however, and his curse sadly prevents him from using any kind of melee or ranged weapon item at all... But to Fight Knight, items are for chumps!
Gimmick: Fisticurse
The very curse that afflicts Fight Knight impacts his battle style as well; Fight Knight cannot pick up any melee or ranged weaponry items, as they simply shatter in his hand and become unusable. However, upon doing so, Fight Knight becomes angry and enters a rage state in which his attacks deal more damage temporarily, incentivizing players to grab items in a different fashion. Throwing items and badge-type items can be used normally without any issues.
Neutral Special: Star-Eyed Special
A chargeable barrage of rapid punches directly in front of the player; longer charge means more punches, and the charge can be stored by Dashing or Shielding. Ideal for both punishing opponents and breaking shields.
Side Special: 10-Inch Punch
Fight Knight darts forward quickly with a palm strike. If he hits an opponent, the attack deals fair damage and good horizontal knockback as Fight Knight himself skids backwards from the force of impact. Another 10-Inch Punch can be triggered after this skidding, and the skidding can be used as a potential infinite source of Drifting, enabling the player to cover vast distances.
Up Special: Mighty Uppercut
A simple uppercut attack. Deals massive damage, especially at the very start and end of the attack, but has mediocre recovery potential.
Down Special: Simian Slamma
Fight Knight leaps forward in an arc, slamming his fists into the ground in front of him in a similar manner to a familiar ape. Heavy damage dealer and a good aerial attack.
Infinity Finale: Megaton Punch
Filled with rage and power, Fight Knight punches the ground so hard he cracks the earth, letting loose a powerful explosion of fire and raw machismo around him. This attack deals massive damage, though the player can be left open after the explosion to people outside the range of the attack.
Papyrus from undertale render by nibroc rock-d9c1tak
Origin: Undertale
A charming, suave and dapper skeleton residing in the kingdom of Feyte. As a close friend and advisor to the kingdom's ruler, King Asgore, Papyrus managed to become the esteemed ruler of the Feyte Royal Guard- his natural incompetency made up for by his can-do attitude and positive outlook. He now defends the kingdom from threats alongside the rest of the ragtag guard, as well as representing Feyte in the occasional diplomatic meeting or fighting bout. Will his skills back up his self-inflation, or is Papyrus nothing more than another bonehead?
Papyrus relies on bone-shaped projectiles that emerge from the ground, and can act in various ways to throw off his opponents. As all these bones emerge from the ground, however, he's mainly suited towards bouts that don't take place in the air, compounded by his odd recovery and jumping skills. Luckily, his Blue Attack special is a highly effective anti-air, keeping foes on the ground where he is most effective.
Neutral Special: Bone Wave
Papyrus pushes forward, unleashing a small wave of bones that spike up from the ground like a tidal wave. Short range, but can be charged for higher range and power.
Side Special: Big Bone/Blue Bone
Papyrus swings a large bone in front of him, dealing heavy damage. Distance can be increased by drifting.
Holding down the button as opposed to tapping it turns the attack into Blue Bone, which is the exact move but doubly strong. However, Blue Bone will deal no damage or knockback at all to a target who is standing completely still, leaving the player to decide when the right time to use each variant is.
Up Special: Scuttlebones
Papyrus wildly flails his limbs and slowly hovers upward before gliding back down. Not very good for upwards recovery, but good for horizontal recovery.
Down Special: Blue Attack
Papyrus snaps his fingers as a blue wave of pixelated energy bursts from him. Opponents who are hit by this wave will turn blue and temporarily be affected by double gravity, hindering vertical mobility. Acts as a meteor attack if it hits an aerial foe, launching them straight downwards.
Infinity Finale: My Special Attack!
Proudly preparing his ultimate attack, Papyrus pulls out a single bone as the Annoying Dog jumps out of nowhere to grab it from him. The dog jumps forward from Papyrus in a slight arc, and if it comes into contact with someone, they take 1% damage as the dog drops the special attack- a single Gaster Blaster, which fires a powerful laser forward from the position the target was struck, fully engulfing them in the blast.
Origin: Knack
A creature constructed from magitek relics, Knack has long been a ally of the Kingdom of Feyte, effectively being branded as the "mascot" of the Royal Guard. Despite his impressive power and capabilities, nobody seems to really appreciate Knack aside from the other members of the Royal Guard; mean-spirited or not, people tend to make fun of him for almost no reason. Perhaps this time, people will give him and the rest of the guard the credit he deserves... right?
Knack is an unorthodox heavyweight character who actually starts out as an agile lightweight with exceptionally low defense. As he attacks, though, Knack builds up size and power, turning into a bulky and powerful threat with sizable range. However, one good hit and a lot of that size is going to vanish; play carefully, and keep in mind when exactly any given form will help out in combat!
Gimmick: Relics
As Knack attacks objects and enemies, he gains Relics from them, which are absorbed into his collective mass and used to make him larger and more powerful. However, taking damage does cause him to drop some relics, and being too big can impair his recovery, so shedding relics can be as imperative as gaining them.
Neutral Special: Triple Shot
A three-shot spread of solar-powered bullets. Each bullet has slight homing, and can curve a small amount to strike enemies,
Side Special: Relic Jab
Using the power of relics to extend his reach, Knack jabs forward. Becomes longer and more powerful based on his size, and can be Drifted to increase the range even more.
Up Special: Tornado Spin
Knack spins around like a tornado to rise upward. A multi-hit attack that deals more damage if Knack is larger, but also loses height and distance covered if he is heavier.
Down Special: Body Slam
Knack performs a bellyflop attacks that smashes him on the ground; if performed on the ground, he will automatically short hop before performing it. The attack gains a wider coverage and damage output the more relics Knack has, but also expends all the relics, reverting Knack back into his minuscule size.
Infinity Finale: Giga Knack
Absorbing the power of tons of off-screen relics, Knack grows to titanic size before punching forward. Everyone caught in the initial punch is subject to a highly powerful attack barrage before being launched, after which Knack shifts to his largest normal size.
Shantae HGH artwork
Origin: Shantae
Coming all the way from the desert region of Al-Kharr, Shantae's no normal girl... She's half-genie! Having left the desert in order to seek out adventure, she's since joined the Kingdom of Feyte's Royal Guard, eager to use the position as a means to help out those less fortunate than her. Her exceptionally powerful magic can get the best of even her, occasionally having explosive repercussions, but she's good-hearted and really is trying her best to be a hero... that is, a half-genie hero.
Shantae is a mage character at her core; lightweight and agile, and able to keep foes at a distance through the use of her powerful magic. Interestingly, she does not truly have access to her full genie transformations, having studied them for long enough. Instead, she has become able to modify these transformations into spells, creating a
Neutral Special: Spiderweb
Turning her arm into an insectoid claw, Shantae fires a small projectile that explodes into a spiderweb a short distance away from her. This spiderweb slowly damages and slows down opponents who touch it, and eventually dissipates. If an opponent is directly hit by the web shot, they will be wrapped in webbing and be completely unable to move, albeit for a shorter time.
Side Special: Fire Bullet
Engulfed in fire, Shantae rushes forward with a quick shoulder bash. If Drifted, covers more ground. Tapping the attack button as soon as Shantae contacts an opponent or a wall allows her to immediately cancel into a fiery spinning attack for more damage, while tapping the special button allows her to launch a fireball forward.
Up Special: Harpy Gale
Shantae summons wings and flaps upward in one mighty burst, before following up with a slashing wind projectile aimed directly below her. Good for offstage attacks, but requires a bit of charge before the jump actually goes off.
Down Special: Storm Stomp
Engulfed in electricity, Shantae stomps down onto the ground akin to her elephant form. Hitting the attack button after this allows her to perform an electric spinning attack upwards, while pressing the special button fires off two Storm Puffs to either side of her.
Infinity Finale: Almighty Dance
Pulling out a small lamp, Shantae begins dancing as a rainbow-colored sphere is generated in the area around her. Anything trapped in this circle is sucked into the lamp as they take rapid damage; at the end of the dance, any opponent over 100% damage is instantly killed, while others are launched out with limited power.
Zeke Xenoblade
Origin: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
A mighty warrior from Feyte wielding a heavy blade called the Big Bang Edge, Zeke is a member of the Royal Guard. Jovial and cocky, he fits right in with the ragtag group and usually takes the role of the heavy hitter when push comes to shove. Supposed keeper of a power known as "The Eye of Shining Justice", Zeke's electrical powers grant him a powerful edge in battle.
With his massive blade, Zeke's playstyle is highly reminiscent of characters such as Ike or Cloud, relying on outspacing the enemy with the blade in order to play both defensively and offensively. He can be a bit slow, but he's defensive enough to take a hit, and also has a fair amount of ranged capabilities for additional zoning.
Gimmick: Electric Circus
When one of Zeke's charge attacks is charged to the maximum, the blade of the Big Bang Edge detaches, being thrown forward as a boomerang-like projectile that returns to him. Powerful kill tool at a distance, though using this technique leaves him vulnerable for a little longer.
Neutral Special: Dynamic Spark Sword
Extending a beam of electricity from the sword's tip, Zeke performs a slow slash combo in front of him. Acting as a three-hit combo, DSS is comparable to a slower and stronger Dancing Blade, with directional inputs controlling the directions he slashes.
Side Special: Overload Thunder Beam
Zeke launches an electric sword beam that travels parallel to him and pierces through enemies. Can be Drifted to enhance speed and range. Good for shield breaking.
Up Special: Stratospheric Thunder
A powerful rising upwards slash that launches opponents skyward.
Down Special: ULFS Max
A charged upwards slash followed by a downward strike, which generates an explosion when it hits the ground. A powerful technique, but the animation time leaves it more predictable than most attacks- make it count when you can!
Infinity Finale: Bringer of Chaos
Removing his eyepatch, Zeke glares forward while generating a line of light in front of him. This line extends infinitely in the direction he's looking, and if someone contacts it, he rushes towards them in a flash of lightning, perfoming a powerful combo on them that tends to instantly kill the target. Hitbox is precise, meaning it can be avoided somewhat easily.
Propeller Knight
Origin: Shovel Knight
A despicable rouge and treasure hunter who conquers the skies in his airhsip, Propeller Knight lives for two things; the upper-class lifestyle and taking things from others. The de facto nemesis of the Royal Guard, he and his crew have been trying to steal away the Feyte treasury for years, all in an attempt to get the decadent dandy even richer and more extravagant with his wealth. Though he's never really won, to call this knight a pushover would be a false statement. Propeller Knight controls the air with an iron fist, and fighting him in his element could be disastrous!
True to his profession, Propeller Knight is a god amongst fighters when it comes to aerial movement and combat. Maybe that's why Papyrus can beat him so easily... At any rate, he can hover by holding Up or the Jump button, and he can cover massive areas with the greatest of ease by using the momentum from his aerials to carry him. On the ground, he's much slower, probably due to the weight of his helm. Using the hover technique, one can hover just above the ground and attack with aerials exclusively- it's so much more efficient!
Neutral Special: Prop Duster
Propeller Knight angles his head down and activates his propeller, generating a large gust of wind that lasts until the button stops being held. Deals no damage, but can push away opponents. When used in the air, it pushes the user backwards. Heavy startup lag before the windbox activates, but low ending lag.
Side Special: Propeller Dagger
Propeller Knight charges forward with a dagger in hand, flying at high speeds. Drifting enables the dagger to fly faster and farther than normal. If the attack hits a wall, opponent, or one of the side blast zones, Propeller Knight will bounce off of it, being able to act freely.
Up Special: Updraft
Propeller Knight flies upwards, slowly drifting down after the initial rise. The rise acts as a multi-hit attack, and by holding down while gliding, the player can perform a drill-like dive attack.
Down Special: Infinidagger
Propeller Knight throws a blue dagger in front of him, which gains velocity and power as it travels. If performed in the air, the dagger is launched downwards at a 45 degree angle.
Infinity Finale: Cannonfire
Laughing haughtily, Propeller Knight calls down a barrage of massive iron cannonballs that deal heavy damage. He cannot move while the cannonballs fall, and he is rendered immune to all damage.
YoRHa No.2 Type B
Origin: NieR Automata
One of many mass-produced android units developed by CyoR-Life, a cybernetics company. 2B was a former housecare unit working alongside Electra City mayor Katherine Coyle, until some strange hacking incident caused her to develop full sentience; as such, she was retasked by her owner to be a combat and pursuit android, taking down targets remotely for Coyle as a personal assassin of sorts. Though 2B struggles with her own sentience and place in the world, she still makes for an intimidating combatant, earning the nickname of "The Black Blade" in Electra's underground criminal rings.
2B is an exceptionally agile and powerful opponent, playing like a combination of Marth and Sonic. Wielding her katana, she darts to and fro across the battlefield, blinking back and forth to strike swiftly. At the same time, she is also able to use her pod as a mobile machine gun, giving her unique access to both ranged and melee damage at the same time. 2B is highly versatile, to be sure; however, she is exceptionally frail, so don't get too greedy when heading in for the kill!
Gimmick: Pod Fire
Holding down the attack button causes 2B's Pod to constantly fire small bullets at the nearest enemy. These bullets deal no knockback and little damage, but can easily rack up percent on opponents. This works even while 2B is moving or attacking, though she cannot influence the pod's target.
Neutral Special: A150: Volt
2B throws the pod forward, restraining opponents that touch it in a small electric forcefield that damages them over time. Good for incapacitating opponents or countering incoming attacks, but disables the Pod Fire while in use.
Side Special: R020: Mirage
The Pod scans an area in front of 2B in a few frames before she goes invisible. If any enemies were standing in the scanned area, she silently strikes from from behind with a quick slash. Drifting increases scan range.
Up Special: A160: Missile
2B grabs the pod as it propels upwards with jet-powered force. The trajectory of the pod can be somewhat controlled, and it's a surprisingly effective kill move.
Down Special: A110: Slow
A counterattack-style move; if an attack strikes 2B while she uses this move, she generates a field of distorted time around herself which slows opponent movements by half. Pod Fire is unusable during the duration of the bubble's effect.
Infinity Finale: R010: Laser
2B takes the pod and fires a massive laser from it. Much more powerful than normal laser Infinity Finales, but is thinner and cannot be angled as much.
Brain Drain
Origin: Skullgirls
A malevolent scientist hailing from the depths of Electra City, and a master over the psyche of human beings. Brain Drain is a master criminal and creator of a multitude of empowered criminals with which he means to use as tools and weapons. He may not seem evil- if you get to know him, his philosophies on human life and existence really are something to ponder- but he's a cruel and remorseless man without any compassion. No wonder 2B's repeatedly been sent to try assassinating him.
Brain Drain's playstyle relies on trickery and manipulation as well as having a standard fisticuff style of fighting. Psychic beams are just one of his many traits; he can fire hypodermic needles to drag foes or put them to sleep, disable their special moves and abilities, or even possess ally characters in Tag Battles, turning them against their player! He's even able to copy the special attacks of other fighters by guarding them! Brain Drain is a highly unpredictable and disorienting fighter, and in the right hands is the most powerful character in the game; stay strong and take him down!
Gimmick: Analysis
By shielding an attack from an opponent with quick timing, Brain Drain can copy their Neutral Special, which is shown on the player's HUD as a small icon. He can then swap out his Psychic Beam special for one of these copied specials at will by tapping the Guard button. If Brain Drain dies, he loses all his copied specials.
Neutral Special: Psychic Beam
A long-ranged beam of psychic energy that travels fast but deals little damage. Effective disruption tool.
Can be subbed out for any analyzed opponent attacks to utilize them instead.
Side Special: Hypodermic Needles
Brain Drain launches needles from his hands towards his opponents. Tapping the button makes them act as normal projectiles that deal light damage and put foes to sleep, while holding it attaches a string which forces them to be dragged towards the player for a follow-up attack. Drifting increases power and range.
Up Special: Disruptor Rush
Brain Drain rushes upwards, arm extended. If he grabs an opponent, he blasts them with psychic energy before throwing them downward.
Down Special: Mind Control
Brain Drain glares forward, creating a small flash of energy. In normal battles, this flash dazes opponents, leaving them open for a followup attack. It also acts as a counter, enabling him to toss back projectiles and negate melee attacks with proper timing.
If Mind Control strikes an assist character in Tag Battles, that character will temporarily become a puppet that mimics Brain Drain's inputs, turning them against the opposing player.
Infinity Finale: Psycho Flare
Clutching his brain, Brain Drain blasts a huge sphere of psychic energy forward. Every opponent caught in the blast takes heavy damage and is launched. A small hitbox at the start of the move also instantly copies the Neutral Special of anybody caught within.
Origin: Azure Striker Gunvolt
One of Brain Drain's many experiments and lackeys, Gibril is one of his most feared minions. Commanding the ability to manipulate iron and form it into weaponry, she's since developed a sadistic personality and has been known to turn the iron in her victim's blood into the very weapons designed to kill them- or her own. Gaining the street name of "Full Metal Jacket", this bloody fiend works overtime to ensure Brain Drain's will is carried out.
Gibril's violent and sadistic nature is shown in full force with her moveset and capabilities. Many of her abilities spawn pools of blood on the ground from either herself or from the opponents she attacks. Acting as a strange form of stage control, she is then able to effectively "detonate" these blood pools with her Iron Maiden neutral special, unleashing powerful blades from all of them that deal heavy damage. She's also got a variety of projectile tools as well, so she's equipped to fighting at range or up close with her iron claws. Her biggest weakness is killing a foe; aside from the Iron Maiden blades, many of her moves emphasize vicious combos over brute strength, making her kill potential somewhat to be desired.
Neutral Special: Iron Maiden
Striking a pose, Gibril causes all pools of blood on the stage to erupt and unleash a large sword upwards. Very powerful, and one of her best kill tools. Using this move evaporates the blood pools.
Side Special: Shredder Axe
Gibril tosses a buzzsaw-like axe upwards in an arc with high damage, though the odd arc makes it tricky to use. Drifting allows Gibril to throw it farther and increases the projectile's speed.
Up Special: Beast Crash
An upwards slash with iron claws. Tapping the button again enables Gibril to perform a downward slash that leaves a shockwave and a pool of blood at wherever she touches down.
Down Special: Heavy Metal
Gibril summons an iron maiden around herself and crashes to the ground, rendering her immobile yet invulnerable until she escapes or a timer runs out. Landing from sufficiently high heights causes small blood projectiles to emerge upon impact, which create blood pools when hitting the ground.
Infinity Finale: Iron Alchemist
Gibril roars with anger as she unleashes waves of blood projectiles in radial bursts around her. Contact with these projectiles unleashes a further radial spread of knives, which deal more damage. Gibril cannot move while performing Iron Alchemist.
Commander Yammark
Origin: Mega Man X6
An advanced dragonfly-like robot working for the police force of Electra City, Commander Yammark has been good friends with 2B for a while. Acting as a scout, she flies over the city at striking speeds, looking for any potential criminal activities and striking from the air before they can even begin. Her ultimate dream is to capture Brain Drain, the villain who has evaded police capture for so long that Yammark sees it as an insult.
Yammark is an unorthodox fighter with an emphasis on a fusion of defense and agility, being a mid-heavyweight fighter with incredible recovery skills. Using both her wings to fly at supersonic speeds and her various protective skills such as Yanma Option, Yammark is able to avoid damage with ease as well as effectively tank what she can't avoid. Her flaws start to come in the form of dealing damage; her skills rely on chip damage and constantly putting pressure on opponents from range, giving her a distinct lack of kill power which the player must work around.
Neutral Special: Yanma Option
Yammark summons three small dragonfly-like drones around her, which orbit her in a circle for a short time. The drones will fire off small green bullets when Yammark attacks, and performing charged attacks causes the drones to fire charged bullets. Each drone has 20 HP, and can be destroyed by taking attacks for Yammark.
Side Special: Formation Wing
Yammark charges up and dashes forward, dealing damage on contact. Drifting enables the dash to move faster and cover more distance. If Yanma Option is active, the drones will remain in place and fire bullets forward in the direction Yammark moves before vanishing.
Up Special: Yanma Wings
Using her wings, Yammark enters a free-flying state in which she can dart around for a short time. Immense recovery potential, but it leaves her vulnerable to attack while flying.
Down Special: Formation Guard
Yammark fires three drones forward as projectiles, with the player being able to angle the direction the drones are sent at. If Yanma Option is active, the drones orbiting Yammark will be used to perform the attack.
Infinity Finale: Finale Formation
Yammark charges her systems and begins flying at maximum speed, darting about at various angles and dealing damage on contact. Throughout this attack, various drones also emerge, launching charged bullets at foes. Eventually, the attack ends with Yammark slamming into the ground at high speed, delivering a powerful impact.
Origin: My Hero Academia
Denki Kaminari is a high school student with the mysterious ability to generate massive amounts of electricity. Yearning to be a superhero, he's been recently interning with the New Electra City police force, hoping to better gain control of his rather destructive power. He's impulsive, but he genuinely wants to try his best, and is hoping that teaming up with Yammark in solving this recent string of murders will be of use to him.
Kaminari plays as an unorthodox hybrid of rushdown and zoning characters, being a fast bruiser with the ability to set up traps and tripwires of electricity in order to prevent opponents from escaping him and leaving them more vulnerable to his close-ranged attacks. While Kaminari is powerful, the player has to be careful to not go overboard, as overusing his most powerful abilities can have disastrous consequences. Don't be brash and be careful when to use your power!
Gimmick: Electrification
Kaminari builds up electrical energy by using most of his melee attacks, which can be seen by both the aura of electricity surrounding him and by the use of an Electrification Meter, located under his Null Meter and also marked by a number ranging from 0 to 3. Generating electricity builds up the gauge, and filling the meter up resets it and increases the number by 1. This changes Kaminari's power level, giving him different stats:
Level 1 is normal, giving Kaminari standard combat abilities and attacks.
Level 2 replaces Kaminari's standard attacks with more powerful versions, which generate more electricity.
Level 3 is identical to Level 2, but deals 50% more damage and builds up electricity even faster.
If the player uses too much energy, they will enter Level 0, in which Kaminari's brain is short-circuited. In Level 0, the player cannot do anything at all but walk left or right, and must wait to return to Level 1.
Neutral Special: Electric Shooter
Kaminari fires a bolt of electricity forward a short distance. If it hits the end of its range, it will remain in place as a small floating orb. Firing another shot will cause the two orbs to connect with an electric tripwire, stunning enemies on contact and dealing minor damage.
Level 3 Kaminari has a modified version of the move, in which he fires a singular bolt forward that, at the end of its range, creates a triangle-shaped group of tripwires.
Side Special: Pulse Bomb
Kaminari fires off a blue sphere of electricity, which travels fast before slowing down and then stopping. Good for acting as another zoning tool, though it is more powerful than Electric Shooter. Requires Kaminari to vent his own electricity to use, reducing the meter; if he is hit by the bomb's explosion, however, he regains it and then some. Drifting increases the size, speed, and power of the bomb, but also vents more electricity.
Up Special: Charge Jump
Kaminari propels himself upwards using electrical energy. The button can be held down to charge energy and fill the Electrification Meter, which increases the speed and recovery height of the attack.
Down Special: Gigavolt Discharge
Kaminari charges energy around him, creating an electric forcefield that slowly racks up damage and fills the Electrification Meter. The higher the player's Level, the bigger and more powerful the field becomes, but the more energy it builds up.
Infinity Finale: Indiscriminant Discharge - 1.3 Million Volts
Charging his power to the utmost limit, Kaminari strikes the entire stage with a massive blast of electricity that deals heavy damage and stuns. Deals more damage at higher levels of Electrification, and will always set Kaminari to a reduced-duration Level 0 for a short time after using the move.
Origin: Bravely Second
A young woman from the Moon, who seems to recall very little about her childhood on the celestial body; her only key to her origins is in a small pendant she bears, constructed out of the glowing cubic structures found on the Moon. Magnolia currently resides in the desert kingdom of Al-Kharr, alongside her boyfriend Yew. Regardless of her past, Magnolia is a fierce warrior, and has taken up training with her mentor Joseph Joestar for many years. Now faced with a strange scourge of nightmarish creatures emerging from the desert at night, Magnolia fights alongside her mentor to protect the city.
Magnolia wields a long naginata as her primary offensive tool, giving her exceptional range and mobility at the cost of slower, more predictable strikes. She's not a heavyweight by any means, and her attacks are still somewhat quick, but the startup and ending lag for her slashes tends to be longer than expected. She's also a pure melee character, meaning that while she excels in close range due to the naginata, she can struggle with projectile-heavy fighters.
Neutral Special: Crescent Moon
A long crescent-shaped slash in front of Magnolia. A powerful kill move with a shockingly long radius, but it has one of the longer startups of her abilities. Holding the button causes her to follow up the slash with a second attack with more power, but this follow-up has even more endlag.
Side Special: Soul Smash
Imbuing her naginata with Ripple energy, Magnolia lunges forward while stabbing at a downward angle. The tip of her weapon acts as a sweetspot that emits a flash of light energy with high kill power.
If the naginata lands inside terrain, Magnolia can pin herself in place, and let loose a powerful kick forward or backwards depending on her input after the pin.
Up Special: Valkyrie Jump
Magnolia leaps into the air before crashing down spear-first. Holding the button allows her to hover a bit to the sides before descending, delaying the impact and allowing her to reorient. Grabbing a ledge cancels her descent.
Down Special: Soul Mirror
A rectangular field of energy surrounds Magnolia, which counters physical attacks with a shotgun-like barrage of energy projectiles. A fusion between counter special and reflector special, though the mirror can still be broken by projectiles.
Infinity Finale: Moonlight Ripple Overdrive
Channeling incredible amounts of energy into her naginata, Magnolia cleaves forward, releasing a massive crescent-shaped beam of lunar Ripple energy. The blade beam has high kill power, though it moves slow upon startup before getting faster.
Joseph Joestar
Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency
An elderly man who's spent his life hunting down creatures of the night, Joseph's become quite the adventurer. Between wielding the sunlight-based power of Ripple energy and his vine-like Stand, Hermit Purple, he has plenty of skills and abilities, but among Joseph's most deadly assets is his cunning strategic mind- this is one man who always has a backup plan, even if that involves running away. Recently, he's taken on a young Magnolia as his adventuring partner, and the two set off across the desert to find the source of the monsters plaguing it.
Joseph is very much a grappler character, owing a lot of that to Hermit Purple. The vine-like tendrils of this Stand enable him to drag enemies from clear across the stage into his grasp, or bind them in place to let them get hit by other obstacles. He's also able to use Ripple energy in conjunction with these for powerful sunlight-infused attacks, which can have devastating results. However, Joseph tends to have mediocre recovery, hindering his survivability. If push comes to shove, you can always run away and lure your enemy to a more advantageous position.
Neutral Special: Hermit Clacker
Joseph spins two tendrils in front of him rapidly, covering a wide area. Low power, but deals rapid damage and is good for catching enemies off guard.
Side Special: Hermit Snare
Joseph jabs forward, firing off Hermit Purple's vines. If they contact an opponent, he flings them behind him, meaning that longer distance strikes tend to fling farther. Drifting increases the range that the vines reach.
Up Special: Grapple
Joseph thrusts a vine upward as an offensive skill. If this attack hits a ledge, he grabs on and pulls himself up.
Down Special: Intervention
Using Hermit Purple's predictive abilities, Joseph counters an incoming physical attack. This counter deals minor damage but also ensnares the opponent in vines, rendering them unable to move for a short time.
Infinity Finale: Ripple Overdrive/Just Kidding!
Joseph charges Ripple energy in his hand and punches forward with a massive blow of energy. Short-ranged but extremely powerful, so much so that the attack is nearly an instant kill.
If the button is held rather than tapped, Joseph will start up his Ripple Overdrive animation before faking out the opponent by instead pulling up a rope lying in the ground, which ensnares the nearest opponent as he charges the rope with Ripple energy, dealing heavy damage. Though much easier to land, this move lacks the kill power of Ripple Overdrive.
Ever Oasis Tethi concept
Origin: Ever Oasis
The young princess of the kingdom Al-Kharr and a plant-based being who descended from the very creator of the land the kingdom is based on. Young, earnest, and curious, this young girl seeks to act in the betterment of her kingdom, no matter what it takes. This has lead her to attempt to fend off the strange, nightmarish creatures now haunting her kingdom. In spite of this passion and determination, however, Tethi is still young and inexperienced. In spite of her magical skills, she may need time before she is truly ready to face the harsh world around her oasis...
Wielding a small sword made from petrified leaves, Tethi has a unique speedster style based on rushing in and out of combat with caution thrown to the wind, relying on her unique Rainbow Protection mechanic to act in place of defenses. Tethi is exceptionally lightweight, and is one of the easiest characters to kill in the entire game, necessitating good use of Rainbow Protection to keep her alive. She does have some strikingly powerful offensive potential, however, effectively becoming a glass cannon character.
Gimmick: Rainbow Protection
Tethi's magical power, attuned to that of the kingdom itself, provides a barrier of magical energy that effectively acts as superarmor. This is showcased by a rainbow-colored Shield Meter rather than a standard blue one; when Tethi takes hits, large chunks of the Shield Gauge are drained, but Tethi will tank the hit entirely with no knockback or true damage. The Shield Meter does recover slower than normally in order to balance this, however.
Neutral Special: Green Gale
A chargeable tornado attack formed from magical energies. When charged, the tornado becomes larger and more powerful, but also loses distance, with the uncharged variant only having a windbox but having the largest distance of all.
Side Special: Pellet Rush
Shrinking down to a small wooden seed, Tethi rushes forward at high speeds, rolling under attacks and dealing damage on contact. Attacking mid-roll cancels the roll and causes Tethi to perform an aerial attack. Drifting causes higher speeds, and the attack can infact be drifted mid-roll.
Up Special: Paraflower
Tethi jumps into the air before summoning a large flower, which enables her to drift to the ground safely. The flower itself has a hitbox, defending her from attacks from above. The descent can be cancelled by tapping down in midair.
Down Special: Oasis Seed
Tethi fires a small seed into the air, which upon contact with the ground, grows into a small plant surrounded by a rainbow. If Tethi remains in this area, her Rainbow Shield Gauge will constantly regenerate at a high rate, increasing her defensive capability.
If the seed strikes an opponent before it hits the ground, it explodes into a damaging burst of water. The plant can also be damaged and destroyed by enemy attacks.
Infinity Finale: Desert Queen
Absorbing the life essence from her kingdom, Tethi temporarily takes on a strange and frightening enhanced appearance. Slashing forward with a blade made of pure wind, Tethi proceeds to rapidly slash at any trapped opponents she has captured, eventually absorbing some of their life force to recover percentage and launching them to their demise.
Origin: Kid Icarus Uprising
The beautiful and powerful queen of the Undernull, a surrealistic realm found in the depths of the planet and host to all forms of demons and spectral creatures of the night. Pandora, a mighty goddess of trickery and chaos, rules over the realm with an overly lax and almost uncaring fist, preferring to spend her time causing havoc and relaxing with her demonic harem rather than actually governing the Undernull. Just because she's not the best ruler, however, doesn't mean Pandora's not a powerful fighter; when push comes to shove, this goddess can truly bring her a-game. It all depends on whether or not she's motivated enough to fight...
Pandora has a simple inspiration- she is designed to be a highly agile and fast-paced character who darts about the battlefield, very akin to Fox from Super Smash Bros. In fact, Pandora wields many similar attributes, including her Heart Mirror ability that acts incredibly similar to the famed "shine" skill. The same weaknesses tend to apply, though, as she can be killed quickly and has a tough time getting a kill herself. However, her unique twists and tricks make Pandora far more than a simple Fox clone...
Neutral Special: Charm Blaster
Pandora fires pink lasers that are shot as fast as the special button can be mashed. Constant rapid fire on a single target slowly builds up a pink aura around them, and with enough concentrated fire, they become Charmed, which slows their movements, lowers their offensive capability, and negates their ability to use their Shield Meter.
Side Special: Devil Dive
Pandora summons a thin blade before dashing forward in an instant. When she stops moving out of the dash, the sword acts as a sweetspot that deals more damage. Drifting increases range and power.
Up Special: Teleport
Pandora teleports in a chosen direction, reappearing in a burst of dark energy with high kill power. Pandora enters special fall after using this move.
Down Special: Heart Mirror
Pandora summons a heart-shaped mirror around herself which reflect projectiles at increased strength. For the first few frames, the mirror is diamond-shaped, which signifies that the shield also acts as a hitbox that spikes opponents.
Infinity Finale: Pandora's Box
Pandora summons a cursed chest and throws it onto the stage, which then opens up and begins releasing a barrage of dark bullets in various directions while dragging opponents in. Eventually, the chest explodes, dealing heavy damage.
Origin: Darksiders II
A grim and powerful specter of decay, Death serves as Pandora's right-hand man, taking the souls of the damned and unworthy to join her in the Undernull for her judgement. Death is a no-nonsense entity with a lack of humor or tolerance for slacking off, occasionally putting him at odds with the mistress he serves under. Of course, he too lives for the thrill of the fight, and for chasing down prey... What bringer of death wouldn't want that?
Death is a powerful heavyweight character with a striking amount of approach options, befitting a pursing predator like death itself should be. Though his movement is slow, his specials and attacks give him surprising traversal power and momentum, and underestimating how far this behemoth can move in a short timespan can spell your doom. That said, his powerful moves do also come with some heavy lag, meaning that every strike matters that much more.
Neutral Special: Deathgrip
Death summons a demonic hand from the ground a short distance in front of him. If the hand grabs an opponent, it deals some damage and holds them in place for a short period, enabling Death to deal heavy damage without retaliation.
Side Special: Murder
Death swings his arm forward, releasing three crows that fly forward as projectiles. Not the fastest shots, but they deal heavy damage, and Death's arm swing also has a powerful hitbox of its own. Drifting increases the speed of the crows.
Up Special: Ghost Hook
Death launches a skeletal hand on a chain upwards, grappling onto ledges if it contacts them. The move also fires upwards when used on the ground, and regardless of being the grounded or aerial version, the tip of the chain is a powerful kill move. However, this move is one of the shortest grapple recoveries in the game.
Down Special: Unstoppable
Death enters a ghostly state while preparing a strong scythe attack that swings over his body, dealing heavy damage and stunning opponents. While charging, Death has one hit's worth of superarmor, enabling him to use Unstoppable to take any single hit without any consequence; however, subsequent hits will cancel the animation and end the attack.
Infinity Finale: Reaper
Death summons a spectral copy of his Reaper form and commands it to fly forward, instantly slaying the first opponent it touches and vanishing. If the Reaper does not touch any opponent, the attack ends.
Origin: Hell Yeah: Wrath of The Dead Rabbit
A vulgar and wrathful demon claiming to be the King of the Undernull, Ash hasn't exactly been the most threatening adversary to Pandora. That hasn't stopped him from killing off hundreds, if not thousands of demons, desperately seeking to make himself known as a fearsome and ruthless marauder. He's got it all; a trigger-happy personality, a buzzsaw jetpack, and a passion for pain. Will Ash become the king he wants to be so badly?
Ash is a ruthless and agile pursuit character with a penchant for projectiles and aerial combat. Utilizing his unique transport, the buzzsaw jetpack, Ash can glide through the air to pursue opponents and grind them with the blades for massive closeup damage. With his gatling guns and rockets, he's also a powerful threat at range, with his jetpack letting him relocate with ease. He is an incredible lightweight, however, and relies on his jetpack to recover from strong hits. Drain his fuel, and he's a sitting duck!
Gimmick: Jet Fuel
Ash's Shield Meter is surrounded by a second red circle that gives off flame effects. This gauge is his Fuel Meter, and drains when he utilizes his jetpack or his Gatling Gun for too long. The Fuel Meter refills after a short break from these moves not being used, and when empty, prevents their use at all.
Neutral Special: Gatling Gun
Ash rapidly fires a gatling gun forward, which deals light damage very rapidly. The gun can be aimed in any direction to strike foes, but holding down the button long enough to keep up sustained fire drains the Fuel Meter as it overheats.
Side Special: Vicious Vehicle
Ash rushes forward with his buzzsaw spinning, dealing damage on contact. He moves forward as long as he holds the button, but will not stop until then, and the attack can be Drifted mid-rush to provide bursts of speed. Ramming into an enemy enables Ash to deal rapid damage by mashing the special button.
Up Special: Jetpack
Ash flies upwards using his jetpack. The move can be used infinitely in midair until he runs out of his Fuel Meter, and he can use aerial attacks while flying as well.
Down Special: Rocket
Ash fires a carrot-shaped missile forward, which flies semi-quickly and deals high damage. The missile can be reflected and has a long amount of endlag, but is one of Ash's best kill moves.
Infinity Finale: Finish Him!
Ash snaps his fingers as a giant hand appears to grab every fighter on stage. The player must repeatedly mash buttons to have the hand squeeze the victims, while trapped opponents must mash in an attempt to escape. Once the player hits a certain amount of button presses or a short time has passed, the hand squeezes every fighter that has not escaped, dealing massive damage and launching them.
Origin: The Legend of Zelda
The name "Zelda" is one that's been passed down across the history of Hyrule for hundreds of years, being tied to a reincarnating princess with the powers of the divine. However, after the kingdom of Hyrule was conquered by the Pale King, much of this history was erased, leaving the knowledge of the kingdom's past to rot and be forgotten. Not all secrets are meant to stay buried, however, which lead to a simple priestess of Paylrule rediscovering her true bloodline and setting off on a quest to overthrow the insectoid usurper who destroyed Hyrule's past. Bearing arms alongside her girlfriend Hornet, Zelda seeks to reassemble the legendary and all-powerful Triforce in an attempt to defeat the Pale King once and for all.
True to her appearance in the Smash Bros. series, Zelda is a more technical character who utilizes magic to battle at range as well as in close-quarters. Due to her upbringing in Paylrule, however, Zelda tends to utilize the mysterious essence of Soul in her abilities, shifting how she plays dynamically and ultimately making her a much faster and more fluid character. Some of her flaws still shine through from classical Zelda, but this warrior is a fighter to be reckoned with all the same.
Neutral Special: Dreamfire
By holding down the special button, Zelda creates an ethereal fireball that flies forward at high speeds until she stops holding. While flying, the fireball can be directed up and down to control it. The fireballs deal minor contact damage, and three can be out at once.
If the special button is tapped instead of held, Zelda will detonate all existing fireballs, dealing heavy damage to the area around them.
Side Special: Silver Arrow
Zelda summons a bow from the ether and pulls back, launching a powerful arrow when the button is released. The longer the button is held, the farther, faster, and more powerful the arrow becomes. Drifting also increases these attributes.
Up Special: Dreamgate
Zelda surrounds herself with powerful magic energy before vanishing and reappearing elsewhere. Her vanish and reappear deal heavy damage if timed right, giving her great kill potential. Unlike Farore's Wind, Cursed Wind can be angled to reach more accurate horizontal distances.
Down Special: Soul Waker
Pulling out a small white baton, Zelda summons a tornado of Soul around her, which reflects projectiles and deals rapid damage around her body. If the button is held, Zelda can input a direction to fire the tornado up or to her sides, acting as a powerful projectile.
Infinity Finale: Triforce of Wisdom
Zelda summons a trianglular rune in front of her, which vacuums up opponents in the general vicinity and deals multiple rapid hits. After these strikes, the attack will launch any opponent who remains under 100% damage, while those at or above that percent will be slain instantly.
Origin: Hollow Knight
One of the many insectoid denizens that have come to reside in the kingdom of Paylrule, Hornet is a former guardswoman for the kingdom's ruler, the Pale King. Raised by merciless hunters and exceptionally skilled with a needle and thread, Hornet's ferocity in combat knows no bounds; in spite of that, she's a kind and caring individual, forming a close connection with the priestess Zelda that soon become romantically entangled. Faced with the reality that the bug she serves has wrongfully tarnished the once-great Kingdom of Hyrule, Hornet joins Zelda in her quest to reunite the Triforce.
Hornet is exceptionally agile, being one of the most unpredictable and swift fighters in the entire game. Her needle gives her long range in terms of her attacks, though much like Marth in Smash Bros., she must strike with the very tip to deal any significant damage to her foes. Between the range of her standard attacks and the various zoning tools she has at her disposal, Hornet makes up for her extremely low defenses by controlling the stage, spawning hazards and keeping opponents at bay with high-range strikes.
Neutral Special: Gossamer Storm
After a short delay, Hornet rapidly swings her thread around her, creating a circle in which opponents are damaged rapidly for a few seconds. If performed in the air, she remains in place until the attack ends. Can be cancelled by crouching on the ground.
Side Special: Needle Throw
Hornet throws her needle forward a long distance before retracting it; the move has hitboxes on both the initial throw and the return, and the returning hitbox can even drag opponents closer to Hornet to continue a combo chain. Drifting increases the needle's range and speed.
Up Special: Lunge
Hornet jumps upward, dealing no damage but phasing through attacks. By hitting the special button again and choosing a downwards angle, the player can activate a downward strike that increases her momentum and deals damage.
Down Special: Spike Ball
Hornet leaps backwards from her current position, spawning a spiked ball that floats in midair. This ball deals minor damage and vanishes if someone touches it. Ideal for countering attacking opponents, though can also be used repeatedly to control sections of the stage via hazards.
Infinity Finale: Triforce of Courage
Summoning her inner strength, Hornet generates a golden flash in the area in front of her. Any opponent in the area is trapped within a massive rune depicting the Triforce as Hornet repeatedly slashes them do deal damage, eventually launching them in a final strike.
Origin: Dark Souls
One of four great warriors acting as the last line of defense for the kingdom of Anor Londo, a kingdom now under siege by the Pale King's forces. Separated from his allies, this noble warrior strikes out on his own to bring down Paylrule's ruler, eventually joining Zelda and Hornet on their quest to obtain the long-thought-lost Triforce. Though the road ahead holds many challenges, the mythical dragonslayer Ornstein faces them all proudly and with divine lightning at his side.
Ornstein is a surprisingly agile heavyweight combatant who wields both a heavy Dragonslayer Spear and the power to control lightning, which he utilizes both physically and in the form of projectiles. While this gives him an incredible ability to pressure his opponents and keep them on their toes, this also conflicts with his Stamina attribute, which slows his blows and limits the power of his lightning abilities when he becomes drained. Manage your stamina well and Ornstein becomes a powerful fighter with capabilities to handle any situation.
Gimmick: Stamina
Ornstein's Shield Meter takes on a bright green tone and decreases by half speed, becoming referred to as the Stamina Meter. Performing actions that typically drain Shield do so at a reduced rate, but attacking rapidly also drains the meter. When the meter is emptied, Ornstein becomes more sluggish and less agile, and his lightning-based attacks become far weaker. As such, Ornstein must effectively manage his stamina to stay in top fighting form, conserving it and lying in wait for the perfect time to perform a combo.
Neutral Special: Lightning Bolt
Ornstein summons a lightning bolt in his hand before throwing it forward at high speed. High startup lag comparable to that of a Falcon Punch, though the thrown bolt has increased range at the cost of decreased power. The throw itself has a hitbox on it which deals significantly more damage.
Side Special: Backstep Sweep
Ornstein swings forward in a wide arc with his spear, which pushes him backwards. Can be Drifted to follow up with a second swing, which lunges him forward depending on how long he was Drifting.
Up Special: Gliding Stab
Holding his spear in both hands, Ornstein thrusts upwards, wreathed in lightning. If performed on the ground as opposed to in the air, Ornstein lunges forward instead of upwards, making for an effective surprise rush attack.
Down Special: Electric Crash
Ornstein leaps into the air and smashes down onto the ground, creating electric sparks that travel along the ground for a short distance. Can be used out of Gliding Stab in both the air and the ground for additional recovery, though risks his demise when used offstage.
Infinity Finale: Triforce of Power
Summoning a triangular rune on his spear, Ornstein darts forward, wreathed in divine lightning. Every opponent that touches him or the aura of lightning takes heavy damage and is launched, and Ornstein rushes forward until he hits the blast zone of whatever direction he was facing. After hitting the blast zone, he respawns where he used the move.
Origin: Pokémon Sun and Moon
Once a matronly woman infatuated with the life that lay beyond the veil of reality, Lusamine's life was given new purpose when she entered the Shifted Tides alongside an interdimensional parasite named Nihilego. Merging on a genetic level with Nihelego, Lusamine became a powerful individual with a close link to the Void, the infinite space lying in the space between realities. Constructing the floating fortress known as Ultra Megalopolis as a perfect haven for her "children", Lusamine has recently decided to expand her dominion, assaulting and absorbing volatile energy from the Moon in an attempt to gain power and renaming her city Ultra Moonopolis.
Lusamine relies entirely on stage control to act as a combatant, and accomplishes this both by laying down hazards and by using her faithful companion Nihilego. With careful precision and precise timing, she can effectively cordon off entire sections of a stage while using Nihilego as a remote operative. The jellyfish-like creature only has limited HP, however, so be wary when Lusamine becomes defenseless... She goes down easily.
Gimmick: Nihilego
Though not a duo fighter in the traditional sense, Lusamine still commands Nihilego as an offensive and defensive tool on the battlefield. Typically, the creature floats right next to its "mother", acting as a sacrificial shield that takes incoming attacks as long as Lusamine isn't attacking or sprinting. When Lusamine shields, however, Nihilego separates from Lusamine and slowly oozes a shower of poison, which creates poison puddles on the ground as well as striking nearby opponents with poison tentacles. From this position, Nihilego can be called back by using her Baneful Bunker down special.
Neutral Special: Venoshock
One of Lusamine's best kill moves, this attack takes the form of a shotgun-like blast of toxins. If an opponent is suffering from any form of negative status, this attack deals double damage and knockback.
Side Special: Eldritch Toxin
Lusamine throws a glob of poison on the ground, which develops into a poison puddle. Drifting increases the range in which the toxin is thrown. The toxin comes in four colors, with varying effects.
Contact with purple toxin inflicts poison, which deals damage over time.
Light purple toxin temporarily reverses the victim's controls, disorienting them.
Blue toxin reduces the offensive and defensive stats of the victim.
Green poison quickly drains the victim's Shield Meter.
Up Special: Ultra Wormhole
Lusamine floats in midair as she moves around a reticle freely. Upon releasing the button, she teleports to the reticle's location. However, while targeting her return location, she is vulnerable to attack, meaning she can potentially be killed while trying to recover.
Down Special: Baneful Bunker
Lusamine resummons Nihilego to her side, having it coil around her as a defensive shield that leaks poison. If hit by an attack while in the shield, Nihilego releases toxic spikes all around itself that damage and poison opponents. Input delay dependant on Nihilego's distance from Lusamine.
Infinity Finale: Ultra Acid Downpour
Lusamine summons an Ultra Wormhole in the area in front of her, which begins pouring a massive stream of toxic liquid onto the stage. All ground on the stage temporarily becomes a hazard with high damage output as Lusamine can freely attack them, with the area around her eventually detonating in a large poison explosion.
Laegjarn Heroes
Origin: Fire Emblem Heroes
Laegjarn is a powerful and fearsome yet kind warlord, who has become known as the Queen of Onikuda due to her exceptional levels of power. Despite this prestige, Laegjarn wants nothing more than to escape the prison island she has been dubbed ruler of, desiring freedom and escape from her confinement. Wielding a mighty flame-infused sword and rallying behind other prisoners of Onikuda, Laegjarn sets off to fight her way out of prison the only way a warlord knows how.
Laegjarn fights with a fire-infused blade with a sweetspot near the tip, which glows with scarlet fire as she swings it. This tipper deals extra damage, but unlike fellow Fire Emblem character Marth, her blade is rather short. While her playstyle does emphasize spacing, her quick, short-ranged slashes require much more aggressive play to stay on top.
Neutral Special: Ignis
Imbuing her blade with magical energy, Laegjarn slashes forward, creating a flaming sword beam that flies forward a short distance. Both the slash and beam deal decent damage.
Side Special: Blazing Flame
Laegjarn stabs forward, her sword aflame. Contact with her blade causes a rapid barrage of hits as she swipes upwards, causing a large explosion. Drifting increases lunge distance and speed.
Up Special: Reposition
Laegjarn lunges upwards at a slight angle. Deals no damage and has mediocre height, but takes a very short time to move up and renders her invincible while using the move.
Down Special: Niu
A unique counterattack in which Laegjarn summons a ring of nine lock-shaped runes around her. Laegjarn can still move after summoning the runes, and striking them will emit a powerful burst of fire around her with high kill power. However, the runes will eventually dissapear; the more the move is used within a certain timespan, the shorter lifespan the runes have.
Infinity Finale: Fires of Surtr
Growing a massive arm made of magma, Laegjarn slashes forward with a three-hit combo with high damage potential. While swinging, she throws blobs of lava onto the stage which deal additional damage, and linger on the field after the attack is finished.
Origin: Okami
One of many cursed artifacts sealed away in the prison kingdom of Onikuda, Goldnail is a sword inflicted with a powerful curse; it was once the blade of an assassin, slain for his crimes and cast to the wind. Rediscovered by Laegjarn in one of her escape attempts, Goldnail became reincarnated as the toxic spirit known as Blight, and plans to join her on her escape to the outside world.His motives remain unknown, but something as poisonous and dark as Blight certainly cannot be up to any good. What secrets does he hide?
Utilizing both Goldnail and myriad other katanas that are part of his body, Blight is a slower swordfighter that has much wider strokes than most. He's not necessarily a heavyweight, but he is good at playing defensively, having skills that come out quickly but have longer than normal endlag. His defense plays an even more interesting way than most, due to his nature and gameplay gimmick; after all, Blight is not a warrior, but merely a sword.
Gimmick: Goldnail
Goldnail is Blight's true form, a golden katana that typically lurks inside Blight's floating armor. Blight normally takes 66% usual damage and knockback from attacks, but if he takes a strong enough hit, his Shield Meter drains, or if Goldnail is struck down during one of the attacks involving it, Blight's armor will crumble and the player will be left controlling Goldnail.
Goldnail cannot attack and can barely move or jump, and upon armor break, the player's Shield Meter instantly goes to zero. Goldnail takes 1.5x normal damage from attacks, becoming much more vulnerable, but can also be picked up by opponents and used as a highly powerful melee weapon. When the Shield Meter refills, Blight's armor reforms around Goldnail.
Neutral Special: Katana Toss
Blight summons katanas from his body that emerge at his sides, above him, and at 45-degree angles. A powerful attack that grants him superarmor while firing, but one of these katanas is randomly chosen to be Goldnail; if this katana is hit by an attack or reflected, Blight's armor shatters.
Side Special: Wraith Slash
Blight readies his sword before releasing a swift blade attack that can be followed up by another series of powerful slashes by button-mashing. Drifting moves Blight forward while slashing. As he draws Goldnail before the initial slash, damaging him in this short period will instantly shatter his armor.
Up Special: Phantasm
Blight crosses his arms and begins floating upwards in the air, with high control being given over his momentum and angle. Despite being a good recovery move, Goldnail is exposed during it, making him extremely vulnerable.
Down Special: Silent Strike
Blight turns invisible and intangible, being able to be moved slightly in various directions before reappearing. By holding down the attack, Blight can perform a powerful attack with Goldnail upon reappearing; however, this attack does leave an ample window for his armor to be shattered.
Infinity Finale: Demonic Mist
Blight unleashes a deadly green mist across the entire stage as his body begins to glow blue. All opponents on stage deal rapid damage as Blight's offensive abilities increase, as well as gaining complete invincibility to damage. The mist clears after a short time, or if Blight happens to be cleared.
The Prisoner
Origin: Dead Cells
A homunculus of genetic waste with one purpose- escape the island of Onikuda. It's attempted to do so many, many times in the past, taking ahold of headless corpses in order to move about. Though it's failed hundreds of times, the Prisoner never falters, and learns from every mistake it makes. Now with Laegjarn and Blight working alongside it, perhaps it can finally make its escape.
The Prisoner is a uniquely customizable character, being effectively able to swap between custom variants of its standard attacks alongside its neutral, side, and down specials. This lends it exceptional versatility on the battlefield, able to adapt to any situation; however, as these custom moves take on the form of randomized drops, the odds may not always been in your favor.
Brutality- Broadsword: A slow heavy blade with a massive hitbox, which makes combo attacks harder to perform but overall makes killing easier.
Tactics- Balanced Blade: Slightly weaker, but adds more free strikes onto every attack, making it a highly combo-oriented standard moveset.
Survival- Blood Blade: Weakest of all, but has a few strong attacks and regens slightly on every hit.
Gimmick: Custom Equipment
Mid-match, various objects relating to the Prisoner's specials may spawn on the stage. These are Custom Equipment, which can be picked up to alter either the Prisoner's normal sword or one of their specials (excluding the up special). Each special has three custom variants:
Brutality specials glow red when on the ground, and are focused on raw damage and knockback.
Tactics specials glow blue when on the ground, and are focused on disorienting or catching foes off guard.
Survival specials glow green on the ground, and are focused on self-preservation.
While drops come randomly, killing foes is guaranteed to drop a piece of equipment, and the player can also Scrap dropped equipment by crouching next to it for a few seconds, converting it into a minor attack boost.
Neutral Special: Beginner's Bow
The Prisoner nocks an arrow and fires it. Modest speed but good damage. Can be slow to fire.
Brutality- Explosive Crossbow: Slower to fire, but the arrows are larger and explode on impact.
Tactics- Duplex Bow: Fires two slightly weaker arrows at once, one at an angle to act as an anti-air attack and prevent people from easily jumping over the arrow.
Survival- Endless Bow: A weak, rapid-fire bow designed to keep enemies at bay so the player can formulate an escape route. Good at racking up damage.
Side Special: Shield Bash
The Prisoner bashes a wooden shield forward, dealing damage and reflecting projectiles. Drifting lets it dash forward while bashing.
Brutality- Spiked Shield: Does not reflect projectiles but has a large spike hitbox on the bash, which deals incredibly high damage.
Tactics- Cudgel Shield: Wider window for reflecting. Stuns enemies instead of damaging them.
Survival- Greed Shield: Negates projectiles instead of reflecting them. If an enemy is hit by the shield bash, the Prisoner is healed a small amount.
Up Special: Crow's Wings
The Prisoner dashes upward on a gust of wind, dropping small black feathers that deal damage on contact. Decent height, feathers make for good edgeguarding tools.
Down Special: Grenade
The Prisoner throws a grenade that bounces once before exploding. Deals heavy damage to opponents caught in the blast.
Brutality- Fire Grenade: A more powerful grenade with a larger blast radius. Doesn't bounce and explodes on impact, hindering range.
Tactics- Ice Grenade: A grenade that deals no damage but freezes both enemies and the ground in a large radius, hindering enemy movement.
Survival- Magnetic Grenade: Slow to go off, but generates a magnetic field to drag enemies into the explosion, enabling escape/zoning of enemies.
Infinity Finale: Symmetrical Lance
Summoning a mighty two-edged lance, the Prisoner spins around in a massive flurry of blades before rising upwards with a massive uppercut. This attack deals massive damage to foes caught within, and is likely to kill them.
Origin: Super Mario
A fearsome fire-breathing conqueror who established the Shell Kingdom as his own domain after invading the Gungeon with nothing but a dinky airship. Augmenting himself and his forces with the high-powered firearms found within, Bowser has now become a metal-plated force of destruction, as well as a master of all things gun-themed. While he's still a powerful warlord, Bowser's still somewhat incompetent and goofy, leaving him to come off as less threatening than he'd necessarily enjoy. Still, his forces sure do pack a punch...
Bowser plays somewhat similarly to how he does in Smash Bros., being a tanky brute with shocking levels of ground speed. Being heavily armed and armored with guns, however, has given him even greater strength at the cost of a bit of speed. His projectile game has certainly stepped up, giving him much bigger range on a lot of his attacks. Beware his biggest explosive attacks; they can even damage the user!
Neutral Special: Fire Breath/Knuckle Cannon
Bowser breathes fire in front of him like a flamethrower, dealing rapid damage. The longer the stream is held, the smaller it gets.
If the special button is pressed mid-combo, Bowser will instead perform the Knuckle Cannon, punching forward with his arm cannon to create a powerful explosion that launches opponents far.
Side Special: Bowser Mortar
Bowser horks up a flaming mortar shell from his mouth, launching it in an arc. Drifting enables Bowser to launch the mortar at higher overall speeds, as well as gain more distance. The attack leaves a multi-hit explosion at the impact site.
Up Special: Whirling Bastion
Bowser tucks into his shell and spins upward rapidly, firing tiny bullets in all directions around him. Not as good for recovery as his original up special, though...
Down Special: Landmine
Bowser crouches into his shell for a moment before the bullets on his back turn red-hot. Shortly after, the area around Bowser explodes into a fiery inferno, damaging everything around him. If performed in the air, Bowser will crash straight to the ground before performing the move as normal.
Infinity Finale: Gigun Bowser
Summoning a multitude of bullet casings to form a titanic body, Bowser transforms into Gigun Bowser. While missiles begin crashing across various places in the stage, the player is able to aim and fire a massive fiery gatling gun inside Bowser's mouth, which deals high damage and shoots rapidly at the player's cursor. After a short time, Bowser transforms back to normal.
The Hunter
Origin: XCOM 2
A snarky, sarcastic alien organism who lives for the thrill of the hunt, priding himself on having some of the greatest sniping skills in the entire universe- or, at the very least, on Earth. Taking up residence in the Shell Kingdom, he's been using the hazardous landscape as a training ground of sorts, assaulting and striking Bowser's troops on an almost daily basis simply to prove himself. He's getting bored of the same old quarry now, though, and has begun setting his sights on more lucrative prey- the SHIFT competitors.
True to his training, the Hunter is a ranged character built around sniping away at opponents and keeping them at bay. His moves are at their strongest when at maximum range, encouraging players to take evasive action using the Hunter's myriad getaway tools. However, he is an extreme lightweight- if he becomes too embroiled in melee combat, the player might go down rather easily.
Neutral Special: Darklance
The Hunter fires a single sniper round across the map. Though it has high startup and endlag, the range of the projectile is massive, and it becomes far more powerful the longer it travels. The attack can be held down, though this does not charge the bullet at all; rather, it serves as a means to ready the shot for the most opportune moment.
Side Special: Darkclaw
A simple pistol shot that can be angled up and down by using the directional buttons before firing. The shot will ricochet off of surfaces if it strikes them, though only twice before the bullet vanishes. Good for unexpected strikes or hitting foes at odd corners.
Up Special: Grapple
The Hunter fires a long-range grappling hook at the nearest ledge or opponent before reeling in. While it does auto-target the ledge if within range, the Hunter remains in freefall for a second before he is reeled in, leaving him vulnerable or unable to recover in some instances.
Down Special: Tracer Round
The Hunter fires a small red bullet forward. Foes that are hit by this attack are Marked, meaning that bullets fired by his other moves will automatically angle themselves to strike the marked target.
Infinity Finale: Tracking Shot
The Hunter primes his rifle for a second, creating a large holographic cone-shape in the area in front of him. All opponents in the cone are then fired upon by high-powered Darklance shots, dealing incredible damage.
Origin: Enter the Gungeon
Bullet, despite hailing from the Cult of the Gundead who serves under Bowser alongside the Koopa Troop, doesn't see himself as just another empty shell. Indeed, he styles himself a hero of legend, attempting to live up to the valiant and heroic ideals of his idol, Papyrus of the Feyte Royal Guard. Having broken the laws of the Gundead and trained himself to wield the sacred sword Blasphemy, Bullet ventures on an epic quest to dethrone Bowser and save the world from his terror.
Bullet is a swordwielding fighter with quick movements but rather short range with his melee strikes. However, unlike most sword-using characters, he actually has a rather good projectile game as well, wielding a magnum pistol as well as being able to fire sword beams. While lightweight, he's exceptional at recovery, and his unique twist on defensive play enables him to stay in the fight shockingly long. Fight on, noble bullet!
Gimmick: Blasphemy
As Bullet's sword is crafted from the same metal used to create Blanks, it has the inherent ability to negate projectiles. Due to this, any of Bullet's melee attacks that utilize Blasphemy can delete projectiles on contact, with more powerful projectiles requiring stronger attacks. In addition, Blasphemy is charged with divine power if Bullet is at 0% damage, enabling him to fire rainbow sword beams with his charge attacks.
Neutral Special: Magnum
Bullet fires his magnum forward, shooting a quick projectile that does minimal damage. Mashing the button lets him fire faster, but the more the player mashes, the weaker the bullets get.
Side Special: Cobalt Hammer
Bullet pulls out a hammer-like gun and swings it. This electric attack has short range and high wind-up, but devastating power. The move can also be charged by Drifting, which enables it to release a massive thunderbolt attack at max charge.
Up Special: Wax Wings
Bullet hovers in the air for a second before his cape turns into wings, boosting him in any direction the player desires. Bullet deals contact damage while boosting, so this recovery also acts as an effective kill move.
Down Special: Shield of The Maiden
Bullet pulls out a shield in the direction he's facing, enabling him to move back and forth while blocking one side. The shield blocks all attacks, but leaves his backside vulnerable. Can reflect weak projectiles and push back foes.
Infinity Finale: Excaliber
Bullet holds Blasphemy aloft as it transforms into its ultimate form- an assault rifle-like blade known as Excaliber. Bullet then fires a triple shot of large sword-shaped bullets forward, which deal massive damage and have high kill potential.

Unlockable Roster

Unlocked By
Completing 30 matches.
Clear Adventure: Urbia Stage 3.
Origin: Pocket Rumble
A fierce and spunky woman hailing from the streets of New Urbia, ready to throw down at the slightest provocation. She's recently decided to upgrade from street fighting to SHIFT fighting, aiming to take on the champion of the city's SHIFT league and make herself known. Her motives seem to stem from desiring a better life for herself; nobody's seen her off the streets or have any clue as to who her parental figures might be. Does she want the prize money to make a home for herself, or is it pure combative spirit?
Naomi is an agile and aggressive fistfighter who is capable of swift traversal across the stage. As such, she is best played as a rushdown character, bashing an opponent rapidly to keep them on the defensive and prevent damage. Her punches can also be augmented with explosive damage, causing them to deal multiple hits at once for additional damage. Be wary, however; as she exclusively fights with fisticuffs, she has very short range, mandating she gets up close and personal to do basically anything.
Gimmick: Phoenix Charge
Naomi's HUD contains an additional meter, represented as two rectangles that are both split in half. This is her Phoenix Meter, and can be filled by a quarter on command using her Chunk neutral special. By using 2 pieces of the meter, Naomi can perform an upgraded variant of one of her skills by pressing the special button again mid-animation. In addition, the more meter Naomi has, the more explosive her punches become, increasing their range and dealing additional hits.
Neutral Special: Chunk
Naomi flexes quickly, gaining 1 unit of Phoenix meter.
Side Special: Knockdown Punch
A quick jab forward that, if sweetspotted, knocks down an opponent. Drifting enables the jab to cover more distance. If boosted with Phoenix Meter, the attack becomes a multi-jab explosion attack that deals more damage.
Up Special: Rising Kick
A rising kick that deals damage in a complete circle around Naomi. If boosted with Phoenix Meter, Naomi spins around three times instead of one, gaining more height and attacking more ferociously.
Down Special: Descending Fire
Naomi leaps diagonally forward (straight down if in the air) and punches the ground, dealing damage.If boosted with Phoenix Meter, the impact creates a flame pillar that rises into the air and deals more damage.
Infinity Finale: Phoenix Assault
Naomi jabs forward in a lunging punch. If she comes into contact with an enemy, she begins attacking them with a rapid assortment of explosive punches until finally launching them.
Max Brass
Unlocked By
Completing 150 matches.
Clear Adventure: Urbia Stage 4.
Completing 20 matches on Boxing Ring.
Origin: ARMS
The on-again off-again mayor of New Urbia, Max Brass is both a good friend and political rival to Mike Haggar. The two are effectively in a good-natured battle for the mayorship of the city, switching offices often. When not acting as mayor, Brass is the champion of the city's SHIFT League, using his miraculous superhuman ability to stretch his arms as a signature technique to best his foes. This year, however, he's been dethroned by some newcomer. Are you gonna take that sitting down?
Max Brass is a rather agile heavyweight character with exceptional range due to his ability to stretch his arms to incredible lengths. He can even control them mid-attack to influence the direction of his strikes! However, these super-long attacks come at the cost of being slow when manipulated, meaning enemies can avoid punches if they are agile enough. In addition, Max Brass has atrocious recovery capabilities; it's best for players to stick to the ground where they are least vulnerable.
Gimmick: Extendable Arms
By holding down the attack button when throwing a punch, Max's arm with extend much farther than usual. While extending, the punch can be influenced to strike up or down via directional inputs, giving his punches incredible precision.
Neutral Special: Kablammer
Max pounds the ground on either side of him with large hammers. The move can be charged to infuse the attack with explosive damage as well as higher knockback.
Side Special: Roaster
Max punches forward with a flaming attack that is guaranteed to knock down an opponent if it hits. Drifting increases the attack's speed.
Up Special: Trampoline Jump
A small trampoline spawns under Max to launch him up into the air. Low height is gained from this, making it ineffective at best.
Down Special: Charge
Max channels energy for a short time. If he manages to become fully charged, he grows in size, granting him immunity to knockback for a short time as well as empowering his attacks and perma-charging his Kablammer. However, it also makes him a larger and easier to strike target, so be careful!
If the move is cancelled before completion, Max instead emits a small blue ring around him that cancels out incoming projectiles.
Infinity Finale: Rush Attack
Max enters a glowing yellow state after channeling energy. For a few seconds, the lag on all his moves is reduced to zero, effectively enabling him to punch at max length as fast as possible with increased power. Time also slows down during Rush Attack, enabling Max to better strike opponents.
Scouter vegeta
Unlocked By
Completing 50 matches.
Clear Adventure: Urbia Stage 5.
Accumulate 500 KOs.
Origin: Dragon Ball Z
Believing himself to be one of the greatest fighters in all the universe, Vegeta has made his way to New Urbia City to prove himself the ultimate champion. Having bested Max Brass, Vegeta is now the champion of the SHIFT League, defeating all challengers with his incredible levels of power and violent battle strategies. Nobody can stay on top forever, though, and the day may finally come for someone to kick the prince off the throne...
Vegeta is a powerful fighter built around air superiority, having a multitude of quick aerial skills as well as incredible ability to pursue a midair opponent in order to complete a combo. This recklessness can be a player's downfall, however, if they get too greedy and overextend themselves to a point where they can no longer recover. Vegeta also has powerful and fast projectiles, but due to long startup animations (and him calling out every attack) means they can be predicted and played around.
Neutral Special: Big Bang Attack
Vegeta stands in place, charging a ball of energy in his outstretched hand for a second before firing. The blast travels very quickly and explodes on contact, dealing exceptional damage.
Side Special: Galick Gun
Vegeta charges energy in his hands before releasing it in a massive purple beam, with the charge level influencing the beam's power, width, and distance. Drifting does not have any inherent benefits, but it does cause the beam to charge faster,
Up Special: Flight
Vegeta flies upward swiftly, with the player having influence over his direction. The player can act out of the move with any of Vegeta's aerials.
If the move is inputted after throwing or launching an opponent, Vegeta will instead automatically fly to their position, enabling him to continue attacking them.
Down Special: Instant Transmission
Envisioning an incoming attack, Vegeta counters his opponent's strike by teleporting away. He then teleports behind the attacker, countering with a swift kick to the gut.
Infinity Finale: Final Flash
Gathering energy, Vegeta fires a massive golden beam of energy in front of him which deals incredible damage. Among the strongest beam-type finishers, and certainly the largest in terms of hitbox, but it has the longest startup of its kind, making it easier for opponents to evade the attack and get out of the way.
Hook Girl
Unlocked By
Completing 450 matches.
Clear Adventure: Urbia Stage 1 on Very Hard or higher.
Obtain the "Grapplemaster" feat.
Origin: New Super Hook Girl
A young orphan inspired by her admiration to Kat, who she sees as the superheroic protector of New Urbia City. Lacking any powers of her own, she's instead opted to create an arm cannon of her own design to help her fight crime, naming herself Hook Girl after the volatile grappling hook built into the cannon. She's incredibly inexperienced, but she's got heart; will that be enough to let her succeed as a superhero?
Hook Girl is one of the weakest characters in the game in terms of her normal strength, meaning that players must utilize her few powerful kill moves well in order to play effectively. To make up for this, however, she has bar none the greatest recovery in the game, as her grappling hook can actually attach to any surface instead of simple ledges. This also enables her to use the hook as a means to enhance her own momentum, letting her traverse across large states in a matter of seconds. Playing Hook Girl well is a matter of relying on your mobility tools to enhance your offensive options while remaining out of harm's way.
Neutral Special: Bomb Shot
Hook Girl fires a bomb out of her arm cannon in an arc, which explodes into a small but high-damage burst. The shot can be charged for a longer ranged bomb launch, as well as a slight damage increase. Hitting max charge or dashing mid-animation stores the charge.
Side Special: Grapplunge
Hook Girl dashes forward, arm cannon extended. If she comes into contact with an opponent, she throws them down to the ground to deal damage; if the attack hits in the air, Hook Girl will descend to the ground with the opponent locked in her arms. Drifting increases the distance traveled and the speed of the dash.
Up Special: Grappling Hook
Hook Girl is given a few frames to input any direction she wants before launching a grappling hook in that direction, dealing damage on contact. If it contacts a surface of any kind, she swings on her hook as she is reeled in, with the player able to influence the swing. Using the hook on a floor enables a pseudo-wavedash, where Hook Girl's momentum can be used to traverse the stage exceptionally quickly.
Down Special: Air Pound
Hook Girl quickly descends to the ground with a stomping attack, which has incredible speed but very little damage.
Infinity Finale: Golden Hook
Hook Girl loads a golden hook into her arm cannon before firing it out in any chosen direction. If the hook grabs anyone, they are pulled in towards the user and launched away at high velocity. The hook is capable of grabbing multiple people in one go, but you only get a single shot, so make it count!
Unlocked By
Clear Adventure: Urbia Stage 3 and find the Hidden Door.
Unlock Splat League mode.
Obtain the Major Airtime feat.
Origin: Lethal League Blaze
A happy-go-lucky pro inline skater and co-founder of the second largest sport in the world: Splat League. Using her custom-built jetpack and skates, she rockets across the arenas that she helped create, and is known the world over for her staggering speed and agility. She's a bit shy, but don't think that means she won't put up a fight!
Jet, as her name implies, is an aerial dominance character with surprising speed. Using bursts from her jetpack and her incredibly fast skates, she specializes in pursuit and can kill opponents early with her high-powered aerial skills. She's a lightweight, but is able to play defensively using both her Bubble Ball and Parry skills, letting her get away scot-free if need be. Her ground game is also not very good, meaning Jet should be played in the air at almost all times.
Neutral Special: Bubble Ball
Jet fires a blue bubble-like projectile that slowly floats diagonally, bouncing off surfaces. Though it deals little damage, hitting or contacting the bubble causes it to burst, stunning everyone in the general area and doing minor damage.
Side Special: Bunt
Jet kicks upward, leg glowing purple. This attack deals fixed knockback and launches foes in a small arc upward, leaving them open to aerial combos. Drifting the move causes Jet to lunge forward more after using it.
Up Special: Jetpack
Jet uses her jetpack to hover upward. Slow but highly maneuverable, good for evading edgeguarding.
Down Special: Parry
A blue swirl appears around Jet as she attempts to parry an incoming attack. One of the longest-lasting counters in the game, but does no damage and only stuns opponents. Active frames reduce the more this move is used.
Infinity Finale: Lethal Throw
Jet pulls out a super-charged ball and throws it in front of her at maximum speed. Deals immense damage and is likely to kill the target, but only works on one opponent.
Unlocked By
Completing 800 matches.
Recruit 10 characters via Adventure Mode.
Origin: Domino Rally
Minon's just an everyday, average hero who wants to make a difference, inspired by the likes of Kat. With the power of his signature energy drink, Minonade, and some weird contraption he picked up along the road called the Shirogane Drive, Minon fights with the power to create immense objects to battle with and clobber criminal scum. He's inexperienced, but powerful, and he truly means well for the city... Can he truly be more than an everyday hero?
Minon is an agile, close-range fighter with a martial arts style comparable to a sentai protagonist. He's not very effective at range, but when he gets in close, he can deal massive damage in quick, energetic combos. He's also able to use his Minonade-powered abilities to both close gaps and play defensively, though his recovery does suffer a little bit.
Gimmick: Minonade
Minon- brought to you by the super-ultra energy drink, Minonade! This soft drink manifests itself as a fizzy meter under Minon's Null Meter, and is spent to summon the large domino-like barriers that give Minon his stage traversal and defensive powers. Minonade is recharged as Minon runs at top speed, making dashdancing a useful tool for gaining energy on the fly.
Neutral Special: Domino
Minon summons a large domino-like barrier in front of him, using up a portion of his Minonade. These barriers deal damage upon summon and act as walls, able to halt enemy movement and block attacks. If dashing, Minon is able to run up the sides of a domino for extra traversal.
By holding and releasing the move, Minon can summon a long line of multiple dominoes, spending more Minonade in the process.
Side Special: Minon Flash
A swift midair kick that can be performed in the air or out of a short hop. Drifting increases the distance and speed of the kick. Kicking a Domino causes it to topple over, dealing damage on the way down. If chains of dominoes are set up on the stage, the toppling chain will become more powerful the longer it continues.
Up Special: Rising Domino
Minon spends some Minonade to summon a domino below him, which falls to the ground as he pushes off of it to gain height. The falling domino can bury opponents, and is able to start chains of falling dominoes.
Down Special: Minon Rush
Minon dashes forward in an electric form, becoming immune to damage. Has a decent bit of endlag to it but it's good for traversal. Dashing into a domino warps Minon to the top, where he will walk along the chain and topple them with greater strength. Can be held down while off of dominoes to make the intangibility last longer, but this drains Minonade rapidly.
Infinity Finale: Super Hero Domino Rally
Minon strikes a heroic pose as the area around him flashes with electric energy. Anybody around him takes massive damage as a giant domino falls from the sky, exploding on impact with Minon. Decent damage and high knockback, but short range.
Unlocked By
Completing 250 matches.
Clear Adventure: Feyte Stage 2.
Origin: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
A no-nonsense warrior who serves as Asgore's right-hand woman, leading the Feyte military and making up for the mistakes often perpetrated by the escapades of the Royal Guard. Wielding the power of fire as bestowed upon her by the king himself, Mòrag now sets off on her own journey to keep an eye on the Royal Guard, as well as investigate rumors of a mysterious mage threatening the kingdom. If anybody can do it, it's this military-minded woman.
Mòrag is a swordfighter with a unique style, wielding dual rapiers that can extend into long whips when need be. This gives her exceptional range on many of her attacks, as well as overwhelming speed and wide hitboxes. This does come at the cost of dealing significant damage, however, meaning that she must rely on some of her shortest-ranged- and therefore, riskiest- moves to score points in most situations. Luckily, her whips also act as incredible zoning tools, letting her keep foes at bay shockingly well. Stay on your toes and fight with ferocity!
Neutral Special: Azure Blaze
Mòrag short hops before performing a wide spin attack with her whips, covering a wide area while dealing light damage. Her air speed also increases after this hop, enhancing her mobility.
Side Special: Azure Hellfire
Mòrag raises both arms up, then lashes forward with a wide sweeping attack. Drifting increases the attack's power, making this swift strike one of her best kill moves.
Up Special: Azure Radiance
Mòrag jumps up into the air before sweeping the area below her with a wide whip attack. Good for edgeguarding, as the whip's tip has a spiking hitbox.
Down Special: Azure Judgement
Mòrag enters a defensive stance which enables her to counter opponent attacks with an upwards whip strike. One of the weakest counters, but also one of the safest due to low punishablity.
Infinity Finale: Azure Soulfire
Mòrag charges her blades with blue fire before extending them to full length and igniting the area around her in flames. This generates a massive pillar around and above her that deals rapid damage and slowly carries upwards; foes are eventually launched when the move ends.
Unlocked By
Complete 666 matches.
Clear Adventure: Feyte Stage 3.
Obtain the "Sidekick Killer" feat.
Origin: The Witch and The Hundred Knight
A mythical witch residing in the swamps around the border of Feyte. Metallia's a trickster who desires the growth of her domain for little more than personal comfort, and becomes embroiled in a petty rivalry with the Royal Guard as they are forced to trespass through her turf to follow Propeller Knight. While she may seem frail, she has fearsome summoning capabilities, giving her a direct line to the powerful warrior known as the Hundred Knight. Or at least, she says he's powerful...
Metallia is a character who fights a war on two fronts. She's incredibly lightweight, but has a multitude of spells and hazards with which to keep opponents at bay, making her a form of indirect combatant. She is also allied with the being called the Hundred Knight, a cute yet fierce hunter who serves her every whim with his powerful axe. By controlling the duo separately, players are able to accomplish amazing things... If one of the duo isn't slain in the process.
Gimmick: The Hundred Knight
The Hundred Knight is a dark creature that serves under Metallia, and fights alongside her. The Knight normally stays put in one place, absentmindedly striking at enemies who happen to wander into range, but Metallia can freely move him about with Dash commands; Metallia herself cannot Dash, as the inputs are instead used by the Hundred Knight. Charge attacks are similarly used by the knight instead of Metallia, giving him a massive source of kill power. The Hundred Knight, fittingly, only has 100 HP, and will remain dead for the rest of Metallia's stock if he exceeds this.
Neutral Special: Star
Metallia charges stellar energy in her hands as a powerful yet slow-moving projectile. At max charge, the projectile is stored for later use. The Hundred Knight can attack the Star projectile with charge attacks to increase its damage and speed, as well as knock it in various directions.
Side Special: Twilight
Metallia sweeps on the ground, launching three small globs of darkness in an arc from her current position. The sweep itself hides a powerful hitbox that, while only dealing 1% damage, has high knockback. Drifting enables her to launch the globs farther as well as gain more distance on the sweep hitbox.
Up Special: Witch's Broom
Metallia gains free flight for a few seconds, though she cannot attack and can be hit out of her flight.
Down Special: Hundred Pillar
A tall tower with an eye insignia spawns from the ground under Metallia, which acts as a platform and barrier. If performed in the air, it will reset Metallia's jump before plummeting down to the ground, dealing massive damage to foes who contact it. If the Hundred Knight touches the tower, he is absorbed into it and launched out the top as a a vertical projectile.
Infinity Finale: Swamp Witch's Blessing
Metallia radiates with a malignant aura as the stage turns a swampy green color. All enemy fighters fall asleep and slowly take poison damage as Metallia slowly recovers HP. While not inherently powerful, this enables Metallia to quickly set up for powerful attacks without retribution, so it should not be taken lightly.
Unlocked By
Completing 800 matches.
Clear Adventure: Feyte Stage 4
Play 24 hours' worth of matches.
Origin: Radiant Historia
A wandering swordsman who has recently been hanging around the Flying Machine's casino alongside his partner in crime, the Huntress. Though it's unknown if they are true, rumors abound that Stocke bears the power of traveling through time; if he does have this skill, he tends to downplay it in favor of spending his time with the Huntress. Jumping between timelines would explain his luck on the slots, though...
Stocke is a slow and powerful swordsman comparable to Ike's Smash Bros. appearance, having wide arcs and powerful blows. Many of his moves have fixed directional knockback, and as such, the majority of his playstyle revolves around knowing where a strike will send a target and forcing them about in an ideal manner. Positioning is key to playing as Stocke, and his White Chronicle ability makes that even more poignant by letting him warp across the stage in a flash!
Neutral Special: White Chronicle
Using the time travelling power of the White Chronicle, Stocke records his position in time by channeling for a few seconds. This spawns a Node on stage, which by tapping the button again, Stocke can instantly warp to at any time.
Side Special: Heat Blade
Charging his blade with fire, Stocke slashes forward in a mighty blow. Deals heavy damage but crumples opponents rather than launching them. Drifting causes Stocke to lunge forward with the move depending on how long it was charged.
Up Special: Air Assault
Stocke lunges into the air, carrying any foes near him upwards alongside him before following up with a small downward slash that can spike opponents. Doesn't get that much height.
Down Special: Push Attack
Stocke performs an overhead swing that covers his whole body. Foes hit with the attack are flung to a specific spot a certain distance in front of Stocke, regardless of percentage or DI.
Infinity Finale: Dead Fencer
Charged with energy, Stocke begins violently slashing the area in front of him with wide arcs. Deals heavy damage and the affected area slowly grows over time. Can be angled up or down by the player.
Unlocked By
Completing 1000 matches.
Clear Adventure: Feyte Stage 4 on Very Hard or higher.
Complete 20 matches as Stocke.
Origin: Monster Hunter
A strong, powerful woman hailing from a distant land, the Huntress is known for her incredible strength and adept skill at slaying creatures of all shapes and sizes. Travelling the world in search of her next quarry, she eventually became partners with Stocke, forging a shockingly tight bond with the warrior. The two are currently waiting for their next big break in the Flying Machine's casino, where Huntress spends her time training, beating up Propeller Knight's captured quarry for fun, and spending time with Stocke.
The Huntress is an extremely powerful heavyweight warrior, capable of dishing out incredible blows and guarding against powerful strikes. She also has fairly high agility, giving her potentially overwhelming stage presence and letting her hunt down other players with ease. However, many forms of her offensive skills tend to deteriorate or wear down naturally over time; as such, dealing with Huntress acts as a battle of attrition, surviving lethal blows or dodging them outright before ultimately closing in to take advantage of any opportunity you can to break her defenses. Take care and choose your moments to strike!
Neutral Special: Switch Axe
Huntress slams the axe she uses as a weapon down on the ground, dealing heavy damage. Holding down the button causes the axe to unfold into a sword form, drastically increasing the range but making the wind-up take longer.
Side Special: Charge Blade
Charging energy in her axe, Huntress swings upward, launching opponents into the air. When Drifting, using the move causes Huntress to rush forward, guarded by an invincible barrier in front of her.
Up Special: Insect Glaive
Huntress takes a second to charge before spinning upwards in a large tornado, utilizing a dual-edged glaive. The hitbox of the glaive is persistent and deals damage as she flies upwards, but if Huntress is hit mid-charge, she the move is negated.
Down Special: Magnet Spike
Pulling out a large magnetically-charged blade, Huntress rushes forward quickly after a short delay. Short-ranged and potentially easy to predict, but highly powerful and good for catching foes off-guard.
Infinity Finale: Hunter's Horn
Summoning a large war horn from the ether, Huntress blows violently and generates a massive shockwave in the area around her with high kill power. This also grants her an attack bonus for a short time after using it. The shockwave covers a wide area, but isn't always the best for scoring KOs.
Unlocked By
Completing 1050 matches.
Defeat Thunderblight Ganon on Hard or higher.
Origin: Hyrule Warriors
An accursed ring held deep in the bowels of the Flying Machine; perhaps this artifact was responsible for Propeller Knight's rampant greed all along? Wizzro himself is an amalgamation of souls siphoned into the ring, formed into what is believed to be the ultimate sorcerer. Can the Royal Guard take down this foul creature and bring peace to the realm one and for all?
Wizzro is an incredible lightweight, being one of the lightest and floatiest characters in the entire game. While this makes him easy to KO on paper, however, his air mobility is top notch, having five jumps as well as hovering capabilities. His neutral special, though hard to hit with, is even capable of siphoning health to heal Wizzro! Play defensively to maximize survival, and everything should turn out just fine.
Neutral Special: Dark Grip
Wizzro grabs the area in front of him with large phantom hands. Grabbing an enemy with this move rapidly drains health and heals Wizzro; while foes can button mash to escape faster, the user can button mash to attempt to deal more damage, and thus heal more.
Side Special: Summon Malformity
Wizzro unleashes a cycloptic shark-like creature which travels along the ground until running off the stage, dealing damage on contact. Drifting causes the malformity to become larger and faster.
Up Special: Dark Flight
Wizzro begins slowly hovering upward as his airspeed and momentum increase drastically. Very versatile but not the best at recovering height, can still be used for effective dodging.
Down Special: Dark Pool
Wizzro phases into the ground, taking on the form of a shadowy puddle. The player can move this puddle around before releasing the button, causing the puddle to explode in a burst of darkness with high kill power. Wizzro is left slightly vulnerable post-explosion due to the animation time.
Infinity Finale: Chaos Cannon
Charging up a sphere of dark energy in his hand, Wizzro fires a powerful beam with high kill power. Unlike most other similar moves, the beam is very thin, but can swiftly be turned 360 degrees in any direction from the spot where it is used, making it highly versatile in practice. Wizzro is also not invulnerable while firing the cannon, meaning he can be hit out of it.
Unlocked By
Completing 90 matches.
Clear Adventure: Electra Stage 2.
Take a cumulative 9999% damage across all multiplayer battles.
Origin: Mighty No. 9
Another of Brain Drain's experiments, this time with nanorobotics. Once a human, Ray is now a cyborg-like fusion of constantly deteriorating flesh and metal, set loose on the streets after escaping Brain Drain's clutches. She's become known as the Vampire due to her necessity to steal life energy in order to keep herself alive; as such, both 2B and Gibril are hunting her down for various purposes.
Ray is a highly violent and agile fighter, not out of preference but rather out of necessity. Her lack of projectiles means that in order to keep herself alive, she must constantly be within melee range, using her lightning-fast melee attacks and incredible agility to remain in the battle. She's not fragile, but her health is certainly an issue...
Gimmick: Xel Decay
Due to her unstable nature, Ray's body is constantly deteriorating; as such, she loses health at the rate of 1% per second. To alleviate this, she restores half the damage she deals with her melee attacks, allowing her to recover plenty of health quickly if able to get in close with foes.
Neutral Special: Ray Collapse
Ray fires a powerful beam of energy in front of her for a few seconds. Damage is incredible, but Ray remains immobile for a few seconds while firing and it drains health even faster than normal, effectively making the move cost 15% health to use.
Side Special: Spindrive
Ray dashes forward in a spinning tackle, dealing multiple hits of damage. Drifting allows her to lunge forward faster and cover more distance.
Up Special: Dhampyr Upperslice
Using her massive claws, Ray slashes upward in order to gain height. Quick, high-reaching, and one of her best kill moves, though it's bad for horizontal recovery.
Down Special: Screw Attack
Ray leaps up into the air, slashing in 360 degrees around her. The player can control which direction she leaps with the move, and by mashing the button, the attack can be extended, enabling her to hover while attacking.
Infinity Finale: Xel Regeneration
Channeling her energy and focusing her mind, Ray instantly recovers up to 80% damage, bringing her back into the fight and increasing her vitality.
Acid Man
Unlocked By
Completing 575 matches.
Clear Adventure: Electra Stage 3.
Origin: Mega Man 11
A cybernetic being created by CYoR-Life, though gone a bit mad due to corrosion caused by the acid constantly running through his systems. Originally intended as a chemical plant cleaner, he's gone up in the world greatly, working for the Electra Police Force as a forensic scientist and utilizing his incredible knowledge of chemistry and biology. Acid Man is contacted by 2B in her search to solve a string of murders around the city, and with his vast knowledge, he's sure to do wonders in the field.
Acid Man is heavily built around pressuring opponents, having a wide range of mobility and projectile skills which he can utilize to attack opponents rapidly. Importantly, his reliance on acid means that many of his attacks deal massive shield damage, reducing the opponent's ability to fight back. In addition, the use of his Acid Barrier presents a major defense against projectiles, reducing his ability to be zoned. However, this comes at the cost of recovery; while agile on the ground, Acid Man cannot effectively recover with his lackluster up special and mediocre second jump. Lay on the pressure and avoid being launched!
Neutral Special: Acid Shot
An acid projectile fired in a subtle arc that deals minor damage and major shield damage. Staggers an opponent, leaving them open for attack.
Side Special: Toxic Rush
Acid Man crouches down, surrounding himself in a wave of acid while rushing forward, dealing multi-hit damage on contact. Drifting augments the move with the Speed Gear, immensely increasing its range and speed.
Up Special: Hi-Jump
Acid Man performs a swift upward jump. Fast, but doesn't recover much height. Can be cancelled at any time to entirely halt Acid Man's upwards momentum and fire a triple shot of Acid Shots at a downward angle.
Down Special: Acid Barrier
Acid Man surrounds himself with an Acid Barrier, which slowly shrinks in size over time. The Acid Barrier negates projectiles on contact, shrinking the shield further and causing small globs of acid to fly off the shield in random directions as retaliation. While Acid Barrier is up, the Acid Shot is buffed considerably, though firing it also reduces the barrier's size.
Infinity Finale: Power Acid Barrier
Augmented by the Power Gear, Acid Man summons a much stronger Acid Barrier around him, which has increased size and a glowing white reflection around it. On top of having much more resilience and size, the Power Acid Barrier deals contact damage, effectively making Acid Man immune to all forms of attack while the barrier is up. In addition, Acid Shot is buffed even further, granting Acid Man an extremely powerful kill move.
Unlocked By
Completing 1450 matches.
Clear Adventure: Electra Stage 3 on Hard or higher.
Play 50 matches as Joseph Joestar.
Origin: Metroid
Samus is a fierce and intelligent woman with a knack for combat and hunting people down. A bounty hunter in her former life outside the Shifted Tides, Samus now takes on the role of the police chief of Electra City, hunting down criminals with the same ferocity she once did in her old career. Aiding her is the advanced VARIA device, an autonomous combat system built off of a strange suit of armor she found herself in upon arrival. Alongside her fellow peacekeeper Acid Man, Samus enters the scene to assist 2B in solving a string of murders in her city.
Samus in her Zero Suit is the same as she's ever been; highly agile, able to pummel foes with strong aerial attacks, and swift enough to avoid damage. However, due to the unique nature of the VARIA Armor, it effectively grants a new twist on the classic moveset by enabling Samus to summon the phantasmic armor at any time, switching up her moveset and capabilities to a more powerful one. Playing as Samus requires an effective balance and mastery of both modes, making her complex but highly versatile.
Gimmick: VARIA Armor
The Stand-like autonomous armor that accompanies Samus into combat. Using Mode Switch turns the armor on and off, modifying Samus's moveset.
Neutral Special: Lightdagger/Spiral Cannon
In Zero mode, Samus slashes an electric dagger in front of her to act as a reflector. Tapping the button twice causes her to throw the dagger as a stunning projectile.
In Varia mode, the armor charges and fires a spiraling projectile that deals heavy multi-hit damage, especially to shields. Samus can act independently from the armor while firing.
Side Special: Double Paralyzer/Ice Missile
In Zero mode, Samus fires two stun gun shots in rapid succession, one after the other. The bolts only stun opponents, though this leaves them open for attack.
In Varia mode, the armor fires a fast missile that explodes into a cloud of ice on impact, freezing foes. Samus can act independently from the armor while firing.
Up Special: Rocket Kick/Screw Attack
In Zero mode, Samus rises upward with a powerful double kick attack. Deals considerable damage on the second kick and gains a fair amount of height.
In Varia mode, the armor surrounds Samus in an electrical field as she rises up, dealing strong multi-hit damage on contact with less height.
Down Special: Mode Shift
Samus activates or deactivates the VARIA armor, switching between her two modes of combat.
Infinity Finale: Varia Cannon
The VARIA Armor transforms into a massive shoulder mounted cannon as Samus fires a massive beam of energy in front of her, dealing extremely high damage. After this attack, the VARIA armor is temporarily locked.
Unlocked By
Completing 1600 matches.
Clear Adventure: Electra Stage 4.
Obtain the "Skycoder" feat.
Origin: Overwatch
A dangerous criminal and hacker who works alongside Brain Drain in his attempts at dominating the city. This hacker has other plans, however, aiming to eventually bring down the scientist's plans from within and steal all of the valuable research he has accumulated... especially that one weird red gemstone. She's the eternal rival of Samus, evading the police chief at every turn. With 2B on the case, that might become harder...
Sombra is an unorthodox character reliant on debuffing opponents rather than getting up close and personal. Though her Data Tendrils are an effective tool for keeping foes at bay with their quick strikes and impressive range, she lacks kill power and is easy to be killed herself, compounded by very unorthodox recovery. If she can hack an opponent, however, then the tables turn; a hacked opponent becomes exceptionally vulnerable! She can also stealth around the stage with temporary invisibility, aiding in ambushes or escaping fights.
Neutral Special: Hack
Sombra channels for a second before firing multiple thin beams of energy forward in a shotgun-like fashion, which has impressive range. Contact with these tendrils hacks opponents, which disables the use of any specials temporarily and reduces their defensive stats slightly.
Side Special: SMG Strike
Sombra fires a spread of bullets from her gun, slowly aiming upward to create a rising arc. Covers a wide area, but deals very little damage. Drifting increases the power of the bullets.
Up Special: Translocator
Sombra throws a small device onto the battlefield in an arc. Using this move again causes Sombra to instantly warp to the device's location. Holding down the input while throwing causes her to instantly teleport upon the device's landing.
Down Special: Cloak
Sombra turns invisible temporarily, becoming immune to knockback though not to damage. This can be used to evade attacks or to simply escape an enemy, or to set up an ambush.
Infinity Finale: Hack the Planet
Charging energy in her hands, Sombra releases a massive shockwave of energy around her. This deals heavy damage alongside inflicting all victims of the attack with Hack, turning off their specials.
Unlocked By
Completing 2500 matches.
Clear Adventure: Electra Stage 5.
Complete 30 matches with Infinite Mode on.
Origin: Sonic Forces
A synthetic organism created by Coyle's research into a small gemstone she dubbed the Phantom Ruby, Infinite is in essence a glorified AI who is sent to aid 2B in her various missions. In reality, Infinite desires more than to be a simple program; harnessing the power of the Phantom Ruby to its fullest extent, he ultimately turns on both 2B and Electra City as a whole, choosing to align with a mysterious organization in a climactic battle with the goal of attaining his perfect form.
Infinite is highly agile, decently defensive, and packs a bit of a punch; in short, he's fairly well-rounded on top of his speed. Infinite's true power lurks in the Phantom Ruby, however; he is capable of using the artifact built into his chest to great effect, using its reality-warping powers to augment his abilities and make them even more powerful. His biggest fault may be the strange lag that some of his attacks come with; intercept him in these weak moments, and he is left open to attack and can be easily punished.
Gimmick: Phantom Power
Some of Infinite's moves can infect an opponent with a status called Phantom Power, visualized via red glitchy static around their character and HUD. Phantom Power causes the character to be slightly lighter and take more knockback, but when hit by a charge attack from Infinite, the status effect is consumed entirely, dealing massive additional damage while curing the status.
Neutral Special: Phantom Trail
Infinite pauses for a second, unleashing a strange worm-like projectile that hunts down opponents. The attack is slow, but is very long and accurate in its homing, making it hard to avoid. Infects opponents with Phantom Power on contact.
Side Special: Phantom Wave
Infinite sweeps his arm upwards, releasing a wave of red pixels that travel along the floor and follow the curvature of the ground. Good for attacking ground-based opponents, and inflicts opponents with Phantom Power. Drifting makes the pixels travel faster.
Up Special: Infinity Dash
Infinite charges for a second before quickly darting in a direction chosen by the player. High startup, but covers a large distance in a quick amount of time. Inflicts Phantom Power on contact.
Down Special: Phantom Pillar
Infinite summons a large pillar of red pixels on either side of him, dealing heavy damage and inflicting Phantom Power on opponents. Has a bit of windup time but a large hitbox, which also negates projectiles.
Infinity Finale: Finale.EXE
Charged with energy from the Phantom Ruby, Infinite snaps his fingers as the stage lighting turns red and eerie, with the stage and characters turned into silhouettes. During this state, Infinite can teleport across the stage, warping behind opponents at random; by pressing the button again, Infinite lunges forward, attempting to grab the opponent and deal massive amounts of damage to them with dark energies. After launching this opponent, the stage returns to normal.
Unlocked By
Completing 450 matches.
Clear Adventure: Al-Kharr Stage 1 on Very Hard or higher.
Play 30 matches as Magnolia.
Origin: Bravely Second
A studious young man who's taken up residence in Al-Kharr, acting as a scholar and studying the ancient ruins and cultures that the desert region has to offer. Recently, he's garnered a different role thanks to the escapades of his girlfriend Magnolia, and now acts as a form of central command for her and Joseph's adventures, relaying information and guiding them throughout the trials they face protecting the city. Now, however, he's been spurred to action as well, and brings his own powerful brand of spellcasting to the battlefield.
Yew is a lightweight character with a focus on powerful ranged attacks to both defend himself and keep foes at bay. His entire playstyle is built around finding the perfect range to strike; getting too close makes him vulnerable, but too far away and your powerful projectiles may perhaps be dodged. The predictable nature of Yew's projectiles, however, can be altered via the use of his special Spellcraft ability, making him an unpredictable opponent to face.
Gimmick: Spellcraft
By holding down the special button after firing a projectile, Yew is able to modify the projectile into an alternate form which modifies the attack. With the alternate iterations and trajectories that his projectiles take, this also means that each of his spells have 5 other variants, one unique to each special and 4 shared.
Hitting up to Spellcraft turns the spell into Rain form, which causes it to split into several smaller shots that arc upwards before falling back down.
Hitting backwards to Spellcraft turns the spell into Mist form, leaving behind a floating cloud based on the projectile's size that deals damage over time.
Hitting forwards to Spellcraft turns the spell into Dart form, which splits it into multiple smaller projectiles that fire one after the other at high speeds.
Hitting down to Spellcraft turns the spell into Nova form, which causes it to explode based on the size of the projectile.
Neutral Special: Lightning - Arrow
Yew fires a quick-moving bolt of lightning forward, which deals little damage.
Hitting B again to Spellcraft Lightning turns it into Lightning Arrow, which causes the projectile to pause before quickly homing in on a single nearby target.
Side Special: Heat - Hammer
Yew holds a wave of heat energy in his hand for a second before firing it in an arc, dealing heavy damage.
Hitting B again to Spellcraft Heat turns it into Hammer form, summoning a giant flaming hammer that Yew strikes the ground with. Drifting automatically forces the Hammer variant, with the weapon growing in size and power the longer the Drift is held.
Up Special: Tornado - Blast
Yew fires a wave of wind underneath his to propel himself upwards, dealing damage to those below him.
Hitting B again to Spellcraft Tornado turns it into Blast form, causing the wave of wind to explode in a burst that pushes opponents away from the impact.
Down Special: Frost - Wall
Yew poses as a flurry of ice orbits around him, dealing minor damage to anything around him.
Hitting B again to Spellcraft Frost turns it into Wall form, summoning a hexagonal barrier around Yew for a short time. Physical contact with the barrier shatters it and freezes the offending opponent, leaving them vulnerable.
Infinity Finale: Charybdis
Channeling the magical energy of an unknown force, Yew summons a multitude of green chains to strike the area in front of him. Any opponent hit by this attack is then assaulted by the summon Charybdis, which not only deals heavy damage but reduces all of their stats if they do survive.
Urbosa by phido senpai-db1a1yf
Unlocked By
Completing 825 matches.
Clear Adventure: Al-Kharr Stage 2.
Defeat Tethi 15 times.
Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
A royal champion charged with defending the life and safety of young Tethi from any who would attempt to harm her or usurp her power. Urbosa is a strong woman who acts as a motherly figure to Tethi, helping to guide her in the ways of a ruler and training her in the arts of diplomacy and combat. While others may venture out into the desert to combat the threat emerging from it, Urbosa instead stays put, doing her best to guard her queen with her life.
Urbosa is a heavyweight with immense power and fairly decent speed, but her flaws begin to emerge when it comes to charging up. In order to make the most out of all her powerful moves, the player must wind up or charge them for a bit longer than usual, which leaves them open to be dodged. If they hit, however, they can be truly devastating; luckily for Urbosa, her signature technique helps to alleviate this quite a bit by stunning foes in their tracks.
Gimmick: Urbosa's Fury
Charging up or Drifting attacks in any way slowly fills an amber-colored meter located under Urbosa's Null Meter. This is her Fury, and when it reaches maximum, her charged move enters a boosted state with electrical properties. These attacks also tend to stun enemies, leaving them open for another charged move.
Neutral Special: Scimitar Spin
Urbosa spins around while slashing her scimitar in a circle, dealing damage to any who contact her and slowly building up speed and Fury. While spinning, she can be moves slightly to pursue an opponent. Releasing the button causes her to perform a downwards slam in front of her; releasing at maximum Fury unleashes an AoE electrical field around the impact site, which stuns enemies.
Side Special: Daybreaker
Urbosa rushes forward a short distance with the Daybreaker shield in her hand. The dash only covers a small amount of area, but deals good damage and renders her immune to knockback while charging. The move can be performed in midair to boost her momentum. Drifting this move slowly charges Fury, enabling her to unleash a very fast stunning charge with greater distance.
Up Special: Rising Scimitar
An upwards sweep with Urbosa's scimitar. Takes a bit to start up, but covers decent distance and can be charged to go higher and deal more damage. Charging up to max Fury makes the attack deal multiple hits, culminating in a powerful lightning strike.
Down Special: Windcutter
Urbosa slashes forward with a charged sword swipe, which fires forward a blade of compressed air. If charged to max Fury, the blade becomes larger and deals multiple strong hits before launching the victim.
Infinity Finale: Naboris Cannon
Urbosa glows with electricity before snapping her fingers. After this, multiple large red lasers begin firing upon the stage at various angles, dealing heavy damage on contact.
Unlocked By
Completing 500 matches.
Clear Adventure: Al-Kharr Stage 4.
Origin: Street Fighter V
A young and inexperienced fortune teller wandering the deserts of Al-Kharr in order to make a quick buck and pay for more training. She has a short encounter with Magnolia and Joseph during their misadventures and decides to join them, hoping that she'll be able to garner a greater experience with the quest they undertake. She's simply happy to be along for the ride!
Menat is a fighter who excels in footsies and keepaway strategies, owing to the use of her crystal ball as an offensive weapon. The ball flies back and forth with her attacks, giving her large effective range but unorthodox hitboxes that can be hard to master for an inexperienced player. With hard work and dedication, one can become a true master at playing Menat, letting her agility and range perform strikes that other characters could only dream of!
Neutral Special: Soul Sphere
Menat throws her crystal ball forward in a low arc, dealing damage on contact. The ball becomes an on-stage hazard, dealing damage on contact until Menat resummons it to her. The ball does damage to entities in its path upon resummon.
Holding down the button performs EX Soul Sphere instead, giving the ball a boomeranging trajectory which acts as a command grab, dragging opponents in closer.
Side Special: Guardian of the Sun
Menat leaps forward, arms outstretched. Contact with her in this state acts as a command grab, and upon hitting the ground, Menat will use her orb to deal multiple rapid hits before tossing the foe a short fixed distance away from her. Trajectory can be altered via inputs. Drifting increases the lunge's speed and distance.
Up Special: Left Eye of the Lion
A teleport that covers a decently fair distance swiftly. The issue is animation time, as it can become predictable and punishable if an enemy gets to close. In contrast, the initial teleport can almost be used like a counter, slowing enemies if they get to close.
Down Special: Soul Reflect
Menat shoves both hands forward and a swirl of blue energy appears in the region in front of her. This acts as both a hitbox and a reflector, and lasts a fair bit longer than most reflectors, but also only covers Menat's front, leaving her vulnerable.
Infinity Finale: Wisdom of Thoth
Summoning her magical power, Menat generates a barrier of six small orbs around her. These orbs are thrown when she performs her attacks; they deal heavy damage and fly quickly, but can easily miss their mark if the player simply attacks willy-nilly. Make your strikes count!
Unlocked By
Completing 2017 matches.
Clear Adventure: Al-Kharr Stage 4 in under 2:30.00.
Obtain the "Frozen Today" feat.
Origin: Super Mario Odyssey
A handy little skeleton living out in the desert, attempting to make a living selling refreshing shaved ice. With the monsters emerging in the desert, however, he's been losing his few customers, making him incredibly desperate. If he has to go on a dangerous quest to drive these horrors back from whence they came, then so be it... Just as long as business starts up again.
Tostarenan is a lightweight whose standard attacks, performed with his maracas, tend to not have much range despite their average power. Where the little fella excels, however, is mobility and agility. Borrowing moves and abilities from Mario and Cappy, Tostarenan is able to traverse the stage in leaps and bounds due to his swift movements and aerial mobility options, the least of which involves setting up a Sombrero Toss. With practice, Tostarenan can get anywhere lickety-split, no questions asked!
Neutral Special: Freezy Treat
Tostarenan pulls a small block of ice from under his poncho and throws it forward, causing it to shatter into an icy puff on contact with something. While it deals little damage, it is notable for its ability to freeze enemies, making it useful for closing the gap or running from an opponent.
Side Special: Sombrero Toss
The Tostarenan throws his hat forward akin to Cappy, letting it stay in position until something comes in contact with it or a certain amount of time passes. Enemy contact flings the foe directly upwards, while player contact with their own hat makes them bounce off of it, gaining height and refreshing their jumps. Drifting enables the player to throw the hat further.
Up Special: Glydon
Glydon catches the Tostarenan in midair, stalling his descent before gliding back upwards on a wind current. It's fast and can garner near-infinite height once it gets going, but this can be a risk, as Glydon is capable of carrying a player into the blast zone and killing them.
Down Special: Dive
Tostarenan dives forward, building a burst of forward momentum. The start of the animation also gives the player i-frames (which reduce if the move is spammed in quick succession), making it a risky yet rewarding evasive option.
Infinity Finale: Jaxi
Tostarenan whistles and summons Jaxi before mounting him. While riding Jaxi, the player auto-moves at top speed, dealing heavy damage on contact. The player can jump and turn around, but can never stop moving while on Jaxi. Eventually, the player gets off of Jaxi, letting him run along to his own accord until he inevitably falls off into the blast zone (or, if need be, he despawns).
Queen Booette
Unlocked By
Completing 675 matches.
Clear Adventure: Undernull Stage 3.
Accumulate 10,000 KOs in one save file.
Origin: Super Mario(?)
Queen Booette is a spectral being of unknown origin and power. Though she possesses incredible power, she appears to keep it constrained within her body via use of some form of magical crown which keeps her form feminine and beautiful. Though normally shy and sweet, Booette can certainly turn nasty, and has a habit of pulling pranks on Pandora that can go a bit far... Not that Pandora cares.
Booette is a small, lightweight character that excels in air combat and recovery, having a multitude of jumps and floaty airspeed. She's effectively the SHIFT equivalent to Kirby or Jigglypuff, being able to survive for long periods of time in spite of their low weight. Booette also has rather strong charged attacks, though her low weight makes them easily punishable if you aren't careful!
Gimmick: Prankster
Like a standard Boo, Queen Booette becomes shy when looked at directly. When not faced, however, she's free to unleash her full power; all of Booette's abilities deal double damage and knockback if they hit the opponent's back.
Neutral Special: Scare
Booette rears back her head before yelling loudly and sticking out her tongue to scare opponents. Creates a large shockwave in front of the player which deals little damage, but good knockback.
Side Special: Fan Smack
Booette pulls out a small folding fan and slaps forward with it, dealing minor damage. Can be used infinitely in midair and can be used to influence her midair momentum. Drifting makes her move forward more when attacking, but doesn't boost attack by much.
Up Special: Phase
Booette floats in a chosen direction, becoming intangible. Not only does this render her immune to attack, but it also allows her to clip through certain elements of the stage itself.
Down Special: Outta Sight
Booette temporarily hides from opponents, turning invisible and teleporting somewhere nearby. Holding the attack button allows her to perform a quicker, weaker Scare after reappearing.
Infinity Finale: Boo Moon
Booette takes off her crown, revealing her true form as King Boo. King Boo then summons a giant moon made out of purple crystal, which slowly crashes onto the stage; this deals chip damage before finally launching opponents upon impact.
The Batter
Unlocked By
Completing 1275 matches.
Clear Adventure: Undernull Stage 4.
Reach a high score of 25,000 km. in Rocket Round.
Origin: OFF
This man- or what is believed to be a man- is a being known as the Batter. The Batter has an important mission, and he'll see to it that it's fulfilled. Nobody knows what that mission may be, but it apparently involves purifying the spirits of those who have passed via his baseball bat. He's a threat to the entire Undernull, even if his intentions are pure. Pandora and Death may have to contend with him on their travels, and the confrontation may be extreme.
Wielding his bat like a paladin, the Batter is comparable to a standard swordfighter in most other fighting games. He relies on zoning opponents with the reach of his bat, striking fiercely and sportively as he does so; the Batter also has a heavy reliance on power over defense, and blows from his mighty weapon are capable of dealing immense damage if the swings hit just right. He's also rather effective against projectile-uses, as his charged attacks can knock them back like a ball towards their origin point.
Neutral Special: Furious Homerun
A large reticle appears in the region in front of the Batter as he swings. Slow startup, but immense power that hits the entire reticle. The hitbox can also reflect projectiles at double power.
Side Special: Run with Grace
The Batter runs forward while the button is held, swinging his bat with high power once it is finally let go. Be wary, as this move does not grant superarmor and he can be hit out of it. The move can be Drifted mid-run to increase speed.
Up Special: Save First Base
The Batter leaps upward, landing on a small ring-shaped platform that spawns in midair before leaping once more off that. The area beneath the platform acts as a hitbox when the Batter steps on it.
Down Special: Wide Angle
A counterattack where the Batter stares down his opponent menacingly. If the counter successfully works, the Batter strikes at the foe's weakpoint with a swift blow to the gut.
Infinity Finale: Ultimate Homerun
The screen flashes white as Batter is replaced with a hideous snarling figure for a few frames, then summons three ring-shaped icons in the area around him. This is a trapping Infinity Finale, causing all opponents in the spinning rings to be stuck as Batter unleashes a swing from a bat made of pure white light. This attack has cataclysmic impact, and is likely to outright kill its victims.
Unlocked By
Completing 2050 matches.
Clear Adventure: Undernull Stage 4 on Hard or higher.
Obtain the "Poison Master" feat.
Origin: Slay the Spire
A mysterious assassin from a far-off land who made her way into the Undernull. She's a master of poisons and blades, and is apparently a master of escape, having died and escaped from the Undernull on many an occasion. What drives her is unknown, but Death believes she may perhaps be a Hollow, a legendary being described in texts from the kingdom of Anor Londo.
Silent is an agile combatant with surprising range that specializes in damage over time. While every attack she possesses is weak and lacks kill power, the majority of them are poisonous and deal damage over time, meaning rapid attacks from Silent can bring someone to kill percentage far faster than usual. Her standard attacks also build up Shivs, which can be spent as additional damage or as keepaway tools. Despite her weak attack and modest recovery, Silent is a midweight fighter with average defenses.
Gimmick: Shivs
By attacking enemies with non-charged attacks, Silent slowly builds up a supply of Shivs, which are located next to her HUD icon. Silent can have up to 20 Shivs at a time, and they can be thrown by holding down the attack button after an animation. Unlike the Silent's other attacks, Shivs do not deal poison damage.
Neutral Special: Blade Dance
Silent throws every Shiv in her possession forward at once in a swift, machinegun-like fashion. Great for racking up damage from afar, but requires many Shivs to be effective. Does not work without Shivs.
Side Special: Bouncing Flask
Silent hurls a flask of poison forward, which bounces twice off of surfaces before exploding into an acid burst. Drifting enables her to throw it farther than normal.
Up Special: Acrobatics
Silent quickly darts in three directions to disorient opponents. Versatile and can be used for offense, but not always the best for height and can easily be mis-inputted.
Down Special: Terror
A counterattacking move. If an enemy strikes Silent while she poses for the counter, she flashes bright red and slashes forward, dealing middling damage but inflicting Defense Down on the opponent.
Infinity Finale: Grand Finale
Silent leaps forward, cloak spread like wings. If she contacts an opponent, she envelops them in the cape as they take massive damage. If so desired, the player can mash buttons to throw out Shivs in random directions, which deal upgraded damage and are larger. Eventually, Silent launches her victim with massive knockback.
Unlocked By
Completing 3475 matches.
Clear any Adventure: Undernull stage on Intense.
Counter attacks 250 times.
Origin: Pokémon
A strange beast dwelling in the Undernull, taking on the form of a punching bag-like entity. It is widely believed that the creature is merely a decoy- or perhaps a host- for the tail, a dark enigma with untold psychic powers. Wobbuffet's motives are unknown, but Pandora seems to have a desire to capture the dark entity acting as the tail...
Wobbuffet is a very unorthodox fighter specializing in counterattacking and defensive play. Almost all of his moves possess high priority and decent range, enabling him to cancel out incoming attacks, and he's fairly heavyweight as well. Though decently powerful, none of his moves truly flow together, making combos a major weak point for him. He's also not the best at recovery, meaning defense becomes his best offense.
Neutral Special: Charm
Wobbuffet blows a kiss forward, manifesting as a heart-shaped object that floats in front of him for a second. Contact with the heart deals no damage but stuns the opponent, leaving them open for retaliation.
Side Special: Mirror Coat
Wobbuffet leans forward, body shining like glass. If a projectile hits him, the player is able to use their control stick to fling it back and reflect it in any direction they so choose. Drifting lets Wobbuffet lean forward more and fling projectiles back faster.
Up Special: Splash
Wobbuffet leaps upward slightly with a little bit of extra force. More of a third jump than anything else, but it does grant some extra invincibility frames.
Down Special: Counter
A standard counterattack that lasts shockingly long, but only deals the exact amount of damage that the countered attack did. Safe and basic.
Infinity Finale: Destiny Bond
An unorthodox counter-based Infinity Finale where Wobbuffet begins emitting purple energy. If this move is used at the right time to counter an opponent, flashes of psychic energy inflict all the damage onto the opponent, but magnified immensely. If an opponent is over 100% damage, countering an attack with Destiny Bond will outright kill them.
Unlocked By
Completing 5000 matches.
Find the Hidden Door in Adventure: Undernull Stage 1.
Obtain the "Chaos God" feat.
Origin: Deltarune
A ex-court jester from a kingdom of darkness, driven to madness from an unknown outside force. His kingdom had no choice but to seal Jevil up, but he believes he's the only truly free one; it's entirely possible he's unaware of his own situation in the Shifted Tides and is simply playing along to his own little game. Pandora seems to only keep him around for amusement, shuttering him up in some barely-guarded door whenever she doesn't need him.
Jevil is a very agile opponent who plays around quick attacks with decent range. They tend to be weak, but their very low lag means they can be chained very easily, and many of his moves tend to be multi-hit in order to expedite the damage accumulation. Be wary, however, as using his moves in too rapid a succession may cause him to get dizzy and Tired, leaving him more vulnerable to big hits.
Neutral Special: Devilsknife
Jevil splits into four scythes, quickly expanding outwards and swirling around the location where he used the move. Acts as a reflector on the first few frames when the move first triggers. The scythes deal multi-hit damage, so an opponent will take massive damage if caught in the very center.
Side Special: Carousel Game
Jevil spins forward, surrounded by objects resembling carousel horses. Contact with these bullets deals damage and knocks foes away. Can be Drifted mid-attack to gain bursts of speed in the opposite direction, but spinning for too long can make Jevil dizzy.
Up Special: Catch Me
Jevil quickly teleports three times in various directions. Renders him invincible, but he does not travel much ground between teleports. Tapping the attack button mid-teleport causes Jevil to fire a five-shot spread of spade bullets in the direction the player is holding the stick, but this leaves him out longer and makes him able to be hit out of the move.
Down Special: Crazy Diamonds
Jevil raises his arm, causing small diamond bullets to fly upwards from his sides and current position. Deal minor damage but build it up rapidly, and are an effective anti-air technique.
Infinity Finale: Neo Chaos
Laughing maniacally, Jevil teleports away as large scythes descend from the sky at random locations. Upon contact with the ground, these scythes erupt into pillars of light that deal additional damage. To end the attack, a massive scythe lands at the location where the move was activated, exploding violently before turning back into Jevil.
Unlocked By
Completing 30 matches.
Clear Adventure: Moon Stage 1.
Origin: Persona 3
An android warrior sent to Ultra Moonopolis by her superiors at CYoR-Life in order to investigate the mysterious city, and if need be, destroy it. Having self-doubts about her nature and that of her free will, she unites with an extra-dimensional creature from the floating fortress named Necrozma, who fights alongside her for its own purposes. Make sure this weapon is used for the task she was created for... and that her goal of defeating the Dimension Witch Lusamine is fulfilled.
Aigis is a character reliant on defensive play, able to keep her foes at bay with autonomous, delayed attacks with Necrozma as she buffs herself with Sukujaka. Aigis is designed to provide support as well, meaning that she plays exceptionally well in team or Tag battles as she buffs her allies from defensible positions. Overall, Aigis is very well-rounded and a good character to get into for more advanced players.
Neutral Special: Sukujaka
Charging blue energy in her hands for a short period, Aigis flashes with light, gaining a sizable defensive buff for a short time. The charging animation can be interrupted by getting hit, however. In team battles, the move can be charged longer to cast it on both Aigis and all of her teammates.
Side Special: Metal Claw
Aigis summons Necrozma, who dashes forward after a very short delay and performs a slash attack. Drifting causes Aigis to move as normal, but Necrozma will remain in place, and Drifing for long enough will add additional slashes prior to the heavier, launching slash.
Up Special: Swift Strike
Aigis quickly zips upward, aiming towards ledges if possible. If enemies are nearby, Aigis will dash towards them instead, enabling the player to immediately combo into an attack or simply footstool them.
Down Special: Orgia Mode
Aigis enters a powered-up state in which she glows gold temporarily, shining with brilliant light. In this state, her movements become faster, and her moves become quicker and stronger, increasing her combo ability. Orgia Mode constantly drains Null Meter, and if the player has none, the mode will end and she will Overheat, reducing her stats. Both entering and exiting Orgia Mode create a ripple effect that acts as a reflector.
Infinity Finale: Light of Judgment
Aigis summons Necrozma, who transforms into its massive draconic deity form Ultra Necrozma. Ultra Necrozma proceeds to fire a massive beam of light from its mouth from the top of the screen, dealing heavy damage. The player is then able to angle what direction the beam is firing in by using the movement stick, enabling them to pursue opponents. Aigis remains invincible while Light of Judgment is active.
Unlocked By
Completing 475 matches.
Clear Adventure: Moon Stage 3 on Very Hard or higher.
Score 10 KOs in a single match.
Origin: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
A being of pure light sealed within the Moon, Galeem's power has drained significantly due to the interference of Lusamine, who has been stealing its essence in order to power Ultra Moonopolis. Navigating the crumbling surface of the Moon, Aigis comes across the fallen angel and helps restore some of its light with Necrozma; seeking vengeance upon the one who drained its strength, Galeem unites with Aigis in order to bring about a final end to Lusamine and restore its full power. Its motives aside from this are unknown, but a being of pure light cannot be manevolent... right?
Galeem is a heavyweight fighter with an unorthodox playstyle, being more situated to air combat than ground combat. The bizarre shape of its body causes its basic attacks to have wide, sweeping hitboxes, but despite their range and power, they have a fair bit of lag due to Galeem's need to shift its body around in various ways. Aside from this caveat, it's a rather well-rounded fighter,having skill in both offensive and defensive play. Take care of Galeem's glowing central core, however; though the hitbox is small, a direct strike of sufficient power can result in a stun state similar to that of an empty Shield Meter.
Neutral Special: Eviscera
Galeem charges light energy within its core, signified by a rainbow glow. Upon reaching max charge, Galeem is able to fire a large laser, which deals heavy multi-hit damage and can be angled up to 45 degrees either up or down. Eviscera cannot be used until it reaches max charge, but charge can be stored by Dashing or Shielding. Taking damage with the move fully charged may reduce the charge.
Side Special: Light Cutter
Galeem throws forward a boomerang-like crescent resembling one of its wings, which flies forward dealing damage before returning to Galeem. Drifting enables further throwing distance and cutter travel speed.
Up Special: Envoid
Galeem's core collapses into a black hole, which absorbs the rest of its body very quickly. The black hole lasts for a few frames, dragging opponents inward, before vanishing and being replaced with another black hole in the direction that the player inputs. Galeem spawns from this black hole, dealing damage on contact and emitting a damaging pulse upon reappearing.
Down Special: Spirit Shield
Galeem summons a spinning circular shield around it, which defends against melee attacks and reflects projectiles. As the shield remains active, a gap appears, which becomes larger and larger over time until the entire shield vanishes entirely; toggling the Spirit Shield off by inputting Down Special again deactivates the shield, enabling it to refill the gap. Not as strong as other reflectors, and can be pierced by some projectiles.
Infinity Finale: World of Light
Galeem charges energy as its core collapses into a black hole, surrounded by wings which turn into large spinning rings around the core. A golden area slowly expands from Galeem's position as the Infinity Finale charges; after a short time, any opponent who has not escaped this blast zone is attacked by multiple interweaving beams of light, which instantly kill opponents that they contact. Stuns everyone around Galeem when the move is activated, but this may not always mean they are unable to escape...
Morpho Knight
Unlocked By
Completing 175 matches.
Clear Adventure: Paylrule Stage 3.
Origin: Kirby: Star Allies
A powerful and fearsome warrior whose soul seems to have been tainted by some dark past. Morpho Knight serves the Pale King as one of his greatest warriors, and leads the hunt for Zelda and Hornet in their quest to find the Triforce. A ruthless hunter, Morpho Knight shows no emotion as they carry out the Pale King's desires.
Morpho Knight is highly comparable to Meta Knight's appearance in Smash Bros., being a highly agile swordfighter with lightning-fast reflexes and incredible recovery skills. Though not the strongest fighter around, they can get in very close and build up damage extremely rapidly. Unlike Meta Knight, they can charge any move they have in order to increase the power and range, but this buildup can be potentially risky if not intricately interwoven into combos.
Gimmick: Ultra Sword
By holding down attack inputs, Morpho Knight is able to charge any of their attacks, growing their sword to incredible size and swinging when the button is released. While these charged strikes are able to deal much more damage than normal, it leaves Morpho Knight open for attack, so it may not always be wise to grow the blade to its massive full size and instead only enlarge it slightly.
Neutral Special: Phantom Smile
Morpho Knight charges and releases a small face-like projectile with a strange, wobbling trajectory. The move can be charged to become more powerful and larger, but this also causes it to move slower and potentially be more easily dodged.
Side Special: Butterfly Effect
A sword forward dash that deals slight damage and grants superarmor. Can be Drifted to increase speed and range; when Drifted to max level, the move becomes a rising upward sweep that, if it hits an enemy, traps them in a powerful combo before launching them.
Up Special: Solar Slash
Morpho Knight performs an upward slash, gaining height before firing a sword beam at a downward angle to attack foes. Morpho Knight is able to glide out of the rising slash for horizontal recovery.
Down Special: Swarmcall
Morpho Knight floats slightly upward, emitting soundwaves from their body that deal rapid damage. The first frame of the attack has a small hitbox that deals much larger damage.
Infinity Finale: Soul Melter
Growing both blades to maximum size, Morpho Knight strikes the area around them on both sides. Any opponent who is trapped in this attack becomes subject to a flurry of slashes on all sides from a teleporting Morpho Knight before finally being launched by a massive final slash.
The Vessel
The Knight
Unlocked By
Completing 450 matches.
Clear Adventure: Paylrule Stage 5.
Heal a total of 5000% damage across all battles.
Origin: Hollow Knight
An empty shell filled with an eerie black void-like substance, who carries out the Pale King's wishes alongside Morpho Knight. The Vessel is implied to be a creation of the Pale King, birthed by experimenting with a strange substance found in the annals of Hyrule's history known as Twilight. Infused with the power of Soul, Twilight, and a sacred flame stolen from Anor Londo, The Vessel has incredible power and no will to turn against its master; this diminutive insect is the ultimate warrior, and perhaps the greatest adversary of Zelda and Hornet on their quest.
The Vessel plays almost identically to how they do in their home game, possessing short range but incredible agility. They are rather lightweight and easy to kill, but make up for this with their ability to self-heal if provided an opportunity, letting them stay in the fight longer. Battling as the Vessel is true to Hollow Knight as a whole, emphasizing knowledge of when to get aggressive and when to back down. Their recovery is also unorthodox, having two very large jumps but no recovery on their up special whatsoever.
Gimmick: Soul
As the Vessel attacks enemies, they slowly build up a white liquid in a meter next to their HUD. This liquid is called Soul, and is expended by the Vessel to cast their special attacks. On average, a special costs 33% of the meter to use.
Neutral Special: Vengeful Spirit/Focus
If the button is tapped, the Vessel fires off a large white projectile with high speed and decent power.
If the player instead holds down the button, the Vessel will concentrate energy in place, expending Soul in order to restore 25% HP to themselves. While it leaves the Vessel motionless while channeling, this move essentially lets a Vessel with full Soul heal a total of 75% HP if left unchecked.
Side Special: Twilight Slash
If tapped, the Vessel teleports a very short distance forward and slashes. If held down, a strange shadow extends from the Vessel's feet, highlighted in a color dependent on which player is controlling them. Any character who steps into this shadow is marked with a jagged outline, and once the button is released, the Vessel will strike all marked opponents with dashing sword attacks. Can be Drifted to increase the speed that the shadow travels at.
Up Special: Howling Wraiths
A multi-hit explosion of Soul energy blasts from above the Vessel's head. Extremely powerful and one of their best kill moves, but has no recovery potential at all.
Down Special: Desolate Dive
The Vessel smashes the ground with immense force, creating an explosion around them with high damage. If performed in the air, the Vessel plummets downward, dealing damage to everything in their path.
Infinity Finale: Lord of Shades
Shell cracking, the Vessel reveals their ultimate form as a nightmarish fusion of Twilight, Soul, and Flame. Appearing in the background, the player is able to aim a large reticle with an X-shape through it; after a certain amount of time or upon button input, the Vessel slashes in an X formation at the reticle's location. While the slashes deal heavy damage and extend infinitely from the reticle in a diagonal path, the reticle itself gains an instant-death hitbox. After one attack, the Vessel reverts to normal.
Hex Maniac
Full art hex maniac vector by pantsumaniac-d8f8tlu
Unlocked By
Completing 200 matches.
Completing 50 Tag Team matches.
Clear Adventure: Onikuda Stage 2.
Origin: Pokémon
An sinister-looking yet ultimately innocent girl locked up in Onikuda alongside three strange spirits that she commands. With the eerie ability to gaze into the future, Laegjarn asks for her aid in escaping the prison; the Hex Maniac herself is fine with staying, but she's really looking forward to the chaos an escape would bring. With her spirits at her side, who knows what damage she'll do?
Hex Maniac does not directly fight, instead controlling 3 separate characters: Litwick, Gengar, and Honedge. Each Pokémon fills a unique niche, from speedy ranged combat to slow defensive play and agile zoning. It's important to play to the strengths and weaknesses of all your Pokémon!
Neutral Special: Will-O-Wisp/Shadow Ball/Sacred Sword
Litwick summons up to three small fireballs around them depending on how long the button is held. These fireballs then quickly aim at nearby enemies, dealing minor damage.
Gengar charges and fires a large orb of shadowy energy. At max charge, the orb is stored and can be fired at will.
Honedge charges power before swiftly striking everything in front of them with a wide slash. Grants superarmor during the charge.
Side Special: Flame Burst/Astonish/Fury Cutter
Litwick spits a small fireball at a downward angle. On contact with an enemy or the ground, the projectile bursts into a pillar of flame which deals multi-hit damage.
Gengar leans back and screams at the area in front of him, stunning enemies caught in the hitbox and nullifying projectiles.
Honedge attacks with a flurry of slashes that continue as long as the player mashes the attack button. Once the mashing is done, Honedge ends with one final finishing blow.
All moves can be Drifted for increased distance and power.
Up Special: Fire Spin/Shadow Punch/Pursuit
Litwick spins around quickly, rising high while engulfed in flames. Good for gaining height and dealing damage, not for horizontal recovery.
Gengar performs a shadowy uppercut to gain height. Very powerful offensive tool and an amazing kill move.
Honedge stabs forward in a chosen direction. High startup time but does decent damage and is omnidirectional.
Down Special: Pokémon Switch
Instantly switches out to the next Pokémon, with the order going Litwick -> Gengar -> Honedge. Has a short delay before the move can be used again.
Infinity Finale: Never-Ending Nightmare
Hex Maniac points forward, summoning all three of her Pokémon. Anybody in front of the player is trapped within a large dome of darkness, which deals multiple hits before exploding and launching the victims.
Unlocked By
Completing 500 matches.
Clear Adventure: Onikuda Stage 4.
Garner a total of 1 hour airtime.
Origin: Final Fantasy
A powerful spear-wielding warrior who was locked away in the prison of Onikuda for the attempted murder of some noble in a far-off nation. She's silent but deadly, taking to the skies in an instant and smiting her adversaries with incredibly powerful spear blows... But even she cannot escape the confines of the prison where she is sealed away. Eager to taste the sweet sensation of freedom once more, she joins Laegjarn's crusade for escape after repeated encounters in which she tests the "prisoner princess" to determine her skills.
Dragoon's entire kit is built around aerial superiority and raw strength, having a multitude of speedy and powerful aerial attacks that have the ability to pierce defensive moves. In a similar vein, her vertical recovery is extremely impressive despite her mid-heavy weight status, though this comes at the cost of horizontal recovery. Dragoon's biggest weakness is, as to be expected, her ground game; though they can be more powerful, her ground attacks are far laggier and easier to avoid. To alleviate this, Dragoon has the unique ability to use Aerial Charge Attacks, giving her a kill option in midair and enabling her to float for a few seconds to set up the finishing blow.
Neutral Special: Speardown
Dragoon holds her spear below her like a pogo stick, causing her to damage anybody she contacts and bounce off of them for as long as she holds the button. Her position can be shifted slightly while holding the button, letting her bounce off a target multiple times. As the spear tip is a disjointed hitbox, Speardown also allows Dragoon to safely jump across stage hazards such as spikes or avoid traps from opponents.
Hitting the special button twice turns Speardown into a descending attack which pierces through enemies, granting her superarmor.
Side Special: Piercing Talon
Dragoon charges up and throws her spear like a javelin; the attack is rather fast and deals decent damage, but the endlag is considerable on top of adding more charge time to improve the move's power. Drifting allows the Dragoon to throw her spear farther and with more power.
Up Special: Super Jump
A massive jump upwards that deals damage to those who contact Dragoon during the animation. Slow startup, and cannot have direction influenced whatsoever. Can be immediately comboed into an Aerial Charge Attack or into Speardown.
Down Special: Dragon Breaker
Dragoon channels energy into a powerful overhead strike with a bit of windup time. The attack deals minor damage but crumples the opponent while inflicting Defense Down, leaving them incredibly vulnerable to a followup attack. If performed in the air, the attack becomes a 360 spin attack with the ability to spike opponents instead of crumpling them.
Infinity Finale: High Flyer
Dragoon leaps up into the air enveloped in draconic energy. She then crashes down onto the stage three times, creating a powerful explosion at each of the impact sites. The player is able to influence her direction mid-jump in order to chase down players or avoid gaps in the stage.
Unlocked By
Completing 1200 matches.
Clear Adventure: Onikuda Stage 5.
Completing 35 matches as Laegjarn
Origin: Fire Emblem Heroes
The fiery ex-king who has been forced to serve under the warden of Onikuda, having been given an ultimatum if he wants to see survive. He is the father of Laegjarn, who he hopes will one day fulfill her destiny and surpass him as the island's greatest warrior... only to be disappointed when she and her newfound allies attempt an escape from the island. With no other choice, Surtr challenges his daughter to one final duel to prove her worthiness.
Surtr is an immensely powerful heavyweight fighter who plays similarly to Laegjarn in many ways; the fiery blade of his axe results in gameplay based on zoning to maximize damage via sweetspots, and his immense bulk is augmented by the ability to traverse short distances rather quickly. In general, Surtr is meant to be played aggressively, with his superarmor and bulk enabling him to stay in the fight much longer while playing on the offensive.
Neutral Special: Sinmara
A powerful cleaving axe strike that hits the area in front of Surtr. The initial axe slash is followed up by an additional explosion that deals more damage and knockback.
Side Special: Blazing Flame
A modified version of Laegjarn's Blazing Flame move, Surtr lunges forward with his axe ablaze. Contact with the axeblade causes Surtr to combo the attack into an upwards sweep, which launches opponents with a mighty explosion. Drifting increases lunge distance and speed.
Up Special: Rising Flame
An upwards axe slash augmented by an explosion to boost Surtr's recovery. Decent height and good power but little ability to adjust trajectory.
Down Special: Surtr's Menace
Surtr stands in place for a short time before growling and shouting angrily. This attack generates a red field of energy in the area around Surtr, which deals minor knockback and inflicts both Defense Down and Speed Down on any opponent that gets hit, making them more vulnerable to being killed. Surtr has superarmor while shouting, but not while winding up for the shout itself.
Infinity Finale: True Hellfire
Surtr slashes forward with his axe, trapping everyone caught within in a multi-hit combo attack with massive damage. Each strike also flings multiple globs of lava onto the stage, which deal heavy damage on contact.
Unlocked By
Completing 4600 matches.
Clear Adventure: Onikuda Stage 5 on Very Hard or higher.
Clear Pantheon Mode on Hard or higher in under 6 minutes.
Origin: Override: Mech City Brawl
Contessa is the true warden of Onikuda, using the prisoners within as little more than training dummies and guinea pigs to help this robotic woman from beyond the stars improve herself and gain immense power. Laegjarn is ultimately forced with defeating her if she wants to leave the island alive... or at all. It is unknown what Contessa's true motives are, but given her haughty and vain personality, she may want nothing more than to feed her own sense of beauty and pride.
Contessa is a simple fighter, mixing standard jab and kick attacks with basic projectiles and a short-ranged teleport skill. Her true power comes from her size, and Contessa is the largest standard character in the roster, as well as one of the heaviest. Use her bulk to your advantage and enhance your survivability while pressing the offense with your powerful fighting skills!
Neutral Special: Lustra Cannon
Contessa charges a pink ball of energy in her hand before firing. Can be held down to charge for longer, and hitting max charge allows her to store it for a later time. Turns into a shotgun-like blast upon contact with an opponent.
Side Special: Overdrive Cleaver
Contessa kicks upward, an energy blade emerging from her leg to strike in a wide arc. Deals decent damage and knockback, and is best used as a keepaway move. When performed near and opponent, Contessa instead brings her leg down and crushes her opponents head between her legs, acting as a command grab with more damage and less knockback.
Up Special: Phase Shift
Contessa teleports in a given direction. Slower and doesn't give as must distance as most teleports, but has more time between warping and reappearing, enabling the move to be used more defensively.
Down Special: Phantom Hand
Contessa raises her arm as a large ghostly fist emerges from the ground in front of her, punching upwards. Very powerful kill move with a bit of windup.
Infinity Finale: Contessa Necrosis
Contessa glows with eerie energy as a strange mechanical reaper-like figure emerges from the shadows behind her. This reaper then performs a wide slash in an arc in front of Contessa, instantly killing any opponent struck with the attack. Difficult to get in close, but immensely rewarding if you do.
Unlocked By
Completing 60 matches.
Clear Adventure: Shell Stage 2.
Get 30 KOs with a firearm item.
Origin: Nuclear Throne
Rebel's true form is unknown, but this bandage-wrapped mummy of a woman is one heck of a gunslinger. Spending her time in the Shell Kingdom with the aim of getting better with her gun and obtaining vast riches, she's come up against Bowser and the Hunter once or twice. Does she actually have anything against Bowser... or does she just really want to sit on the throne?
Rebel is an unorthodox character with a unique style of stage control centered around her Allies, tiny clones of herself that she can spawn by sacrificing her health. By switching between AI-control and manual control over the Allies, Rebel is able to control almost an entire stage and set up impressive juggling combos, as well as keep foes at bay with powerful projectiles. Rather lightweight, but also has the cost of mediocre recovery in exchange for her raw offensive potential.
Neutral Special: Ally Control
When held down, Rebel's exposed eye glows with green flame and her body gives a soft glow. While holding the button, the Allies go from being AI-controlled to manually controlled, each following the player's inputs exactly.
Side Special: Sticky Launcher
Rebel pulls out a green grenade launcher and fires a grenade at an arc. Upon contact with a surface or an enemy, it sticks in place before exploding after a short time has passed. Can be passed to other players by contact. Drifting allows Rebel to launch the sticky grenade further distances at higher speeds, though this causes it to merely explode on contact if Drifted long enough.
Up Special: Shotgun
Rebel slows her descent while aiming a shotgun in a chosen direction, then spraying a multitude of pellets shortly afterward. Rebel is then launched in the opposite direction at high velocity. Very good offensively and has a lot of versatility for movement, but can be awkward to recover with sometimes.
Down Special: Ally Spawn
Rebel drops a small satchel, which transforms into an Ally after a few frames. Allies are essentially clones of Rebel, though having a smaller hitbox, less power, and only having a maximum of 40 HP. The player can have as many Allies as they desire, but each time Ally Spawn is used, Rebel loses 10% health. Make it count!
Infinity Finale: Ultra Revolver
Rebel pulls out a small pistol glowing with green radioactive energy. After firing a single powerful warning shot forward, the gun malfunctions, firing off a massive uncontrollable radioactive laser forwards. If the beam hits an Ally, they will be killed, though their death will instead cause a large explosion around them with even more power; it may be worth it to intentionally aim for Allies if the situation calls for it.
Unlocked By
Completing 2150 matches.
Clear Adventure: Shell Stage 4.
Obtain the "Marksman" feat.
Origin: Bravely Second
A sweet and spunky markswoman who's moved from her loving husband in the Kingdom of Feyte in order to prove herself a better sharpshooter than the Koopa King of Artillery himself. Wielding the ancient magic powers of Ammomancy and her mighty Guncleaver, she's carving a path through Bowser's kingdom and smiling all the way. She's actually sort of friends with Bullet, acting as a friendly rival throughout his quest to slay Bowser and restore peace to the land.
Aimee is all offense, all the time. Her guncleaver provides powerful attacks up close and at a distance, letting her keep up the pressure no matter where she is on the map. To make things more frightening, she is able to enchant her guncleaver through the ancient art of Ammomancy, modifying both her projectiles and her stats proper. Importantly, Aimee lacks Charge Attacks, instead possessing constant machine-gun like fire in the direction in which the player aims said attack. Aimee can adjust for any situation and be terrifying at any time; just be sure to take care of her lackluster movement options.
Gimmick: Ammomancy
By using her Down Special, Warhead, Aimee is able to load her guncleaver with special bullets that augment her projectiles and modify her stats. The effect of each special bullet tends to last a total of 10 seconds before wearing out, and she has six options in total.
Flame Bullet increases Aimee's fire rate and damage while reducing range, effectively turning her projectiles into a flamethrower. Her stats become focused around approach, gaining boosts to speed and damage while losing knockback potential and defense.
Shock Bullet increases the power and size of Aimee's projectiles while granting them a paralyzing effect, but vastly decrease speed and fire rate. Ideal for disrupting opponent approach and punishing them, this bullet gives Aimee an attack and knockback boost at the cost of jump height and weight.
Wind Bullets vastly increase projectile range, speed, and power for a pitiful fire rate, turning Aimee into a long-range sniper. To compensate for this, she gains an attack and defense boost at the cost of her mobility.
Scattershot Bullet shortens the range and power of Aimee's projectiles slightly, but causes multiple projectiles to fire out in a shotgun-like fashion at random angles. Intended for close-quarters combat, Aimee gains a defense and speed boost at the cost of knockback and jump height.
Magic Bullet increases Aimee's fire rate and range at the cost of power; constantly aiming at an upwards angle, Magic Bullet acts as an anti-air tool. Aimee's jump height and speed increase to let her act as a tech chase character, at the cost of her strength and defense.
Rocket Bullet has the lowest fire rate of any of Aimee's bullets, but causes her slow-moving projectiles to explode violently on contact, covering a larger radius. Built for offstage oppression, Rocket Bullet provides boosts to attack and speed at the cost of weight and defense.
Neutral Special: Maverick
Aimee winds up for a swing with her guncleaver before striking downward in a cleaving attack. Pressing the special button again midswing causes an explosion bullet attack based on the type of Bullet Aimee has equipped.
Side Special: Sidewinder
Aimee fires a single bullet which floats in place for a second, aiming itself at the nearest opponent before shooting off rapidly towards them. Drifting enables Aimee to move while placing up to three bullets at once, which all aim towards the opponent but can be more easily predicted thanks to longer windup.
Up Special: Sparrow
Aimee swings her guncleaver upwards in a rising attack. Decently powerful multi-hit move, but doesn't gain a lot of height unless augmented by relevant Ammomancy.
Down Special: Warhead
Aimee calls up a six-shooter-style wheel which displays her available Bullet types as long as the button is held. By holding in a direction and releasing, she is able to choose a Bullet to augment her skills.
Infinity Finale: Laser Discharge
Aimee laughs before aiming her guncleaver forward and firing a thin red laser bolt. Though very tiny and only lasting for a few frames, the attack covers the entire distance in front of Aimee instantly and deals immense damage.
Unlocked By
Clear any Adventure: X stage on Intense or higher.
Collect all 120 X Sigils.
Origin: Kingdom Hearts II
The founder and leader of Organization X, a secret society dedicated to the study and mastery over the human heart and soul. Xemnas, as a "Nobody", lacks a heart and the ability to feel true emotions, leading to the beginnings of his research into studying the heart. Now, his organization threatens the lives of everything in the Shifted Tides- stop Xemnas and his plans before it's too late!
Xemnas is an all-around swordfighter character, zoning opponents with the Ethereal Blades which emerge from his palms. With an array of unorthodox abilities derived from his mastery over darkness, a skilled Xemnas player can overwhelm any opponent and adapt to any situation with ease.
Neutral Special: Twilight Thorn
Xemnas releases a shotgun-like blast of strange tendrils, which fires directly forward. Though fast and powerful if all thorns manage to connect, the move has a fair bit of endlag, meaning one must be committed to using it.
Side Special: Phantasm Launch
Xemnas dashes forward in the blink of an eye, gaining i-frames while doing so. Drifting increases the speed and distance of the dash. If Xemnas comes into contact with an opponent while dashing, he will grab them and launch them high into the air, dealing massive vertical knockback but little damage.
Up Special: Teleportation
A simple teleportation move. Xemnas travels in the chosen direction for as long as the player holds the button, though he will not automatically grab onto ledges until he reappears from teleportation.
Down Special: Invitation to Darkness
Xemnas grabs forward, hand engulfed in darkness. If he grabs an opponent, he holds them up in a sphere of dark energy, slowly draining their health and adding to his. The player can button mash to drain health faster.
Infinity Finale: Final Form Rush
Transforming into his white-coated Final Form, Xemnas dashes forward with Ethereal Blades extended. Every opponent that he contacts is sent into a cutscene in which a multitude of Ethereal Blades are fired into them from all sides, dealing immense damage and launching them far.
Unlocked By
Clear Adventure: X Stage 2.
Origin: Kirby: Star Allies
Hyness is a dark mage with great interest in the field of the heart and emotions-when he encountered Xemnas, it is no small wonder that he would become involved with the Nobody's desire to research the heart, helping him found Organization X. Using his dark powers, Hyness seeks to collect the hearts of all living people in the Shifted Tides, merging them into a massive heart-shaped crystal. What does he seek to use this artifact for?
Hyness, as an extreme lightweight, relies heavily on his projectile game in order to keep foes at bay and rapidly deal damage. Interestingly, this also apply to his charge attacks; these attacks summon the petrified bodies of the three mage-sisters, who perform attacks for Hyness. These attacks are on a short delay, letting Hyness act out of them and use the general's attacks as cover or to combo into an attack of his own.
Neutral Special: Shadow Sphere
Hyness throws a dark orb forward in an arc, which has decent power and speed. If performed in the air, the orb fires behind Hyness before arcing forward and launching in front of him.
Side Special: Flame Pillar
As Hyness moves normally, a glowing red sigil appears on the ground, which slowly moves farther from Hyness as the button is held. When the special button is released, Hyness raises his arms, releasing a large multi-hit pillar of flame from the sigil. Semi-easy to avoid, but one of Hyness's best kill tools.
Up Special: Lightning Blast
Slowly hovering upwards into the air, Hyness charges a sphere of electricity, which he releases downwards as a lightning bolt at the apex of his flight. While hovering, the player can move him from side to side freely.
Down Special: Blizzard Whirl
Hyness places a blue sigil in the air near him. After some time, the sigil glows white and summons a multi-hit whirlwind attack that can freeze enemies.
Infinity Finale: Jamba Heart
Channeling dark energies, Hyness summons the Jamba Heart above him, which begins dragging in all opponents towards it like a black hole. If an opponent is sucked in, they will begin taking rapid damage; at the end of the Infinity Finale, Hyness will wave his arms, dispersing the heart in a large explosion. If the opponent is at more than 100% damage before the explosion, then the explosion will instantly kill them.
M. Bison
Unlocked By
Clear Adventure: X Stage 3.
Origin: Street Fighter
An evil dictator fueled by the negatively-charged resource known as Psycho Power, M. Bison's true body decayed to nothingness long ago. He is now little more than a vengeful consciousness tied to pure Psycho Power, and his bizarre existence piqued the curiosity of Xemnas, who took Bison on as muscle and as a commander for Organization X. Working behind the scenes in multiple portions of the Adventure mode, Bison acts as the executor of Xemnas's will from the shadows.
True to his classic playstyle, M. Bison relies on heavyweight combat mixed with unorthodox moves fueled by Psycho Power. He's a bit slow, but strikes with intense power and can play safely at range with teleportation and reflection abilities. He's not the best at recovery, however...
Neutral Special: Psycho Blast
Bison fires a small projectile forward, which deals decent damage but fires rather slowly. Can be angled to influence trajectory. If performed close to an opponent, the attack becomes a powerful concentrated punch which deals more damage and can also be angled.
Side Special: Psycho Inferno
Bison raises his arm up, sweeping and striking everything in front of and above him. A few frames after his hand reaches just above his head, a pillar of Psycho Power appears in front of him, dealing rapid multi-hit damage and letting him get an easy hit in.
Up Special: Devil Dash
A short teleport with minimum range but almost instant transmission, and lets Bison act out of the teleport almost immediately. In the air, the teleport's direction can be influenced, but on the ground, it exclusively moves Bison forward, making it effective as a dodge skill.
Down Special: Psycho Reflect
Bison swipes his hand in front of him, dealing minor damage. If the hand hits a projectile, it is converted into a sphere of Psycho Power that homes in on the opponent after a short delay.
Infinity Finale: Ultimate Psycho Crusher
Bison emits a circular wave of Psycho Power from his body. Any opponent hit by this attack is treated to a short cutscene in which Bison piledrives into their bodies, flinging them around before exploding in a burst of energy. This attack deals massive damage.
Unlocked By
Clear Adventure: X Stage 4.
Origin: My Hero Academia
Himiko Toga is a strange individual who seems to be of interest to Organization X, and as such has been hired by the group to study her and to enable her unique traits to serve them as an assassin. Toga, unlike most people, seems to have two souls with distinct personalities- Toga herself acts like a sweet yet sadistic teenage girl, but in the heat of combat, her other side reveals itself to be that of a genocidal maniac. These dual souls, combined with the nature of Toga's powers, make her a wild and fearsome combatant.
Toga is an agile fighter with high speed who is meant to be played as a combination of rushdown and footsies characters, darting in and out of combat based on her current needs. Her main weapon is a knife, which despite its short range possesses a tipper that deals much more damage. Though her recovery is lacking, she can make up for this through the use of her signature abilities, revolving around the use of Blood Tethers and her Transformation Gauge.
Gimmick: Transformation Gauge
This meter takes the form of a syringe-like gauge underneath Toga's Null Meter. The Transformation Gauge fills with liquid as Toga siphons blood from them, with the color of said liquid being based off of the player she drains it from. The player whose blood has most filled the gauge will determine the character Toga transforms into upon using Transform, as well as how long the transformation lasts.
Neutral Special: Blood Tethers
Toga fires forward multiple threads attached to syringes. Though it has heavy endlag if it misses, the tethers will latch onto an opponent if they hit, connecting them to her and slowly dealing damage over time in order to fill the Transformation Gauge. While attached, Toga can input Neutral Special again to either drag her opponent towards her for an attack or vice versa; this is dependent on the opponent that she is tethered to at the moment. Using this knee attack detaches the tether, as does significant damage.
Side Special: Lunging Stab
Toga lunges forward a short distance, knife outstretched. Can be both charged and Drifted for greater distance and power. Grants superarmor on the first part of the dash.
Up Special: Rising Slash
Toga cuts upwards with a knife. Strong physical attack with launching properties, but not very good for recovery.
Down Special: Transform
Toga transforms into the opponent character whose blood takes up the majority of the Transformation gauge, gaining access to their entire moveset but with higher stats overall. While transformed, the Transformation Gauge slowly drains, forcing Toga to revert back when that player's blood is fully drained. Transforming and reverting also both provide a small shockwave which nullifies most attacks, protecting Toga as she reverts to normal.
Infinity Finale: FIGHT
Toga slashes forward, her heart glowing red as she is enveloped in a crimson aura. All opponents caught in the slash are thrown into the air as an eye-like meter appears over the lower portion of the screen, with white bars scrolling across it. The player is able to strike by pressing any button, with more damage being dealt when the bars are closer to the center. In essence, this makes FIGHT akin to a rhythm game, with a perfect rating enabling Toga to deal a max of 999 damage to all foes caught in the attack.
Unlocked By
Clear Adventure: X Stage 5.
Origin: NieR Automata/Neon Genesis Evangelion
After 2B's defeat by the hands of M. Bison, her body was placed inside the confines of a hulking mechanical monstrosity, which uses her own memories and combat skill to serve Organization X. As one of the most fearsome weapons in their arsenal, EVA-02B is an emotionless war machine bent on nothing but mass destruction of its enemies... but could 2B find her soul and regain control of her actions?
Unlike the EVA-02B featured in the game's final battle, which is essentially a model swap of standard 2B, EVA-02B is a substantially different character from its base. While in many ways, the character acts as an "echo fighter" of 2B, sharing many of the same attacks and specials, EVA-02B is far larger, which leads to many advantages and disadvantages which are substantially different from the original 2B. Go for whichever variant on the character speaks more to you!
Gimmick: Gunship Fire
Holding down the attack button causes Samus's gunship to constantly fire small bullets at the nearest enemy. These bullets deal no knockback and little damage, but can easily rack up percent on opponents. This works even while EVA-02B is moving or attacking, though she cannot influence the pod's target. Essentially identical to normal 2B's Pod Fire.
Neutral Special: A150: Volt
EVA-02B throws the gunship forward, restraining opponents that touch it in a small electric forcefield that damages them over time. Good for incapacitating opponents or countering incoming attacks, but disables the Gunship Fire while in use.
Side Special: R020: Mirage
The gunship scans an area in front of EVA-02B in a few frames before she goes invisible. If any enemies were standing in the scanned area, she silently strikes from from behind with a quick slash. Drifting increases scan range.
Up Special: A160: Missile
EVA-02B grabs the gunship as it propels upwards with jet-powered force. The trajectory of the gunship can be somewhat controlled, and it's a surprisingly effective kill move.
Down Special: A110: Slow
A counterattack-style move; if an attack strikes EVA-02B while she uses this move, she generates a field of distorted time around herself which slows opponent movements by half. Gunship Fire is unusable during the duration of the bubble's effect.
Infinity Finale: R999: EVA Laser
EVA-02B fires a massive beam from her mouth. Much wider than 2B's normal Infinity Finale, but cannot be adjusted- make your shot count!


Characters made accessible via content updates.

Origin: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Sekiro, otherwise known as Wolf, is a stoic and loyal shinobi who is one of the members of the secretive Order of Damocles, a group dedicated to hunting down cursed and eldritch weaponry for the sake of mankind. Though his life revolves around his liege, a young esper named Mei, her kidnapping by a group of assassins leads him on his own adventure to rescue her. Though the odds may seem overwhelming, nothing is powerful enough to deter this shinobi from accomplishing this goal.
Sekiro's entire playstyle revolves around his agility and swordsmanship. He's not the best at dealing damage or launching opponents, but he is able to play aggressively while leaping out of danger at a moment's notice, giving him an edge in combat. To truly secure victory, one must take advantage of his Deathblow mechanic to rack up damage quickly and aid the shinobi in launching his foes to the blast zone.
Gimmick: Deathblow
When Sekiro manages to drain the shields of an opponent and stun them, attacking with a charge attack at close range automatically turns the attack into a Deathblow attack. Deathblow is immensely powerful, dealing upwards of 40% damage in one strike, but deals no knockback and simply causes the opponent to crumple to the floor.
Neutral Special: Loaded Shuriken
Sekiro launches a shuriken forward- does not deal much damage or any hitstun, but it flies fast and can be spammed quickly. Hold down the button to change the move to Spinning Shuriken, which strikes the opponent multiple times for greater damage.
Side Special: Loaded Axe
As an axe unfolds from his prosthetic arm, Sekiro lunges forward for a downwards slash. Deals heavy damage to both percentage and shields. Can be Drifted for further range and reach.
Up Special: Grappling Hook
Sekiro launches a thin wire upwards, grabbing onto ledges instantly if nearby it. If an enemy is within range, they will be pulled down to Sekiro, who automatically attacks and launches them.
Down Special: Flame Vent
Sekiro spews flames in a cone from his arm. Though it has a fair bit of startup and ending lag, it's a powerful explosive tool that's one of his best launching moves, so be sure to sneak it in whenever you have a clear shot at an exposed target.
Infinity Finale: Phantom Kunai
Sekiro loads a special kunai into the prosthetic arm before firing it similarly to a Loaded Shuriken. If it strikes the opponent, they become disoriented as Sekiro rushes up to them, performing a series of violent slashes before finally launching them away. The kunai explodes into a burst of phantom butterflies on impact, stunning and capturing everyone in the blast radius.
Origin: The Binding of Isaac
Mei is a young esper with an unknown past and a plethora of unknown and wondrous powers relating to the soul. Found without caretakers, she was adopted by the Order of Damocles, with initiate Sekiro placed in charge of her defense. Unfortunately, however, Mei finds herself kidnapped by a group of assassins, aiming to analyze just what it is that makes her tick...
Mei is a unique take on a puppet fighter that relies on the phantasmal orbs surrounding her to deal damage. While they extend a fair distance around her, theoretically giving her great range to all of her attacks, Mei herself is effectively useless at dealing damage. Though this, combined with her lightweight status, make her seem like a weak and pitiful character, the opposite is true; her disjointed orbs give her oppressive stage control the likes of which few characters can match.
Neutral Special: Esper Grasp
Mei pushes her hand forward as an orb in front of her pulses with psychic energy. This energy reflects projectiles that contact it, and if it touches the body of an opponent, they are flipped upwards and stunned momentarily, taking slight damage.
Side Special: Esper Toss
Mei throws one of her orbs forward in an arc; the longer the button is held down, the longer and lower the arc becomes. Drifting allows her to throw the orb farther, and at max charge, the orb becomes explosive.
Up Special: Teleport
A simple teleportation move with no gimmicks. Can be performed in any direction like normal.
Down Special: Orb Blockade
A pseudo-counter in which Mei poses for as long as the button is held, causing all of her orbs to orbit around her in an expanding circle. Though the counter can be held indefinitely, it only triggers when an orb is struck; if an opponent can slip past them, Mei becomes a sitting duck for attacks.
Infinity Finale: Mega Esper Blast
Consuming the power of all four of her orbs, Mei floats to the top-center of the screen and fires a very powerful laser directly downward. The beam can be angled to the sides very quickly, but the force of angling the beam causes Mei to get pushed to the opposite side, moving the entirety of the beam alongside it. Using this momentum to strike parts of the stage is key to effectively using this Infinity Finale.
Origin: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
Kaede Akamatsu seems like a typical high school student at first, albeit one with a natural talent at playing the piano. However, through training in multiple parts of the world, from the libraries of Al-Kharr to the firing ranges of the Shell Kingdom, Kaede has become a master detective and excels in missing person or murder cases. Though not affiliated with the Order of Damocles, she crosses paths with Sekiro and aids him in finding the missing Mei.
Kaede does not really excel in any particular field at first glance; she's a mid-lightweight with below-average damage, launching power, and mobility. However, like any true master of psychological warfare, she excels in mindgames, using her repertoire of similar-looking moves to psych out opponents, wait for a reaction, and then retaliate. A good Kaede player needs to pull out all the stops and play as confusingly as possible, but still play offensively enough to gain Evidence from hitting foes.
Gimmick: Evidence
Surrounding Kaede's Shield Gauge is a strange, gear-like ring resembling a revolver wheel, with six spokes and a hole in each. If Kaede deals sufficient damage to an opponent, a small blue diamond-like object will pop out of their body and begin bouncing around the stage; this Evidence folder can be picked up by Kaede to fill one of her Evidence Slots, which are used to power her most deadly moves. Opponents are able to physically attack Evidence to destroy it, but it takes a lot more than one would expect to do so.
Neutral Special: Truth Bullet/Liar's Bullet
Kaede strikes a pose and makes a finger gun in front of her, firing a fast energy projectile resembling a blue bullet. This attack is very powerful, dealing decent damage and having high knockback. Using Truth Bullet consumes one Evidence, and though it is consumed before she fires, she does have limited superarmor while firing.
Holding up while Kaede poses causes her to fire a Liar's Bullet instead, which is weaker but does not use up Evidence (though Evidence is still needed to perform the move). Liar's Bullets can be reflected back at Kaede simply by hitting them, but only a few subtle tells indicate the difference- for example, the distinct flash of the Evidence on her HUD. Using both Truth and Liar's Bullets in tandem is good for applying pressure and disorienting foes.
Side Special: Hangman's Gambit
Kaede throws a small silver orb forward, which flies in a slow arc. Hit the button again to cause Kaede to shoot at the orb, dealing minor damage to anything between them and making the orb explode. Hitting a direction midflight causes the orb to loop in the given direction. Drifting enables Kaede to throw the orb farther and faster.
Up Special: Psyche Taxi
Kaede becomes surrounded in a multicolored, holographic aura as she jumps in a given upwards direction, dealing damage along the way. Holding the button allows her to expend Evidence, furthering her train of thought and enabling her to have a better recovery.
Down Special: Block/Counterargument
Kaede holds a simple defensive stance, reducing the damage she takes and negating knockback for as long as she holds the special button. Leaves her vulnerable to grabs.
Hitting up while holding Block expends a piece of Evidence to activate Counterargument, a wide-ranged wave attack that stuns any opponent in it and leaves them open for retaliation.
Infinity Finale: Nonstop Debate
Kaede leaps upwards into the air, with the sides of the screen taking on a stained glass style as a reticle appears. Kaede is given a limited time to fire six bullets onto the battlefield, striking opponents with heavy damage. If Kaede happens to have extra Evidence on her, she carries them into Nonstop Debate, essentially giving her a bolstered set of up to six more Truth Bullets- these do additional damage.


Warzone A floating fighting ground styled for SHIFT tournaments, copies of Warzone can be found in every city on the planet as a generic fighting arena. Warzone's layout is similar to that of Battlefield, consisting of a single main platform and three smaller platforms in a triangular arrangement.
Argent Light A platform of holy energy flying through the cosmos, and residence of the mysterious creator goddess Judgement Oasis. Much like Final Destination, Argent Light only consists of a singular solid platform, but as it doubles as a boss arena, it tends to be longer and have wider blast zones than Final Destination usually does.
New Urbia City Hall
A fighting ring set up in front of City Hall? Only Haggar would have the gall to institute this. New Urbia City Hall is a scrolling stage, taking place on a set of platforms which fly around the building and occasionally shift their layout; all these platforms are made with Urbian Ingenuity™, meaning that they're all semi-solid fall-through platforms. Occasionally, a seagull may fly across the screen, dealing minor damage on contact.
Pleajeune District
The rose-colored pleasure district of New Urbia City, this place is a common stomping ground for Kat; after all, it's the sleaziest, most crime-filled place in the city, and what superheroine wouldn't keep tabs on it? The stage's layout is simple, consisting of two rooftops with a gap in between and floating platforms that occasionally move across the screen. The buildings the fighters battle on do have walls, meaning that fighters capable of wall-jumping may have an easier time battling here than others.
Wiseau's Rooftop
The rooftop of Tommy Wiseau, famed movie director, overall nutjob, and SHIFT enthusiast. His rooftop is a simple long platform with a small raised area containing the door to his department, which can be a good wall for cornering opponents. Just because the rooftop is a sanctioned fighting arena, doesn't mean that Wiseau himself doesn't come up there often. Occasionally, Wiseau will spawn from the door and enter the battlefield, throwing plastic water bottles at fighters to deal damage. These bottles have a bouncing trajectory, which while initially disorienting, are rather easy to evade. If provoked by an attack, he may get angry and throw a football instead; this football flies much farther than the water bottles, and deals much more damage.
Boxing Ring
The biggest place for SHIFT bouts in all of New Urbia City, the Boxing Ring is the place every fighter wants to go to make themselves known as challengers to the throne. It's a floating arena- meaning that unlike most boxing rings, you can fall offstage for a ring out- but the lights above the arena also make for an interesting platform that can be destroyed to attack enemies. In addition, bouncy ropes are located close to the ledge of the main platform, which can either be used as a means to gain air, make your movement unpredictable, or hinder your recovery by bouncing you off the platform.
Feyte Castle Town
The prosperous and vibrant town built in front of Feyte Castle. The main stage is built upon magitek floating platforms, consisting of one long solid platform and a fall-through platform that drifts back and forth. Another smaller fall-through platform also drifts overhead occasionally, leading to high-flying ladder combos incorporating the platforms as reset points for jumps.
Feyte Castle
Asgore's home and the castle at the heart of Feyte. While the castle's battleground does not necessarily have any hazards, it's one of the biggest stages in the game, comparable to the Temple stage from Super Smash Bros. The stage can effectively be divided up into three sections; a large, flat lower section with some small fall-through platforms, a top-right section that acts as a large "fight club"-like zone with thick walls and tight corridors, and a top-left section with more fall-through platforms and a medium-sized solid platform.
Flying Machine
Propeller Knight's magnificent flying fortress, and the airship he uses to regularly strike at the kingdom of Feyte with. Acting as a set of platforms with walk-offs at the end, the stage has multiple holes in the floor, which act as death pits. Occasionally, large gusts of wind may emerge from some of the pits, aiding in recovery and pushing players upward. There is also a single fall-through platform at the stage's center.
Electra Cityscape
The beautiful futurist cityscape of Electra City. This stage is set atop a pair of floating platforms, having a similar makeup to that of Argent Light but with a large gap in the middle. Some smaller fall-through platforms float around the edges of the stage as well. True to the city's name, one of the platforms may occasionally be struck with a massive bolt of lightning, which electrifies it and causes it to deal damage to all players who contact it for a short time. The two larger platforms also move up and down, making for constantly shifting terrain.
Old Amusement Park
This abandoned amusement park is a haven for people just trying to escape a rough-and-tumble city life; too bad 2B is regularly sent to this location to weed out those Mayor Coyle sees as threats. The stage itself is set on a rapidly moving roller coaster consisting of three cars. The track itself bends and turns, which influences what layout the cars may take and what shape the stage becomes. In addition, falling on the track is almost a death sentence, as the stage moves so fast they will be swept offscreen almost immediately. Small fall-through platforms occasionally move alongside the coaster, providing temporary refuge.
Lab 8
The mysterious underground research lab where Brain Drain lurks, experimenting and studying away to further his dastardly schemes. Lab 8 is a wide stage with an L-shaped layout, having taller walls to scale on the left side of the stage than on the right, and the right features more fall-through platforms. A common hazard on this stage are the orange Slime Barrels; they occasionally fall from the sky, forming stacks on the stage. While they can be stood on and used as platforms, taking sufficient damage will cause them to crack and set off a chain of explosions, which are highly powerful sources of damage.
The capital city of Al-Kharr, a city of commerce and knowledge famed for its library tower. Magnolia takes residence here alongside her colleagues, and it's effectively her base of operations. The stage itself takes place on the top of the library tower, which is a flat platform with a solid ceiling above it which can be broken by attacks. Occasionally, an airship may dock at either side of the tower, providing additional platforms as long as they remain- though this also means they can drag players into the blast zones upon departure.
Oasis Heart
The garden at the center of the palace in which Tethi dwells. The stage's main feature is the water level, which occasionally rises or lowers to cover portions of the otherwise completely flat stage. While one diagonal platform always remains in place alongside the core platform, some small leaf platforms will raise or lower with the water level to alter the stage. Of course, as with all water, the risk of drowning if one stays under too long is an omnipresent threat, so be wary of the tides!
Pandora's Palace
The Undernull's heart, a pristine utopian palace for Pandora and those chosen to join her to reside in. The stage consists of a very long solid platform with a trio of fall-through platforms in a line parallel to it. However, the stage itself is very chaotic in design, with solid blocks of varying sizes emerging from parts of the screen in various patterns and waves. Don't get pushed off by the massive pillars that can emerge from the bottom of the stage, and be wary for holes forming in the main platform! If Pandora or Death are not played on this stage, they will appear in the background to watch the fight.
The Room
Though the name hearkens back to the widely successful film franchise crafted by the Shifted Tides version of Wiseau, The Room is in fact the darkest place in the Undernull, a shambling ruin of a realm where reality seems to crumble in on itself. The stage consists of an triangle of fall-through platforms above a solid one which extends offscreen. Unique to this stage is the looping borders- walking off one side of the stage will instead make one appear on the other side. The middle of the solid platform, however, is filled with some red hazardous substance which can deal damage rapidly. Occasionally, the stage's design changes from simple black polygons to a frenzied scribbling style- during this state, the looping stage borders are deactivated, and Abstract Spectres spawn on stage to harass and potentially carry away players.
The domain of an eldritch god of unknowable power, undisturbed for eons before Pandora started using him as a SHIFT arena for her own amusement. Thalamus is a very standard stage, consisting of only a flat semi-solid platform slightly shorter than that of Argent Light. Thamalus himself, however, interferes with the fight indirectly by causing negative effects on the player's screen; he can flip the camera upside down, zoom it out exponentially, manipulate the brightness and color on the screen, overlay static-like eldritch symbols, and split the screen into five vertical pieces before rearranging them. Keep your head and don't let his power overwhelm you!
City of Tears
What used to be Hyrule Castle Town, now overrun by the city of Paylrule. This stage takes place on a very large central platform double the length of Argent Light, with large platforms which emerge from the ground on a regular basis in randomized patterns and height. The battlefield is always shifting in this city, so use the altering terrain to your advantage!
White Palace
The palace of the Pale King himself, glowing with pure radiant light. The stage initially seems simple, consisting of a trio of solid platforms in a triangular platforms with two small fall-through platforms above them. However, the Pale King has weaponized and trapped his palace to an insane degree; one of the three platforms will occasionally engage spikes, rendering it a hazard, and deadly buzzsaws can occasionally travel across the stage on rails visible in the background. Be aware of your surroundings, lest you take massive damage.
Anor Londo
The empty, snowy streets of Anor Londo, the city under siege by the Pale King's forces and the home of Ornstein. It's a very large stage with a multitude of scattered platforms connected by ladders, as well as a rotating corkscrew elevator with a flat top. Though its large size may make it difficult to knock people off the screen, the process can be sped up by the Silver Knights who occasionally spawn, which deal massive damage with their blades.
Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Ultra Megalopolis artwork
Ultra Moonopolis
The massive floating fortress controlled by Lusamine as a safe haven for her and her "children". The bulk of the stage itself takes place on Megalo Tower, a giant energy-harvesting device designed to siphon energy from the Moon. As such, it primarily takes place on a large flat solid platform, though other small platforms, both solid and fall-through, can randomly generate above the stage. Occasionally, the white sigil at the tower's base may charge energy and create a white aura around the center. All players who come into contact with this aura gain temporary superarmor, making a contested control point.
Honeylune Ridge
A formerly populated city where Magnolia used to live, now drained of energy and life. Even the ground itself is crumbling here, making for exceptionally hazardous terrain. The stage layout consists of a large bridge-like solid platform, slowly angling upwards in an uneven pattern. On the right side of the platform is a church-like building surrounded by fall-through platforms, which seems to be leaking some form of dark energy. The center of the stage is made from glowing Moon Rock, and its low integrity means that this section can break apart and expose a bottomless pit; eventually, this section regenerates. The church's doors can also open, which releases a strange butterfly-shaped phantasm onto the stage. This apparition simply rolls down the length of the stage, dealing damage on contact.
Onikuda Prison
The exterior of the prison lurking within Onikuda, surrounded by a vast moat of fire and a protective shell of cursed earth. The stage consists of five platforms in an A shape, with the top three being fall-through and the bottom two being solid. The lava occasionally rises upwards to cover the bottom platforms, dealing damage on contact, and fireballs may randomly leap from the bottom of the screen as well. In addition, small prayer slip-like objects may slowly drift across the screen from time to time; contact with these objects temporarily traps the player in place, dealing slow damage over time and draining their Null Meter. Use these to your advantage!
The Forgotten Sepulcher
The Forgotten Sepulcher
The cursed depths of Onikuda drain the will and life of all who enter, save for whatever fighters thought it could conceivably be a good place to hold SHIFT matches. The stage itself consists of a pair of parallel solid platforms, the bottom longer than the top, with moving fall-through platforms on both sides. The stage itself, however, presents an omnipresent hazard; the dark miasma surrounding the stage slowly chips away at the health of all players, with the only safe spots being the golden lamps dotted around the stage. These lamps can be broken by strong attacks, but will eventually regenerate.
Bowser's Throne
The mighty throne that Bowser rules over the Shell Kingdom with, sitting atop his mighty castle. Consists of a long flat platform with two smaller pieces that occasionally rise up, propelled by jets of flame that deal damage occasionally. A very simple stage that pushes the fighters to fight close to the center to avoid flame jets.


Infinity Prism
A fragment of tremendous power, which falls from the heavens in a beam of holy light that shines on a stage. Upon appearing, the prism then falls from the sky and embeds itself into the stage, damaging anyone below it while it falls. Players then have the opportunity to attack the prism; breaking it allows them to use their Infinity Finale, a very powerful super move.
Food HoD
Normal everyday food. Who leaves perfectly good food lying on the ground? No clue, but a hearty snack is always welcome on the battlefield. When picked up, Food restores percentage to the player. A more calorie-dense food restores more percentage.
Maxim Tomato
A strange tomato with a big M smack dab in the middle. Very tasty and will restore a maximum of up to 50% damage instantly!
Drink of The Gods
Divine nectar with a delightful strawberry aftertaste. One of the best healing items in the game, this drink restores 100% damage instantaneously, so do your best to seek it out and drink it! Even if you're unharmed, it's better than letting your opponent drink it!
Recovery Orb
A small orb of divine energy that floats in the air. Much like food, Recovery Orbs restore health, but merely have to be touched instead of being picked up and tend to not recover as much as food, only restoring a flat 5%. Can be handy, though!
A magic healing sphere that only appears in Outpost mode. When thrown into the crystal that the players must guard, it heals it, as well as providing bonus health to all players. It comes in multiple sizes, with larger Restorum restoring more health.
Null Force
A glowing magical orb filled with pure energy, which must be smashed open in order to obtain it. After breaking open a Null Force, the player's Null Meter temporarily goes into overdrive, granting them free Turbo Mode for a short time.
PMCS Item Magma Burger
Magma Burger
A meaty burger topped with exceptionally powerful hot sauce, said to be crafted from the magma found in the Undernull. Regardless of whether that's true or not, the Magma Burger is still exceptionally spicy, and on top of restoring 25% health, grants a powerful attack boost to whoever eats it. Toasty!
Fortnite Burger
A burger slathered in Shield Potion, which causes it to grant temporary superarmor after being eaten as well as restoring 25% health. The look on your enemy's face as you tank through their hits will be priceless!
Rainbow Ring
A ring of rainbow energy that spawns around the stage, and can be aimed either vertically or horizontally. Jumping through the ring grants a player a lot of healing, but also launches them in the direction they entered the ring from, meaning players can potentially kill themselves trying to heal. Be careful!
Stand Arrow
An arrow made from meteoric metal, infused with great spiritual power. When picked up, the user cuts themselves with the arrow, unleashing a Stand to assist them. Since the arrow does not pierce them, however, the Stands only last a limited amount of time, making the Stand Arrow more or less equivalent to an Assist Trophy.
Doomguy Doll
A plastic doll with the visage of a terrifying soldier from the Undernull. When picked up, the player must hold the doll over their heads for a short amount of time, leaving them vulnerable as a short jingle plays from within the doll. Once the jingle is complete, the Doom Slayer spawns on the map for a short time as a friendly ally to his summoner. The Doom Slayer is very powerful, being immune to all damage, wielding deadly firearms, and having a grappling hook ability which can drag opponents in from across the stage. If someone else summons him... RUN.
Rathalos Greatsword
A mighty sword made from the scales of a great draconic beast. A standard sword weapon that happens to have a fire element to it, meaning that foes can be set ablaze to do damage over time. Releases an explosion when thrown.
Exile Blade
The strange shattered sword of a great warrior, constructed out of many floating pieces. The Exile Blade's unique construction allows it to extend when swung, and extend even farther when attacks with it are Drifted. Use this incredible reach to catch foes off guard!
A demonically powered super-motorcycle just ripe for the taking. Jump on it or pick it up to ride it around, dealing damage on contact akin to Wario's bike from Smash Bros. You can even pop a wheelie! If you perform a charge attack while riding, Cavaliere turns into its dual saw gauntlet form, letting the player drift forward with a strong multi-hit attack. Like any good motorcycle, both the driving and the charge attack can be Drifted.
Laser Gun
A standard-issue laser pistol, firing beams of irradiated light from its core. Deals standard damage, though the fire rate and knockback of the beams are specially designed to juggle opponents with beam combos.
Caulk Gun
One of the many bizarre weapons found in the artillery-filled catacombs of the Shell Kingdom. The Caulk Gun fires off small bullets of thick goop that slowly build up the status effect Gooped on the target, with every hit slowing them down slightly and eventually building up to complete immobilization.
Artifact Gun
One of the many bizarre weapons found in the artillery-filled catacombs of the Shell Kingdom. This crusty, ancient weapon fires of bullets of pure artifact energy, which while slow to fire, are large and tend to have disadvantageous effects on those they strike, such as reversed or delayed controls. Be careful!
One of the many bizarre weapons found in the artillery-filled catacombs of the Shell Kingdom. This weapon is a mighty bringer of death from a far-off exotic land, held by guardians of some unknown force. It's a heavy rocket launcher whose projectiles split up into multiple shots after impacting something, giving it terrifying destructive power! It also makes your character heavier and jump lower while carrying it.
Universal Remote
What a funny little remote. This reality-warping TV remote acts as a grenade-type weapon; when thrown, the impact zone is covered in a strange-time bending aura which slows victims down to 10% normal speed! Use this time to really wrack up damage on your opponents.
A very strange object forged from blue metal. When a Blank is thrown and it collides with an object, it bursts and emits an immense shockwave that radiates across the entire stage. This stuns all opponents for a very short time, as well as deleting every projectile on the screen and preventing any more from being fire for a short time. Use wisely!
Crystal Heart
The core of an ancient mining machine, glowing with brilliant energy. This passive item, once equipped, enables the player to charge their Dashes by holding down the Dash button and releasing. These charged Super Dashes have infinite range until they strike a wall or the player is damaged, and ramming into foes with it deals 10% damage. Eventually, the Crystal Heart will fall off, and will do so sooner with more damage taken.
Magnesis Rune
A strange holographic box with a red magnet symbol floating within it. Upon pickup, the user's hands begin to glow a vibrant red coloration- for a short time, every grab input causes a large sphere of electric energy to appear around the character, pulling in everything within and effectively providing a massive boost to the player's grab range. That's not all! The field also reverses the polarity of certain non-energy projectiles, causing them to be reflected right back at their origin point.
Thunder Shield
A device that generates a sphere of pure electrical energy around the wearer. A passive item that, once equipped, generates a field that renders the wearer immune to both energy-based projectiles and any form of electrical attack or hazard. It also provides the user one additional midair jump, aiding in recovery.
Shrinky Bean
A bean grown in a heavenly realm far above the clouds, with mysterious side effects when eaten raw. Upon eating this item, the player shrinks down to a third of their normal size, gaining a substantial speed boost as well. This makes them incredibly hard to hit; combined with the fact that they do not have a loss of offensive capabilities, a shrunken player becomes able to dish out massive amounts of damage.
Lucifer is a demonic pair of wings with the ability to summon a near-endless amount of spectral blades. When worn, Lucifer allows the user to gain height by holding up on their stick/holding down the jump button- while it only lasts for a short time, you can hold it until the item despawns. Lucifer also replaces the user's forward aerial with a spectral blade shot, which deals heavy damage and can be angled.

Stand Arrows

Using a Stand Arrow summons a Stand, which acts as SHIFT's equivalent of an assist trophy by aiding the summoner in some form. The actual mechanics of the Stand depend on the exact summon.

A Stand resembling an electrical outlet, which floats in the air where the summoner used the Stand Arrow. After charging for a second, Bastet unleashes waves of magnetic energy, which slowly pull in all opponents towards it. Contact with Bastet itself will deal tiny electrical shocks until it vanishes, but is is highly dangerous due to being an easy way to set up unpunishable strong attacks.
Wheel of Fortune
A mighty Stand possessing a car. When summoned, Wheel of Fortune charges for a bit before revving forward at maximum speed, dealing heavy damage to anything it contacts. It will drive off of cliffs, but if it hits a wall, it will turn around and continue driving.
A Stand taking on the form of a miniature sun. Being able to radiate immense amounts of heat, Sun simply hovers in the air in the area around which it was summoned, heating its surroundings with massive amounts of heat that damage anyone who ventures near it. Eventually, Sun explodes in a plume of fire, launching anything nearby.
A strange suit-like Stand with the ability to access a strange void-like dimension by turning itself inside out. Cream acts as a buff to the user, augmenting their Dash by encasing them in a ball form and dealing heavy damage on contact, comparable to a Bullet Bill item from Smash Bros. This, by proxy, also makes the user's dash 8-directional rather than single-direction.
The Lock
A Stand that takes the form of a heavy iron lock, able to make a victim feel incredibly guilty for actions they may or may not have committed. Under the effects of The Lock, every player but the summoner becomes weighed down by their sins and becomes incredibly slow and sluggish, performing attacks at half speed and having a reduced jump height.
A Stand consisting of multiple tiny insect-like units, working in unison. When summoned, the swarm of units runs across the map, pursuing opponents. If the swarm catches an opponent, they become trapped in the swarm as they take damage for a bit, letting the summoner run up and strike without risk of punishment. After a short time, Harvest despawns.
A feminine Stand with the ability to swap out a person's body parts with alternative ones for various purposes. In SHIFT, Cinderella's abilities have been expanded upon, causing the Stand to instead entirely swap the bodies of two players. This causes these players to temporarily trade their character, health, and meters with each other; dying in this swapped body still causes you to lose a stock to prevent intentional suicide, but with luck, a skilled player can take advantage of the chaos.
Cheap Trick
A diminutive Stand known for its obnoxious personality and tendency to kill its user. When summoned in SHIFT, it latches onto the user's back, only to teleport to another character if they look at the original character's back. After a short time, Cheap Trick explodes, dealing heavy damage and launching the person he is currently attached to.
Spice Girl
A feminine Stand with a distinct personality and the power to "soften" objects with a punch. Spice Girl actively pursues opponents, attempting to strike them with a punch; getting hit by Spice Girl deals decent damage and also softens opponents, decreasing their weight and making them easier to launch.
Beach Boy
A Stand taking the form of a fishing rod, with the ability to turn its line and hook intangible. When summoned, Beach Boy flies into the summoner's hand as a melee weapon; normal attacks simply use the rod to whack opponents, while charged attacks launch the line out for further range. However, if an opponent has high enough damage, these charged hook attacks will phase right through and attack their vital organs, letting them become instant-death attacks at 100% or higher (denoted by a soft red aura). Beach Boy can be thrown, but will always fly back to the user's hand after hitting an opponent or surface until it despawns.
A bulky Stand with the ability to generate infinite rotational energy. Tusk stands behind the summoner and causes their extremities to glow with a wind-like rotating aura. During this aura's duration, the player can hold down the attack button during their normal attacks to rapidly launch fingernail-like bullets to deal ranged damage.
Soft and Wet
A humanoid Stand with the power to absorb the properties of objects and people via the use of special bubbles. Soft and Wet traverses the stage, hunting down opponents and spraying bursts of red bubbles. This attack only does minor damage, but lowers the defense and knockback resistance of victims and transfers them to the summoner, making foes easier to kill and the summoner more resilient.


The myriad bosses that are fought in a multitude of modes. Bosses are typically fought at the end of Adventure modes, being specific to the kingdom with which they are associated. Occasionally, a boss from an already-cleared Adventure mode may appear in Ascendant mode in place of Judgment Oasis. All bosses will appear in Pantheon mode once said mode has been unlocked.

SHIFTMarx SHIFTOuroboros SHIFTGAVegeta SHIFTThunderblight SHIFTPerfectInfinite SHIFTUrchin SHIFTBadBatter SHIFTHollowKnight SHIFTDWLusamine SHIFTContessaV SHIFTBowserThrone SHIFTXTermina SHIFTVoidCore SHIFTVoidHeart SHIFTFFXemnas

Origin: Kirby Super Star
Battle Track: Battle Against Marx (GaMetal)
Fought In: Ascendant Mode, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
The mysterious jester Marx, a being with untold power over dimensional warping and a penchant for wreaking untold amounts of havoc whenever he can. Naturally, such an insane being should be taken down swiftly by any hero worth their salt, as Marx left to his own devices is a dangerous being indeed. Could he have something to do with all the dimensions being merged?
Marx stays true to his classic boss battle in many ways, teleporting from place to place before firing off a difficult-to-dodge attack from his new position. If one has fought Marx in the past, they may know what to expect... Of course, he naturally possesses a multitude of brand-new moves as well. Stay on your toes! Marx is fought on Marx's Battlefield.
Thorn Drop Marx flies into the air as small pellets drop from the top of the screen. Shortly after contacting the ground, the pellets explode into thorny vines, which strike upwards before disappearing.
Arrows of Light Peeking in from one side of the screen, Marx fires a barrage of light arrows forward before taking off to the other side of the screen diagonally. Deals massive damage if you get caught in the full attack, but since they're projectiles, you can reflect or absorb them as well as dodging.
Ice Bomb Marx appears over the player's X-position, waiting a moment before spitting an icy bomb. Upon passing the player's Y-position or on contact with the floor, the bomb splits into two fast freezing projectiles that travel horizontally.
Marx Flip Ultima A puddle of darkness appears on the ground, following the player until expanding and freezing in place. Marx will swiftly fly out of the ground following this, dealing heavy damage. Often performed after Marx flies offscreen from other attacks.
Black Hole Appearing in the center of the stage, Marx splits himself in half and summons a black hole which draws in the player. If they are caught in the black hole, they take heavy damage and are spiked donward.
Soulless Eyes Marx's eyes turn pure black and begin falling out, turning into bouncing projectiles that pursue the player. After two bounces, the eyes fly upwards without returning to the ground.
Sweet Talk Marx unfurls his mouth to reveal a hideous, mutilated tongue, which performs two 360-degree sweeps around him before curling back to lash at the player's position. The tongue acts as a command grab, and contact with it will cause Marx to eat the player, dealing heavy damage as he bites and spits them out.
Inferno Seizure Marx flies down from the top of the screen, crashing into the ground as he begins flashing violently and emitting flames. While undergoing his seizure and laughing violently, he fires off fireballs at randomized arcs, as well as dealing heavy damage on contact. Upon rising to the halfway point of the screen, he explodes, reforming and flying off to one side of the screen.
Lightspeed Marx teleports away as two points on the screen crackle with an electric spark. Marx will quickly dash between these two points, dealing damage on contact. Marx will often perform this move between four or five times in rapid succession, making it difficult to evade.
Hydra Spiral Marx appears near the bottom of the screen, opening his mouth wide to reveal multiple flailing tentacles made of water that deal damage on contact. These tentacles eventually merge into a single long spike, which Marx swallows as the spike appears directly under the player after a short delay.
Origin: Bravely Default
Battle Track: Serpent Eating The Horizon
Fought In: Ascendant Mode (Intense), Pantheon Mode
Ouroboros is a powerful demon from the Infernal Realm, holding the power to destroy entire worlds on a whim. Normally content to simply lurk in the darkest corners of the universe, a powerful enough warrior may provide the brutal excitement he craves more than anything, and as such, he will only challenge players who play on the highest difficulty possible, such as clearing Ascendant Mode on Intense difficulty.
Ouroboros is not the most mobile boss in the game, often remaining in place and letting his attacks become more of a threat than mobility across the stage. Keep in mind that the bulk of Ouroboros's body does not count as a hitbox- only his bright red core will take any damage at all. Also take caution and beware his mighty Zero Dimension attack- though it is incredibly predictable, the move requires precise timing to avoid an outright instant death. Ouroboros is fought on Argent Light, which uses the 1.5x larger variant used for 5-8 Player battles.
Arm Sweep Ouroboros outstretches one of his arms before quickly swiping inward towards center stage. Aims for the current Y-position of the player; dodge by going above or below the area that he's about to strike.
Heavy Smash Ouroboros makes a fist before pounding downwards with heavy force. Spikes the player if they get hit in the air. Aims for the current X-position of the player; dodge to the side to avoid the impact. A small windbox is emitted from the impact, pushing the player slightly away, which can be problematic if they are forced off the ledge.
Demonic Touch Ouroboros backs off to one side of the screen, holding his hand dangerously close to the player and tracking their position. After a few seconds, he will attempt to grab them, and doing so will result in taking damage and being spiked back down onto the stage. Like any grab, mashing out of it can help you escape it.
Celestial Touch Ouroboros's finger begins glowing bright blue as it extends, aiming towards the player akin to Demonic Touch. He will jab forward with this finger three times, each time piercing into the stage proper and leaving behind a patch of blue fire, which deals minor damage on contact. After the attack proper finishes, the patches of fire will eventually detonate into large pillars of fire that travel directly upwards a good distance; these are immensely powerful, so be sure to avoid them at all costs!
Fairy Circle Ouroboros holds his hand out as a circle of pinkish-red fireballs emerge from it, dealing damage on contact. The circle slowly spins towards the player for a short period before detonating, dealing damage to everything inside the circle.
Zeta Flare Ouroboros backs off towards one side of the screen and holds out his hand, forming a large orange fireball before launching it at the player's current position. Upon contact with the player or stage, the Zeta Flare will detonate into an expanding explosion akin to the Smart Bomb, dealing massive damage.
Luxuria Ouroboros snaps his fingers as a blue energy wave ripples across the screen. Following this action, a multitude of blue diamond-shaped projectiles proceeds to fall down from the top of the screen at high speeds; though small and weak, they come in plentiful amounts, making evasive maneuvers an ideal reaction.
Acedia Ouroboros growls loudly as yellow wave-like ripples emit from around his core in a small area. Contact with these ripples causes the player's Shield Meter to instantly drain, resulting in an instant shield break with minor damage. Simply back away when you see him rear his head back.
Disaster Ouroboros slides to one side of the screen while charging an immense sphere of energy in his hands. After a few seconds, he will fire a massive beam that covers the width of the whole stage. The beam doesn't last long, so just try to stay airborne as much as possible.
Divergence Ouroboros snaps his fingers, creating three small black spheres that emit a rainbow bubble around them. Contact with this bubble pushes the player away, essentially blocking the players off from entering those areas. Dealing any damage whatsoever to the sphere destroys it.
Zero Dimension Ouroboros's ultimate attack, which has him move into the background and begin casting a spell. During this casting animation, a blue circle and arrow-like glyphs appear around the player, which slowly transition to red and begin flashing near the end of the animation. At the end of this, the circle collapses and the arrows pierce inward, instantly killing the player if they are caught inside. Dash or parry with the correct timing to avoid it, negating all damage.
Great Ape Vegeta
Origin: Dragon Ball Z
Battle Track: Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
Fought In: Adventure: Urbia Boss, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
The Saiyan warrior Vegeta, overcharged with a mysterious evil energy, has been driven to the brink of madness after losing to Kat; with an ancient Saiyan technique, he transforms into the mighty Great Ape Oozaru, giving him untold destructive power. Going on a rampage in New Urbia City, it's up to Kat to bring him down once more!
Great Ape Vegeta is fought on a wide, flat stage with walkoffs resembling the front yard of Urbia City Hall. He'll often jump from position to position, but he can also run to certain spaces to close in; contact with this boss while he runs deals damage. Take note of his tail- attacks there will deal double damage, and any form of slicing attack to this sensitive point will deal quadruple damage! He primarily attacks with physical moves close to his body, but don't get caught off-guard when he does decide to use a projectile.
Double Slam Vegeta holds his hands together over his head and smashes them down in front of him. Spikes aerial opponents and buries grounded ones.
Crushing Grip Vegeta grabs in front of him with one hand. If he catches a player, he will squeeze them in his hand repeatedly to deal damage before throwing them with great force. Can be mashed out of to escape.
Roundhouse Vegeta crouches for a second before unleashing a spinning roundhouse kick. The kick spins multiple times before finishing off with an extended leg, which has impressive range even for the giant boss.
Rising Uppercut Vegeta pulls back while making a fist, only to move forward for a powerful uppercut a second later. Plenty of time to get out of the way, but it's one of his most powerful moves.
Stomp Vegeta simply stomps the ground in front of him. Not the most powerful move but relatively fast, making it hard to react to when one is very close to Vegeta's body.
Ki Blast Vegeta thrusts his palms forward quickly in rapid succession, firing off ki blasts. These blasts aim for the player's position, so simply run in any given direction to avoid them.
Big Bang Attack An oversized version of Vegeta's Big Bang Attack. Similar to Ki Blast, but has much longer startup and fires a single more powerful projectile that explodes on contact. Beware this move and avoid it at all costs!
Thunderblight Ganon
TBG Smash
Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild
Battle Track: Thunderblight Ganon
Fought In: Adventure: Feyte Boss, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
A mysterious evil creature summoned by Wizzro on the Flying Machine, wielding the power of lightning. Thunderblight Ganon threatens to kill everyone on the ship... AND the Royal Guard too! Our heroes must do everything in their power to slay this mighty fiend!
Thunderblight Ganon is fought on the deck of the Flying Machine, taking the form of a flat solid platform with a single fall-through platform in the center. The electric blight is among the most agile bosses, warping around in the blink of an eye and gingerly floating at a safe distance to avoid attacks. Most of its attacks are close-ranged, though, meaning it'll need to dash in to attack. Either use this opportunity to dodge or counterattack! In addition, the boss possesses an energy shield that it may raise up to block physical attacks- keep pummeling to wear it down and shatter it!
Spinning Slash Thunderblight Ganon moves forward while spinning in a circle, blade outstretched. It will finish this attack with a rising slash with a sizable hitbox.
Thunder Slash Thunderblight Ganon dashes towards the player at a diagonal angle multiple times, hoping to catch them off guard. Though the build-up is long and predictable, the actual attack is very quick, leaving only a short time to react.
Thunder Ball Thunderblight Ganon fires a large electric orb directly at the player, with two smaller orbs fired at 15-degree angles to either side. The orbs can bounce off terrain if they strike it, and both damage and stun the player on contact.
Lightning Storm Thunderblight Ganon raises its sword to the air, crackling with electricity. After a few seconds, various spots on the ground begin crackling, and they are struck with lightning shortly after. The area under the fall-through platform is safe from this attack.
Energy Charge Thunderblight Ganon charges electrical energy, coloring its blade and shield lime green rather than blue. While this buff is active, the boss is able to stun players with its melee attacks, as well as if it manages to parry an attack with its shield. Be careful!
Eye Laser Thunderblight Ganon begins charging and aiming a laser from its eye, which can be seen by a large blue circle zooming in on its head. Once this circle contracts entirely, the laser fires, dealing immense damage. Damage the boss enough while it aims to stun it and cancel the attack.
Giga Lightning Storm Replaces Lightning Storm at low health. Large metallic spikes rain down from the sky, which begin crackling with electricity. The initial descent of the spikes is able to harm players, and the lightning strikes that come down on them shortly after are incredibly powerful and dangerous. This attack has a heavy risk-reward factor- attack the spikes at the right angle to launch them into Thunderblight Ganon, causing it to become struck by its own lightning and taking heavy damage!
Perfect Infinite
Origin: Sonic Forces
Battle Track: Open Your Heart (Generations Mix)
Fought In: Adventure: Electra Boss, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
Infinite's ultimate form, attained through the influence of the Phantom Ruby and augmentation by M. Bison's Psycho Power. Taking the form of a monstrous beast, 2B is forced to defeat the evil AI before he is able to wreak havoc on the city.
Perfect Infinite is fought on a simple, flat platform with a city aesthetic- though the area is flooded with water, the player is not able to swim within it, and they will simply fall through to the blast zone. Much like Sonic Adventure's Perfect Chaos fight, Perfect Infinite switches position between each side of the stage, throwing various attacks at the player with the goal of pushing them offstage. Only his head takes damage, so keep that in mind while fighting!
Arm Strike Perfect Infinite lifts a large arm from offscreen before bringing it down on the stage. Wide hitbox that covers much of the stage, but it's among one of his weakest attacks.
Tornado Perfect Infinite growls loudly before firing a large tornado forward, which starts with little momentum before picking up speed and vanishing at the end of the platform. Deals heavy damage if the player is caught in it, but doesn't really launch far.
Chaos Laser Perfect Infinite aims directly at the ground in front of him before firing a red laser; he then proceeds to tilt his head upwards, causing the beam to travel along the width of the stage. Deals the most damage if the initial blast hits the player, with the sweep attack dealing less damage.
Phantom Orbitals Five green energy spheres emerge from Perfect Infinite's head, which orbit around it for a short time and deal damage on contact. After a few seconds, the orbs all aim at the player and fly towards them, dealing electric damage.
Phantom Trail EX Essentially the same as Infinite's standard Phantom Trail attack, but larger and faster. Be careful when dodging it, as doubling back can just result in it cornering you.
Phantom X Perfect Infinite spawns a glitchy bunch of cubes at the center of the stage, which bursts into a wide X shape and begins slowly rotating. Contact with the cubes will deal damage.
Phantom + Exactly the same as Phantom X, but the cubes will initially extend in a + formation rather than an X formation.
Ba'al V; Urchin
Origin: Bravely Second
Battle Track: The Corrupted Mind Garden (Ba'al Boss Theme)
Fought In: Adventure: Al-Kharr Boss, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
The strange eldritch being found in the sandy ruins of the Mind Pit, siphoning the dreams of sleeping people in order to summon nightmarish entities. Magnolia, Joseph, and their allies will have to bring their all in order to defeat an enemy that they can barely comprehend...
Ba'al V; Urchin is fought on a standard flat battlefield which begins with a standard desert aesthetic, but begins to slowly become more psychedelic and corrupted as the match progresses. The boss always faces the player, crawling forward or backward as needed for positioning or occasionally leaping across the stage for both an attack and repositioning. This foe is incredibly unorthodox and uses very bizarre attacks, so be on your guard!
Claw Attack Ba'al V slams down in front of itself with a metallic claw. Decently fast and strong, but only used if you get too close to the boss.
Leap Ba'al V crouches for a second before lifting off into the air. The attack has two variants; it will either leap to the other side of the screen, or try to land on the player instead to deal damage. The latter may be followed up again by the first variant.
Dark Spell Ba'al V fires a large dark orb forward. This projectile is slow but powerful, and has very good homing as well; avoid contact with it at all costs!
Cloudy Day Ba'al V summons a thick smog over the battlefield and vanishes. Four yellow flashes appear in the fog in rapid succession- after a short delay, slash attacks appear in a cross pattern at these positions. Very swift and difficult to avoid, but not very powerful unless you get hit by every slash.
Downpour Strange raindrop-like projectiles begin forming at the top of the screen before falling down at high speeds; these rain bullets do not deal much damage, but the hitstun they deal can leave you open to further attacks.
Sunny Day Ba'al V's most-used and perhaps deadliest skill, this move summons a large sun in the air in the top center of the stage, which transform's the player's shadow into a dark duplicate. This duplicate will do their best to follow and attack the player, hindering them in their quest to beat the boss proper. These clones will not take standard damage, but will be destroyed if the sun creating them is hit with enough force.
Bad Batter
Origin: OFF
Battle Track: Avatar Beat (RetroSpecter Mix)
Fought In: Adventure: Undernull Boss, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
The mysterious "holy warrior" known as the Batter reveals his true colors as this nightmarish entity. His skills and psyche have not devolved or changed in any way... Now you're just seeing him for what he really is. He wants Pandora and every other impure undead gone for good... But why?
Bad Batter is fought on Omega form Pandora's Palace with a unique greyscale filter applied over the environment. In many regards, Bad Batter can be compared to the Smash Bros. boss Giga Bowser, essentially being a much more powerful and larger CPU variant of the playable Batter character. His damage output is immense, but methodical timing and evasive maneuvers will help you dodge his wide-swinging attacks.
Overhead Swing A double-handed overhead swing with the baseball bat, which smashes the ground and air in front of the Bad Batter. Amplified version of the Batter's down charge attack.
Strike Bad Batter grabs forward- if he grabs the player, he will throw them up in the air and take a swing at them for heavy damage. Amplified version of the Batter's forward throw.
Grounder Bad Batter uses his free hand to scrape upwards, dealing damage in close-quarters and launching multiple rocks forward in an arc. Amplified version of the Batter's down tilt attack.
Run with Belief The Bad Batter grips his bat in both hands and runs to the end of the stage. If the player contacts him while running, he will retaliate by swinging, which does heavy damage. Amplified version of Run with Grace, but with much longer startup.
Ultimate Homerun A large massive appears in the region in front of the Bad Batter as he swings. Slow startup, but immense power that hits the entire reticle. The hitbox can also reflect projectiles at double power. Amplified version of Special Homerun.
Hollow Knight
Origin: Hollow Knight
Battle Track: Sealed Vessel
Fought In: Adventure: Paylrule Boss, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
The ultimate experimental vessel of the Pale King- a hollow shell filled with the powers of Void, Twilight, and Flame. The Hollow Knight serves as the king's most powerful warrior, silently obeying his every word. Rumors abound that they once shared a father-son relationship... But now, it threatens the three bearers of the Triforce. Destroy it.
Hollow Knight is fought on a simple flat stage set in the Pale King's throne room. It's an agile foe, constantly darting about with its attacks, teleporting to set up strikes, and occasionally backstepping to dodge and retaliate the player's own blows. Keep up the pace and avoid the vessel's myriad projectiles and wide-ranging slashes to bring this mighty foe to its knees.
Triple Slash The Hollow Knight swings their sword three times, moving forward with each slash. The slash's hitbox is large enough to cover a significant distance in front of the boss, as well as a short distance behind it.
Lunge The Hollow Knight squats down, holding its blade in both hands before darting forward. Covers the entirety of the stage horizontally, but has a surprisingly low hitbox; take to the air and counterattack from above.
Jump The Hollow Knight jumps to attempt to land on the player if they are far away. Deals contact damage.
Shining Daggers The Hollow Knight thrusts their hand forward, generating a multitude of light blades that begin firing towards the ground before angling upwards in a semicircle. Evaded with either precision spacing or by Dashing through with proper timing.
Diving Light Lances The Hollow Knight teleports above the player and attacks with a descending stab attack. When his blade lands in the ground, multiple glowing spots on the ground appear; after a short delay, large blades emerge from these spots, dealing heavy damage. Until the blades vanish, the Hollow Knight is vulnerable to attack.
Void Tendrils The Hollow Knight rears back as one of their arms morphs into violently flailing tentacles, thrusting them forward shortly after. The tendrils flail around in a wide area in front of the boss, dealing multi-hit damage before launching with a single final strike.
Focus The Hollow Knight begins squatting as a white aura appears around them akin to the Vessel's Focus ability. Rather than healing, this move generates a large explosion in the area around the boss. Following this explosion, four circular runes appear in the air at random points on the stage; after some delay, these areas explode as well.
Dimension Witch Lusamine
Origin: Pokémon Sun and Moon
Battle Track: Ultra Beasts Incoming!
Fought In: Adventure: Moon Boss, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
Lusamine was allegedly once a normal mother, providing for her children and doing her best to take care of them. All that seems to be gone now; having lost her sanity and merged with the strange lifeform known as Nihilego, she has transcended humanity and left what was once her progeny behind. Ascending to this ethereal state she now holds, Lusamine may perhaps be too far-gone to reason with; you must stop her before her insanity grows too vast to handle.
Dimension Witch Lusamine is largely a static boss, teleporting from place to place and occasionally gliding across the screen. Fought in a large flat arena visually based on Ultra Megalopolis, Lusamine fights primarily with projectile attacks and moves based on Nihilego's neurotoxin- this poison can whittle down a player's percent until they become a sitting duck for the boss's actual deadly attacks!
Tentacle Strike Lusamine slashes forward with one of her tentacles. Has decent wind-up with a very large hitbox in front of her, potentially a kill move at high percents.
Tentacle Pierce Lusamine thrusts two of her tentacles into the ground, which then pop up at the player's position one after the other, flailing about to attack. These tentacles are not hurtboxes and will not damage Lusamine, though she is vulnerable while attacking.
Gunk Shot Lusamine repeatedly shoots balls of venom in arcs towards the players position. Shoots multiple balls that build up in fire rate before ending in a shotgun-like spread of balls at random trajectories.
Power Gem Lusamine spawns four crystals from her body that float next to her, dealing damage on contact. After some time, these crystals break and fire beams at the player's position.
Hyper Beam Lusamine charges and unleashes a powerful laser directly in front of her, dealing heavy damage.
Ultra Hyper Beam Lusamine charges and unleashes another Hyper Beam, with an Ultra Wormhole appearing to absorb the beam. Pairs of Ultra Wormholes begin appearing at various angles, with the Hyper Beam flying between them.
Toxin Cloud Lusamine creates a cloud of toxin around her, which lingers for a set amount of time. Deals 1 damage every 5 frames that the player is within it.
Toxin Fog Lusamine spews a cloud of toxic gas downwards, which lingers on the floor for a set amount of time. Same effect as Toxic Cloud, but covers the entirety of the ground rather than a set circular zone.
Contessa Mk.V
Contessa MKV
Origin: Override: Mech City Brawl/Giant Robot Golf
Battle Track: Mecha from the Stars
Fought In: Adventure: Onikuda Boss, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
After years of studying and analyzing the prisoners of Onikuda, Contessa has developed this gigantic body was the ultimate weapon with which to hold her essence. Shining and glimmering with power, it almost seems indestructible- of course, every machine has a flaw somewhere. Stop this alien conqueror at the peak of her power!
Contessa Mk.V is fought on the docks of Onikuda- she's so massive that she remains constantly in the background, only being harmable when she comes into the foreground. She attacks with slow but powerful melee strikes that deal immense damage, to the point where only a few hits can put you in the danger zone! Fear not, for she has one incredible weakness: shield-breaking moves can stun her if they land in just the right spot.
Giga Punch A large reticle appears on-screen as Contessa aims a mighty punch attack. Deals immense damage if it lands, but leaves her hand vulnerable to attack if it misses.
Shockwave Slam Contessa slams her fist into the arena, creating large shockwaves that travel across the stage from both sides. Shockwaves can be dodged through to reach and attacks the hand.
Grab and Crush Contessa's hand sweeps across the screen, aiming to grab the player and crush them. Like all grabs, this attack can be mashed out of with rapid button presses.
Missile Barrage Contessa launches a barrage of missiles from her shoulders onto the stage. The missiles fall at random positions; managing to reflect or counter a missile launches it back at Contessa's head.
Double Titan Crush Clasping both hands together, Contessa slams both arms onto the stage, dealing immense damage if they land on top of the player.
Bowser's Throne
Origin: Nuclear Throne
Battle Track: Mecha from the Stars
Fought In: Adventure: Shell Boss, Terminus of Worlds Finale, Pantheon Mode
Though at first it seems as though Bullet has succeeded in taking down the evil tyrant Bowser, the Koopa King has one final trick up his sleeve: his throne has transformed into the ultimate war machine. Sporting fire cannons, artillery of many kinds, and impressively thick armor, only a true hero will have the ability to take down the throne of Bowser and truly end his reign for good!
Bowser's Throne is found on what is essentially an auto-scrolling level, with the hulking behemoth slowly progressing towards the left and pushing the player towards the deadly lava pit far in that direction. While this juggernaut's approach seems unstoppable, dealing enough damage to it or landing critical strikes on its throne- the power source, will stun it and make it more vulnerable to attack. The iron path of torment that the mech makes one walk is also filled with flames and projectiles that can easily overwhelm unsuspecting players, so watch your surroundings.
Flame Barrage A trio of triple shots fired from the Throne's side guns, spreading out as they increase in range. Trickier to dodge in closer quarters.
Fire Breath The Throne fires a quartet of small flame bolts that resemble Bowser's fire breath from Super Mario Bros., which can either be aimed high or low to throw off the player's evasion attempts.
Solar Spreader The Throne's main cannon fires an orb which is launched high in the sky. After a short delay, this orb bursts into a flower-like spray of fire bullets.
Mortar Fire The Throne launches three mortars from its back, which aim themselves to land on top of the player. Listen for the distinct whistle before the fast projectiles make their impact!
Hammer Toss The Throne fires a fast barrage of flying hammers in an arc similar to that of a Hammer Bro. Don't get caught in the falling hazards, lest you take immense knockback.
Maximum Cannon The Throne stops moving forward, charging up the massive central cannon that forms its core. Firing a large laser comparable to most Infinity Finales, this move should be avoided at all costs! Of course, it also makes the weak point more vulnerable while firing...


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  • SHIFT started life as a standard Super Smash Bros. title called Super Smash Bros. Shift, which had an emphasis on altering veterans and providing more options as well as making gameplay more nuanced and complex. Eventually, the game shifted to an umbrella due to focused interest on newcomer characters.

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