S by Doh
S by DohIMissed (tbc).
AGE 17
BIRTHDAY 6 July, 1866
ZODIAC ♋ Cancer
BIRTHPLACE London, England
CLASS Detective
Investigator S: Reverse Quantum CurseInvestigator S: Violet War

S (小) was the main character of the cancelled mystery series, formerly known as Investigator S. She was born in the late 1800s in Victorian England. She was chosen by The Agency to become a detective, after being observed for years.


S was born in the late Victorian era in England. She lived a normal life up until the age of ten, when her parents were both killed by Kira. When S was young, she was close friends with Violet. The two would often play together, until S's parents were killed. At that point, S distanced herself from people for about a year. When she got better and came to play with Violet, she had disappeared. Although she was forgiving and had gotten over their death very quickly, she still had lingering emotions in her mind about the killer. S learned to live on her own, afterward. Later on in her life, she was chosen by a group known as The Agency, where they told her of her fate as a detective. She worked against crime, always striving to discover her parents' slayer. Her life continues as such until an important event takes place that changes her fate.


The only canon appearance of S in any game was of that in the cancelled Inverstigator S series. All others are not canonical to the timeline of the game at all.

Reverse Quantum Curse

The girls Daka and S are offered jobs from The Agency, an organization from the future. After accepting, the two find themselves battling with the forces of XGen. After discovering the true purpose of The Agency, both girls are stunned. They learn that The Agency came back in time to stop Kira from taking over England.

S is sent to the future by the powers of Kira. In the year 3005, S meets the new Agency, and tells her story. After obtaining a Cross Stopwatch, S is able to travel back to her time. She discovers that the entire Agency has been taken over by Kira.

After realizing that Daka has been taken hostage, S defeats Kira in battle. Once she is defeated, it is revealed to the girls that, through the destiny of time travel, all of those born in the future after Kira has taken over will be erased from existence. All members of the Agency who came from the future disappear at this point, leaving the girls depressed.

Three years later, in Violet War, S has taken over the Agency, and changed it into an organization to protect the world from all forms of evil. No more of the plotline of Investigator S has been revealed to this point.

Violet War

Three years after Reverse Quantum Curse, S has become the new leader of The Agency. Daka co-leads the new Agency with S, and they have now become a simple crew of detectives to protect the world and solve peoples' problems. S meets with Rose, and the two become quick friends. After discovering the Colorian army that was attempting to take over London, the girls go down to the hidden city of Colora.

In Colora, S meets her friend, Violet who she had not seen for years. Violet is revealed to be the leader of the Colorian army, which forms a new rivalry with the two. S later is given wings by Violet to create a fair and equal fight between the two. The Agency and the Colorian Army breaks out into an all-out war, with the Agency attempting to protect England.

S and Rose meet up with Violet, once again. Violet reveals that Rose is her younger sister, who fled from Colora after the attacks had started. S begins to doubt her relationship with Rose, but allows her trust in her friend to consist.

At the climax of the war, S and Violet fight at the top of Colora Tower. After a long challenge, S defeats Violet in battle. The war was won, and Violet decides to end her ambitions to take over England. S and Violet become friends once again, and S returns to the Agency.

Binding Velocity

In the game which was never written, S made no appearance until the end. The two girls, Elle and her partner, went through a quest against Kira for one final time, and S finally appears at the end (with Daka) when Kira is finally defeated. This ends this saga of the Investigator S series.

Investigator S 2.5

Another title which was never written, S was going to go to New England in America and have to solve several mysteries with two girls from the area who start a North American branch of The Agency.

The Rise of Darkness X Investigator S: Medieval Mashup

Hundreds of years before S was born, an incident with one of her ancestors took place in medieval England. She had been training to be a knight, when a major event occurred at a café; a rebel army had attacked. S, along with a new ally named Vincent, fights off the soldiers momentarily.

Their victory is short-lived; soon afterwards, an attack on London Castle was made. Here, she meets up with Hayden and Aiden, and mistakes them for the attackers. The two groups duel, but their battle ends up in a tie after another attack on the palace. Hayden and Aiden become allies of S, and the group continues on into the palace to help defeat the rebel army.

Near the end of the game, Vincent reveals himself as The Darkness, and S must fight him (with the help of Hayden, Aiden, and many other allies, of course). After The Darkness is defeated, S confesses that she has had romantic feelings for Hayden. They eventually get married, showing that Hayden of the TRoD series is distantly related to present-time S.


Another game taking place in an alternate universe; S appears as a ghost who can equip Ghost cards. In the game, she lives in a town based around Halloween and has a goal to save the town from being taken over by a mysterious man. More about her role will be revealed soon.

General Description

YeeMeYee - S

S by YeeMeYee

Physical Appearance

In her first appearances, S is a young girl with very long, dark hair. She has somewhat pale skin, and wears a blue, long-sleeved shirt and a long, dark blue skirt. She usually carries around a tan messenger bag. She also wears brown shoes. This is the normal uniform for Agency members.

In the Violet War and everything past that, S wears the same uniform; but she has grown overtime. She is a bit taller, and has hair in a ponytail, and wears a yellow ribbon. She occasionally has wings, after being given powers from Violet.


S is forgiving and kind towards everyone. She is very interested in solving mysteries, and enjoys reading books quite a bit. She loves sweets. Also, S dreams of traveling to distant lands someday, but must stay at the Agency often. S shows that she loves all forms of life. However, whenever she meets Kira, she has quite a trouble holding back her anger and need for revenge.


Boss A.

S met Boss A. soon after her parents died. Boss took her to The Agency, and completed her training on his own. Boss usually shows to really like S, and S seems to like Boss as well. In a respectful way, S usually calls Boss A. "Leader" when talking to him.


As Kira is the one who killed S's parents, S has serious trouble holding back her hatred for Kira. The two meet up quite a bit, and Kira constantly taunts S. S tries to tell that she doesn't hate anyone, so attempts to keep her anger under restraint. Kira always has to hold back her want for killing S, as well, for XGen's plans require her to be alive.


Daka is S's closest friend. The two joined the Agency at the same time, and instantly became best friends. The two often go on cases together, and play games together as well. The two hardly ever get in arguments, and Daka is kinder to S than she is to any other person she knows. It is hinted at that Daka has a crush on S, though unconfirmed if S returns the feelings.


S and Violet were close friends during their childhoods. They would often play together, read to each other, and study together. Once S's parents died, S became depressed and distanced herself from others. Violet and S never met again until Violet War. At this point, they can no longer be friends because of Violet's decision of leading the Coloran army.


S and Rose become close friends after Rose's joining of the Agency in Violet War. Rose always looks up to S, and the two often work together to get mysteries solves. S and Rose are similar in the ways that they both don't have parents. Rose's affiliation with Colora changes their relationship a bit.


S, in her very distant past, highly admired Hayden. The two become very close friends throughout the course of TRoD X IS, and trust each other a lot. In battle, S is able to take fatal blows for Hayden to keep him from being KO'd, and vice versa. Near the end of the game, S confesses love to Hayden, and the two become the ancestors of the S in the current time.


  • In the future that Boss A. comes from, it is told that S had died at birth.


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