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Who is this Ryouka Dakatsu ?

Ryouka Dakatsu is a character from Guardian Magi Universe.

She's the 5th Guardian Magi and got as Magi Mark the Hopeful Tulip. In Zentech Studios, she's a new Flagship Character, and a Character in a Future Game called " Silver Bay Islands ".


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Ryouka Appearance

Ryouka is a orange-haired girl, with, lights, got a blond shade. She's got Red & Neon
Guardian magi credit end ryouka by greenkissthekirby-d6y1f61

Credit End Ryouka's Face

Yellow Eyes, with a Beige Tanned

Skin. She, usually wears a Bag, and a Red Hood. Ryouka Carries on her a red Dress, a blue Jacket, a Mini-Short with same color, White Sleeves and Black Boots.  She weighs 31 Kgs & measures 1m75.


Ryouka is a Water elemental ; She can control and make water at will. In Silver Bay Islands, She discovers she's got Mental Power ; she can talk with animals, or someone who got a different speaking. Ryouka can, also, mix water with something, and use water to modify her ADN.


Ryouka was a orphan, and a old slave from a family of a nomad village. She have escape after the village's burning. A Rainy Night, She take refuge in a mysterious house, who is the Magi-House, the Headquarters of the Guardians. They thought she was a new recruit, They then host her. Ryouka was already know she got Magi Powers and She devoted herself a great passion for Greek Gods, especially Athena, so, she have think they have send herself in this Place. It was during her confession of his friendship to others Guardians, that its mark appeared.


Ryouka, is joyceful & shy, she never talk to outsider, on the battlefield, she is really violent, and heartless. She likes to clean things, and help her friends, when they are in trouble. She loves to take care of everything, because she thinks more of others before thinking of her.


Master M.

Seen him as a father, she respect, encourages & advices him.

Arrow Daydrian

A great respect for him, after the Fear Lord Incident, She fell in love for him.

Ruv Johnson

Old Crush, she hates him, because he ignored and call her by all of the name.

Hope Holiday

A Close friend of her, she spends much time in her company.

Villa Johnson

A Close friend of her, she spends much time her company.


New Guardian, Ryouka really help Andriana to integrate. See her as a good friend.

Games Apparitions

In Silver Bay Islands

In this game, Ryouka appears on the Zentech Islands, as a character who help the story's advancement, present on BoxArt with White, you can got unlockable content for her, who will be needed for some missions :

- Scuba Diving : Bikini Outfit ; in Sylycia & Aly Shop 

- Paragliding : Articifial Wings ; Danni 

-  Fencing : Sword Fencing ; in White's Shop

In Zentech Smash Bros.

Moveset :

Standard Special Move : Water Ray

Side Special Move : Strainer

Up Special Move : Anvil

Down Special Move : Tsunami

Super Smash : Water Prison

Final Smash : Giant Aquarium


All of FanArts / Interpretations is accepted!

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