Twilight Princess Rupees
Three Rupees which are Blue, Gold, and Red.
Kind of Item Currency

Rupees are collectibles in The Legend of Zelda series. Rupees can be gained in many ways such as defeating an enemy, cutting tall grass/bushes, opening a chest that only contains a Rupee, doing sidequests, rolling into trees (sometimes a Rupee will fall down), shaping a Rupee on the Goddess Wall, moving a tombstone, or playing a mini-game. There are 5 types of Rupees which are Green, Blue, Red, Silver, and Gold. There is another form of Rupee named the Rupoor, but the Rupoor does nothing helpful compared to the other types. Rupees can also be used to buy or upgrade items.


All the Types of Rupees throughout the series.

Green Rupee

The most common Rupee, and is worth only 1 Rupee.

Blue Rupee

Another common Rupee and this time it's worth 5 Rupees.

Red Rupee.

This Rupee is rare-ish, but it's worth about 20 Rupees.

Silver Rupee

A rare Rupee and is worth 100 Rupees.

Gold Rupee.

The most rarest Rupee of all. This Rupee is worth 300 Rupees, but can be found as secret in hidden chests.


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