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Runner Metro-Cross.png
Artwork of Runner from a Japanese flyer for Metro-Cross
Metro-Cross (1985)

Runner is the sole character featured within the 1985 arcade game Metro-Cross. The game's sole playable character, Runner will continually run to the right, but the player is in control of his vertical movement and the speed he runs at. Runner appears to hail from some sort of futuristic society, as evident by the silver corridors he runs through and the strange jumpsuit he wears.

Physical Appearance

In-game, Runner appears to be a Caucasian male, who wears a yellow jumpsuit and white helmet with blue accents. This jumpsuit appears to be very form-fitting, and he also wears grey shoes. Due to technical limitations of the various consoles Metro-Cross was later ported to, Runner's appearance differs in slight ways depending on which version he appears in. For instance, the Atari ST version of the game features him with a red helmet, while the Commodore 64 version gives him a pale yellow, white, and blue colour scheme.

Artwork of Runner instead depicts him fairly differently, and his appearance seems to vary between regions: in Japanese flyers Runner appears to be a middle-aged man who wears large glasses and has dotted eyes, while American advertisements depict him as a live-action teenager. In most promotional artwork Runner's jumpsuit takes on a blue coloration instead of the yellow one seen in-game - Japanese flyers additionally depict him with a yellow and white helmet, yellow elbow- and knee-pads, beige elbow-length gloves, and long white boots with grey tubing on their exteriors, while American advertisements feature him in a yellow bicycle helmet, a dark blue jumpsuit with red accents, yellow elbow-pads, blue knee-pads, and red sneakers.

In many American and European depictions of Runner he is seen riding a skateboard, despite this being a temporary power-up in the game proper.


Jake's Super Smash Bros.

Runner makes a fairly prominent non-playable appearance in Jake's Super Smash Bros. as part of PAC-MAN's Final Smash. When on the ground, PAC-MAN will summon Runner's in-game sprite, who will dash forwards in an attempt to hit players and begin the attack proper. Should PAC-MAN be airborne he is instead replaced by the Red Baron from Sky-Kid, who serves the same purpose.


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