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Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday Logo
Developer(s) Revelation Heroes Entertainment
Publisher(s) Revelation Heroes Entertainment
Platform(s) KnuckledusterNewLogo
Nexus Logo
Genre(s) 3D Platformer </br>

Action RPG

Series Crystallis Nova Aeternum
Release Date(s) April 5th
Mode(s) Singleplayer
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013T460px-PEGI 12+.svg

Ruby Tuesday is a 3D Platformer with Action RPG elements developed by Revelation Heroes Entertainment for the Nexus and Knuckleduster. Despite being multi-platform, it has been advertised heavily as a Nexus launch title, and was initially designed to be an exclusive for that console.

The game is about a young girl who gains extraordinary powers from a strange crystal. Along with her friends, she will start on a grand quest to become the hero her world needs.

On April 5th 2019 a free DLC titled Episode Red was released.


Ruby Tuesday is a 3D platformer with combat elements. The player controls Ruby, who has can run, jump, swim and climb to navigate environments, and punch, grab and dodge in combat, at least until she gains her powers later on. These powers can be upgraded as Ruby gains experience and levels up from defeating enemies. Injuries are accounted for by way of a life meter, which decreases whenever Ruby is hit by enemies, falls long distances, or makes contact with hazardous surfaces.

A large part of the gameplay revolves around 'the Red', a mysterious power gifted to Ruby by a mystical crystal. With it's power, Ruby is able to 'boost' herself into the air, glide, form a shield, and fire off blasts of energy, among other powers. Other colors are harnessed by other characters, such as Topaz and Amethyst. The primary antagonist utilises the power of 'Onyx'. In the game's final level, Ruby's powers are amplified after she herself absorbs the power of the Onyx.



Ruby Tuesday is set in the land surrounding Ruby's hometown of Matisse. In this world, great power is derived from magical crystals of various colours, with each colour providing unique powers, which are given to a select few through an unknown selection process. Though the world itself is technologically advanced, Matisse itself has heavy modern architectural influences, and is surrounded by flora.


Ruby is waiting at home when her friend Sky comes and tells her that she has gained powers from the Lapis. Excited, Ruby rushes to a dilapidated temple. Inside, she approaches the Lapis Crystal, but a tremor causes her to fall down into another chamber.

When she wakes up, Ruby is surrounded by a red glow. She then learns to use the powers of the Red as she is attacked by Onyx Crawlers. After defeating them, she is saved from an Onyx Behemoth by her sister, Indigo. Returning to Matisse, Ruby informs Sonny and Sky of her newfound powers. They decide to test her abilities, and set up a training course for her.

At the end of the course, The Wanderer appears and gives Ruby a small, colourless crystal, which expands her powers. He urges her to find more crystals before 'the end' and then disappears, leaving her, confused, to find more crystals on her own. From here, Ruby may explore the world, though only Pastel Forest and The Temple are accessible. If Ruby speaks with Washington, he will offer her a boat ride to Skull Island if she finds The Book of Lies, which is hidden deep within the temple.

Pastel Forest

Within Pastel Forest, Ruby and her friends battle through angry wild-life. She is also given various challenges by Verdant, a young man who claims to be king of the forest. Upon reaching the end of the forest, Ruby is greeted by Ebony, who threatens to kill Ruby if she continues seeking the colourless crystals. Ebony summons a large horde of Onyx beasts to cover her escape. Verdant then gives one final challenge; kill Minerva, a great Onyx Owl who is destroying the forest. When this is done, Verdant rewards Ruby with a crystal, giving her the Shift ability. He wishes her good luck and returns to the thick of the forest.

The Temple

Returning to the temple, Ruby decides to explore its depths, accompanied by Indigo. Throughout their journey, Indigo tells Ruby more about the crystals, and how amongst all of them, the gift of the Red is particularly rare. She explains that although the crystals origins are unknown, she has been able to discover that, at least in the physical sense, they are perfectly normal, meaning that they must draw the power they bestow from elsewhere.

At the lowest floor of the temple, they find the wounded Onyx Behemoth from earlier. Ebony appears and tells Ruby to back away, claiming that the crystals belong to her. She blasts the Behemoth with  Onyx energy, revitalising it, and it attacks the sisters. After defeating it, Ruby takes the Book of Lies. Having read inscriptions on the walls, Indigo leaves to go find another temple.

Skull Island

Washington congratulates Ruby on retrieving the Book of Lies and takes it from her in exchange for a boat ticket. Sky and Sonny accompany her to Skull Island. Once there, Ruby and co find the island to be crawling with pirates. As they make their way across the island, they discover a hidden grove with a Red source crystal. The source crystal blesses Ruby with the Red Rocket. Ruby also takes a sword found in the grove, and sets out to find where the pirates came from.

Not far from the grove, Ruby finds a pirate ship. Seeing Ebony onboard, Ruby spies on a conversation between Ebony and the Captain of the ship, Seafoam. Ebony offers Seafoam all the gold of Matisse if he helps her steal crystals. Seafoam agrees, and Ebony leaves. Ruby then rushes out to battle Seafoam, who tells her that when he has fixed his boat he'll take the crystals for himself. After defeating Seafoam, he flees the ship, and Ruby takes another crystal from his ship, gaining the Leap power.

Back in Matisse, Ruby is asked by Mayor Maroon to investigate strange noises coming from the sewers, and Hazel tells Ruby that the robots around the Factory are rampaging.

Beneath Matisse

Entering the Sewers beneath Matisse, Ruby finds it to be infested with mutant rats and Onyx creatures. While in the sewers, Sonny assists Ruby by directing her through the labyrinth-like sewers. Ruby quickly becomes suspicious as she discovers that something has tunneled into the sewers.

Finding her way through the caves, Ruby finds a series of generators that seem to be charging something up. Ruby turns off the generators and finds what they were charging: a strange explosive device. Before she can destroy it, Ruby is attacked by Obsidian. During their battle, the generator is damaged, which causes Obsidian to leave. Ruby takes a crystal from the generator, granting her the Cherry Bomb power.

Cinereous Factory

Upon approaching the factory, Ruby is attacked by robots. Fighting her way inside, she discovers that the factories power core has been replaced by an Onyx crystal. Unable to destroy the crystal, Sonny advises that she head to the control room. She does so, fighting past both robots and Onyx creatures.

Inside the control room, she attempts to shut down the factory but finds that something is preventing her from doing so. She explores the factory further and finds Washington. Washington warns her that shutting down the factory will greatly harm his busin- er, the economy, but she continues anyway. Continuing further, Ebony confronts Ruby once again, telling her that if she continues to interfere, she will die. Ebony then unleashes the Desctructinator, a massive robot with its own power crystal. Ruby defeats it, and the factory finally shuts down. She absorbs its power crystal and gains the Shatter Shield.

The Cathedral

After exploring the sewers and stopping the Factory, Ruby finds Ebony waiting for her in Matisse. She runs into the Cathedral, where Ruby is ambushed by various Onyx creatures. Unable to escape, Ruby ascends the Cathedral, eventually leaps through a stained glass window, where she discovers the Glide ability. Arriving back in Matisse, Ruby is informed by Hazel that Indigo needs help at the Sunken Temple.

Sunken Temple

At the Sunken Temple, Indigo guides Ruby through the tunnels, explaining along the way that she may have discovered what Ebony wants. Half way through the Temple, they are confronted by Scarlet. She says that she has been watching Ruby, and she has no idea how to properly use her powers. Scarlet battles her using more powerful versions of Ruby's more defensive powers, as well as some new abilities. When defeated, Scarlet tells Ruby that they will face each other once again before departing. In an attempt to mimic Scarlet's use of the Red, Ruby discovers the Shell power.

At the bottom of the temple, Indigo shows Ruby the plans for a weapon that will drain all the crystal users in Matisse, making the Onyx crystal, and Ebony, stronger. She has also discovered that the great crystals near Matisse are not the most powerful iterations of the crystals, and about crystal users able to utilise more than one crystals power. Upon leaving the temple, they find that Matisse has been attacked by Ebony. Hazel informs her sisters that Ebony has fled to Ash Mountain, having finally gotten another power crystal.

Ash Mountain

Upon Ash Mountain, Ruby, aided by her friends, assaults Ebony's forces. As Ruby slogs further up the mountain, Ebony taunts her, telling her that even if she wins, the Great Onyx will still absorb her powers, along with everyone elses.

By the time Ruby reaches the mountains peak, the Onyx Crystal is already about to activate. Desperately attempting to stop Ebony, Ruby is able to absorb the Onyx crystals power, preventing it from firing. Stunned by Ruby's 'capacitor' abilities, Ebony flees, leaving behind an Onyx Dragon for Ruby to battle. During the fight, Ruby's newly enhanced power allows her to summon a crystalline scythe.

Final Battle

Ebony confronts Ruby in the center of Matisse. Her plans ruined, Ebony intends to simply blow up Matisse as revenge, using the remaining robots from the factory and the parts of the generator from beneath the town.

Overwhelmed by Ruby's newfound power, Ebony is defeated. As she fades away into Ash, she promises to one day return, and that the Onyx will absorb everything. With things returning to normal, Ruby leaves Matisse with Indigo to discover more about her powers.

After Ruby leaves, The Wanderer appears and muses to himself that he has successfully moved up the timeline, albeit with some interesting consequences.


Main Characters

Ruby - A young, adventurous girl who gains the power to manipulate the strange force known as the Red. Early on she relies on her abilities and fists, but later on she gains a sword, and then a scythe.

Hazel - Ruby and Indigo's younger sister Hazel is a bright-eyed idealist who adores her sisters. Despite her constant illnesses, Hazel remains hopeful and is Ruby's biggest supporter.

Indigo - Ruby and Hazel's older sister Indigo has been investigating the Chroma Crystals ever since she herself gained powers of Amethyst. Though she rarely sees them, she does care about her family.

Sonny - Ruby's best friend Sonny has always been by her side, and this adventure is no different! Though he has powers, they aren't quite like Ruby's. The Topaz crystal didn't actually give Sonny powers, he sort of.... took them. With the power of science and his crystal powered inventions, Sonny will stand firmly at Ruby's side!

Sky - Ruby's good friend Sky is a dreamer and a fighter. The power of Lapis enhances her speed and makes her a formidable contender in combat. But far more importantly, she's the rock of Ruby's friends. Whenever things go wrong, Sky will always be there to pick up the pieces.

Washington - A travelling salesman. Washington may be greedy, but his heart is pure gold.

Minor Characters

The Wanderer - A mysterious stranger who appears throughout Ruby's journey to give advice when she isn't progressing.

Verdant - The self proclaimed king of the forest, Verdant gives Ruby various tasks to complete.


Ebony - A demented enchantress, Ebony is manipulating seemingly random events around Matisse for purposes unknown.

Captain Seafoam - A washed up Buccaneer looking to harness the power of the crystals himself.

Obsidian - Ebony's enforcer, Obsidian is a man oversaturated with power, the sheer volume of which is causing his body to tear apart. Unleashing this energy in bursts, he has no mercy.

Scarlet - Another user of the Red who seems to show up only to inform Ruby that she is misusing her powers. She uses the Red more defensively than Ruby does.


As Ruby progresses through the game and gains experience, she will level up, allowing her to upgrade these powers. At 3rd level, she applies a modifier to the ability. At sixth level, it morphs into one of two newer, stronger abilities.

Power Acquired Level 3 Mod A Level 3 Mod B Level 6 Ability A Level 6 Ability B
Red Needle - Ruby's basic offensive power. Shoots out a stream of light projectiles. Starting power Seeker Needles - Ruby's needles are drawn towards nearby enemies. Razor Needles - Ruby's needles cause damage over time. Red Bolts - Though they cant be fired as quickly as Needles, Bolts do much more damage. Red Dust - Less accurate, less damage, but Dust can be fired extremely quickly and costs virtually no energy.
Shift - Ruby briefly turns into a red mist and moves a short distance. Replaces rolling. Defeat Minerva in Pastel Forest. Dash - Ruby moves much quicker, and damages any enemies she passes through. N/A Teleport - Virtually instant, with a longer range and higher energy cost. Clone - Ruby leaves behind a copy of herself that will fool some enemies.
Red Rocket - A powerful bolt of energy. Obtained through a crystal on Skull Island Blazing Rocket - Burns enemies, causing them to take damage over time. Voltatile Rocket - Causes a big explosion. Crystal Rocket - The rocket bounces from enemy to enemy, doing reduced damage each time. Rocket Nova - Ruby launches 4 smaller rockets, useful for hitting moving targets.
Leap - Ruby spikes herself into the air by summoning a crystal beneath her. Defeat Captain Seafoam on Skull Island Crystal Field - Summons multiple crystals around Ruby, damaging nearby enemies in addition to the leap. Detonation - The crystal violently explodes after boosting Ruby. Spike - Leap can be used on enemies. Heavy Impact - When Ruby lands after a Leap, she causes small spikes to violently thrust upwards around her, damaging enemies.
Cherry Bomb - Ruby throws a red orb in an arc that explodes shortly after contact with a surface. Defeat Obsidian Beneath Matisse. Packed Bomb - Cherry Bomb unleashes several Needles, doing more damage. Corrosive Bomb - Cherry Bomb deals damage over time. Nuclear - A much bigger explosion dealing much more damage. Crystaliser - Aside from the effects of Packed/Corrosive, Cherry Bomb deals no damage. Instead, it freezes enemies in place.
Shatter Shield - Deflects ranged attacks. Defeat the Destructinator in Cinereous Factory. Light Shield - Ruby is able to dash while shielding. Dashing into an enemy damages them. N/A Solid Shield - The shield can be thrown, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. Sponge Shield - All damage taken by the shield is converted into energy for Ruby.
Glide - Great crystalline wings appear on Ruby's back, allowing her to glide for a brief time. Obtained in the Cathedral. Wing Attack - After landing, Ruby can throw her wings as a projectile. Flap - Ruby can jump twice while gliding. Flight - Superior air control. Ruby can use most of her offensive abilities while Gliding. Kamikaze - While gliding, Ruby may dash towards a target, dealing damage on impact.
Shell - A protective shell around Ruby that reduces damage. Defeat Scarlet in the Sunken Temple Fracturing Shell - When the shell is broken, it damages enemies near Ruby. Light Shell - Ruby moves faster while Shell is active. Blazing Aura - Instead of reducing damage taken, the Shell increases damage dealt. Bunker - Remaining stationary while Shell is active will steadily heal Ruby.

Episode Red

On the 5th of April 2019, a free expansion titled Episode Red was added to the game, featuring three new areas each with it's own superboss. This content can be completed after finishing the game or just before fighting Ebony.

The Final Plateau

Hazel informs Ruby that a mysterious airship has appeared in Matisse. Upon boarding the airship, the Wanderer asks Ruby if she is certain she wants to board the ship, as she may not like what she finds at the other end of the journey. Upon arriving at the Final Plateau, Ruby is confronted by a crystal that shines in every colour. If she touches it she must battl the Chromatic Titan, a massive being which uses attacks of every crystal colour.

Slate Fortress

A fortress has appeared at the peak of Ash Mountain. Returning the peak and fighting up the fortress will take Ruby to a beautiful palace above the clouds, where the Radiant King awaits, a being clad in white and gold armour. He muses that Ruby was not the guest he expected, but he will happily duel her anyway. The Radiant King is incredibly fast and often attacks from above. After defeating him, the Slate Fortress disapears.

Sanguine Land

After defeating Ebony, the Chromatic Titan and the Radiant King, a portal appears in Matisse. Stepping through the portal teleports Ruby to a ruined land where a cloaked stranger with a black scythe awaits. The Silent One is the fastest enemy in the game, and the final test of Ruby's skills. Defeating her grants the plyer the Mark of Power, a recognition of their accomplishments.


  • The game takes it's name from a Rolling stones song.
  • The gameplay structure is heavily inspired by the original Jak and Daxter, where the eponymous duo travel to various areas in search of Precursor Orbs.
  • Sonny's last name is derived from the Irish word Deantoir, meaning Maker.
  • RHE has stated that Ruby Tuesday may lead into a larger fiction titled Chroma Crystallus Fabula
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