Rubber and the Quest for Swimmy the Smiling SeaSerpent is the second installment in the Rubber Quest Series. The Game is exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U.


Trouble is a brew in the land of Trechoule'. The Dark Spirit, blinded by vengeance, has come out of Soul City and released a curse on Trechoule's life source, Swimmy's Sea Cave. The Rubber Artilary would usually send a professional to save Swimmy the Smiling Sea Serpent, but Due to his good deeds in the past, The Wizzards have decided to send you, and joined by your new best friend Diggy.


3rd Person platform. For 1-2 Players

Rubber's Abilities

Rubber (R2)
Rubber's Return has influenced the Wizzards to give Rubber a wider variety of Abilities he can learn, and all of Trechoule' is waiting to teach him!
  • Rubber Rumble - Classic Punches and Kicks
  • Claw Melee - Diggy and his friends have given you fierce claws to slice opponents!
  • Summon - Summon a friend to help!
  • Fire Blazer - Good ol' Pheonix has decided to give you the power to set yourself on fire!
  • Dragon Wings - Goroboro and the other dragons have given you the ability to grow magestic dragon wings for flying.
  • Rock n Roll - Transform into a boulder and roll through foes, thanks to your friendly neighborhood golems.
  • Water Breath - The Fishinmites have given you the power to breath large portions of water!
  •  Lightning Striker - The Thunderbirds have given you the ability to control thunder storms!
  • Arm Canon - The mysterious homosonees have let you try the untested technology of the future to shoot beams at enemies.
  • Ram Horns - Ram into foes with mighty strength!

Diggy's Abilities

Diggy may not be a power consuming fighting machine, but he does have the natural ability to Rubber's Powers
into Crazy Troll Contraptions!
  • Drilly Staff - Diggy never leaves home without it!
  • Diggs o'lot - His natural power to dig like there's no tomorrow!
  • Summon - Get some help from a friend!
  • Fire Pistol - Containing the Escense of Rubber's Ability, Rubber carrys a Fire Breathing Gun!
  • Dragon Pack - A jet-pack crafted in the likeness of a dragon's wings.
  • Force Field - An Iron Sphere that lets you roll into enemies!
  • Hose Canon - A large canon that releases enough water to fill a giant's glass!
  • Lightning Goggles - Some stylish shades that can control thunder storms!
  • Arm Canon - The mysterious homosonees allowed Diggy to make an arm canon out of there untested future technology.
  • Ram Horn Gloves - BOOM! Smash these bad boys into an enemy of any size, and they fall!


Realms are the different enviourments you travel through

  1. Rubber s' Armoury
  2. Realm of the Trolls
  3. Realm of the Cyclopses
  4. Realm of the Pheonixes
  5. Realm of the Dragons
  6. Realm of the Golems
  7. Realm of the Fishinmites
  8. Realm of the Thunderbirds
  9. Realm of the Homonsonees
  10. Swimmy's Sea Cave
  11. The Astroplane (Boss Battle)


Summons are friends that can be summoned at certain times in game.

  • Giant Snail
  • Unicorn
  • Pheonix
  • Pint Dragon
  • Crystal Miner
  • Eal
  • Thunderbird
  • Cyborhounds
  • Sea Horse
  • Ayrees
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