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Roy Goof
TV Series The Super Koopaling Channel
Season Number 1
Episode Number 1
Writer(s) Ghostracer


Basic Plot
Roy loses his memory.
Runtime 45 minutes
Preceding Episode None
Following Episode Short Fuse

Roy Goof is the pilot episode of The Super Koopaling Channel.


Roy is chasing Noah around a table (due to Roy bullying Noah) with a chicken feather in his hand, trying to tickle him. Noah suddenly slides under the table. Roy chases him. Noah swims in the pool to the shore. Roy tries to swim too, but due to his weight, he sinks like a brick. Noah flees from Roy inside the castle, but suddenly comes at a dead end, with a closet against the wall. Roy laughes and stomps on the ground out of happiness that he finally trapped him, not noticing a chinese fase on the closet trembling his way, until it falls on Roy's head as his glasses burst and the chinese vase shatters in pieces as Noah tries to evade the glass to avoid start bleeding. Roy says 'Who... Who are you ?', as Noah says that Roy doesn't try to prank him until Roy shows he REALLY renembers nothing. Meanwhile, outside, a droid called CrashDroider levitates over a bridge and hears Noah constantly trying to bring Roy back to his senses. CrashDroider wants to rule the world, so he decides to enter the castle. He threatens to kill Noah with a saw if he doesn't shut up. Noah shuts up immediately. He says Roy that he is his goon. Noah quickly slides under the droid and tries to reach King Bowser Koopa's room, but the droid notices him. CrashDroider and Roy give chase and catch Noah right before he could knock on the door of Bowser's room. However, Noah screams for help loudly. Pyotr I. hears his help scream and notices Roy and the droid trying to cover Noah's mouth with a metal hose to prevent him from calling from help. However, Roy turns around and captures Pyotr I. with another metal hose, roping him with it instantly as well covering his mouth and the same happens to Noah and they are thrown in the broom closet. Bowser comes out of his room duly and notices Roy hurling Pyotr. I and Noah in the broom closet and completely burns CrashDroider with fire breath. Then, a fight between father and son occurs. Bowser doesn't want to hurt his own son and Roy laughes, but upstairs, Iggy and Dragonia are bowling. After losing from Dragonia, Iggy stomps the floor in a tantrum, creating a hole in it. A bowling ball falls in the hole and lands on Roy's head, causing him to get his memory back. Iggy and Dragonia, unaware of what happened, free Noah and Pyotr I. and Bowser and the Koopalings celebrates their victory. However, CrashDroider says he will return.


The Koopalings' name are always in colours.

  • Noah (first appearance)
  • Pyotr I. (first appearance)
  • Roy (first appearance)
  • Iggy (first appearance)
  • Dragonia (first appearance)
  • CrashDroider(first appearance)
  • Bowser (first appearance)
  • Chinese vase (first appearance)
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