Roxanne D'Urre
Roxanne, as in Agent RX.
AGE 36
CLASS Secret Agent
Secretary (When off-duty)

Roxanne D'Urre, A.K.A. Agent RX is the protagonist of the video game Agent RX. She is a member of The Agency and is one of the best agents of said organisation. She wants to get rid of all the corrupt activity in her homeland, Pructor.


Roxanne had a bad childhood. Her parents have been blackmailed to do crime or to pay for crime, as Badeed, the capital of Pructor, is the most corrupt city of her world at that point. She also has been teased and bullied by almost everyone on school, who lived in the more peaceful villages where was no crime at all. Her only friends were her parents (who still love her) and Sheila, who was her best friend, were each others classmates, and is still her colleague at the Agency.

Because of this wrecked past, Roxanne wanted to put immediately an end to all the crime in Pructor, as does her friend. One day, when they were adults, they stumbled across an organisation who possibly could make their dream come true, the Agency. As secret agents, the duo solved thousands of crimes, individually or together, and even though the crime still conquers over Pructor, it has been decreased. Roxanne is currently one of the best agents, except for Pierre Niosas, who both claim as each other's rivals, though Roxanne actually has a secret crush on him.

While not being a secret agent, Roxanne is working as a secretary.


Roxanne is calm, serious, yet shy, and slightly sarcastic and funny. She only has one goal, which is to make her country crime-less, as it is the most corrupt country in her world.


Sheila Piunazj

Sheila and Roxanne were friends since their childhood. They did almost everything with each other. It seemed they were truly inseparable, even right now when they are adults.

They sometimes compete each other at various things, as kids or as adults.

Colonel Colin Ztic

Roxanne listens to the missions Colonel Ztic gives and obeys them as much as possible. Colin is pretty much proud of her, and her calm expressions cool him down.

Professor Daniel Pedd

Roxanne found this guy odd when she got her first mission, but that changed over the years. She thinks his gadgets are actually handy, and thinks Pedd is a cool guy. Daniel, however, liked her attitude already since he first met her, and that never changed. This relationship is comparable to a father/daughter relationship.

Pierre Niosas

Both Pierre and Roxanne claim to be each others rivals and like to compete each other to see who's better. The truth is that Roxanne actually developed a crush on Pierre after all the years she was on the Agency. She, however, cannot admit it to Pierre.

Sheila doesn't have to be told about this, as she saw this relationship immediately.

Barry Flatfoot

Roxanne knows that Barry is Pierre's best friend and partner, but she acts normal to him.

Xavier Cell

Roxanne hasn't heard much of him, but immediately knew he must go down. After all, Xavier made Pructor the most corrupt country of Smilonia.

Mr. Chilli

Bearded Smiley


Game Appearances

Agent RX

Roxanne learns from her mission giver, Colonel Colin Ztic, that Xavier Cell, the boss of The Society, is the one who made the crime around Pructor, and was the mastermind of every single crime in the same country, including the ones Roxanne solved already ages ago. To fulfill her dream, Roxanne has to thwart Xavier's plans and put him ultimately in jail. This is possibly Roxanne's hardest mission yet.

Stelivil's Smilonian Open

Roxanne is a unlockable character in the Secret Cup.

Fantendo - Planetary Implosion

Fantendo Emissary

Fantendo Desperation

Fantendo Smash Bros. Dimensions

Nintendo vs. Fantendo

Roxanne may or may not appear in Nintendo vs. Fantendo.


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