Roulette Rush

Developer(s) Ghostrealmstudios
Publisher(s) Ghostrealmstudios
Release Date(s) 2019
Genre Party
Mode(s) Multiplayer, singleplayer
Media GhostDrive Optical Disc
Input GhostDrive Casual Controller
GhostDrive Pro Controller

Roulette Rush is an umbrella party game released for the GhostDrive console. Intended to be a love letter to the Mario Party series, primarily its entries on the Nintendo GameCube along with Mario Party 8 and Super Mario Party, it plays like an interactive board game with minigames in between turns, and features a cast of characters chosen entirely by Krexxal (tbc).

Opening Movie

The game opens with a view of the gates of the Grand Carnival, with Bowser, Perry, Vividria, and Rigby walking through. Spotting an area labeled "Party Plaza", they run through, before the scene cuts to a view of Rogueport, with Rigby throwing a Star Orb at a space while giggling and moving forward two spaces. On the next turn, Bowser hits the Star Orb's space as he trips, letting loose a Star. As he lies on the ground, reaching for it, the Star floats towards Rigby as he chuckles.

The next scene depicts Sonic in a large robot of sorts, firing laser beams into an arena that Garrosh, an Inkling, and Turtwig are frantically running around in to avoid the lasers. Unfortunately, Turtwig isn't too lucky and is sent flying out of the area, sending Garrosh and the Inkling into a panic. Afterwards, the following scene has Venom waiting in line for ice cream in the Grand Carnival behind Diddy Kong, who's taking ages to order. Frustrated, Venom shoves Diddy aside as he points at a crudely made popsicle resembling Mario, with Diddy also trying to shove him aside simultaneously.

Afterwards, the following scene has Dr. Eggman using his Death Egg Robot to chase Sans, Robin, Stitch, and an Arwing within the Beltino Orbital Gate, with Eggman eventually colliding with their Landmaster-esque vehicle as they cower in fear. However, a nearby 9-Volt begins shouting at Eggman, and the two of them begin to bicker as the group in the Landmaster watch in confusion. Then, the opening movie cuts to a shot of all the playable characters together in the Party Plaza, looking around and smiling at each other. Then, they look up as the game's logo appears in the sky.


After the events of Mario Party 8, MC Ballyhoo began to devise the biggest carnival of all time, one that would go across dimensions and bring in as many people as possible. Via his contacts from Flipside, he traversed the multiverse and brought in all sorts of individuals to help, most notably Isabelle, who'd act as his assistant, and both 9-Volt and Dr. Eggman, who'd help run the festivities in their own fashion.

Once the festivities were set up, MC Ballyhoo commenced the start of the Grand Carnival, with characters from all sorts of franchises coming in. Would they find riches? Or would they be inconvenienced by bad luck?


Roulette Rush is a party video game where the primary goal is to collect more Stars than your opponents, with the requirements to obtain them depending on the board chosen, as you land on spaces travelled to via Dice Blocks. At the beginning of the game, the board's objective and quirks are explained to you by Isabelle, followed by the rolling of Dice Blocks to determine the turn order. Players will then take turns to roll Dice Blocks and move across the board, taking on the effects of any spaces they land on, before a minigame begins after everyone's turn. Winning a minigame will grant you coins, which can be used to purchase items known as Orbs, pay for special quirks on the board, or even pay for a Star depending on the board.

However, several unique mechanics exist across all boards. For one, Dr. Eggman will have a constant presence on the board via Eggman Time, which causes a negative event of some sort to occur every five turns. In addition, when the game only has four turns left, a special Last Four Turns event occurs, which allows whoever's in last place to gain some sort of bonus via spinning a roulette wheel. And at the end of every game, three Bonus Stars are handed out if the setting is enabled, and are shown beforehand:

  • The Happening Star is given to whoever landed on the most ? Spaces.
  • The Minigame Star is given to whoever won the most coins from minigames.
  • The Orb Star is given to whoever used the most Orbs.
  • The Red Space Star is given to whoever landed on the most Red Spaces.
  • The Running Star is given to whoever travelled the furthest distance.
  • The Shopping Star is given to whoever spent the most coins in shops.

Roulette Rush also makes use of a companion app for smartphones which can show game information in the standard party mode, and can also be used for special minigames in the Smartphone Nexus.


Roulette Rush's gamemodes are laid out within the hub world of the Grand Carnival, which can be freely explored. NPCs dot the carnival as well, and can be talked to. Alternatively, you can simply use a menu to access gamemodes.

Party Plaza

The Party Plaza holds the primary party gamemode, in which players battle it out for Stars. Three gameplay modes can be chosen after the board is chosen:

  • The Battle Royale gamemode pits four players against each other.
  • The Team Battle gamemode has two teams of two duke it out.
  • The Duel gamemode has two players, and two players alone, playing against each other.

After the main gamemode is chosen, you'll have to decide on turns (Anywhere from 10 to 50), whether or not to add in Bonus Stars that are awarded at the end of the match (as well as which Bonus Stars to have), whether or not to allow character-specific Dice Blocks, and which minigames you want to see before you dive into the action.

In addition, a World Tour option is available, in which you'll decide on an order of boards, and then play through them all, swapping over after a certain number of turns.

Smartphone Nexus

The Smartphone Nexus is where the companion app for Roulette Rush comes into play, featuring a wealth of modes that use it. In a similar vein to many games on the Wii U console, most of the Smartphone Nexus's modes employ asymmetric gameplay, though some have everyone using the app.

Smartphone Modes
Party Master Party Master has one player using the smartphone app to control the main party mode while up to four others play normally, allowing for a truly customizable experience. The smartphone user is capable of adjusting the following on the fly:
  • Stars, coins, and Orbs per player. This allows for on the fly adjustments to game balance as well as "injecting" specific Orbs into the game.
  • Default special Dice Blocks.
  • Which minigames will show up.
  • Rolling back turns.
Eggman Party In a similar vein to the Bowser Party mode in Mario Party 10, Eggman Party has a player using the smartphone app to control Dr. Eggman in his Death Egg Robot. Using modified versions of the normal boards, players will be grouped together in a vehicle as they try to get to the end, away from Eggman. After all the regular players have moved, Eggman will roll his Dice Blocks to move, causing a 1 vs. 4 Minigame to be played should he catch up to the players. The vehicle team has hearts which are lost should they take damage in these minigames, and if a player loses all their hearts, they're out. Eggman has to defeat all the players in the vehicle team to win, while the vehicle team has to reach the end of the board.
Quiz Show Inspired by Kahoot!, each player will have to use the smartphone app to answer questions presented on the TV screen. Players can either use random questions, or create their own, and will receive more points for answering quicker.
Ghost Hunters Drawing from the Luigi's Ghost Mansion game in Nintendo Land, Ghost Hunters has one player controlling King Boo via smartphone while the others are on the TV. King Boo can only be seen on the TV screen by players flashing their flashlights on him (as well as on the smartphone screen), so you'll need to work together and sniff him out.
Impersonation Players must try to impersonate voice clips of various characters in the game using their smartphones' microphones. The closer the impersonation, the more points you score.
Find the Phone One player has to hide their phone somewhere in the room within the time limit, and the other players have to find it. The phone will let out a noise to help track it down.
1 vs. 4 Minigames Play any 1 vs. 4 minigames here, in which one player uses a smartphone while up to four others use controllers.

Solo Tower

The Solo Tower holds the game's singleplayer mode, which consists of Duel-style games against another player on each board, with modified victory conditions and the addition of Solo Spaces on the board. Should those conditions be met, the game instantly ends and you move onto the next board. Along the way however, completing side objectives will add to your total score, making it something to come back to for those who want to unlock minigames or simply play for a higher score each time.

Royale Arena

The Royale Arena contains the game's eight-player mode, which plays similarly to Party Mode but with the following changes:

  • The only board available is one that merges together every single board in the game, linked via bridges. Because of this, Stars can be obtained in multiple ways.
  • Minigames now have two groups of two playing minigames at the end of each turn, or very rarely an 8-Player Minigame.
  • 40 turns is the minimum number, and the turns are adjusted in multiples of eight. After a few turns, whoever is in last place is ELIMINATED from the game, leaving it a game of last-man-standing.

Roulette Royale, in a way, offers a battle royale-esque gameplay style where you want to survive until the very end.

Minigame Arcade

Minigame Arcade is where players who seek to play minigames and minigames alone can find some fun. Various options are available:

Minigame Modes
Free Play Free Play allows you to play any minigames you've unlocked without restrictions or rulesets.
Bridge Battle Players win minigames to proceed further along the bridge.
Dueling Tournament Players compete in Duel minigames in a tournament structure, aiming to be the last one standing.
Decathalon Players compete in ten set minigames to obtain more points than anyone else by the end.
Ship Struggle Ship Struggle plays similarly to the board game Battleship, with players looking to strike at and take out enemy ships. However, to destroy enemy ships, you'll have to win minigames to land a hit, otherwise the shot will miss. Optionally, the Roulette Rush companion app can be used so that each player can see their own ships independently of the others.

Online Pavilion

The Online Pavilion allows access to Roulette Rush's online modes. While minigames can be played casually online, everything in the Party Plaza and Minigame Arcade can be played with friends, due to the issue of random players ragequitting if it was allowed with anyone.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is where you can spend the Roulette Points you obtain in the other modes to buy:

  • Specific minigames.
  • Music and sound effects to listen to in the Sound Test.
  • Figurines of characters that can be put on display.

Bonus Lounge

The Bonus Lounge is where several special minigames can be played, some of which use the GhostDrive Pro Controller. They're generally more "meaty" than other minigames, with longer durations and adjustable rules.

Options Office

The Options Office is where game settings are adjusted.


Roulette Rush features a diverse roster consisting of a variety of characters from all sorts of media, all chosen by Krexxal. Each character also has their own special Dice Block, which can be used instead of the regular one if the need arises provided that they were enabled, and you can also use other characters' special Dice Blocks once via Ally Spaces, or purchase them from shops.


Bowser SSBUltimate
Debut: Super Mario Bros. (1985)

The King of the Koopas and the archenemy of Mario, Bowser has always been there to kidnap Princess Peach and then proceed to be defeated by Mario in an endless cycle of fights. Yet occasionally, the two of them have teamed up against other villains, albeit Bowser is usually one to forge his own path. He's boastful, egotistic, and 100% pure final boss material.

Bowser was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being Krexxal's favorite Mario character. This was due to both his design and personality in the RPGs, more specifically Super Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, as well as him being one of his Super Smash Bros. mains.

+1 Coin 2D +2 Coin 2D +3 Coin 2D 1 2 3
Bowser's Dice Block is a well-balanced one that emphasizes coin collection, but is lacking in regards to distance.
Debut: Star Fox Zero (2016)

The Arwing is among the most famous vehicles used by the Star Fox team, with both flying and walker modes. This Arwing in particular uses the latter, and is piloted by Slippy Toad. Fortunately, its weapons systems have been disengaged for the duration of the Grand Carnival, not to mention its size has been decreased to allow for "fair play".

The Arwing was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal laughing at the idea of it, as well as his fondness for the Star Fox series as a whole.

0 3 3 3 3 3
The Arwing's Dice Block is perfect for those who need to be somewhere that's three spaces away, but is much more niche than the others.
Bender Bending Rodríguez
Debut: Futurama (1999)

Bender Bending Rodriguez was first built in Tijuana, Mexico, in the year 2996. Due to the nature of his fuel cells, he relies heavily on alcohol to recharge them, on top of his sexual habits and chain smoking. Yet, he found work at Planet Express after attempting to commit suicide, finding himself going on a myriad of adventures.

Bender was chosen for Roulette Rush's roster due to Futurama being one of Krexxal's favorite TV series, with Bender being his favorite from it due to Krexxal seeing him as a "lovable asshole".

-1 Coin 2D -1 Coin 2D 4 5 6 6
Bender's Dice Block is great for travelling long distances, but has the risk of losing coins.
Fat Yoshi
Fat Yoshi
Debut: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996)

Needless to say, Fat Yoshi is, well, an enormous, overweight Yoshi. Perhaps he's put on a bit of weight over the years considering we haven't seen a sequel to his game yet. We can thank Square Enix for that.

Fat Yoshi was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to a series of jokes that began when Krexxal had him as his wiki and Discord avatar on April Fool's Day of 2017. People began to associate him with Fat Yoshi, and he chose to embrace it, continuing with the jokes and even using variants of the character as future avatars.

1 1 1 1 1 17
Fat Yoshi's Dice Block is a pure gamble, as you'll either barely move, or cover a whopping seventeen spaces.
Skull Kid
Skull Kid Ocarina (Hyrule Warriors)
Debut: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000)

This mischievous figure was responsible for donning Majora's Mask and nearly bringing about the end of Termina. Yet, he had a soft side that was taken advantage of by Link, and didn't really want to destroy the place. It's like the mask was a parasite in control of him.

Skull Kid was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's fondness for Majora's Mask, as it was his first 3D Zelda. Skull Kid as a character intrigued him due to how he was crazy, yet had an emotional side to him.

2 2 2 2 4 4
Skull Kid's Dice Block is about highs and lows, and is perfect for those who need to be somewhere that's either two or four spaces away.
Sonic SSBUltimate
Debut: Rad Mobile (1991, cameo), Sonic the Hedgehog (1991, official)

Said to be the fastest thing alive, Sonic can run faster than the speed of sound. He's taken on all sorts of foes, but primarily contends with Dr. Eggman.

Sonic was added to the roster of Roulette Rush due to one of Krexxal's first video games being Sonic Heroes on the GameCube, which he had played before ever touching a mainline Mario title. While he would later be disinterested in the series, it took the release of Sonic Mania, combined with several of his friends on Fantendo enjoying the series, to make him a Sonic fan again.

-10 Coin 2D -5 Coin 2D -3 Coin 2D 6 8 12
Sonic's Dice Block has a lot of high numbers, but comes at the cost of potentially losing a lot of coins.
Debut: Spore (2008)

The cybernetic Grox species is infamous throughout the galaxy for being arguably THE most hostile species there is, with a massive empire concentrated around the Galactic Core. Perhaps they're protecting something there?

The Grox were chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's fondness for the game Spore, especially its content creation tools. He had spent ages playing the game and mastering its mechanics despite it being more niche and abandoned by its developers after some time.

+1 Coin 2D +1 Coin 2D 0 0 5 6
The Grox's Dice Block has a lot of versatility, either allowing you to move a good distance, or gain a coin. There's still that risk of rolling a zero however.
Debut: Undertale (2015)

Said to be among the laziest inhabitants of Snowdin, Sans is, well, a living skeleton who barely does anything. He also makes a ton of humerous puns. A skele-ton of them actually.

Sans was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal seeing him as a funny character in Undertale, despite having not finished the game, as well as finding his design intriguing.

-3 Coin 2D -1 Coin 2D 0 0 0 +20 CoinSM3DW
Sans's Dice Block fits his lazy attitude, often resulting in him not moving at all or simply losing coins. However, you have a chance of hitting the jackpot and gaining a large amount of coins.
Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong Sunrise
Debut: Donkey Kong Country (1994)

Diddy Kong can fly real high with his jetpack on, and with his pistols out, he's one tough Kong. Diddy is well-known for fighting alongside Donkey Kong against the Kremlings as well as other villains, not to mention his participation in sporting events and kart races.

Diddy Kong was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being Krexxal's favorite Donkey Kong character, owing it to his design and playstyle in the Super Smash Bros. series.

-1 Coin 2D 0 0 6 6 6
Diddy Kong's Dice Block has a 50% chance of rolling a 6, but comes at the cost of not moving at all or simply losing a coin.
Debut: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (2007)

Born on Draenor with stories of his father's treachery to the orc people, Garrosh grew up ashamed of him. It took the arrival of Warchief Thrall for him to find out of his father's redemption, and take his place as a prominent figure within the Horde, eventually becoming Thrall's successor as Warchief. Yet, his rule was plagued by orcish supremacy and it eventually took the other races of the Horde uniting for him to be defeated.

Garrosh was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's nostalgia for World of Warcraft, primarily its Mists of Pandaria expansion, where Garrosh was a prominent character. Krexxal adored his character arc and how it went from pessimistic young warrior, to hotheaded general, to tyrannical dictator.

0 1 2 3 5 8
Garrosh's Dice Block has a good balance of numbers, though there's always a chance of hitting the zero.
Debut: Kirby Star Allies (2018)

Vividria's always sworn to do her best, hoping to get into a good art school. While initially hostile, she can be befriended by Kirby and work alongside him, using her artistic ability to help him out.

Vividria was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal simply adoring her design, and using her for his first run of Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! in Kirby Star Allies.

1 2 2 2 3 10
Vividria's Dice Block has a lot of low numbers, but that 10 will let you rocket forward.
Labo Man
Debut: Nintendo Labo Variety Kit (2018)

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, when first revealed, had a brief clip of a cardboard figure with a Joy-Con on his back flopping onto the ground. Naturally, the internet decided to make him a meme, to the point where he was even wanted for Smash. Like seriously, he's just a piece of cardboard with a controller on his back! What could you do, make him swing it?

Labo Man was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal finding the original meme hilarious, not to mention making a Smash moveset for him during the initial draft of Super Smash Bros. GR.

-3 Coin 2D -2 Coin 2D 6 6 8 8
Labo Man's Dice Block is a bit of a gamble. While the 6s and 8s are attractive, there's a chance of losing coins.
Captain Rex
Captain Rex
Debut: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)

Designated CT-7567, Rex served as a clone trooper captain during the Clone Wars, fighting under the command of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. He cared deeply for his men, and would often use unorthodox tactics just like his superior. While he would later abandon the Republic after Order 66, he'd continue to fight with a sense of honor and bravery.

Captain Rex was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal admiring him as a character in the Clone Wars TV series, primarily his appearance in the Umbara episode arc.

+3 Coin 2D 1 1 5 6 7
Rex's Dice Block has a good, balanced spread of numbers, allowing you to reap coins as well as travel a few spaces, though the two 1s might be problematic.
Debut: Champions of Ascerth (2017)

Born in a village that was raided and destroyed by the krexxon, Kaiden set out on a journey to find out what was truly going on, making some friends along the way and eventually took part in some larger conflicts.

Kaiden was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being, well, Krexxal's first original character. It'd be a sin to not have him in.

+5 Coin 2D 1 1 1 7 8
Kaiden's Dice Block is good for earning a few coins, or potentially traveling a long distance.
Green Inkling - Splatoon 2
Debut: Splatoon (2015)

The Inklings are the most notable species within Inkopolis, taking part in massive Turf War battles for fun. They also have a bit of a rivalry with the Octarians, due to a past conflict. Woomy!

The Inkling was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal enjoying Splatoon and its sequel. While the green male design is the default, the Inkling's gender can be chosen via a button press on the character selection screen.

-2 Coin 2D 0 3 3 5 7
The Inkling's Dice Block has a varied spread of numbers, and a small risk of losing coins.
387Turtwig 2
Debut: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (2006)

One of the Sinnoh region's three starter Pokémon, Turtwig is a Grass-type that evolves into Grotle, and then Torterra. It tends to nourish itself through photosynthesis, and drinks water to harden its soil-based shell.

Turtwig was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to it being the very first Pokémon Krexxal ever used. To this day, he still owns that Turtwig, carrying it from Sinnoh, to Unova, to Kalos, to Alola. While Torterra was considered, Turtwig was chosen instead due to its size being less problematic.

-2 Coin 2D -1 Coin 2D 1 3 5 7
Turtwig's Dice Block has a bit of a risk in regards to coin loss, but can travel a good distance should it have the opportunity.
Debut: Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Experiment 626, informally known as "Stitch", was originally created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba to wreak havoc across the galaxy, before somehow ending up on Earth, where he was mistaken for a dog and found a home. Yet, he went on all kinds of adventures beyond the limits of the Earth.

Stitch was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal having fond memories of watching Lilo and Stitch as a kid, finding the character interesting.

-1 Coin 2D -1 Coin 2D -1 Coin 2D 8 8 8
Stitch's Dice Block is a perfect example of "high risk, high reward". You'll either lose a coin, or rocket forward eight spaces.
Ultimate Venom
Debut: The Amazing Spider-Man #252 (1984, canonically), The Amazing Spider-Man #299 (1988, officially)

A symbiote who bonded with Spider-Man, Venom once bestowed the hero with immense power before being driven out of his body, seeking out Eddie Brock. While Venom went from host to host, and has served as both a hero and a villain, he's usually stuck with Brock.

Venom was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal having nostalgia for the movie Spider-Man 3 despite its quality, and generally liked Venom's design and character.

0 0 3 3 6 6
Venom's Dice Block is divided into thirds, with two zeroes, two 3s, and two 6s.
Debut: Spyro the Dragon (1998)

An energetic young purple dragon, Spyro's been on all sorts of adventures to take on a variety of villains, usually accompanied by the dragonfly Sparx. While adept in fire-breathing, Spyro isn't much of a flier.

Spyro was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal playing one of his games while getting his hair cut as a kid, as well as his experience with the Skylanders series. It took making a moveset for Spyro in Super Smash Bros. GR for Krexxal to truly appreciate Spyro however.

1 1 2 4 5 7
Spyro's Dice Block has a few low numbers, but the high numbers can provide a nice edge over others.
Ernie the Giant Chicken
Ernie the Giant Chicken
Debut: Family Guy (1999)

After presenting Peter Griffin with a coupon that was later discovered to be expired, Ernie the Giant Chicken developed a rivalry of sort with Peter, fighting him whenever the two of them locked gazes. Their battles are vicious and destructive, but never end in death. They're like yin and yang.

Ernie was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal finding his fight scenes to be some of the best parts of Family Guy despite the show's overall quality. In particular, their unexpectedness made them even more memorable.

-3 Coin 2D +5 Coin 2D 0 0 9 10
Ernie's Dice Block can rocket forward a good number of spaces, but can just as easily lose coins, or even gain quite a few.
Rick Sanchez
Rick sanchez
Debut: The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti (2006, conceptually), Rick and Morty (2013)

A genius scientist who also happens to be alcoholic, Rick often puts his grandson Morty in danger as he goes on all sorts of adventures and experiments with all sorts of machinery. He also has a love of McDonalds Szechuan Sauce.

Rick was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal adoring Rick and Morty as a show. He really enjoyed Rick's character arc and how there's more to him than meets the eye, seeing as how he's a complex character.

-2 Coin 2D -1 Coin 2D 1 3 5 5
Rick's Dice Block has some nice 5s and a three, but always has the risk of losing coins.
Ridley SSBUltimate
Debut: Metroid (1986)

A particularly large space pirate, Ridley was responsible for the deaths of Samus Aran's parents, and would become her nemesis so to speak. Despite Samus usually winning, Ridley somehow comes back, earning the nickname "Cunning God of Death" due to this.

Ridley was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to his design and place in the Metroid games being something Krexxal liked. Ridley had always fascinated him, and he also expressed excitement when he was revealed to be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

0 0 2 3 5 7
Ridley's Dice Block might be risky due to the zeroes, but that spread of non-zeroes might have some strategic use.
Ganondorf SSBUltimate
Debut: The Legend of Zelda (1986, canonically), The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998, as Ganondorf)

The reincarnation of the demon king Demise, Ganon, known in his Gerudo form as Ganondorf, is destined to reincarnate again and again to battle Link and Princess Zelda, out of his desire for world domination.

Ganondorf was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal having him as one of his Super Smash Bros. mains, not to mention adoring his story. Surprisingly however, Krexxal loathed Ganondorf's Ocarina of Time design (the one seen in the game) until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed, preferring his design in Twilight Princess.

-2 Coin 2D -2 Coin 2D 2 5 7 7
Ganondorf's Dice Block has two sevens and a five, but the two-coin loss is always a risk.
Debut: Regular Show (2009, pilot episode), Regular Show (2011, official premiere)

One of the groundskeepers for a park, Rigby can be a bit immature at times but still gets the job done. Alongside his best friend Mordecai, they've been on all sorts of wacky escapades.

Rigby was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being Krexxal's favorite Regular Show character and generally relating with his personality.

0 1 1 2 3 8
Rigby's Dice Block has quite a few low numbers, but the 8 is the key to victory.
Paper Mario
Debut: Paper Mario (2000)

Sometimes, Mario's been depicted in a papery form. In this form, he's battled with Bowser to save the Star Rod, the X-Nauts to halt their plot with the Crystal Stars, and Count Bleck to save countless worlds from destruction. Just don't bring up stickers or paint around him, okay?

Paper Mario was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal adoring both Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario. He had rented both from Blockbuster around the same time as a kid, but Super only barely beat out the former in terms of which is his favorite.

+1 Coin 2D +1 Coin 2D +2 Coin 2D +2 Coin 2D 1 2
Paper Mario's Dice Block is 66% coins, so it's less than ideal for moving around the board.
Perry the platypus by sarrel-d3gvo02
Debut: Phineas and Ferb (2007)

Normally seen as an ordinary pet platypus, Perry is actually a secret agent of O.W.C.A., with a lair underneath his home. Every day, he works to stop the nefarious Dr. Doofenshmirtz, though generally their relationship is quite positive. It's almost like it's a trope that they fight each other...

Perry was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal enjoying Phineas and Ferb, primarily its meta humor. In particular, Perry was chosen due to how he blended in with the rest of the roster.

-1 Coin 2D 0 2 3 3 4
Perry's Dice Block has a bit of a risk to it with getting a zero or losing a coin, but has a good range of spaces, albeit on the smaller side.
King K. Rool
KingKrool SSBUltimate
Debut: Donkey Kong Country (1994)

The ruler of the Kremlings, King K. Rool seeks nothing more than to take the Kongs' bananas, though this has got him into many squabbles with Donkey Kong. Nevertheless, he keeps going.

King K. Rool was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal liking the character a lot as a kid, and adoring his inclusion in Mario Super Sluggers.

-4 Coin 2D -3 Coin 2D 0 1 6 11
King K. Rool's Dice Block is for those with a lot of guts, as you can either head forward with an 11, or just as easily lose coins.
Robin SSBUltimate (Female)
Debut: Fire Emblem Awakening (2013)

Found unconscious by Chrom and his Shepherds, Robin would learn to become a powerful Tactician and lead the battle against the evil Grima. They're largely a mystery, but their skill in war tactics is unparalleled.

Robin was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal finding them the most unique out of any main Fire Emblem character, and enjoying their spellcaster playstyle in the Super Smash Bros. series. While Robin uses their female design by default, the male design can be switched to via a button press.

-2 Coin 2D 0 1 3 4 6
Robin's Dice Block has a varied spread of numbers, but is held back by lacking a few specific ones as well as the risk of losing coins or getting a zero.
Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight Treasure Trove
Debut: Shovel Knight (2014)

Shovel Knight once fought alongside his beloved Shield Knight until the evil Enchantress took her from him. Yet, after a brief period of solitude, he returned to the world to save it, as well as his beloved.

Shovel Knight was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal finding the game to be a favorite of his, and liking Shovel Knight's general design.

1 2 2 4 4 7
Shovel Knight's Dice Block has a varied spread of numbers, but the lack of some specific ones may be problematic.
Saitama One Punch Man
Debut: One-Punch Man (2009)

After saving a child from the evil Crablante, Saitama was driven to become a superhero, training day after day. He eventually perfected his technique so that he could defeat anyone with a single punch, but in the process developed an existential crisis due to how his work had become too easy.

Saitama was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal enjoying One-Punch Man quite a bit, and admiring Saitama as a character.

0 0 4 4 6 8
Saitama's Dice Block might be risky due to its two zeroes, but the two 4s and the other numbers should make up for that.
Wolf SSBUltimate
Debut: Star Fox 64 (1997)

The leader of the Star Wolf team, Wolf O'Donnell considers himself a rival of Fox McCloud, often battling the Star Fox team. Yet, he holds respect for Fox and seeks to be the one to take him down.

Wolf was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal enjoying playing as him in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and also liking his design as a whole.

0 1 1 2 4 8
Wolf's Dice Block has a decent spread of numbers, but the zero could pose a problem.
Debut: Champions of Ascerth (2017)

Elina was among the heroes that fought against the krexxon alongside Kaiden. She'd later develop a grudging respect for the swordsman that would turn romantic to say the least, and holds vast expertise in magic.

Elina was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush for the same reason as Kaiden: they were both characters Krexxal had conceived. Elina in particular had character traits that resonated with Krexxal as well.

0 0 4 4 7 7
Elina's Dice Block is nothing but 4s, 7s, and 0s. It has a slight risk, but is consistent when it comes to covering ground.
Debut: Pokémon X and Y (2013)

Known as the Ninja Pokémon, Greninja is fast and capable of confusing its opponents, throwing out lethal water shurikens as weapons. And through the mysterious Bond Phenomenon, Greninja can even take on a greater form.

Greninja was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to being one of Krexxal's Super Smash Bros. mains, as well as due to his fondness for the Pokémon XY anime, seeing Greninja as his favorite Water-type starter.

1 1 2 4 4 4
Greninja's Dice Block has multiple 4s, but as as result might not be the best for going a longer distance or covering specific spaces.
Debut: Team Fortress 2 (2007)

A mumbling pyromaniac of unknown origin, the Pyro is an enigma. They seems to love nothing except burning things to the ground. Yet, some have spoken of something called Pyroland, as if the Pyro sees the world differently...

The Pyro was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being Krexxal's main class in Team Fortress 2, as well as adoring his personality quirks like the existence of Pyroland and the Pyro's unknown gender.

0 1 2 3 4 8
The Pyro's Dice Block is similar to the regular 1-6 dice, but simply swaps out the 5 and 6 for a 0 and 8. Use it carefully.
Link (Dreams)
Debut: The Legend of Zelda (1986)

The hero of Hyrule and the wielder of the Triforce of Courage, Link is destined to stop Ganon and save Hyrule time and time again. Various incarnations have also battled other villains and played pivotal roles in Hyrule's history.

Link was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal really connecting with his character during his playthrough of Breath of the Wild, particularly the memory sequences.

-2 Coin 2D 0 1 5 5 5
Link's Dice Block has a nice spread of 5s, but you better watch out for the 0, or even worse, the coin drain.
Vector SSBGR
Debut: Knuckles' Chaotix (1995)

The leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency, Vector is a big crocodile with an even bigger heart, often helping out others for free and utilizing his sheer strength to win the day. No wonder his detective agency is broke.

Vector was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal adoring his design and the whole dynamic of the Chaotix.

0 0 2 3 5 7
Vector's Dice Block has two problematic zeroes, but can potentially allow for a nice jump forward by a few spaces.
Debut: Marvel Preview #7 (1976)

A raccoon enhanced by science with sentient-level intelligence, Rocket would grow to develop a personality of vain and chaos. This would lead to him becoming a mercenary and committing various offenses.

Rocket was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal seeing him as one of his favorite Marvel characters, mostly due to how he stood out among the pack of humanoid characters.

+3 Coin 2D +2 Coin 2D 0 0 4 5
Rocket's Dice Block is either coins, zeroes, or travelling several spaces, giving it a lot of versatility but also a small drawback.
Orbulon Gold
Debut: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (2003)

Orbulon once intended to invade the earth before his spaceship, the Oinker, crashed. From there, he just decided to settle down, and eventually began working with Wario when it came to producing microgames.

Orbulon was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to his design and depiction in WarioWare Gold appealing to Krexxal quite a bit. He adored Orbulon's childish antics and microgames.

1 1 2 2 3 3
Orbulon's Dice Block can only roll 1-3, making it bad for covering distance but great for inching closer to specific spaces.
Soldier: 76
Soldier 76
Debut: Overwatch (2016)

Jack Morrison joined the United States military at the age of eighteen during the Omnic Crisis, being picked out for the government's "soldier enhancement program." He'd eventually head the Overwatch team, and later take up the mantle of Soldier: 76 after the team's collapse.

Soldier: 76 was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being Krexxal's main in Overwatch and generally seeming like a cool character to him. Simplistic, but interesting.

0 1 2 3 5 5
Soldier: 76's Dice Block has a decent spread of numbers, but the zero might pose a problem.
Debut: World of Warcraft (2004)

Stitches is what you'd call an abomination: he's an undead creature made from assorted body parts and dead limbs from assorted corpses. However, they're incredibly stupid and mostly used as cannon fodder in battles. Stitches is the most notable Abomination due to how he terrorized Darkshire, and retains most of his species's characteristics.

Stitches was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal using Abominations heavily when he played Warcraft III, and generally liked their designs. Stitches just so happened to be the most notable one.

-2 Coin 2D 0 1 5 7 9
Stitches's Dice Block has a bit of a risky side to it, but can potentially let you travel a large distance.
Debut: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017)

The Champion of the Rito, Revali is a proud archer who can utilize a powerful technique capable of creating updrafts. He fought alongside Link until the arrival of Calamity Ganon, and despite being weary of Link, he'd eventually recognize him as a worthy fighter.

Revali was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being Krexxal's favorite of the four Champions in Breath of the Wild, owing it to his design and how he actually opposes Link.

0 1 3 4 6 6
Revali's Dice Block might have a zero, but the addition of two 6s makes it a good choice.
The Lich King
The Lich King RouletteRush
Debut: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002)

Initially created by the Burning Legion to command the Undead Scourge, the Lich King would break free from their grasp after some time, merging with his death knight champion Arthas, a former paladin. Under this new role, Arthas would seek to consume Azeroth with undeath and bring everyone into his servitude.

The Lich King was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal really admiring his character arc, and seeing him as a great villain.

-3 Coin 2D -3 Coin 2D 0 5 8 9
The Lich King's Dice Block is very polarized numbers-wise, but can potentially change the game.
Meta Knight
Meta knight art
Debut: Kirby's Adventure (1993)

Meta Knight is a mysterious warrior known for commanding the large airship known as the Halberd. He's been both a friend and an enemy to Kirby, and may even resemble him beneath that mask...

Meta Knight was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal maining him in Super Smash Bros, Brawl as well as liking his design. He also enjoyed playing as him in Kirby Star Allies.

-2 Coin 2D 0 2 4 7 9
Meta Knight's Dice Block might have a bit of a coin drain to it, but it has quite a few high numbers.
3DS MetroidSamusReturns char 01 50
Debut: Metroid (1986)

After her parents were murdered by Ridley, Samus trained with the Chozo to become one of the fiercest bounty hunters in the galaxy. She was not only responsible for exterminating the Metroids, but also had a hand in defeating the threat of Phazon.

Samus was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to her always being a favorite of Krexxal's. He really liked her design as well as the role she had in the video game industry for being the first significant female protagonist.

0 1 1 3 6 6
Samus's Dice Block has a nice amount of 6s, but the zero and the plethora of 1s might make it more situational.
Debut: Minecraft (2011)

Steve is more or less an avatar one can use as they play Minecraft. He may not have much personality to him, but he can be anything the player wants thanks to skins.

Steve was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Minecraft being one of his favorite games as a whole.

1 1 2 3 4 9
Steve's Dice Block has quite a few low numbers, but the 9 can either make or break the game.
Debut: Zalvar Online (2017)

Taikari is a born mercenary. She has no mercy for her opponents, and only recently learned the value of working with others. Yet, she has an emotional side to her brought about after she defeated the Soul Grazer.

Taikari was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to her being another original character Krexxal created, and he enjoyed writing her considerably.

-5 Coin 2D 0 1 5 6 8
Taikari's Dice Block has a nasty coin drain, but provides a potential space gain.
Timid Guy
Timid Guy
Debut: Super Mario Excursion (2017)

A Shy Guy who once served Bowser, Timid Guy joined up with Mario when he arrived in Shy Guy Valley after Bowser had taken over. He'd eagerly aid the plumber with his sword, and even go on other adventures with him.

Timid Guy was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being another original character of Krexxal's, particularly how he was a Shy Guy who had a bit more to him. Krexxal had always liked Shy Guys.

0 3 4 4 4 5
Timid Guy's Dice Block is perfect if you need to be somewhere four spaces away, but may prove to be useful in other regards too.
Debut: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)

A Nopon who always wanted to be a Driver, Tora unfortunately failed to resonate with a Core Crystal. So instead, he turned to making an artificial Blade to battle alongside, and even join up with the Salvager Rex and his Blade Pyra in their journey to the World Tree Elysium.

Tora was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being Krexxal's favorite character in Xenoblade 2. He always liked the speech mannerisms of the Nopons.

-3 Coin 2D 1 3 4 5 7
Tora's Dice Block has a varied number spread, but there's always the risk of coin loss.
Bowser Jr.
SuperMarioParty BowserJr
Debut: Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

The son of the Koopa King himself, Bowser Jr. is always eager to do his father's bidding and take on Mario. While rambunctious, Junior is still a child.

Bowser Jr. was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal loving him as a character ever since he was a kid, and even maining him in Mario Tennis Aces.

1 1 1 3 4 9
Bowser Jr.'s Dice Block is a high-risk, high-reward one that has three chances to roll a 1, but a good spread of numbers otherwise.
E-123 Omega
E-123 Omega by Nibroc-Rock
Debut: Sonic Heroes (2003)

Originally built by Dr. Eggman, E-123 Omega would be a bit rebellious and seek revenge on the doctor for mistreatment, siding with Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat in the process to form Team Dark. He's played the role of both hero and villain too, making him a powerful figure in his own right.

E-123 Omega was added to the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being one of Krexxal's favorite Sonic characters, as well as adoring his speech mannerisms.

0 1 2 2 3 5
Omega's Dice Block is a bit on the lower side, but can allow for precise movements when necessary.
Falco SSBUltimate
Debut: Star Fox (1993)

A hotshot pilot who once led his own gang, Falco joined the Star Fox team and served as one of its best pilots. Falco can be a bit cocky, but his skills are highly valued.

Falco was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to him being one of Krexxal's favorite Star Fox characters, primarily enjoying his personality and the remarks he makes.

1 3 3 4 4 4
Falco's Dice Block has quite a few 4s and two 3s, but is still a bit on the lower side.
TAS Mario
1.64 bit Mario 3
Debut: Super Mario 64 (1996, technically), SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses (2016, officially)

TAS Mario may seem like he's the regular old Mario. However, he's extremely athletic and can make use of world-breaking jump techniques, bring Scuttlebugs together, and break the beliefs of orange Yoshis across the globe.

TAS Mario was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's fondness for Super Mario 64's speedrun scene, primarily the jokes behind it.

0 1 3 3 3 6
TAS Mario's Dice Block has quite a few 3s, but the zero could slow you down considerably.
PrincessBowserOct2018 AlternateColor2
Debut: Tweet by @ayyk92 on Twitter (2018), Crown of Horns (2018, on Fantendo)

After being rejected by Princess Peach on the moon, Bowser had a bit of an internal crisis, and decided to embrace a new identity as Princess Bowser, commonly referred to as "Bowsette", via the Super Crown. Needless to say, some people were pleased by this move and others...weren't.

Bowsette was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal enjoying the character, especially the common theory that Bowser became Bowsette due to a change in personal views. While the blond-haired variant of Bowsette is the default look, the red-haired, blond/dark-skinned, and red-haired-dark-skinned costumes are also available via button presses.

? ? ? ? 5 6
Bowsette's Dice Block is unique in that four of its sides are either a 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on what place you're in. In eight-player matches, those who place in fifth or lower still have a 4.
The Grinch
Debut: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1957)

If you could sum up the Grinch in one phrase, it'd have to be "Fuck Christmas". He hates the holiday, and once hatched a plot to steal all of the Christmas presents in Whoville. However, he'd end up having a change of heart. Literally. The thing grew in size.

The Grinch was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to being a childhood favorite of Krexxal, as well as the Super Smash Bros. leak associated with him.

-5 Coin 2D -5 Coin 2D -5 Coin 2D 6 6 6
The Grinch's Dice Block is either a solid 6, or a straight-up coin loss.
Banjo & Kazooie
Banjo and kazooie smashified transparent by hextupleyoodot-d8pav2j
Debut: Banjo-Kazooie (1998)

The bear Banjo and the bird Kazooie have been best friends for a long time, going on all sorts of adventures together. These adventures primarily pit them against the evil witch Gruntilda, and often have rhyming dialogue for some apparent reason.

Banjo & Kazooie were chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to their origin game being a big inspiration for Krexxal's work on Fantendo, as well as him simply liking the duo as a whole and Rare's projects.

-7 Coin 2D -3 Coin 2D 0 0 8 9
Banjo & Kazooie's Dice Block has a powerful 8 and a 9, but also a very steep risk of losing coins.
Debut: Fissure (2010, originally), Fissure (2014) (2014, canonically)

Unten is, well, the mascot of Fantendo and the "poster boy" of the Fantendoverse. He's a character that's been through a lot ever since the destruction of Zeon, and is notorious for having responsibilities thrust upon him that were greater than his current capabilities.

Unten was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal admiring his personal story as a character, as well as his design fitting into the game nicely.

-5 Coin 2D 0 2 6 7 8
Unten's Dice Block has quite a few high numbers, but you have the risk of rolling a zero or potentially losing coins.
Debut: BowieQuest (2014)

A mute teddy bear who also happens to be a sheriff, Bowie is quite the hero. He's dealt with the evil Endal the Monkey countless times, and is more or less the hero of the tribe he leads.

Bowie was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to the close friendship Krexxal has with Athena (tbc), and is here as a token of appreciation, not to mention Krexxal liking the character's simplistic design.

1 1 2 4 4 6
Bowie's Dice Block has two 4s and might hit a 6, but the 1s and the 2 could hold you back.
Debut: Eternika (2014)

Hinata (commonly known as Hama, her royal title) is the last of the shapeshifting Draconian species. Serving as an assassin, she's lived for centuries and has only recently reemerged to save the world.

Hinata was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's friendship with Hollow (tbc), though Hinata in particular was chosen due to Krexxal finding her backstory intriguing.

0 2 2 2 2 8
Hinata's Dice Block has a lot of 2s, but there's a chance you'll hit the 8.
Zmey the Dragon
Debut: Boss Battles (2017)

A powerful dragon, Zephyr is one to fight, and will often make use of his abilities in battle. With a fierce code of honor, he won't surrender.

Zephyr was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal considering Fire Scyther (tbc) a very close friend of his, and wanting to embrace that friendship via the inclusion of his character. Zephyr also had a design that Krexxal adored.

0 1 2 3 3 7
Zephyr's Dice Block has a nice 7 plus some other numbers, but the zero could slow you down.
Debut: Super Mario and the Underworld Trials (2017)

Next in line to rule the Underworld, Pearl became fast friends with Mario when he arrived in the area, and would be swept up in a major turn of events afterwards. However, she remains sweet and optimistic despite this.

Pearl was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's close friendship with Pokerninja2 (tbc), seeking to show his appreciation. Besides that fact however, Pearl was just a cute character in Krexxal's eyes and he saw her as fitting the vibe of Roulette Rush.

1 1 2 2 3 10
Pearl's Dice Block has quite a few low numbers, but that 10 may be the key to victory.
Debut: Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture (2015)

A prominent doctor, Leah Needlenam has been a major figure in the Fantendoverse for some time, and was even presumed dead once. Never the less, she's always been one to speak her mind (no matter what she ends up saying), and is compassionate to those she cares about.

Leah was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's friendship with Helena Harper (tbc), and seeing her as someone he looks up to. In addition to that, Leah had a very complex personality that Krexxal admired and in some cases could relate to.

-2 Coin 2D -2 Coin 2D +2 Coin 2D 3 5 7
Leah's Dice Block has a nice spread of numbers, but a nasty coin drain that could prove to be troublesome.
Debut: Crestseeker (2018)

Bynde is the name used to refer to multiple heroes, each being the reincarnation of the ancient hero known as the Seeker. This particular incarnation lived on the moon until her sister was kidnapped, heading down to the world below in the process and ending up on one heck of an adventure.

Bynde was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's friendship with Pyro (tbc), as well as looking up to him as a mentor figure when it came to Fantendo. Besides that, Bynde was chosen due to Krexxal admiring Crestseeker as a project and wanting to express that.

-5 Coin 2D +1 Coin 2D +1 Coin 2D 5 6 8
Bynde's Dice Block has a lot of high numbers, but if you don't hit those you might gain a coin or even lose quite a few of them!
Debut: Meta-Form (2011)

A form-changing robot, Meta-Form is among the most powerful of robots, capable of transforming into, well, almost anything. He's quite the hero to say the least.

Meta-Form was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's friendship with Samtendo (tbc), and wanting to express that. In addition, Meta-Form had a charm to him that fit the vibe of the game.

-6 Coin 2D 0 3 5 6 8
Meta-Form's Dice Block has quite a few high numbers, but the risk of losing quite a few coins.
Debut: Beorns from County Hell (2018)

Involved in the destruction of his universe's Zeon, Reten is a megalomaniac who lacks any sort of mercy. He tends to fear "going soft" in times of peace, but always keeps himself ready to fight.

Reten was chosen for the roster of Roulette Rush due to Krexxal's friendship with Crunch (tbc), and wanting to express that. In addition, Reten had a very interesting and funny personality that Krexxal liked quite a bit.

3 3 3 3 3 4
Reten's Dice Block is nothing but 3s, but you might hit the 4 if you're lucky enough!


With two exceptions, supporting characters aren't playable.

MC Ballyhoo
The host of the Grand Carnival, MC Ballyhoo and his Bonneter companion Big Top have set up the greatest carnival in history. While they leave most of their duties to their assistant Isabelle, the duo do show up at the end of each party to crown the winner, as well as in the Solo Tower.
Isabelle SSBUltimate
Brought in from her own dimension to act as Ballyhoo's assistant, Isabelle is cheerful and always ready to work. She describes the rules of each gamemode and board, and also runs the Last Four Turns event.
9-Volt - WarioWare Gold
Another vital ally brought in by Ballyhoo, 9-Volt runs the 9-Volt Spaces and does something beneficial for the player upon landing on one, whether it be starting up a 9-Volt Minigame or simply giving them something.
Dr. Eggman
This genius, 200 IQ scientist was paid handsomely by Ballyhoo to work with the Grand Carnival, though he tends to conduct schemes of comical villainy that usually don't go well. Eggman runs the Eggman Spaces and works to harm the players landing on them in a variety of ways. Eggman also runs the Eggman Time event that occurs every five turns. He's also playable in the Eggman Party mode in the Smartphone Nexus.
King Boo
The nemesis of Luigi and the ruler of the Boos, King Boo is playable in the Ghost Hunters mode in the Smartphone Nexus.


A wide variety of boards exist in Roulette Rush, once again chosen based on Krexxal's favorite franchises.

Debut: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)

Built on top of the ruins of an ancient city, Rogueport now plays host to a large population of thieves, scammers, and untrustworthy folks - just like whoever you're playing Roulette Rush alongside.

Rogueport is intended to be the board for new players or those who want something more simple. The Star is located at a random space and can be purchased for 20 coins, after which it will move to another location on the board. ? Spaces may result in a coin-collecting minigame near the Pianta Parlor or even a robbery on the east side that'll take away coins, while the Lucky Space will allow you to collect a free Star from the sewers below.

When Eggman Time begins in Rogueport, Dr. Eggman will either take out one of the Orb shops to build his own "Eggman Souvenir Shop", which sells bogus Orbs at ridiculous prices, or he'll destroy the bridge to the east side temporarily.

Debut: Minecraft (2011)

This village was seemingly built in the plains, and plays host to simple villagers who roam about, doing their everyday tasks amidst the threat of invading zombies.

The Village, unlike other boards, has you investing coins into the buildings around the Village, with Stars being given to whoever has invested the most coins in one building. You can gain up to three Stars from a single building as long as you have the largest investment, with them ranking up to Tier 2 with 20 coins, and Tier 3 with 50. ? Spaces primarily give out coins, but you can also find a few that let you call upon zombies to rob buildings, giving other people's invested coins to you. The Lucky Spaces grant access to secret Tier 3 buildings that can be invested in for Stars.

When Eggman Time begins in the Village, Eggman will either dispatch an Eggrobo to rob a building of its coins, or destroy a building entirely (removing everyone's investments in it) and construct a new, "blank" one on top of it.

Beltino Orbital Gate
OrbitalGateAssault SSBGR
Debut: Star Fox: Assault (2005)

The Beltino Orbital Gate served as a scientific research station during the Aparoid invasion. When their homeworld was discovered, the Aparoids mounted a full-scale invasion but were defeated by both the Star Fox and Star Wolf teams.

The Beltino Orbital Gate is a board that shakes up gameplay in that you don't obtain Stars normally. Instead, each player is given five Stars at the beginning of the game, requiring you to pay coins to the Arwings around the board to come out on top. While riding an Arwing, you'll steal a Star from anyone you pass for the duration of your dice roll. ? Spaces allow you to play a shooting minigame to earn coins, or shuffle the bridges between sections of the gate. The Lucky Space here will simply grant access to a free Wolfen, a stronger ship than the Arwing that gets to roll a whopping three Dice Blocks, instead of simply getting a free Star.

When Eggman Time begins at the Beltino Orbital Gate, Eggman will either have an Eggrobo steal a Star from the player in first place (which can be taken back by hitting them with an Arwing), or he'll destroy one of the shuffling bridges for two turns.

New New York City
Debut: Futurama (1999)

Built on top of the ruins of the original New York, New New York is a cultural melting pot for all sorts of alien species and people, and is quite advanced technologically.

New New York may look like a traditional board on the surface, but its Star works weirdly in that it won't stay in one place for long, often teleporting between spaces as turns go on. When you do reach the Star however, you can pay 20 coins for it before it teleports again. While this is similar to Rogueport, it's different in that the Star often teleports regardless of whether or not someone has purchased it. ? Spaces allow for the Star's teleportation to be controlled, as well as a chance to play a gambling minigame with the Robot Mafia for a chance to win more coins. The Lucky Space allows access to Applied Cryogenics, where a Star can be thawed out from one of the freezing tubes.

When Eggman Time begins, Eggman will either dispatch out a Shadow Star for three turns (which behaves identically to the normal Star except it takes away a Star if run into), or he will take a photo with all of the players, and then scam them into paying 10 coins for it without even giving them the photo.

Great Sea
Debut: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2003)

The Great Sea was created by the Goddesses as a means of flooding Hyrule when Ganon returned. Now, it's a land of pirates and ancient legends! This area of the Great Sea in particular is based around multiple islands connected via bridges.

The Great Sea is unique in that players will need to collect three Triforce Orbs to obtain a Star. Triforce Orbs can be found the same way as other Orbs, but can also be stolen from other players as usual. ? Spaces will give you unique opportunities to steal Orbs, or allow for a minigame in which you can fire cannonballs at incoming pirate ships for coins. The board's Lucky Space will allow you to sail to Dragon Roost Island, where a Star awaits you within the volcano.

When Eggman Time begins, Eggman will either fire a laser at one of the islands, producing Eggman Spaces on it, or cause two players to swap Orbs.

BINGO Highway
Bingo Highway SSBGR
Debut: Sonic Heroes (2003)

BINGO Highway is known for its giant pinball tables and neon aesthetic, as well as the ability to play bingo as you slide down paths! Sonic once came here during a battle to stop Dr. Eggman alongside Tails and Knuckles, as did several other groups.

BINGO Highway has players working to reach three treasure chests moving around the board. When one is reached, they will be prompted to pay 10 coins to open it. The chest can either contain a Star, 20 coins, or simply explode and send them back to the start of the board. Once the Star chest is opened, three new chests appear and the process repeats. ? Spaces allow you to play a sliding bingo minigame to obtain coins, or even doing a little bit of pinball, and the Lucky Space grants you access to a secret path with a Star at the end.

When Eggman Time begins, Eggman will either place a Shadow Star in the exploding chest (which takes away a Star or 20 coins from whoever opens it), or he'll shuffle the chests' contents.

Debut: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (2003)

The Horde's capital city is the home of warriors, and built into a canyon. It came under siege under Garrosh's reign, but was rebuilt to its former glory.

Orgrimmar is a board that has you racing for the Star within Grommash Hold at the center of the city, where Varok Saurfang will give you a free Star. Once you've paid up, Saurfang will send you back to the start of the board in the north. Via ? Spaces, zeppelins can be accessed that will bring you closer (though the higher-placed you are, the more you'll pay), and you can even bid on Orbs within the Auction House that'll be delivered to you in a few turns if nobody outbids you! The Lucky Space here will allow access to the Cleft of Shadow beneath the city, where a group of warlocks will summon in a Star from the Twisting Nether.

When Eggman Time begins, Eggman will either block off one of the two roads to the Star with an "Eggman Roadblock", or send an Eggrobo to rig the Auction House and buy out the Orb currently there.

Debut: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2011, "Darkness on Umbara")

Umbara, known as the "Shadow World" due to sunlight barely reaching its surface, was the site of a major battle during the Clone Wars, with the Republic in particular suffering from a major crisis in regards to its leadership on the planet.

Umbara is a unique board in that every player starts in separate locations, and the whole board is dark, such that you can only see a few spaces near you. There are multiple Stars around the board, and each cost 10 coins. Via ? Spaces, you can travel to different parts of the board via AT-RT, and even get brief visibility of some portions of it. The Lucky Space will take you a Republic base on the planet that holds a Star.

When Eggman Time begins, Eggman will either shuffle all the Star locations, or place an Eggrobo onto the board that will attack the first player who reaches it, stealing some of their coins.


Orbs are items that are either obtained by passing by Orb Spaces, or purchased from Orb Shops. They consist of Green Orbs, which affect the player directly, Yellow Orbs, which are thrown onto a space and cause something to happen to the player who lands on it, Red Orbs, which work like Yellow Orbs except they affect anyone who passes the space it was thrown onto, and Blue Orbs, which can't be used and usually have a special function per board. You can carry up to four Orbs, six if you're doing a team game.

Twice Orb The Twice Orb allows you to roll the Dice Block twice, combining the totals of both. Rolling doubles gives 10 coins, 30 coins if it's two 6s.
Thrice Orb The Thrice Orb allows you to roll the Dice Block three times, combining the totals of all three. Rolling three of the same number gives you 30 coins, 100 coins if it's three 6s.
Slowdown Orb The Slowdown Orb causes the Dice Block to roll slowly.
Shield Orb The Shield Orb protects you from the effects of opponents' Orbs during your turn.
Warp Orb The Warp Orb switches your position with that of a random opponent.
Ally Orb The Ally Orb has the same effect as landing on an Ally Space, granting you one-time access to a random character's special Dice Block.
Flight Orb The Flight Orb teleports you to the Star's location, though this Orb only appears on boards where the rules have you purchasing Stars directly.
Robbery Orb The Robbery Orb steals 10 coins from whoever lands on it, giving them to the owner of the Orb.
Dice Orb The Dice Orb has whoever landed on it rolling a Dice Block, handing over a number of coins equal to what they rolled.
Reversal Orb The Reversal Orb sends whoever landed on it back to the start of the board.
Pickpocket Orb The Pickpocket Orb steals an Orb from whoever landed on the space, handing it to the Pickpocket Orb's owner.
Territory Orb The Territory Orb gives the owner control of another Orb on the board that belongs to whoever landed on the Territory Orb's space.
Star Orb The Star Orb steals a Star from whoever lands on it, or 20 coins if they don't have a Star, before giving it to the Orb's owner.
Fire Orb The Fire Orb causes whoever passes by to lose 10 coins.
Shock Orb The Shock Orb causes whoever passes by to lose a coin for each space they walk past afterwards.
Teleport Orb The Teleport Orb sends whoever passes by to a random space.
Stop Orb The Stop Orb prevents whoever passes by from moving any further.
Swap Orb The Swap Orb functions like the Warp Orb, except it's triggered by passing by the space it's on, swapping the positions of the Orb's owner and whoever passed by.
Triforce Orb The Triforce Orb can only be found in the Great Sea. Collecting three of them will remove them from your inventory and give you a free Star.


Blue Space Blue Spaces give three coins.
Red Space Red Spaces take away three coins.
? Space The green ? Spaces cause some sort of event to happen depending on both the board and the location of the ? Space.
Duel Space Starts a Duel Minigame between the player who landed on the Duel Space and a player of their choice.
Solo Space Solo Spaces only appear in the Solo Tower, and start up a Solo Minigame.
Bank Space Whenever a player passes by a Bank Space, they have to pay five coins to it. Whoever lands on the space gets all the coins at the space.
9-Volt Space 9-Volt appears and performs one of the following events:
  • 9-Volt Bonus: 9-Volt allows the player to roll a special Dice Block that grants coins equal to the number rolled.
  • 9-Volt Minigame: 9-Volt starts up a 9-Volt Minigame.
  • 9-Volt Roulette: 9-Volt and the player each roll a Dice Block. If the player rolls higher than 9-Volt, or if he gets a 1, they get a free Star.
Eggman Space Dr. Eggman appears and performs one of the following events:
  • Coins for Eggman: Eggman takes away 10-30 Coins from the player.
  • Eggman Revolution: Eggman divides everyone's coins evenly among them, keeping the surplus for himself.
  • Eggman Shuffle: Eggman uses a teleportation device to swap the positions of all players.
  • Eggman Minigame: Eggman starts up an Eggman Minigame.
  • Eggman Bonus: Eggman rolls a Dice Block to determine if the player loses Coins, an Orb, or a Star. If they have nothing, he gives them 10 coins instead.
Lucky Space The player is taken to a linear area with a Star at the end of it, before being sent back to the main board.
Ally Space Another random character who isn't being used by anyone currently playing gives the player their special Dice Block, albeit it's consumed on use.
Character Space Character Spaces are created via Orbs, and cause a harmful effect to those who land on them. If the original creator of the space lands on it, they receive five coins instead.


Roulette Rush features a wide array of minigames of differing types. The minigame that occurs at the end of the turn depends on what spaces everyone landed on, sorting players who landed on the same space into the same team. If everyone landed on the same kind of space, a 4-Player Minigame, or occasionally a Battle Minigame or even a Co-op, is played.

For a full list of all 94 minigames, click here.

Minigame Types
4-Player 4-Player minigames pit all four players against each other.
1 vs. 3 1 vs. 3 minigames pit one player against the others, with a differing set of victory conditions for each team.
2 vs. 2 2 vs. 2 minigames have two teams of two play against each other.
1 vs. 4 Only available in the Smartphone Nexus, 1 vs. 4 minigames have one player using the smartphone app while four others use controllers.
8-Player 8-player minigames involve eight players.
Battle Battle minigames are similar to 4-Player minigames, except each player bets a certain number of coins to put into the "pot". The higher you place, the more you get from the pot.
Duel Activated via Duel Spaces, Duel minigames pit two players against each other, with the winner deciding on their reward via a roulette afterwards.
Solo Solo minigames have a player playing alone, and are only found in the Solo Tower.
Co-op Co-op minigames have all four players working together.
Eggman Eggman minigames are only played if someone lands on an Eggman Space, and generally feature higher stakes than other minigames, with the penalty for losing often being the loss of coins or even a Star. Both singleplayer and multiplayer variants exist.
9-Volt 9-Volt minigames are only played if someone lands on a 9-Volt Space, and require you to collect as many Fronks as possible in the multiplayer variant, or simply complete a goal before 9-Volt in the singleplayer variant. At the end, you'll receive coins in an amount equivalent to the number of Fronks collected if it was a multiplayer minigame, occasionally being doubled or tripled via a roulette spun before the minigame, while if it was singleplayer, you'll get to spin a roulette wheel that either grants you coins or even a Star.
Bonus Bonus minigames are only played in the Bonus Lounge, and some involve the use of the GhostDrive Pro Controller. They're generally longer than other minigames and have more customizable rules.


Roulette Rush was born from Krexxal's previous failure with an umbrella, a third-person shooter known as CROSSOVR. He had abandoned the concept due to issues with balancing out representation of franchises, and over time would begin to resent umbrellas and become jealous of those who found success with them. At the same time, the impending release of Super Mario Party had renewed Krexxal's interest in the series (he also had fond memories of playing it as a kid, aside from a ragequit over the pinball board in Mario Party DS), but at the same time he didn't want to create a Mario Party game due to it being unoriginal. After some time, the idea clicked and he got to work.

Using a roster originally intended for a collaborative project, Roulette Rush began development. The roster would see adjustments, but Krexxal didn't care about franchise bias.


  • Roulette Rush is intended to be a project to coincide with Krexxal's eighteenth birthday on the 17th of October, and as such it's speculated that there will be content relating to that.