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Prince Ross Koopa
Ross's 3D art
AGE 13
Morton Sr. (grandfather, Bowser (father), Clawdia Koopa (mother), Ludwig Von Koopa (brother), Lemmy Koopa, (brother) Roy Koopa, (brother) Iggy Koopa, (brother), Wendy O. Koopa, (sister), Morton Koopa Jr. (brother), Larry Koopa (brother), Bowser Jr. (brother)
Koopalings: The Series
Koopalings: The Series

Ross Koopa is one of Bowser's several Koopalings. He is older than Iggy, but younger than Roy.


Ross Koopa is quite the prankster, which often gets on the nerves most of his siblings. Despite this, he looks up to his father, Bowser. Ross is also very intelligent, and he is one of the smartest Koopalings.


Ross is fairly short when compared to most of the other Koopalings. He has spiky, orange hair and the top of his head is colored blue. His spiky shell is also blue, as well.

Relationships with Other Characters

  • Morton Koopa Sr.-Ross respects Morton Koopa Sr.
  • Bowser-Ross respects his father and will do mostly anything he tells him to.
  • Ludwig von Koopa-Ludwig often gets annoyed by Ross's pranks, and tries to avoid him so nothing bad happens to him.
  • Lemmy Koopa-Ross likes to steal his circus balls and throw them at other Koopalings when they least suspect it, but other than that, they get along well.
  • Roy Koopa-Ross tries to stay away from Roy since he is the biggest bully of the group.
  • Iggy Koopa-Ross and Iggy get along very well, and Iggy likes to help him with some of his pranks.
  • Wendy O. Koopa-Wendy O. Koopa doesn't like Ross very much, mainly because of his pranking.
  • Morton Koopa Jr.-Morton and Ross get along fine, except that Ross stole his sledgehammer for one of his worst pranks yet.
  • Larry Koopa-Larry Koopa also gets along well with Ross, and he too likes to help him with his pranks.
  • Bowser Jr.-Ross thinks Bowser Jr. is too spoiled.
  • Dragonia - Ross and Dragonia usually get along
  • Jacob - Ross is interested by Jacob's levitating power but tries to avoid bothering him due to it.
  • Tim - Ross likes to steal Tim's rocks.
  • Harley - Ross is envious of Harley because he has is own minions.
  • Chris - Ross is slightly scared of him due to his long teeth and vampire-esque look, but usually they get along.
  • Jackson - Ross thinks Jackson is too cocky.
  • Lady G. - Ross often steals her sunglasses.
  • Bazyli - Ross is fascinated by his mechanical arm but often avoids pranking him or he might get blasted.
  • Risen - Ross doesn't like Risen too much, as he will do anything Roy says.
  • Alex - Alex and Ross team up in battles against Mario and co. since they both have elemental powers (Ross has fire and Alex has electricity
  • Dolly - Ross thinks that Dolly is nice and doesn't like bothering her.
  • Elly - Ross likes to refer to her as a "goody two-shoes" just to see how she reacts.
  • Justin- Ross often hides his magic scepter.
  • Noah- Ross is fascinated by his background.
  • Gyro - Ross and Gyro often play classic games together.
  • Pyotr - Ross often steals Pyotr's paintbrush.
  • Mortisha - Ross and Mortisha get along fine.
  • Lavora - Ross and Lavora get along very well, as they both like pranks.
  • Jinkeese - Ross doesn't like hoe Jinkeese thinks she is superior to every Koopaling.
  • Poopbutt - Ross tries to avoid Poopbutt as much as he can.
  • Dumb D.Umb Koopa- Ross worships Dumb D. Umb.
  • Mario-Ross despises Mario, as he always foils his father's plans.
  • Luigi-Ross doesn't like Luigi much either, and he told Bowser to hire more Boos for the Koopa Troop, as Luigi is afraid of them.


Koopalings: The Show

Ross is set to appear as a character in Nutta of da Butta's Koopalings: The Show.

Koopalings Quest

Ross appears as a playable character in Koopalings Quest.


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