Rosy Redburn
Rosie in a normal pose, being angry.
AGE 18
BIRTHDAY April 9, 1993
ZODIAC ♈ Aries
BIRTHPLACE Beautybloom Forest
CLASS Rival, Friend
WEAPONS Fiery arm

Rosie Redburn is a flower creature that is actually good, but manages to be a recurring boss in the Pusher's Pile series.


Rosie always seemed to get mocked in the past while being a child, for being a plant, thus being easily harmed by fire. She's been usually taunted as "Weakie Muchburn" back then. One day, when Rosie was an adult at her 12th, her house was surrounded by fire. Rosie tried to extinguish it by water and sand, but accidentally stumbled over a molehill, leaving not only the water and the sand on the ground, but also her hand eternally on fire! Awkwardly, it didn't hurt at all, and even though the flame remains, she could control it so she cannot harm anything whenever she wants.

After the fire around her house was extinguished with newly filled buckets of water and sand, she swore revenge to whoever has done this to her. Coincidentally, the one which she saw first was Pesh while on a school trip, who could've never done this. Rosie remembered him, and being a little ditzy naturally, she thought it was obviously him, and swore revenge to him when he gets older. The real pyromaniac is unknown, though it is debated to be Oldton.

Since Rosie had this accident, she's overprotective about the Beautybloom Forest where she lives, and especially about her own house.


Rosie is quite gullible and is easily angered. When it's about Pesh, she believes everything that is said, besides it's Pesh himself, showing how stubborn she can be. She's overprotective about her humble home and her humble setting as mentioned above. Funny enough, she does believe Pashie and claims her as her best friend, even though Pesh is Pashie's boyfriend. Even Rosie knows it.

Game Appearances

Pusher's Pile Adventure

She's the game's first boss, being fooled by Oldton, who said to her that Pesh was planning to burn the entire forest, which obviously wasn't Pesh's intention. She doesn't believe Pesh until she has been defeated when she sees that Pesh is exiting the forest and continuing his journey.

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