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This article is part of the Medieverse. Surely you're not looking for the original Rosie & Posie?
SPECIES Plagueling
AGE Unidentified
BIRTHPLACE Plagueling Den
SERIES Medieverse

Rosie & Posie are a pair of characters in the Medieverse who take a minor role in the story.


Nobody really knows how Rosie and Posie manifested into the world. They suddenly just were there. Whether they already were here since the beginning of time, or just developed recently is a total mystery. The only fact that is known that their intent is to kill.

Physical description

Both Rosie and Posie look similar, as they are plaguelings, but they have notable differences. Rosie takes on pink as her main color scheme. She has two pony tails with bandages wrapped around them. These bandages also can be seen around her cervix and around her head. Her mouth have stitches at the ends, and her eyes are black with a glowing white pupil. Her plagued hands take the form of two giant fists.

Posie on the other hand takes purple as her main color scheme. She has long hair that flows in the wind, with a little pluck sticking out of the bandage around her head. These bandages also are wrapped tight around her neck. Her eyes are pure black, although one is covered with a patch that has a red cross on it. She has a few pins on her cervix as well. Unlike anyone she only has one plagued hand in the shape of a giant claw, said to be the strongest plagued hand there is. Her other hands has fallen off for unknown reasons and an empty sleeve lingers there.


While Rosie is an extrovert, Posie is very introverted. Rosie always seems to be happy, and always very excited about everything. She always tries to look to the positive side of things, at least things she considers positive for herself. She just loved to inflict pain on people, as it gives her a thrill. She enjoys and admires human life, which makes it only more fun for her to destroy, but she isn't much of a consequence thinker.

It is often Posie who drags Rosie back to reality, often questioning her actions and lets her think about them again. Posie always seems to be depressed, stating that all that they do is rather useless in the end, but gets convinced by Rosie that she should enjoy the ride. She tends to be more serious and eliminates fun, and reacts much calmer to situations. She does this all because she loves Rosie, and her only goal is to protect and keep her happy.


As plaguelings, Rosie and Posie possess a certain amount of abilities. They can inhabit the bodies of organisms and infect them with the plague, causing them to slowly die while being inside of them, before moving on to the next victim. They can poison humans by simply touching them as well, but that can be cured. As the leaders, the mothers, of the plaguelings they are able to create new plaguelings, but also monitor all these plaguelings in their actions. The sole exception of that is Volt, who seems to be a strange case.