Rose Warriors
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Developer(s) Existence Software
Genre(s) Umbrella, action role-playing
First Game Viva la Rose Warriors

Rose Warriors is a series of umbrella action role-playing video games. The series is set primarily within the ruined city of Mezameru, located in the heart of the Nothing; Nothing being the name of an anti-matter through which only certain people - Severeds - are able to travel through without being harmed.

The series is a reboot of one of Jake's earlier works, also known as "Rose Warriors". The series is highly influenced by the several action role-playing games, including Xenoblade Chronicles and the Sword Art Online video games, and its gameplay is based off those.

The Rose Warriors series is the second of three series to be included in the Bola Parasola, following the ⌭Saga.



Rose Warriors is a series of action role-playing games. Players can create teams of up to four characters - their head character, and three NPC party members that act in conjunction with the player- though can switch which character they control in the midst of battle. Players can traverse the hub world of Mezameru, an abandoned and dilapidated city left in ruin and overrun by those who have found themselves without a homeworld. Battles are fought within the overworld, allowing for a fluid transition between exploration and fighting. Players can customize a character's skillset, by equipping up to four special moves that they can use at one time. Special moves, as well as three of the four default abilities, must recharge once used; which replaces the SP system several other RPGs have.

Every character and enemy's basic attacks are of one of six different elements, and every enemy and character has their own elemental strengths and weaknesses to such elements. Attacking an enemy's weakness can stagger them, temporarily lowering their defences for a short time. Characters may also resist or take no damage from certain elements. Once a character's weakness or resistance has been discovered (or, in the case of playable characters, once they join the Rose Warriors), it will appear on their profile, which can be viewed both in and out of battle. CPU party members will also reveal the effectiveness of attacks that they use on opponents.

Viva la Rose Warriors fire element icon
Viva la Rose Warriors earth element icon
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Viva la Rose Warriors psi element icon
Viva la Rose Warriors curse element icon

In battle, every playable character can also have up to four abilities, or special attacks, equipped to them at a time, which also have their own elemental attribute and are assigned as "Standard" abilities (which are primarily melee-based attacks or physical weapons used as projectiles) or "Special" abilities (which are primarily magical in nature, or utilize a character's innate abilities). All characters learn 15 different abilities throughout the game, with them gaining one new one for every five levels they gain; upon learning a new ability, the player does not lose any of their previous ones. These abilities however are levelled up as they are used, increasing their power. Every ability reaches maximum strength at level 5, and many attacks gain the ability to inflict a status element to foes once their level is maxed out. Enemies also have their own selection of abilities, though they are not limited to only being able to use four in battles. Abilities have a short cooldown time, preventing them from being used repeatedly over a short time.

Both allies and enemies can inflict their opponents with certain status ailments. While some of these status ailments are stat reductions (such as temporarily lowering speed, attack, defence, etc.), most others inflict one of several different statuses that hinder fighters. These different ailments may last for varying duration times depending on the strength of the attack or resistances the afflicted may have.

If a party member or enemy has been inflicted with a status ailment, they will have an aura of the corresponding colour surround them; if afflicted with multiple status ailments, then the strongest afflicted ailment will take precedent. Additionally, the afflicted will have small icons of different colours placed next to their HP bar.

The status ailments that can be afflicted - excluding general stat reductions - are the following:

Ailment Description
Viva la Rose Warriors poisoned icon
Poisoned - The afflicted takes minor damage every few seconds, even should they be standing still. Unlike other status ailments, a character can be inflicted with multiple poison effects at once, which increases the amount of damage they take.
Viva la Rose Warriors burned icon
Burned - All actions, excluding moving around, deal minor damage to the afflicted, and has a chance of stunning them once one is used.
Viva la Rose Warriors sleep icon
Sleep - The afflicted falls asleep, and is left defenceless as they are unable to move or attack.
Viva la Rose Warriors null icon
Null - All actions, excluding moving or normal attacks - are temporarily unusable.
Viva la Rose Warriors fatigued icon
Fatigued - All actions are slowed down, and the damage dealt by attacks is reduced.
Viva la Rose Warriors confused icon
Confused - The player's controls (or AI's abilities) are all mixed up for a limited time. Theose affected also have lowered defence.
Viva la Rose Warriors overloaded icon
Overloaded - All of the afflicted's melee-based attacks deal twice as much damage, but they also take recoil damage from all attacks. They are also unable to use Special-based skills.
Viva la Rose Warriors enchanted icon
Enchanted - All of the afflicted's projectile-based attacks deal twice as much damage, but they also take recoil damage from all attacks. They are also unable to use Standard-based skills.

In addition to every character having their own palette of abilities, there also exists a special gauge known as the Validity Gauge (or VG). This gauge fills up when damage is dealt, with the higher amount of damage dealt filling the gauge more than normal attacks. The VG depletes when the character is not attacking (such as when they are not partaking in battle, using support actions, or items). Once the gauge is filled completely, the character goes into Overlight Mode, which increases the speed of their movements and also heavily decreases the time it takes for abilities to recharge. The Validity Gauge can also be used to summon Assist Characters (or AC's), who are characters whose souls remain complete but lack a physical form to inhabit. Summoning Assist Characters deplete a set amount of the VG, and, while they are active, all party members, aside from the one that summoned the AC (meaning the player), are unable to attack. These Assist Characters have their own signature abilities, which they will use before disappearing once more. AC's take the forms of crystals, which their souls inhabit, until they are summoned.


  • The name "Rose Warriors" series was initially planned to be stylized as "RW", with the first game in the series being title "RW:VIVA" as opposed to the final "Viva la Rose Warriors".
    • Additionally, before the series was decided to be a reboot of the earlier Rose Warriors series, it was planned to be named Empty Thought.
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